Friday, November 22, 2013

ATF: Yes? Of course!

Ok enough of this off and on nonsense.  Its time to get this show back on the road.  So to speak.

I've got 3 different kinds of Shiner tonight... Shiner Bock...  Shiner Premium... and Shiner Cheer.  The last being their special christmas beer.  Which is odd... because it tastes like peaches.  I don't know what peaches have to do with christmas... but what ever.

So today we learned some big news...  apparently at some point in the last few years our buddy Vox switched from Glock to Steyr.  Now I know what you're thinking but there's no reason to jumped to conclusions...  just because I've used  Steyr forever and sung praises for years doesn't mean Vox was influenced.  I mean in his part of the world Steyr is Glock's biggest competitor.  That's hard for american's to imagine because the weapons never caught on here... but honestly that says more about Americans than Steyr.

Anyway its happy news to know that Vox has been un-Glockified.  Now if we can just get Six to see the light...

A:  Shiner.  Lots of Shiner.  Obviously

T:  Makers Mark cigar.  Things are aged in honest to God bourbon barrels.  Fantastic.

F:  Pair of Steyr M40-A1s.   I know I know...  real gun people know that you can't shoot 2 pistols at the same time.  Its all Hollywood fiction.   Well...  I can.  and do.  Work at something long enough... and your mind figures it out.  That said in a defensive situation it wouldn't be my choice.  We carry two because its faster to draw a new on than reload.

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all come.  9 central.

Friday, November 15, 2013

ATF: No.

Sorry kids...  been in the woods all day... gonna be in the woods all day tomorrow.  I'm on a mission to help my boy get his first deer... and that probably means getting up at 0 Dark 30.  Its not that I don't love y'all.   Its just...   priorities dammit.

I will say this...  Jeb and I were both pissed about being rained out... so getting to blow that armadillo to hell and gone was seriously cathartic.

A:  New Castle Cabbie Black Ale.    Holy Shit.   Find some.

T:  Not until a damned deer dies.

F:  HR Handi-Rifle in .223.  Single shot.  Trigger is crisp but its to heavy.  Jeb's still the devil with it.  I'm taking my crossbow with me.  I won't shoot until Jeb get's his... but after that... well....

Rituals and Rights of Passage

Its a big day.   Today is the start of Alabama's youth hunting weekend... and my oldest son's first deer hunt.  We've got a fantastic spot.  Big food plot with so much deer sign it makes you wonder if we aren't feeding the deer population of half the county.  On wednesday we came to scout and when we drove up in the afternoon there were 7 deer and 14 turkeys in the plot.

I know there is debate over the viability of the .223 as a deer round... but I find those that disapprove have generally never used one for such... and the only stories they've heard came from their grand-dad in the 70s.

Bullets technology has changed.  Winchester Ballistic silvertips for example...  55 grains... 3200 fps.  An inch after impact they've expanded to half and inch in diameter.  So basicly you're blowing a .50 caliber hole through the heart and lungs.  The fact is... inside 150 yards.. a well placed .223 will drop a deer just fine.  And that's what Jeb will be shooting today.  Now... odds are we're gonna be on the does today... and the deer down here in lower Alabama aren't like the deer up in TN or KY...  they are little like West Virginia deer.  I mean the biggest deer down here that the old timers even know about being shot was 290 pounds.  Contrast this with Michigan deer that are known to be upwards of 400.  Plus we'll be shooting around 70 to 100 yards.


If Jeb gets one there are all kinds of rituals out there.  Prayer obviously...  and in the old days ya tasted the animal's blood.  Down here its tradition to use the blood like war paint on the shooter's face.

Ok kids...  let's hear your First Kill stories.


rained out.  It poured on us all day long... and of course...  20 minutes after we head back to camp it stops raining...  and the deer all come out.   I hate deer.   Man do I hate deer.   The wasn't totally lost...  Jeb did kill the hell out of an armadillo just for spite.  Good shot.  Blew it to hell and gone.

 Back at it tomorrow.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Unintentional Comedy

From the Chicago Fed report on Crypto Currencies... we find this gem of a quote...

"Although some of the enthusiasm for bitcoin is driven by a distrust of state-issued currency, it is hard to imagine a world where the main currency is based on an extremely complex code understood by only a few and controlled by even fewer, without accountability, arbitration, or recourse."


***looks around***


Friday, November 08, 2013

ATF: Nukes and Pussy Riot!

Well... damned if it ain't that time again.  In theory we're gonna have six back tonight... Thanks be to God Himself.  Man am I sick of pulling this cart by own self.

A:  Bourbon.  Dammit.   Lots of it.

T:  Romeo

F: Many.  Many.  Many.

Das Link

Friday, November 01, 2013


Shut up... I'm in hurry.  we're running late.  Deal with it.

here's the link.

A:  Makers 46

T: Ghurka Spec Ops.  

F: Weatherby 257 weatherby magnum.  Because.  BOOM.