Thursday, October 07, 2010

The End of Awareness

Since when did talking about a problem make it go away? Call me crazy... but don't problems require solutions? Don't they require actual action? Being aware of an existence of a problem doesn't do a damned bit of good if no action is taken to remedy it. So bearing all this in mind... will someone please tell me why I should give a damn about these pink ribbons?

Every year we're bombarded with pink... all through October.

The cynic in me would like to point out that these folks falling all over themselves to parade around in pink are simply looking to cash in by bragging about how sympathetic they are.

Look! I'm a good person! My blog has pink letters this month! Or not...

And consider this article... Now its not enough that Breast Cancer Awareness penetrates every aspect of our lives for a whole damned month... now women have the nerve to feel slighted by its varying forms.

Note this quote from the article:

"But at some point, it seems even worse to use the cover of breast-cancer awareness to make flirtatious, joking statements on Facebook. And why is it only a women’s health issue that seems to come in for this sort of treatment? Have there been any such memes for prostate cancer?"

No. There have been no such memes for prostate cancer... because no one talks about prostate cancer. NFL teams don't wear blue shoes and gloves to promote Prostate Cancer Awareness. Blue ribbons are not plastered all over the world... and special Prostate Edition products do not line the shelves of retailers.

Here is a thought... how about we stop talking about Breast Cancer... and start curing it. How about we stop pretending we're doing something... and actually get something done.

And how about we do it all... a lot more quietly.


Monday, October 04, 2010

Soon to Be Viral

A little background.... An acquaintance of mine... Tim... had a conflict with a teacher over his grade. Apparently the woman was so poor at math she couldn't consistently apply her own grading system. Tim repeatedly demonstrated this to her... and eventually had to go to the
school principle to get satisfaction.

The teacher the sent him this letter.

For the record... Tim still has the letter. This is 100% true.

Friday, October 01, 2010

ATF: Edition 37

Ok... I know what you're thinkin'... there have been a lot more than 36 of these posts.... and you're right.

I turned 37 today.

Now for some reason or another birthdays have always been days that I spend taken stock of things. Where am I? Am I who am want to be?

Oh I know... most men have their mid-life crisis in their 40s... but I don't afford myself that indulgence. A mid-life crisis is something that happens when a man wakes up and realizes he didn't spend his life the way he wanted... or should have. Its the product of unpreparedness. Its what happens when a man has neglected his responsibility to deliberately choose his path.

I can look around and take account of things... and know that this is the path I chose.

So tonight... I'll smoke a cigar my brother gave me a long while back... a Kentucky Gentleman.... hand rolled by an old man that lives up the road from Lexington. I'll sip a little 46... Its a life most everyone would love to have... so I will appreciate it.

I live with my family. I raise, and teach, my kids. I haven't had a job in almost 10 years.

I have no idea where this road I am on leads... but I know I chose the road... even if I am thankful to He who lead me to choose it.

I won't be around to comment much... but I would appreciate it if you'd drink with me tonight. Light a cigar. Sip some fine bourbon. Consider it a favor to an old man.