Thursday, February 28, 2008

Abusing Amber

The other day... an Amber Alert came in over the weather radio... 4-year old girl abducted... vehicle description... suspect under investigation for 4 counts of child molestation...

My blood boiled.

I kept thinking... if I saw that car... why not just shoot the bastard and consider it a public service?

But there was something else to it... something wasn't quite right. So I listened to the alert again... It was her dad... her "non-custodial" father. Well damn... that doesn't make much sense does it?

Suddenly every conclusion I had jumped to appeared completely wrong.

What about those charges? Well... far be it from a pissed off woman to make up charges about child molestation or rape during a custody fight... I mean.... who ever heard of such a thing? That never happens.

And a pederast is gonna give up a life time of chasing kids for just the one?

Nah... that doesn't make much sense either.

Ya know what does make sense? A desperate father doing something desperate to keep his bitch ex-wife from stealing his kid from him.

Does that mean that's what happened? No. But it does show one thing... it demonstrates what a powerful emotional tool the Amber Alert System is. When its used... everyone assumes someone needs killing.

Here's something for ya...

According to a Scripts Howard study of 233 Amber Alerts... 117 of them were false alarms resulting from custody desputes. The Amber Alert system was designed for kids that were in immediate danger. In fact... on the US Justice Department's recommendations... that's number 2. The kid should be in immediate danger of severe injury or death. Daddy is an hour late to drop of the kids is not a justifiable reason for an Amber Alert... and yet... half of the time... its crap like that.

We've lived in a society where Assault doesn't mean Assault for some time... apparently we now also live in a society where abduction doesn't mean abduction either.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sea Change

For as long as I remember... I've had a standard response to the "first handgun" question. I would ask a few questions to get a little information about the individual asking... then I'd give several different options with their benefits and drawbacks.

That method seemed to work pretty well... and I had no intentions of changing it.

Then the other day I see JRL's question in the comments... and I start to type out the standard response... and it just didn't work. It wasn't true anymore. Somehow over the last few months my opinions on handguns have changed dramaticly.

As I've shot the Steyr M40 more and more... I've come to accept that there simply isn't a double action weapon made that stands up to honest comparison to it. For a long time I'd assumed I just had a ringer. I assumed my weapon had been worked. But as I've now handled many of them... virgins... I can tell you... my trigger is perfectly average for the model.

I got a call the other day... someone telling me they saw an M40-A1 in a shop for 430 bucks. I knew this fella had plenty of weapons... I knew he didn't need a new carry gun. First words from my mouth? "buy it."

I suppose for the first time money doesn't enter into it any more... because the best DAO money can buy... is one of the most affordable... mostly because very few people in America realize that Steyr is one of the most storied manufacturers in the world.

But hey... they also think CZ is an off brand.

At the risk of sounding like a paid employee... seriously... you owe it to yourself to find an M40 and dry fire it. If you can't tell the difference between it and a Glock or anything else for that matter... then ya may as well go buy a DA wheel gun with a 15 pound pull. After all.. what's the difference?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ode to Crystal Lake (ATF Version)

Hey have I mentioned I got a new SU-16c? Just like JAC's... except of course the trigger is lighter on mine... go figure.


Hey what's that in my hand? Oh look... its a Modelo Especial.. and what are those 6 empty bottles over there?

How did that happen?

Anyway... I hope y'all are havin' fun... surely my video dedication has brightened your evening... Light 'em up! Throw one back! Its that time.

A Question of Timing

Once one has accepted that danger exists... the main question becomes one of risk acceptence and preparedness.

This is the situations I find myself in.

I look around... and I find my family in a very comfortable house... one they love very much... and one they are loathe to leave.

Unfortunately someone has poured 2000 gallons of heat oil all over the the house... and a good friend just walked in with a lighter. Now... we're all confident our friend isn't going to spark it up. But he could...

Now see.. this is enough for me. I'm ready to bail.

My wife and kids love the house though... and its rainy windy and cold outside... and they aren't sure where we'll end up.

So for them its not time...

So what's next?

Well... things get a bit more complicated. We just got a call... and our good family friend has apparently invited someone else to the house... a pyromaniac.

So... Now we're standing in this house... this oh so flamable house... and our good friend has announced that he's going to hand that deadly lighter to a pyromaniac.

Well... are we gonna leave before the nutcase gets the lighter? Or are we gonna high step it out the door with our asses on fire?

That's the question.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Perfect Democratic Candidate

Not just The Magic Negro... But the Magic Gay Negro Crackhead. Is anyone keeping track of how many charished minority classes can be represented by this Savior?

Friday, February 15, 2008

They Fear A Strong Woman!

Putin on Hillary: "At a minimum the head of state, should have a head."

And how will Hillary respond? Tear up a little maybe? I'm sure the various leaders around the world will be touched by her sensitivity.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sic Semper Tyranus

A man owns a construction business... he parks his dump truck... which he drives daily... in his own driveway... and he is ticketed.

Let me repeat that... He got a ticket for bringing his property to his house.

Speaking as someone who got a ticket for parking on the curb in front of his house... I can tell you... that will piss you off.

By now you know I'm talkin' about the day Cookie went to war with the City Council of Kirland. I suspect some of you are shaking your head... wondering how such a thing could happen... feeling sick about those poor folks that got shot.

I'm not.

A little rebellion is a healthy thing. In fact.. what this country needs is a lot more than a little rebellion. You will never convince me that the folks on that council weren't enjoying screwing over Cookie. They were poking their finger in his eye and laughing about it behind the scenes.

Congress does the same thing.

The Second Amendment is in place as a constant reminder to small-pond tyrants. Its a reminder that says... you can pass any law you want... you can be legally right... and even if the courts consistantly side with you... if you push and push and push... you still may end up dead in the end.

Cookie was a little off... or... he was a lot off. Either way... he was off. The folks in that council room knew it. They knew it... and they kept pushing. Why? Because their power had gone to their heads. They sat up there and pretended to be important because they sat on a suburbian city council.

You can haggle about the details all you want. The end is this: Man felt he was wronged. Man excersized free speach to address the wrong. When that failed... Man sought help from the courts... when that failed... Man took matters into his own hands.

Soap Box... Jury Box... Ammo Box.

Sounds like the proper order to me.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Some suggestions if ya happen to be bored today...

1) Go down to the local polling site with a Ron Paul sign. Oh no wait... That's illegal.

2) Be a proud voter... where a shirt showing your candidates name when you go vote. Oh no... that's illegal to.

3) How about a button? Illegal.



How about instead of voting you go to the range... make a video of your time there... and post that video on the net... with the title "To Congress with Love". Post a few thousand videos of that... and it just might send a message.

I loathe what America has become. I have more respect for someone that spent time in a porno booth at an adult theater than at a voting boot at a polling site.

A pox on it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Dwight Yoakam-Long White Cadillac

ATF Tunes!!! This is for you Jamie... see if you can stay outta the bottle with tunes like this callin' your name.


Well... here we are dammit... its 8:00pm on Friday... boys are in bed... DrWho just got in from work... and I'm lookin' for a liquid attitude adjustment. One of those days boys...

So here we are...

A: Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve... Maybe some Single Barrel Jack later on...
T: Arturo Fuente. Nuff said.
F: I'm feelin' kind cowboy... Ruger Vaquero... Stainless... pearl grips... .44 mag... and how about a Winchester model 94... also in .44mag. Just strikes me as that kinda night.

Speakin' o' cowboys... why can't we wear pistol rigs like they use to wear? Gimmie a low slung holster.. tactical... strapped to my leg... attached to its own belt.. and the belt would hold about 12 mags.

Yes. I want one.

Think about that. It wasn't that long ago that holsters were not only expected... they were also fashion.

Back then you were only breakin the law if no one could see it. Now you're breakin' it when they can.

I am depressed... but that's ok... I've got somethin' to ease my pain baby.

I hope y'all do to.
Richard Dawkins and And the Apostle Paul

Atheists like to claim that miracles never happen. They're so confident of this they often claim that witnessing a miracle would suffice to cause them to alter their opinions. Lets look at that shall we?

Do miracles really convert?

I suggest that they do not. Consider a hypothetical. Richard Dawkins is driving down the interstate on his way to a big Atheist convention... when Jesus appears before him. The event is so shocking... so undeniably real... that Dawkins not only leaves the Atheist movement... he becomes one of the most powerful and enfluencial christians in the world.

I ask you.... how many atheists would this affect?

I suggest that it would convert precisely 1... Dawkins himself. The others would simply write him off as a sell out.

Consider another hypothetical. A group of atheist scientists seek out to prove God doesn't exist by setting up an experient to call Him out. During said experiment... God appears. The scientists are so terrified... they are struck blind. The recording devices either malfunction or are so awash in light that no images are available.

What would the world wide atheist community say about this? Nothing. They would claim it was a Christian hoax... or a setup. Again... it would mean a lot to the now blind scientists directly involved. But it wouldn't change anything for the Athiests of the world.

See... they continually howl about "proving" God exists... yet they never provide a standard by which proof could be judged. In short... the only thing that would suffice would be a custome ordered individual miracle for each and every one of them.

But why don't they offer these standards of proof?

Because in the end it has nothing to do with doubt.. and everything to do with hate and rebellion. That's why you don't see atheist ranting about how terrible it is for people to believe in Santa Clause or Unicorns. They don't hate Unicorns or even Chris Cringle. They hate God.