Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anarchy, Vigilanteism, and the Rule of Law

John A. Rosenberger: 1st degree child abuse. Sentence suspended. 5-years probation.

This man didn't spend a day in jail. Understand that the legal definition of 1st degree child abuse is "knowingly and willfully causing serious physical or mental harm to a child. 5-years probation.. for serious damage.

Jason Nolan Brooks: Criminal sexual conduct on child. 2 years probation

Again. Not a day in jail. I couldn't find any specifics or generalities on what this charge usually means, but you can bet it was a plea deal anyway.

Robert Orval Sypolt: Male Child 13-17 - 2nd Degree Sexual Abuse served 3 months in a correctional facility - on 9-23-99 placed on 6 months home confinement then will serve 5 years probation.

Buggering little boys? No problem... you'll be out in 3-months.

Leonard David Keith: Female Child 6-12 - 1st Degree Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse by A Custodian served approximately 5 years and 8 months in a correctional facility and given 1-5 years probation.

Screwing your 6 year old daughter? No problem. You'll be out and doing it again before she's in middle school.

David E. Danks: Multiple Victims - 1st Degree Sexual Abuse sentence suspended and given 5 years probation. 2 female child victims between 6-12 years of age.

And hey... if you really like little girls, look at this guy! He's convicted of screwing two girls under the age of 12... never spent a day in jail. Not one day.

Gene Larry Maxwell:Multiple Victims - Sodomy with Person Under 14 or with Force, Lewd or Lascivious Acts with Child Under 14 in the state of California served approximately 5 years in a correctional facility.

Maybe you like ass raping little boys? Careful! that could cost you 5-years. Think back to the year 2001 people. How long does that seem? I guess we should be happy though... I for one am suprised that screwing little boys up the butt is illegal at all in California.

The preceding is a list of the child-predators within 1.5 miles of my house in little ol' Morgantown, West Virginia. I chose to use Morgantown instead of Dickson because WV actually takes the time to tell you what these bastards did, and how long they served for it. TN just gives you a name and an address. You don't know if the dude screwed his 16-year-old girlfriend two days after he turned 18, or if he raped 32 girls under the age of 10. Give WV credit. This is info we need to have. Tennessee is dropping the ball.

But lets get to the point shall we?

Answer me honestly. If that was your little girl that David E Danks had sex with... what would you do? When you sat in the court room, and heard that judge give him a suspended sentence and probation... what would you do? What would you do when you learned that the man that fucked your 7-year-old daughter wouldn't spend a day in jail for it?

This isn't a made up scenario. This is real. This happened.

You're on the jury. That little girl's daddy is on trial putting a .45 inch hole David E Danks' forehead. He doesn't deny it. Would you convict him?

I'll tell you right now... The Neo-Cons will tell you that this is a terrible situation... but we must honor the rule of law... because if we don't... it's just anarchy. Shooting the man is murder. Murder is illegal. Daddy must go to jail.

To the neo-cons I say what we have now is anarchy. The only legitimate role of government is to protect the weak from the strong. A society that allows child predators to go un-punished, or are insignificantly punished, has no government. It is, by definition, anarchy. Shooting that bastard in the head isn't murder. Its justice. Its justifiable homicide. Justified by what? By the fact that he screwed the man's daughter. Good enough for me.

Last week a man shook a one-month-old baby to death. Fractured skull... crushed ribs... I want you to think about how flexible a new born's bones are... I want you to think about the force required to produce those injuries.

And now consider this...

No one has taken that piece-of-shit out back and shot him in the head. What do you think he'll get? suspended sentence? 2 years in jail and 5 years probation?

You call that a justice system?

I'll take my chances with the He-Needed-Killin-Defense.

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