Monday, February 27, 2006

The Wonderlic

One of the more entertaining aspects of the NFL combine is the wonderlic test. For those of you who have never heard, it's an intelligence test, and a very good one. One way to think about it, is sort-of like a spiral staircase. The questions at the begining are very simple, and they get harder as you go. There are 50 total questions, and you get 12 minutes to answer as many as possible. On the wonderlic as score of 20 equates to an IQ of 100.

Agents drill their players for weeks or months, often making them take the test 2 or 3 times per-day in the weeks leading up to the daft. Huge money hangs on a good score. There are teams, like the Rams for example, that simply will not take a guy with a bad score. On the otherhand its widely known that the Vikings actually seek out players with scores of 15 and below.

Vince Young, the hot qb prospect from Texas took the test this weekend.

He got a 6. A little quick math indicates that Mr Youngs IQ would then be somewhere around.... 30? I don't know that for a fact... I am just speculating... if 20 = 100 then 6 = 30. I'm not sure that the scoring is perportional, but I am sure that Vince Young wouldn't have a prayer of explaining how I figured that out.

Seriously. 6. 6! We're talking about a droolin' idiot here. Someone who is about as mentality capable as a box of rocks. You can claim I'm bein' a jerk or whatever, but the plain truth is, this dude a tard. He may not look like a tard... He may talk "street"... but he's still a tard.

What was this kid doin' in college? If you're one of those people who said he should stay in school... I ask you... Honestly... Why should a tard be in college? Do we really want our colleges graduating tards? Who's gonna work at McDonalds?

I mean... I assume Mr Young was in good standing at the University of Texas. Must be some pretty rigorous academics down there in Austin! Was he doing book reports on The Foot Book?

Of course I'm being ridiculous right? Everyone should go to college... everyone... tards... morons... folks who really have no desire to be there... everyone needs to go. Because lord knows, you can't get a job if ya didn't go to college.

After all... how can anyone be expected to colate, perform a myriad of amazing tasks with excell or powerpoint, if one doesn't have a deep background in 3rd grade math and 1st grade reading comprehension?

On a more entertaining note... Jay Cutler's score isn't widely known... but we do know he jumped in there at the bench press and threw up 23 reps at 225 pounds. That was good enough to best all but 1 of the running backs who lifted this weekend!

Vince Young drops like a stone because he screwed up a test... Jay Cutler is skyrocketing because he's shown some serious athletic ability.

This is the NFL.

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