Friday, June 24, 2005


Well... before we get started... I wanted to ax a protocol quextion. See... I use contractions a lot... and what I'm wonderin' is... What's the word on using two contractions in the same word? For example... Y'all is a contraction of "you all". And we often use you've instead of "You have". So can I take "You all have" and make it "Y'all've"? And if I do, do I drop the first Apostrophe? Yall've?

Anyway.. Y'all've read patiently to this point, so I better not push my luck...

So DrWho just showed me the study I mentioned a couple weeks back... the one I promised I'd blog on. See... y'all don't realize but I'm actually sort of a medical prophet. I make jokes about bizare possibilities... and sooner or later, a study comes out to back up my assertions.

See... I have this habit... Whenever we go out to eat with another couple, and the chick orders a diet coke... I always say something like, "You can't drink that stuff! Don't you know it'll make ya fat?"

This of course gets a wide variety of responses... but regardless I just chuckle and point out that you almost never see skinny chicks drinkin' diet
Well... what have we here! It's a study that pretty clearly demonstrates a coralation between diet-cokes and obesity! Let me just run down the particulars

26-year study
1700 patients. At the start of the study patients were either at their ideal weight, or over-weight, but none were obese
Patients that drank diet cokes were 65% more likely to become obese over time than those who did not, and it got worse with each diet coke consumed
The study was performed by the Texas Health Science Center, and was presented at an annual diabetes conference in San Diego last month

All of this bookends nicely with a recent Purdue study that showed that lab rats consumed much high-calorie food after eating the equivilent of diet cokeSee? You know all those fat bastards out there ording a diet coke to wash down their 3 double whoppers with cheese? There could be a reason for that! No no.. I mean in addition to gluttony!

So there ya go... When you're tossin' back that Jack and coke tonight... make sure it's a real coke... not one of them diet things. They make ya fat.

A = Bulliet Bourbon
T = Another Cuban Label (mwahahaha)
F = CCW is back in my wallet... .40 is back on my hip.

What about you?

Oh yeah... and tunes... Anyone else notice that if you want to hear good ol' rock and roll you have to turn on a country station now? CCR... Allman Brothers... Classic 70's rock I mean.... if you want to hear that... the bands that play it, are now considered country.

The world's turned upside down. Anyay... I'm currently crankin' some Sawyer Brown... but later tonight... it will be time to break out the ol' Brahms Requiem. It goes well with the bourbon. Plus... given this week... aw hell... Y'all know what I mean.

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