Sunday, February 12, 2006


So umm...

We bought a house yesterday. A house that we have never actually stepped foot in. No doubt most of you will be shocked... but we actually decided to scrap the farm idea for now. We're just to far away. We don't know enough about the place. Much research needs to go into the location and the land, so instead of gambling... we decided to go with something cheaper, something we know we can sell easily.

In the end... Its a nice house. Its got plenty of whistles and bells... but its only on an acre. I will have neighbors.

On the bright side... the money that would've gone to pay for a new tractor... will now pay for a new boat, and a wise man once told me... a man on a tractor is working. A man on a boat ain't.

I guess in the end it came down to getting an awesome little farm with a great house... or getting a great house with no land, and being able to buy thousands in gold every month.

I like gold.

I like it a lot.

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