Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deer Cartridges, Fishin', and Other Grave Topics

Setting aside the wisdom of picking various cartridges based on terrain... let's tackle this head on. Where do ya stand boys? I spect you westerns are gonna favor the big magnums... y'all being out amonst the rocks and grass... deer got nothin' to hide behind. We Southrons have things a might tougher... as we rarely get a chance to take more than 50 yard shot. We find ourselves fighting thick brush everywhere ya look.

Now JAC makes his favorite plain. He's a girly .270 man. Of course... any sensible man of the South knows that a bullet that small is just gonna get deflected off some branch and end up killing some unsuspecting hunter... who probably was hunting with a .30 caliber... like all decent folk do. Ok ok... I know... that .270 wouldn't really kill him... but it would sting like hell.

I favour big bullets. Heavywieghts fly straighter... and hold their momentum longer. They are less likely to be deflected, and less affected by the wind. I prefer things like... 8mm Remington... and if we're talking about magnums... I'll go with 8mm Remington Magnum. Why? 65,000 psi for one. Big bullet... haulin' ass... Means I don't have to chase a damned thing. Whatever gets hit drops right there. Well... actually it probably gets knocked back about 4 feet... and you'll most likely be able to stick a thermos in the exit wound.

I won't be to hard on JAC. What we have and what we prefer are not always the same. I reckon the boy would sooner shoot a deer, or anything else for that matter, with a 375 Ultra Magnum. Why? Because... it's the boom stupid.

That said... I'll stick with my 99. You can name a rifle or two thats more usefull than a lever-action .308... But not many.

I aim to take her boar hunting when JAC and I go... Course he'll be carrying his off-brand .454 Casull. Fag. Damned ugly Ruger... course ya can't blame him.... he don't like the mounts on the Raging Bull... and he's so damned old he can't see without a scope.

Can you tell I'm a little irritated with JAC? Hey... it's not because he just got a great deal on the motorcycle I've been lusting for... Bastard.

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