Monday, July 04, 2005

Presidential Speech...

I know I know... It's not everyday that the President of the United States shows up in your town. I'm supposed to be excited and all that...


Sure... he spoke all of 10 blocks from here...


What'd he say? Nothing.

If I never hear "As the Iraqi's step up, we'll step down." again it'll be fine with me. What kind of a strategy is that? I thought we were fighting in bahgdad to keep from fightin' in Boston... That doesn't sound like the same sort of talk to me. Sounds more like the same BS vietnam attitude to me. We left Vietnam saying things like "it's up to the vietnamese now..."

No doubt we'll be leaving Iraq, sayin' its up to the Iraqis.

What ever happened to using Iraq as a base of operations in a larger struggle against Syria and Iran? That just get flushed down the toilet? Ya listenin' Bill? Callin' ya out here buddy. How are we goin' to Syria and Iran without sendin' more troops? 130k enough?

See y'all.. We're leavin'. Doesn't matter when... We're leavin'... and that gives us a great little hint as to how this is all gonna work out.

We're leavin' and the bad guys ain't. They'll chew up the few un-neutered Iraqis in a matter of a couple years... and then what?

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