Sunday, February 19, 2006

10 Post Dayton Thoughts

1) Jamie McMurray really needs to learn to bump draft. No telling how many people he nearly killed Sunday. You don't bump on the curves kid... and you nudge folks down the straights... you don't ram them.

2) Why won't anyone help the 8 car?

3) I loved Tony Stewart's explaination on wrecking Kenseth... "He started it on lap 20. I finished it." If Tony wasnt' one of the best drivers in the world, we would've had the big one when Kenseth damned near spun him. Give 'em Hell son.

4) Kurt Busch really bit his tounge. Boy might be learning something.

5) Jeff Green didn't.

6) The Bud Boys are clearly the class of the field when it comes to pit stops. They smoked everyone all day long. One owner said, "If we'd had green stops all day, the 8 car would've lapped the field." I'm not real sure that way hyperbole.

7) The 2 and the 12 may work better this year than last year. Anyone see that coming?

8) The Charger's still behind.

9) Ryan Newman owes his second place finish to Kenny Shrader, who saved his butt by dodging him on pit road.

10) The Fox broadcastings are still better.

11) I will not be constrained by subject lines.

12) Tony wasn't driving aggressive. He was driving mean.

13) I like mean.

14) I will not bother changing subject lines for the sake of accuracy.


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