Monday, July 31, 2006

Titans Training Camp Report:

Julie and I drove up to Clarksville in the new convertible with the top up. Sadly. It rained the whole day. Now... I've followed football practicly my whole life... that's not to say that I know it all, nor that I have seen it all... but Friday afternoon I saw something I've never seen... and never even heard of. The Titans first practice was held out in the driving rain. I don't mean drizzle. I mean massive gusts and downpours.

Balls got dropped. Some folks went down. But nobody got hurt... and hey... these boys ain't made of sugar. They don't melt.

Neither did I... but I was worried about DrWho.

So what did we learn? Well... maybe nothing. Maybe a lot.

1) This team has a chip on its shoulder. That's good. That's very very good. They practiced all weekend in shoulderpads and helmets, but guys were hitting. Really really hitting.

2) Vince Young is huge... and he's got his heart and his head right. He looks a lot more comfortable under center than you've been told. In fact, watching him back to back with Volek, there really isn't much drop. Vince doesn't stare down his reciever, but he tends to stick to one side of the field. If he drops back, looks right, he throws right. Maybe not to the first option. He was making reads. Now that's not definitive. Fact is most of what I saw was 7 on 7, which is hell on DBs. It could well be that the first two options were almost always open. I saw him check to number 3 or 4 on the other side of the field maybe 10 times. The delivery doesn't look nearly as wierd in person as on TV. He got some balls tipped, but so did everyone else. In three practices I don't think he scrambled one time. He was dropping back and making reads. This is not Michael Vick.

3) Holy cow... the running backs are mad men. People... These boys look awesome. The difference this year to last year... its unreal. Lindale White wasn't there friday and saturday, so I missed him, but I understand he showed up in awesome shape. Way below his target weight. He hasn't been this small since he was 17. Travis Henry has also trimmed down. He's down to about 220, meaning he dropped 15 pounds. He is the hammer. He is hitting the holes hard. Saturday, Donnie Nickey (saftey) came over to try to take him down, and Henry ended his day. Henry knocked him plum ass over tea-kettle. On the other hand, Chris Brown has gained about 15 pounds, and he's much less tenative than I've seen in the past. These guys are on fire. White is gonna have a hard time catching up. I would never have said this 5 days ago, but if this keeps up, we could have one of the best backfields in the NFL.

4) Tyrone Calico still can't catch. One play, he makes an impossible catch... the next play he drops an easy ball. You can see the frustration on the WR Coach's face. He dropped a perfect 70 yard pass from Volek.. on the sideline I heard a coach say, "Dammit you can't drop that." I shouted over to him, "Calico can!" I looked at me and laughed... said, "That's his downfall. Don't matter how big and fast you are if you can't catch a cold."

5) Travis Henry knows how to do an Away Training Camp. He got to Clarksville a day early, called up Rent-a-Center and had them deliver two queen beds (making a catalina king. what does a 5'9" dude need with that?), a surround sound system, and Xbox360, and a 44-inch Plasma. Hell yeah.

6) All of the free agents are looking great. Even Bobby Wade who we picked up last year late. Thornton nearly killed Jared Payton. But being a vet, he pulled up at the last minute.

7) The defense is so much faster. Having Sirmon in the middle takes the play calling responsibility away from Bulluck and Thronton... so it frees them up to just play. They fly around. This is Pacman's first training camp, and he seems to be loving it. He's made some freakish plays. Andre Wolfolke still can't cover anyone. He makes undrafted free agents look great.

8) I think at this point Jacob Bell is gonna get beat out at right tackle. Stewart and Loper are just to big and to strong over there.

9) Pacman and Reynoldo Hill are going out of there way to line up against Drew Bennett and David Givens. That's a good sign.

10) Ok... I'll give you one Vince Young story... Saturday Randy Starks (308 pounds) made a great play on a ball. He tipped it up, then caught it... then... ***BANG*** de-cleated. Raped. Physically destroyed. A three hundred pound man literally goes flying into the air. Vince Young just busted his ass. Note to self... Vince don't appreciate being picked off. The crowd went wild... Starks noted that Vince had a red jersery... and complained a little that he couldn't return the favor.

So what do we know? Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot. Ask me again in 3 weeks.

Friday, July 28, 2006


I know it's early... but hey... I wanted y'all to have a place to play while I was gone. I'm taking three bottles of wine with me... Pinot Grigio... Italian... Mezzo Corona I think.... that's for you Spacebunny. Jamie! I've got you covered... Jacob's Creek Merlot... 2003 I believe. Oh... and JAC, I didn't forget about you either. I have a nice bottle of Beringer White Zinfindel. I know how you love your girly pink wine.

Tobacco will be purchased on the road... I'll let ya know..

OH! and on the firearms front... I just ordered a new recoil compensator and ported barrell for my carry gun. Good times!

Y'all have a good couple days... I'll be back around saturday night.
Titans Training Camp Report: Prelude

Titans training camp begins today. DrWho and I'll be heading up to Clarksville to take in 3 practices. I thought about audio blogging it, but I decided a trusty notebook would serve everyone better. When I get back I'll go through the notes and put up some posts on what I saw. In a few weeks I'll visit another practice or two so we can compare and contrast.

If you don't like the NFL then I can't imagine that these reports are going to be for you.

For now... here are some things I'm looking for:

1. Free Agents: The Titans signed 4 big free agents this off-season, all in key positions. Kevin Mawae is our new center... a mauler with a big brain. He's been to multiple probowls. Word is he's fit right in. David Givens steps in at wide-reciever. Can he be the number 1 guy? Chris Hope and David Thronton were both side to boost the speed of our linebackers and Safties, the two weakest spots on our defense last year.

2) Lindale White: He's getting a lot of bad press for not getting in shape for the draft. I'm interested in seeing how he looks at the start of camp.

3) Vince Young: Duh.

4) Running Back Battle: One of the biggest questions on the team is the RB postion. Who's the Horse? Chris Brown is the man right now... but he's squaking like he doesn't want to be... plus he's Mr Glass. He get's hurt every game. Travis Henry wants to be the man real bad. Word is he's busted his butt this off-season. He's lost almost 20 pounds. He's back down to his pro-bowl weight of 220. But the future is Lindale White. Is he gonna be a situtational back this year? Or is he simply going to end all the contraversy himself by winning the job outright?

5) Offensive Line: We have no idea who's gonna be our starting right tackle. Loper and Stewart are both big maulers. Daniel Loper in particular is one of those guys who makes people look bad. He dominated Vanden Bosch a lot last year in practice. Is he ready to translate that to on-field production? and what about Jacob Bell? He can be a guard or a tackle... and even though he's been playing tackle more, he's better at guard. So if Loper beats him out for his tackle position, do we then see a battle for him to take a guard position? Good stuff!

6) Cornerbacks: No one wants to admit just how good Pacman is, because no one likes him personally. Personally I don't care. He's a specimen. He's got more upside than Deion Sanders. He's got the skill to shut down an entire half of the field. Reynalo Hill was a huge find last year. He's arguably the most determined player the Titans have. He wants to be the best corner in the league and he works very very hard to reach that goal. If Pacman had this kid's head, Pac would've made the pro-bowl last year. Reynaldo has plenty of talent though. He's not just all heart. Corners tend to get burned a lot in camp... I want to see if Pac and Rey are going out of their way to line up against the big dogs like Bennett and Givens... or if they are sneaking off to lineup against the scrubs to try to make themselves look good. If they put on their big boy pants, this is gonna be a lot of fun.

7) Contact. Fisher has made it clear that this team is going to run the ball. They're going back to smash-mouth Titans Football. That means a lot of time in pads, beatin' on each other. They're going to have at least 1 practice working on nothing but converting rushing 3rd downs. Should be fun. We'll learn a lot I think.

ok... time to wrap it up and get on the road.
The Old Songs

I love the old hymns. During the summer our church changes things up a bit. They call it "The Camp Days of Summer", and everything becomes quite a bit more casual. The ministers don't robe up. People are encouraged to dress more casually, and instead of pre-planning what hymns we sing, they let the congregation call out their favorites. We'll sing the first and last verse of 2 or 3 different ones. I get a big kick outta this, mostly because it means we get to sing a lot of old hymns that never seem to find thier way back into the services anymore.

Every so often I'm gonna throw one or two of them up... maybe they'll be one you had forgotten about... or hadn't sung in a long time. Or maybe, like me, you just enjoy the old style.

I am a Pilgrim

I am a pilgrim and a stranger
Traveling through this wearisome land
And I've got a home in that yonder city, good Lord
And it's not (good Lordy it's not) not made by hand

I got a mother, a sister and a brother
Who have gone to that way before
And I am determined to go and see them, good Lord
Over on (good Lordy over on) that distant shore

As I go down to that river Jordan
Just to bathe my weary soul
If I could touch but just the hem of His garment, good Lord
I know (good Lord I know) it would make me whole

Now when I'm dead, laying in my coffin
All of my friends all gather round
They can say that he's just laying there sleeping, good Lord
Sweet peace (Lord sweet peace) his soul is found

Let the Lower Lights be Burning

Brightly beams our Father's mercy from His lighthouse evermore,
But to us He gives the keeping of the lights along the shore.
Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave!
For to us He gives the keeping of the lights along the shore.

Dark the night of sin has settled, loud the angry billows roar;
Eager eyes are watching, longing, for the lights, along the shore.
Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave!
Eager eyes are watching, longing, for the lights, along the shore.

Trim your feeble lamp, my brother, some poor sailor tempest tossed,
Trying now to make the harbor, in the darkness may be lost.
Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave!
Trying now to make the harbor, some poor sailor may be lost.

If we never meet again this side of Heaven

Soon we'll come to the end of life's journey
And perhaps we'll never meet anymore
Till we gather in heaven's bright city
Far away on that beautiful shore

If we never meet again this side of heaven
As we struggle through this world and its strife
There's another meeting place somewhere in Heaven
By the river of life

Where the charming roses bloom, forever
And where separation come no more
If we never meet again this side of heaven
I will meet you on that beautiful shore

Oh so often we are parted with sorrow
And action often quietens our pain
But we never shall sorrow in heaven
God be with you till we meet again

If ya would be so obliged, take a moment to list a favorite or two of yours.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's Wrong with Dogs?

Why can't I take my dog to the bar with me? Seems to me about every place has barred pets. What's the deal? Millions of people live and eat with dogs their whole lives. No one dies. It used to be if you went into a country resturaunt you may well find a dog (probably the owners) curled up under a table, or greetin' folks as they came in.

Today a dog in a resturant would result in a SWAT manuever with 14 dead, 23 wounded, and a brown stain on the floor. The Health Department would quarantine the place for 40 years.


Its a dog. Its not cholera. Its not even muslem.

Not only that... but we're not supposed to take dogs to parks now. My kids can't play with their dog at the playground. Can someone explain this?

I don't know exactly who was responsible but I'll guarantee females were at the bottom of it. When social norms are suddenly out-lawed you can bet a girl wadded up her panties about an uncomfortable situation... so rather than worrying about an unruly dog annoying someone, and the uncomfortable confrontation... they just outlaw the whole mess.

One day I'm gonna open a bar and grill... without a non-smoking section... where you're encouraged to bring your pets... where no shoes and no shirt probably mean someone's havin' a damned good time.

I'll call it, Eat At Your Own Risk... and I'll shoot anyone from the health department that so much as looks crossways at the sign.

Y'all come.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

High Caliber Ear Protection

Please note that the ATF hat... and the finger on the trigger.

Remember this the next time someone is telling you how awesome US law enforcement is.
A Call To Arms?

Friends I write today to ask a simple question; is it time?

While browsing the net and even scouring the news I see the frustrations of a system that cannot work. I see the frustration of men who know something must be done, but have no method of acting.

Shorty sums up the frustration well... it's best to let him tell it.

I look at those pictures and their proclamations of death against Israel and the United States. I read their messages and see their support for the terrorist organizations responsible for killing tens of thousands of civilians. They support people who will kill their own neighbors and openly display their bodies in a PSYOP battle we are losing. They use our traditions and beliefs in tolerance and compassion against us, and march down our major cities declaring their loyalty to a people who believe the Shoah was a myth. Why do we tolerate this?
I can't speak for everyone. I know that my personal reasons stem from the laws of our great nation prohibiting harm even to those who work for our demise. It is no more legally acceptable to fight the scum who protest with pro-Hezbollah signs than it is to assault a Baptist preacher.
We have our own media forces working against us. American and Israeli forces are looked down on, bad-mouthed, slandered, and sensitive information is released by those in charge of our TV, radio, and print medias.
And more than that, our own citizens who preach the nonsense of tolerance do nothing but encourage and embolden these animals and allow their enablers to preach their messages with impunity.

The frustration is obvious. But where lies the solution? Before you solve your problem... you need to understand it.

Is it time?

This is not the The First Islamic Expansion. That went on from 630 to 1258, and was beaten back not by political bodies... but by The Army of the Church.

This is not the Second Islamic Expansion. That went on from 1350 to 1683, and was beaten back not by political bodies... but again... by the Army of the Church.

This is the leading edge of the Third Expansion of Islam. It's in its infancy. Perhaps only 30-years old... and it is enjoying success because it is being met by political bodies.

Is it time?

America's Army is not God's Army.

The Army of the Church is not constrained by the silly laws of America. The media coverage... protests... propaganda... they have no effect on her. She does God's Will regardless.

Is it time friends?

Is it time for the Tenth Crusade?

It is madness isn't it? An Army of The Church? Our culture doesn't do things that way. But we did, and our enemy does... and with the tactics the enemy employs, our options become more and more limited.

Islam conquered the whole Iberian Peninsula before The Army of The Church drove her back to her litter box. But what if it hadn't? What if the Church had left the work to political bodies? Political leaders don't care what religion dominates their land, so long as they get to be the ones doing the political dominating. If the Church had left the fighting to France, The Church may well not exist at all today. We could all be walking around with diapers on our heads.

It is my assertion that this latest expansion of Islam will continue. It will continue... it will gain momentum until we act... until The Church acts. As Christians on earth it is out duty... it is our responsibility to do the will God. The High Road is not always what our human morality defines. The High Road is defined by God.

All I'm asking is when?

Is it Time?

Will a Christian leader stand up and say enough is enough? Will the Church have the courage to even acknowledge its responsibility? Will we wait till the wolfs are at the door? Historically we have been slow to act... and perhaps we will be again. So perhaps it isn't time.

Remember this though... never look for political solutions to a problem of religion.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Deju Vu

Way back when there were these nasty rumors that the end of the American economy was near. These rumors and fears were based on speculation that auto makers from Japan were gearing up to import their products to America. UAW wadded up its panties like a feminist with a coathanger.

Of course... everyone's worst fears came to pass and before long cheap jap cars were available throughout America. As we can now plainly see... this was the end of the world.

Actually it wasn't. The Jap cars were cheap and got awesome gas-milage. People bought them because they filled a market gap. Gas was expensive. These little 4-bangers didn't use much of it.

Now, everyone thinks of Jap cars as high-quality products... but that wasn't the case 40 years ago. We all thought they were junk back then. They were cheap, and they looked cheap. Oddly, it was that cheapness that ended up saving the companies. Because they were cheap, buyers paid close attention to the service manuals. For the first time average americans started changing their oil more than every 50,000 miles.

The lead these little jap cars to last a long time... and gain a better reputation for quality.

The jap companies did better and better, but eventually learned that it was impossible to make great money without manufacturing in America... and the net result was finally known. We got more competition... cheaper better cars with better gas milage... and more American manufacturing jobs.

Yep... that sounds like the end of the world to me. Would that all disasters turned out so well.

So for the last 3 or 4 years or so we've heard nasty fear mongering about China importing cheap cars into the US.

No doubt this will also be the end of the American Economy.

Yeah... Ok.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yeah Baby!

I found this review of The South Was Right! on

This book has thoroughly enraged me. This book is fire; this book is dangerous. This book makes me feel towards New Englanders the same way a Jew might feel towards Germans; I hate them. New Englanders have no culture, only blind arrogance, money, and hypocrisy. I am a black man, and my whole life I have been led to literally hate the South and Southerners. New England propaganda, over the course of a lifetime, will do that to anyone. After reading this book, I now love the South. Southerners are MY people, and New Englanders are and always have been the enemy.

After actually visiting the South for the first time in my life, I know this to be true. I actually felt more at home than I ever could have in the North or New England. I say, we need a 2nd period of Reconstruction in the United States, but this time in New England. It's time they understand what it's like to be poor and have a boot to their throat. It's time that they drop the charade, and stop calling themselves Americans.

Every black American should read this book. - Mike Jones

Amen brother Jones. Amen.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flashback: Bad Joke Wednesday

Did you hear about the fish that went deaf?
He had to buy a herring-aid.

What did one teddy bear say to the other teddy bear when he offered him some dessert?
No thanks, I'm stuffed.

Why do bees have sticky hair?
They use honeycombs.

How do you make a witch itch?
Take away her W.

There was once a bus conductor, and he had really bad anger management problems, One day a woman on the bus refused to pay the fare. Well, the bus conductor got so angry he killed her. He was tried and sentenced to death by the electric chair.
The day for his execution came, and they took him out of his cell and brought him to the chair. The guard said, "Have you any last requests?"
The man replied, "Yes, I'd like an unripe green banana, please."
So they got him an unripe green banana, and he peeled it, ate it, and threw the skin away, and they strapped him to the chair.
"Are you ready?" they asked.
"Yes," he said.
And they hit the switch. And nothing happened. So he was taken back to his cell.
The guards rewired the chair and tested it a few times, and it worked perfectly. They brought the man back and said, "Have you any last requests?"
The man replied, "Yes, I'd like an unripe green banana, please."
So they got him an unripe green banana, and he peeled it, ate it, and threw the skin away, and they strapped him to the chair.
"Are you ready?" they asked.
"Yes," he said.
And they hit the switch. And nothing happened. So he was taken back to his cell.
Well, the guards bought a brand new electric chair. This one was amazing: leather seats, gold-plated armrests studded with rubies, the works. It was an incredible sight.
They brought the man back and asked, "Have you any last requests?"
The man replied, "Yes, I'd like an unripe green banana, please."
So they got him an unripe green banana, and he peeled it, ate it, and threw the skin away, and they strapped him to the chair.
"Are you ready?" they asked.
"Yes," he said.
And they hit the switch. And nothing happened.
Now, in this particular state, there was a law that if someone survived the electric chair three times, he must be set free. So the man was released, and as soon as he stepped out of the prison, the press was all over him. He walked through the crowd and the flashing cameras until he saw a small man who asked, "Have you discovered some miraculous phenomenon of unripe green bananas?"
"No," he replied, "I've just always been a bad conductor."

What were Cleopatra's dying words?
Asp not what your country can do for you; asp what you can do for your country.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Believe It Was Jesus Who Said,

"How many times do I have to explain this to you morons?"

Ok... not in those words. But since He didn't, I will. And right about now you're askin', "What's got this redneck so pissed off now?" Well let me tell ya.

I see this amendment to the Homeland Security Bill... says the Feds can't confinscate guns from law abiding citizens in times of emergency. I note many Republicans are patting themselves on the back and pointing and laughing at the conehead liberals who voted against the bill.

Ya know what?

I would've voted with Feinstein.

Ya know why?

Because its a stupid bill. Follow the logic you morons. The Law will now say, in the case of emergency, the federal government can not confiscate firearms. So what's the corrollary? Duh. When there isn't an emergency... THEY CAN.

When Homeland Security decides to confiscate guns... the Liberals can now say, "the law specificly states we can't do it in a time of emergency. No emergency has been declared." And ya know what?

They'll be right.


When the Republicans try to fight the confiscation, the liberals will then point out that the Republicans overwhelmingly voted FOR the very law that they are now complaining about.

You think the media won't spin this right down the People's throats? You're dead wrong.

This is BAD BAD BAD BAD news.

Remember this: Hillary can now claim that the law was written to prevent a rash over-reaction based on a state of emergency. She can claim that its a tough decision. Not a reaction. People will fall for this. Law and Order Republicans always believe in honoring the Law. Even when its an Evil law.

You people have watched the left pull crap like this for decades... and here you go... falling for it again. You never learn.

You cannot win by use of government power. It can't happen. You can only win buy asserting individual authority over the government, or state authority over federal. When you give the government an inch, it takes a mile.

This is disturbing to me on many many levels. Widespread confiscation will lead to our nations first civil war... and this looks an aweful lot to me like a classic first step to that confiscation.

You morons... what have you done? What have you done?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Soccer

A girly headbutt is a scandal.

In America, when you whoop somebody's ass...

You sell autographed pictures.

I hate baseball. But God Bless the Ryan Express.

BrandX axes: I'd like to ask you about your Nissan Titan, and a real-world, no bullshit evaluation of it, the good and the bad. Plus what to expect as average gas mileage . Appreciate it much as I'm looking at it or an F-150 Ford, both new. Any input will be appreciated.

Where to start?

Our Titan is a 2004 King Cab... it's got around 40,000 miles on it at this point. I've run nothing but full synthetic oil through her... changed her oil about every 5,000 miles... no problems. An engine light came on... but the dealer lied and told me the code didn't save. He says it went off on its own... my thinkin' is he cleared it on accident and forgot what it was. Anyway, we've had no problems out of it at all.

So.. Thumbs Up for:

- Monster Power.
- Best factory Nav system you can get. Smokes BMW's.
- More room in the cab than a full-sized car.
- Smokin' factory bedliner.
- Utili-trac bed system is awesome.
- Luxury. Pure Luxury.
- Bang for the Buck.
- Stereo is freakin' awesome
- Kids can watch the Dvd with headphones, while we listen to tunes.

Thumbs Down for:

- Gas Milage? This should be measured in gallons per mile. Not the other way around. Interstate? 14 or so. City? Forget it. 10 or 12. The good news is, if you're towing, your gas milage really doesn't change. You'll still get around 14 on the interstate, even with a 9000lbs trailer. 405ft/lbs of torque will do that for ya.

- 5.5 foot bed is just to short.

Over-all it is exactly what we needed. Its the family truckster of this millenium. Kids in the backseat... all the stuff in the bed under the A.R.E. cap. You can do some distance in this thing. We absolutely love it. We just wish the gas milage was better... and when I pick up a load of 2X4's I wish I had an 8-foot bed. No complaints though.

It comes down to what you want the truck for. A contractor couldn't use it. Bed's to short. But average joe pullin' a camper or a boat... makin' an occasional run to the hardware store? You can't beat it.
Justification For Higher Education

We do apologize for the absence. We here at the Bloggerblaster have been a bit busy. Real life and all that. It appears that DrWho was growing weary of her trusty and ultimately utilitarian Trooper. No complaints. It served us well for many years, and remains a capable vehicle. But...


It's not an Audi A4 Cabriolet now is it?

And I don't want to hear any crap from you Krauts out there either. We drove it back-to-back with a BMW 330ci. If you're lookin' to talk on your cellphone at 80mph on the interstate with the top down... The A4's your car.

Anyway... DrWho's worked her butt off... and she deserves it. I figured it was time she splurged a bit on herself. It took some convincin' of course, but lets face it... its hard to refuse someone who's making a rational arguement that buying that gorgeous convertible is the responsible thing to do.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I Love My Town

- I live in a county with 45,000 people.

- I live in a Town of 1,300.

- Radar is something the county sheriff's cars do not have.

- At least 1 out of every 3 cars has a Battle Flag sticker or license plate. Yesterday I saw a pickup truck with a bumper sticker... it had a Battle flag... then in big letters said: If I had known this I would've picked my own cotton.

- Once a year every church in the county cancels its sunday evening services, and everyone meets at the county highschool football stadium... ok... everyone except the lone hold out right across the highway from the stadium. There's something amusing about watching from the stands as those 25 or so people leave their evening services over at the Church of Christ.
Diesel Therapy

We don't torture folks in the US. Right?

Wrong. We just do so non-traditional ways.

Rebels in America are tought there lessons... just like everywhere else. Here-in I'll detail one of the favoured methods.

Person X has been arrested. For what makes no difference. Let's just say some how or another he's found himself in the federal prison system. He may well not have even been tried yet. He may just be waiting to work out bail or bond. Then everything changes.

A guard informs him he's going to be transported. He's shackled... stiffeners are used on the cuffs on his legs and hands that prevent any movements. His arms and legs are locked into one position... he's put on a bus.. and he's left there. For 20 hours a day... for weeks. He's transported from prison to prison to prison. Constantly moving. He's not let out of his seat to relieve himself. He's forced to simply sit there in his own shit. His own piss.

And what can be done? He can't call a lawyer. He can't call his family. No one can call him. No one can find him... and when its all said and done... who will believe him?

Think this doesn't happen?

Think again.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rights, Remedy, Recource, and Common Law

Ok... I've held off on blogging about this sort of thing for a long time... but since its come up, I may as well.

Virtually all courts in the US are UCC courts. Meaning their juristiction is the Uniform Commercial Code. This is of the utmost importance when considering legal actions. Traffic Court.... Everything. These are all UCC courts.

This my friends is what's behind the curtain.

"The making of a valid Reservation of Rights preserves whatever rights the person then possesses, and prevents the loss of such rights by application of concepts of waiver or estoppel. When a waivable right or claim is involved, the failure to make a reservation thereof, causes a loss of the right, and bars its assertion at a later date." (UCC 1-207.7)

"The Code is complimentary to the Common Law, which remains in force, except where displaced by the code. A statute should be construed in harmony with the Common Law, unless there is a clear legislative intent to abrogate the Common Law." (UCC 1-103.6)

Now... those may be confusing... so let me type them out in english. 1-207 basicly says if you reserve your rights, you still have them. If you do not reserve your rights, you lose them. 103.6 states that the UCC does not overide Common Law, but works in harmony with it.

So... in effect... when you reserve your rights, you simply change the rules of the court procedings you are involved in. You can effectively negate the UCC, and cause the court to try you under Common Law regulations.

But what does this all mean?

It means specificly when you get a ticket for say... not wearing a seltbelt, when you sign the ticket after your name you write: without prejudice UCC 1-207

This states legally that you are not waiving your rights. You are claiming them.

When you get to court the Judge will no doubt ask you what you meant by writing that. That's when you say, "I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement."

See.. if you don't sign your name that way then you have waived your rights. When you waive your rights, they can then try you under the UCC, where-in you are bound by every federal, state, and local law and regulation.

If you don't waive your rights though, you can point out that you never signed a contract or agreed to abide by any such regulations or laws, and therefore you are not bound specificly by them, but only by Common Law.

You can now assert 1-103.6 where in you force them to try you under common law. You simply ask the judge to produce a verified injured party. Because under common law there has to be a complaint. The judge may balk at this. Probably because he just wants to know if you really know what you're talking about. That's when you say:

"Your Honor, I can sue you under the Common Law, for violating my rights under the Uniform Commercial Code. I have a remedy, under the UCC, to reserve my rights under the Common Law. I have exercised the remedy, and now you must construe this statute in harmony with the Common Law. To be in harmony with the Common Law, you must come forth with the damaged party."

At this point the judge is boxed in. You have demonstrated your remedy (you resevered your rights under 1-207, and your recourse 1-103, siting the very UCC that is his jurisdiction. You've shown in the UCC where it honours Common Law, and he must either produce a victim, or show how otherwise the seatbelt law doesn't conflict with Common Law. This would require you to have signed a contract agreeing to wear a seatbelt. Given that you never signed such a thing, he's toast.

Now... don't get cocky. He's a judge. He doesn't have to do anything. He can press on. If he does though... you say, "Let me see if I understand, Your Honor, has this court made a legal determination that sections 1-207 and 1-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which is the system of law you are operating under, are not valid law before this court?"

He's likely to be either amused or pissed. He's liable to drop the case just to shut you up. Though he may very well simply say, "Yes." at which point you inform the court that you'll be appealing his decision to a higher court which will overturn his ruling, and he knows that.

So now you've seen behind the curtain to some extent... but this is just a tiny glimps. It goes much further and much deeper... but practically what does it mean? For me it means very very little. I know this stuff and have known it for sometime and I still don't sign my name without prejudice. Why not?

Because its not worth it. It doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong. They have the guns. They can kill you and your whole family and get away with it. So the income tax is BS... so what? You pay it because if you don't they just might kill you.

It always comes down to force, either real or implied. Knowledge like this can save you some money in traffic court... but when the stakes go up, you'll find the black robes don't care nearly as much about the letter of the law... or anything much at all really. And the Judges are the nice ones. It's the alphabet boys who'll kick down your door in the middle of the night... Ever heard of Diesel Treatment? Google it.

Knowledge is great... but greater still is wisdom.

Horde ammo... clean your guns... and lay low.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Michael Maier Says:

This is Ugly:

Nate says: Never ask a hoosier about aesthetics... or basketball. He's foreign to each.
Civil Disobedience

One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. — DR. MARTIN LUTHER the KING, JR.

There. So stop wearing your seatbelt. Smoke everywhere. Horde scary looking firearms and convert them to full-auto. Refuse to pay the federal income tax.

MLK said so.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Protecting the Rights of Sexual Preadators

A bit of background before we get started. Not long ago Georgia passed (pay particular attention to the way the MSM covers the story. Note the only sex offender they mention was a woman convicted of the statatory rape of a male) a law that effectively banned all child molesters from the state. The law stated clearly that anyone convicted of a sexual crime involving a minor could not live near schools, day cares, parks... even school bus stops.

Basicly this means that the poor darling pederasts have no place to live.

My heart just bleeds for them.

The stated intent of this law was to send the simple message. "We don't want you here." That's a message that is both lawful, and perfectly within the power of the legislature to send.

Of course... before you get to excited and start planning your move to Georgia... you should read this. I mean come on... You knew a law this good wasn't going to go unchallenged by the Black Robes.

Then again.... if they'd just shoot these sorry bastards in the back of the head we wouldn't be spending all this money on lawyers would we?
The UN Small Arms Conference

Anyone who thinks its a coincidence that this is being held on the 4th of July in America is simply being willfully ignorant. The powerbrokers of the world know full well that the first battles of the American Revolution had nothing to do with Taxation without Representation, and everything to do with Gun Control.

Sadly the American Public does not. The Battle of Lexington you will recall when General Thomas Gage, military governor of Massachusetts sent a force to confiscate weapons and capture patriot leaders. When the British confronted Captain Parker and his militia in Lexington, they arrived to confiscate powder and ball. They did so... One round at a time.

Had the American Public not been armed in 1776, America would never have been able to win its independence.

Had the American Public not been armed in 1812, America would never have been able to keep it.

Ahh... But listen to the words Rebecca Peter Head of the IANSA:

“I think American citizens should not be exempt from the rules that apply to the rest of the world. At the moment there are no rules applying to the rest of the world. That’s what we’re working for. American citizens should have guns that are suitable for the legitimate purposes that they can prove. I think that eventually Americans will realize that their obsession with arming themselves in fear, in a paranoid belief that they’re going to be able to stave off the ills of the world through owning guns, through turning every house into an arsenal, eventually Americans will go away from that. I think Americans who hunt—and who prove that they can hunt—should have single-shot rifles suitable for hunting whatever they’re hunting. I mean American citizens should be like any other citizens of the world”

Read those words. Read them again and again.

Then go buy a gun... preferably a semi-auto rifle... with a collapsable stock... something that little Miss Peter would think is very scary looking indeed.