Monday, July 18, 2005

New Blog!

I shall now direct your attention over to Kristy's new blog.. well... actually it's Kristy and Dave's new blog. See... Kristy... one of the original harem girls... and also one of my all-time favorite mistresses... is now married.

I'm still pretty distressed over it.

Don't get me wrong... I dig Dave... he's a great guy... and he's infinately amuzing... When it comes to picking on Kristy, he's an excellent tag-team partner. However... I mean come on... I don't know what the standard mourning period is when your mistress runs off and gets married... but I'm certain such a period exists.

Ahh.. but I can't argue with fate... Their both gagdet fanatics... they both love sports cars... and neither has really big boobs... though that might be changing before long.

OK... I reckon I've gotten myself in enough trouble... so go check out one of the newest Nashville blogs.


I have an unrelated protocol question. When a married man has a chick on the side... that chick is called his mistress. When a married woman has a fella on the side... that fella is called her??? Pool Boy? Backdoor Man? I'm at a loss here. Help a brotha out.

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