Friday, December 11, 2015

ATF: World War 3?

Hey kids how the hell are ya?   its about that time so before I ramble to much let me go ahead and get this link thing done.

Click here to listen to the show.

Show starts at 9 central and its live.  You can tell its live because shit screws up all the time.  there's a guest call in number if you want to bullshit with me.

its something like... umm..

(646) 668-2515

Ok so on to the good stuff.

A:  Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary.  Look it up.

T:  Cuban.  English Market Selection.  Ramon Allones. Hunters and Frankau.    I have no idea.  Apparently its some cuban cigar you can only get in England and its damn amazing.  I have no idea how much it cost but I am certain it was crazy expensive.

F:  ok well the other two seem a little hoity toity for the bloggerblaster don't they?  how about a Mauser K98

You know the rules.   Whatcha smokin?  whatcha drinkin?  whatcha packin?


Raggededge said...

Anyone shoot a Walther PPQ in 45?

Nate said...

haven't. small town. no one has one yet

Nate said...

got a hardon for one bad

Clint said...

Farmer Tom!

Clint said...

If you get bored, you can unmute me again. If not, that's cool

Wendy said...

ATF: meh, I got hot tea and talking like Bilbo at Laketown.

Bill said...

Ike?? Ike?! Are you kidding me! REAGAN!

Underwater Operative said...

That was another great AFT. Let's keep it up. Call in and give your thoughts next time.

Nate said...

sorry guys... so... the Christmas tree tried to fall. shit happens.

Bill said...

I should try that sometime when I'm sober, which doesn't happen often, but I'm sure there'll be an overlap at some point.

cheddarman said...

Excellent show NAte. Buffer pictures on the way. I actually have them in my phone

Xoph said...

So my wife one year decorated the tree with so many ornaments that it collapsed. I used fishing line to tie it up to the ceiling. My wife doesn't put all the decorations on the tree any more.

MichaelJMaier said...

I really do need to find a good carry pistol that is very controllable. My PT145 has a recall and had FTFs with less than 100 rounds through it. Doesn't seem all too reliable to me.

Thoughts? I am leaning towards the SIG P320 for the frame and caliber swaps... but the P226 I shot seems to have a really high bore-to-axis...

I want dependable, I want controllable. I don't much care about much else.

Raggededge said...

I really like the Springfield XD Mod.2. Mine is in 9mm, but they have them in .40 & 45acp also.

allyn71 said...

@ Raggededge

I love that pistol. The first time I fired one I felt bad because I was outshooting the guy who owned it with his own pistol. I love the XDM.

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