Saturday, October 29, 2005

JACIII was here

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Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Project 870

While I am embarassed to admit that I have an off-brand shotgun, I wanted to share my latest project with y'all. I know I know... I wanted a Winchester Defender too... but this is what my

father-in-law gave me so this is what I'm rolling with. Don't get me wrong now... I love this gun. Its as solid as the day is long. If there is a more reliable piece of equipment than an industry standard pump shotgun I don't know what it is. I will go one step further and state that for close quarters combat there are few things more effective than a short-barrelled shotgun. Suffice it to say that between this and my .40 I sleep pretty well at night.

So if I'm so happy, what's Project 870 about? Well lets face it... the weapon needs some modifications. First off I'm gonna start with a pistol grip and fore-stock. I'm gonna add an extended mag tube with a flashlight mount... new sites... and maybe one of those folding stocks... I'm undecided on the stock at this point... I'm leaning towards a plain old pistol grip.

In the end Project 870 should add some serious cool factor to the ol' pump, not to mention practical combat efficiency.
Slippery Slopes

We who see slippery slopes everywhere take our fair share of crap for it. When we're right though, we're right. So... when I read that the Shoot-to-Kill policy over at Scotland Yard had been expanded to include such dreadful offenses as stalking and domestic violence... well... I figured it needed some attention.

But never you mind that patriot act. You can trust the government. After all... its not like the Republicans are out there appointing nutcase gun-grabbers to leadership positions in the Justice Department or anything... oh... wait...
Snowballs in Hell

Since the Good King Dubya couldn't be counted on to do it, it looks like its up to a few senators to propose an end to the federal income tax. Of course its never gonna happen, as the federal government is not going to give up its number one way to keep tabs on its citizens.

But hey...having half of your yearly income stolen from you before you ever even see it... that doesn't qualify as servitude does it Wilma?

Monday, October 24, 2005


Comments are working again... Stupid... stupid beta features.

Thanks Bane.
Bush the Gun Grabber

It appears the Mr Paul McNulty, US Attourney for the eastern district of Virginia, has been appointed by ol' Dubya to the number two position in the Justice Department... that's Deputy Attourney General for those of you who left your decoder rings at home.

How about I offer some quotes from Mr McNulty:

The federal Violent Crime Impact Teams are led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents."

"U.S. Attorney Paul J. McNulty said the bureau's technical resources will allow the new teams to focus on stopping the flow of guns to criminals here."

"He said gun shows, which he noted are held as often as every six to eight weeks, will be a particular focus of the teams."

"Richmond's efforts to seize illegal guns, before they are used in crimes*, have so far this year netted 667 weapons..."

* Emphasis added

First of all any appointment of any bureacrat from eastern virginia or eastern maryland should be met with the utmost skepticism by gun rights activists. These people are the lowest of the low. Slimeballs in Illinois look at DC and its neighbors as heros. They lay awake at night dreaming to be one day be Grand Goose-Stepping Gun Grabbers on that level. Californians aspire to such hights.

The appointment of a man who's made his living as HandGun Control's bitch sends a clear message.

Democrats and Republicans are the same.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ya know... every so often I come across a little comment... or a blog that expresses such clear-cut blind loyalty that I start to miss those days... those days back when I was a Republican dammit.

No one said being brilliant was easy. Hey... it's lonely at the top people.

I say the top because that's the only way to describe it. I mean... when one looks down on everyone else... where else can they be?

Those starry-eyed fans of the Red Team... GO ELEPHANTS! They shout with such enthusiasm... and like any good fan... they make excuses and rationalize every stupid thing that their team's players do... while they crusify the players of their rivals for the slightest transgressions.

Bill Clinton was evil because he played politics with welfare reform... but Dubya is a genius for playing politics with education reform.

See how that works?

Oh but... those were the days weren't they? Back when we could all laugh and skewer the stupid liberals for being so... stupid. We were right... they were wrong... that's was that.

And what do we trade that for? We trade it for the cold hard uncomfortable truth. There is no us and them. There was always only them. Those of us who dared to dream of not just growing the government more slowly... but actually shrinking it... we were, and are, the few.

The Elephants fans love Reagan... but its funny... it was a realistic evaluation of Reagan's performance that was the first chink in my Republican Team Armour. For all his talk... can you name a single agency he closed? What did he do? Oh? A tax cut you say? Sure... there was a tax cut... one that liberals to this day say was so insanely ginormous that it nearly bankrupted the government.

In fact it amounted to basicly squat. The average american tax payer barely noticed it, and it didn't cause even the slightest government belt tightening.

See that? That's a what we accomplished writers* call a segway. Into what you say?

This here says I. The Elephant team loves to tell you how logical they are. So... let's talk about the average elephant view. In today's terms, if you talk to Mr Normal Republican who favors "limited" government you'll find that they measure "limited" government in terms of tax cuts. Government gets less money... government spends less money... government is therefore limited.

Got it?

At this point I'm hoping you know exactly where I'm going with this... because if ya don't... well... ya just need help... but don't worry... it's on the way.

See... the other Republican Maxim is that tax cuts actually increase revenue for the government. That, which is demonstrably true by the way, sort of shoots their description of limited government view tax cut right out of the water doesn't it?

Its about as daft as tryin' to put out a fire by pourin' gasoline on it. And that is leaving out the fact that the govenrment doesn't need tax money to spend, as it's more than willing to enthusiasticly go about printing gazillions from thin air.

The plain truth is... the Republicans do not, have not, and will not ever govern significantly differently than the democrats. The system will not allow it. It's equally as daft to assume the constitution boys or the libertarians will fail in exactly the same way for exactly the same reason.

That's why I've washed my hands of the whole affair. I have no loyalties but to God, my Family, and my Friends. I offer no loyalty to the abomination that is Amerika, as it offers me nothing but servitude in return.

A pox on it. A pox on all those who love it.

There are those who say it is only the liberals who hate Amerika. I say to them, anyone who doesn't hate what Amerika has become, cannot possibly be a conservative.

May it burn.

* It is the opinion of the author any blog that inspires women he's never met to email naked and naughty pictures of themselves is unquestionably an accomplishment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ok... So I've been suckin' hind teet for a few weeks now. I just ain't got the time right now boys. I'm sorry... I love to blog... and I appreciate the hell outta you folks takin' the time to drop by... but.... unlike some other folks ya find around the ol' blogosphere... I actually have a life, and a pretty busy one.

Normally its no big deal at all to blog 4 or 5 times a day... but lately we've been cramin' to try get ready for all the interviews that are coming up... I don't even know how many there are total know... I just know that there are multiple interviews in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee that all need to get done in the course of a scant two weeks.

This has been a legistical nitemare... one that Julie's been bustin her ass to keep straight.. but it seems like everytime we get a plan nailed down, another group calls wanting to interview her... Granted... its a nice problem to have... but damn.

If you're keeping score... the list currently looks like this (Top four favorite prospects)

1. Huntsville Alabama. Holy Cow does this look sweet. Great Job. Great Location. Perfection.

2. Cullman Alabama. Insane Pay and 12 weeks vacation per year. That's practicly part time man... you could take a whole season off! Plus it's straight down 65 from Nastyville. This was the previous number 1 before Huntsville popped up.

3. Perry Georgia. The South kids. The real south. I think Perry is something like an hour or so from the Gulf. These guys have their crap together better than anyone else so far. They are making it very very clear that they dig Julie and want her to come down there. Everyone's been enthusiastic, but not as much as these folks have. They've sent us packages of this and that.. and they call every couple days with updates or just to check on everything. It's a great job all around... the only trouble is its also the furthest away from our family.

4. Dickson Tennessee. If we knew this was a legit offer it'd be further up the list, but they've been kinda non-commital about a position actually being open or not. Makes us pretty skeptical.

Basiclly if Huntsville or Cullman either one knocks it outta the park we'll be making a decision pretty quick.

Anyway... We're gone for a couple weeks. I'll be around... bloggin' from our Road HQ in Murfreesboro.

Farmer Tom... I hope you're still holdin' that girl o' yours. Y'all are still in our prayers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's This?

What do y'all make of this? All talk? or a signficant step in the right direction? Is this a sea-change?
Prayers For Farmer Tom

If you would, please say a prayer for Farmer Tom's wife and her family. Her older brother was killed in a harvesting accident last night.

I suck at this stuff... so I'm gonna just leave it at that. God Bless Farmer Tom... You take care of that little woman now... ya hear?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Black Stupidity

Some time ago I pointed out that the black reaction to any perceived racism is, in the hands of anyone with half a brain, a wonderfully effective weapon to use against them.

Looks like its happened again.

What could be more predictable? A Nazi group announces that its going to have a parade... blacks riot in response. The Nazi's don't even have to bother showing up. The blacks riot... dozens are arrested... countless innocents are hurt in the stupidity run wild...

I'm left to laugh and wonder if they'll ever learn.

Of course they won't... its just further evidence of the seething rage that boils barely below the surface in practically every urban environment in the country... rage that's fed by Jackasses and self-proclaimed black leaders.

I'm reminded of what Ice-cube said...

"Whites in America should be glad that blacks are talking about this stuff. Cause you know what happens when we stop talking."

See? That's a threat right there. A threat that would only be made by someone who has no historical knowledge of past confrontations between the relevant civilizations. Remeber all those history books about Europe being colonized by Africans?

Ya don't?

Ya know why?

Because spears don't work well against guns.

Oh dear... someone's gonna say I hate black people now.

I really don't... not in the least... I've just seen the anger. I know the rage. I know there is a confrontation coming, and when it comes, I know what side I'm going to be on.

America is splintered right now... more splintered than she has ever been. There are groups... based on race... politics... and religion... that are pulling her in drasticly different directions. The polarization is palpable and real. There is no middle ground.

Middle ground on race?

Middle ground on abortion?

Middle ground on gun rights?

There is no such thing.

I have no idea which group is going to snap first... why... or how... or when... I just know that there this country is in for a bloody bloody period. There will be war which will center around Urban vs. Rural... though it will really be more Conservative vs. Liberal... White vs. Black... Commie vs. Capitalist.

Those on the one side are already huddled in the cities mostly... and on the other... in the country.

It may happen next year... or it may happen 40 years from now... or it may happen when I'm dead and gone. I can't say. What I can say... is that I will be prepared. I have a plan. I have the means. I have the will... and if the fight comes when I'm long dead... I will rest well, knowing that my grand children were also prepared.

Because dammit... I prepared them.
Always Two There Are

Creepy McCrypto... slips into something a little more comfortable.

Pure Gold

I hate USC and all that is the deplorable PAC-10. Oddly enough, I cannot bring myself to hate Notre Dame. I love traditional college football to much to hate them. But USC... and the pathetic touch-football league that it plays in will get nothing but scorn from the Bloggerblaster.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Roll Tide!!!!

So... Consider this the Alabama edition of ATF. See... Julie got an interview in Huntsville for a gem of a job down there. So... as is our custom... we spent tonight surfing around looking info on the place.

We found a sweet little house ( yeah... 4000 square feet little) on the Tennessee river... with a 50 foot slip!!! YAR!!! After some searching around we also found a tactical firearms training center... that focuses on the AR's and 1911s, and a trap and sporting clays club!!!


This would make me only about an hour and a half from the grandparents... which would relegate JAC to "The Bad Son" status. HA! Bonus!

Clearly I'm pretty stoked about this particular possibility.

But alas... ATF is about more than fanciful prospects... Its about... Drinkin'! And aparently eating Kangaroo... which JamieR says is really pretty good... though to me it sounds a lot like eatin' a bit rat. I've seen a damned wallaby... I didn't see no meat no where. Two evolutionary steps up from a cat if ya ask me.

Now where was I?

ummm.. Oh Yeah... Drinkin'!

Well Jamie's havin' wine... cause he's a pussy. We're drinkin' American... Southron... By God Whiskey up here... and by we I actually mean me. Cas stopped a couple hours ago... dog can't hold his liquor for dammit.

Anyway... I'm deep into the 1792 if ya can't tell... May smoke another Patargas later on tonight... Ya know... Lately I been debate on chew... I know... its nasty as hell... but I'm a redneck dammit.

Whatcha into?

Hope you got a Guiness tonight Space Bunny.
Its Here

I've been screaming at the top of my lungs about this for as long as the blog has existed. I haven't posted a "Buy Gold You Idiot" blurb in a while... but that's only because I assumed you all had become numb to it by now.

I sincerely hope you listen to me... because if you bought gold last christmas... you've made roughly 80 bucks per ounce... which ain't fricken bad. In fact.. that's somewhere near a 20 percent return. I can't imagine ya doin' better... particularly since in the same period, our 401K with The Huge Investment Company That Will Not Be Named (THICTWNBN) has not only lost money... it actually has less money that a savings account would have... Negative. Lost. We'd have more if we stuck it under our bed. Dig?

That ain't good.

Remember kids... Inflation is here. It's been here for a long long time, and now, its gotten so bad that the feds can't even lie about it anymore.

There are three things you need when bad times hit... Guns, Gold, and Whiskey.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Running in the Playground

Do ya see how stupid society has become? No swings. Nothing with moving parts. Teeter-totters? Nope. Merry-Go-Round? Nope.

All those things are dangerous!

None should be included at a modern playground. So say the Safety Nazis.

This is where we are going people. Fun is being legislated and litigated out of existence. I blame women, and the men who capitulate to their asinine whims.

What this boils down to is the fear and loathing of all things male. Girls are seen as better kids. They have a reputation (totally undeserved by the way) of being peaceful quiet little darlings, while boys are seen as rambunctious, violent, and loud.

Playgrounds were once seen as a place for this pent up boyness to be safely released.

But release is not good enough for the Saftey Nazi. It must be eliminated.

Its stupidity like this that forces me to almost totally abandon society. To flip the country the bird, and wander off with my family to blissful exile.
The New Iraqi Constitution

Section 1, Article 2 states:

"Islam is the official religion of the State and it is a fundamental source of legislation."

Shortly after it also states:

"No law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established."

"Guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people and guarantees the full religious rights of the all individuals to freedom of religious belief and practice such as Christians, Yazedis, and Mandi Sabeans."

Anyone see anything about Jews in there?

Well... at least we have "bio-diversity" and Universal Health Care covered.

Those who cheer for the Elephant team will point out that the Iraqi constitution also states that, "No law that contradicts the established provisions of democracy may be established." Of course... since the majority of the people want sharia... then that doesn't violate democracy does it?

We've destroyed one breeding ground for islamic extremism, and replaced it with another. We've done so because we've addressed the system, and not the cause.

If you want to deal with extremism, you first have to kill all the extremists. Or at least the vast majority of them.

God dealt with this matter a few times before... I think we should've followed His almighty example..

See the Canaanites for details.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happens to the Best of Us

I can't imagine that stuff like this happens to other people... and if it does... it happens once. Me? Oh no... awkward... bizarre... ridiculous and unbelievable things happen to me on a regular basis.

So... Here's the latest...

Tonight.. I guess it was around 10 till 9 or so... and I've been here all day. I figure I need to get the hell out of the house. Against my better judgement... I decided to run to walmart and pick up a few things.

Now regular readers should know... it's just no good... I just don't have any luck when I go to Walmart alone.

Anyway... We needed a few things and I had some money to blow... seemed like a good time to go pick up that Jason Aldean CD.... which rocks by the way... what was I sayin?

Oh yeah... Walmart...


I throw on my favorite pair of ratty old torn up wranglers... my standard bitch-beater... my hat.. my boots... strap on the .40 and throw my baggy shirt for cover. A few seconds later I'm rollin' off in my badass black titan... and I'm feelin' pretty good about things.

I've got Dwight crankin' out Guitars and Cadilacs... life's pretty good...

The trip to walmart goes off without a hitch... initially.

I climbed out of the truck, hit the lock... and noticed a couple chicks out of the corner of my eye. Situaltional awareness... I pay attention. You should too. Anyway... these two were young... real young... maybe 16? 17? giggling away... the customary pause when they noticed the cowboy climb out of the high dollar fancy black truck.

I really didn't pay it any mind. The Titan gets looks. We're kinda numb to it.

I hit the store.. picked up my cd.... then headed over to check out the new motorcycle mags. I read an article or two... then decided there was one more CD to pick up before I headed out.

Who's in the music isle? that's right... our two girls. Still giggling... one desperately trying not to make eye contact with me... the other staring and laughing way to loudly.

Ok then...

I snatched the other CD up and walked off... the last thing I needed was some damned teenager givin' me shit about my hat... particularly a drunk.. hot.. no no.. I'm not going there... Eye's forward boy.... head to the check out.

Thankfully... I got my stuff... and headed to the door... a narrow escape.

Or so I thought.


I heard her coming... and saw her outta the corner of my eye so I didn't shoot her... This obviously drunk.. and very hot little 16 year old had now draped herself upon me. She basicly ran into me from behind... and draped one arm around me.

"Well iffffffffffff you aren't the most aaaaaaaaaaaadorable thing..."

"Why thank ya darlin'... I 'preciate that."

"And jusht what brings a cowboy out to walmart???"

"Oh... Not much... I had to pick up this pregnancy test for my wife."


And now we have a red face.... oh? no.. looks like she's red from head to toe... heheheh.. Her friend is practically on the floor laughin' her ass off. That freaky one-eyed greeter... you know the one... hell he's at every dayemed walmart in the country... he heard it too... he was laughin' out loud.

I just smiled and ruffled the poor girl's hair.

"Happens to the best of us Darlin' "

Bees in their hive. Ants in their hill. That's Hell right there. Pure Hell.

Note... they manage to make it through just fine though... without a jackbooted thug controlling the whole deal. Amazing.
Bloody Hell!!!

***Submitted by a Friend***

To you who haven’t heard the story, here’s how someone took the extra step to make his lady happy on a special day.

Start at the beginning. If she knows what she wants in a ring, get it and surprise her. If she doesn’t, by all means, go shopping together. That’s how this guy did it. He took his lady to the local jeweler’s he trusted, and had done some research on them. Satisfaction, price, and selection, in that order. They all go together. OK, she finds what she wants. Has it made up even, designed, yeah, that’s it. The jeweler’s give a date about 3 weeks later. Step one.

Step two, talk with the folks. Now, helps to know them…. You will be seeing these people again later. Take notes. Helps even more if they like you. If you’re a Christian, the Bible says to get the father’s blessing, but also remember, if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. The father says “Late time someone asked me that question, I told him “no” and he married her anyways.” The father was talking about the sister…. Very important point. Momma says “Take care of my girl”. Step two, check.

Step three, have a plan. Know who it is you are marrying. She like surprises?? Check. Do it big. Tell her the ring is getting delayed…. Say the designer is having surgery. Helps if he really is, but is still getting her ring done before he gets cut. It buys you time. Who is she?? What does she do?? Children’s pastor at the church?? She loves children?? Wants them involved in her life as well?? Great. OK, what’s next. Well…. Talk with her boss. Well, hope you’ve talked with God well before getting to this point, but in this case, that would be the church’s Pastor. He’s never had anyone do this in his church before?? Hmmmm. He’s up for it?? Well, her family is very involved at the church, one sister leads the singing, the other’s a greeter and works in the nursery. Dad is the head usher, and mom sings in the praise team?? Ok. Be careful. Time it wrong and you won’t have a service. Also got to find a way to get her upstairs. The church is taking in new members. Great. The kids should see this. Bring ‘em up to watch it.

The key is keeping this under your hat. Silence is golden. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse that a surprise that everyone knows. Don’t tell her sisters. Don’t tell your sisters. Don’t tell your mother who doesn’t go to that church, and who shows up that day at your request. Don’t tell her folks, even if it means that mom had to go home with a sick grandbaby so one sister could still lead the singing. Don’t tell your best friend, your co-workers who will never meet your lady, don’t even tell your dog. Keep your dad-blamed mouth shut. You’ve asked the Pastor, he gave the OK, you trust him to keep quiet and she’s on his staff. You shut your mouth.

OK, then comes the big day. The Pastor finishes up the service, everyone is up there, even the sister working in the nursery. The Pastor says “This finishes my part of the service, but someone has a announcement to make. If that someone would step forward.”

Don’t tell your best friend, your co-workers who will never meet your lady, don’t even tell your dog. Keep your dad-blamed mouth shut. You’ve asked the Pastor, he gave the OK, you trust him to keep quiet and she’s on his staff. You shut your mouth.

OK, then comes the big day. The Pastor finishes up the service, everyone is up there, even the sister working in the nursery. The Pastor says “This finishes my part of the service, but someone has a announcement to make. If that someone would step forward.”

This is where ya make your move. Stand up. Step to the center aisle. Start walking towards her, but still being clear and precise in what you say. “Now, not all of you know this, but Dee loves a surprise. Well… she knew this question was coming, just not the timing” This is when you get down on one knee. You only get one chance to do it right. “Be my wife, my everything. Be mine.”

That’s how it went yesterday for me. Silly girl said yes. Thank God She was, and is, happy. It was still her day. I just asked the right question.

- Red

Red's Gittin' Hitched! Red's Gittin' Hitched!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nothing to See Here

Bombs at Oklahoma, UCLA and now GaTech... move along people... move along.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


So who was Allah punishing with this one? Or wait... maybe it was all those SUV's they drive in Kashmir... Karma ya know?

Everything is America's fault... when America is hit with a hurricane, it's God's judgement... or global warming which we all know is occuring solely because of American SUV's.

Global Warming... No word yet on why Mars also happens to be warming up. One wonders if 3:26 illudium space modulators destroy ozone...

30,000 dead in Kashmir. Funny... How many died in Katrina again? See? We're not the third world. The poorest sections of America take disasters far better than the jewels of the third world...

It brings to mind an old story...

A pakistani diplomat is posturing at the UN... He boldly claims that his country now has a weapon so powerful, it could level the whole of India.

The egyptian ambassador starts laughing and says, "Congratulations. You've invented a stiff breeze."

The quake was around 7.6 on the Richter Scale, which no doubt means lean-to's all over the middle east were leveled. No telling how long Kashmir will be without electricity... though it shouldn't matter to much... Though local leaders are encouraged... they point out that any disaster like this creates a trove of young men, eager to train in the time honored tradition of employing dynamite and baggy coats to influence American foriegn policy.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Senior Quotes

Vox wrote a little blurb on Senior Quotes from High School... I figured I'd let y'all know what I would write if I could do it over again...

"I wish I could think of something classy and inspirational to say right now... but that just wouldn't be our style would it? Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever."
- Shane Falco

Hello Friends.... Hello Neighbors... reckon its that time again...

Well it's been a helluva week here at the Bloggerblaster... so I reckon its time we top her off right. I've kicked things off with a beer... Just a plain ol' AmberBock nothin' special. But things are gonna pick later this evenin'. You can count on that.

Courtesy of Welldigger the BloggerBlaster Humidor is stocked thoroughly and well. We'll be firing up either a Patargas or some manner of Arturo Fuente later on... and we'll be sippin' Makers Mark and... maybe cappin' it all off with a nip of the Bookers... Might even slide a snuff of 1792 in there somewhere... Hard to say.

Yessir... The Vice Cabinet is in good shape.

Ya know the great thing about the Vice Cabinet... it's Julie's Grandmother's china cabinet. Now see.. Julie's grandmother was a Tee Totaler... Well... that's not exactly true... She was a good Church of Christ woman though... and like any good Church of Christ woman, she was happiest when she was pointing out that everyone was going to Hell but her.

One time Julie and I went to see her when she was in the nursing home... we talked a while... she asked if I was a christian... I answered... then later on she asked where I worshipped. I told her about the little methodist church downtown that we liked. She then looked away from me and said...

"Oh... I thought you said you were a Christian."

So anyway... Julie got the china cabinet the old broad loved so much... and I've now got it stocked with my various vices. I hope you can see how a man could derive a certain satisfaction from such things.

Kinda like the kind I get when I get to point out that if one was to apply the GMC Truck slogan to Kimber.. he'd come up with; "Kimber Firearms: Amatuer Grade."

Well that's what Olympic Shooters are right? Amatuers?

The professionals... From Rob Leatham to the FBI Hostage Rescue Unit... shoot Springfield. Bartender? One Tactical Response Pistol please... oh yeah.. Make that Teflon coated... Night Sights? Please. Thank ya... Thank ya very much.

Well there ya go kids... Bourbon... Tobacco... and Guns... I don't know what else a man could ask for... besides boobs of course... Kristy? Ya readin' this?

So that's it for me... I'll let y'all know how the cigars smoke and which ones I chose... You already know what I think of the bourbon... though I may pontificate a little anyway.

What'll it be boys?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spoiled Dogs

Ok... I admit it... I spoil Cas. I do. It'd be a damn lie to say otherwise. Fact is... once the kids are in bed... and julie calls it a night... its a matter of seconds before Cas is up on the couch with me.

When he's not on the couch, he sits right beside me on the floor, and watches me play Madden. How cool is that?

But... You know how ya know the dog is really spoiled?

We put special dogfood sauce on his food. Seriously. We squirt this stuff on there and stir it all up for him while he stands there drooling like we're waving a ribeye at him.

Y'all may not admit... but I'll wager we ain't the only ones doin' this either...
That's 5 World Championships (but who's countin'?)

Rob Letham won his 5th world championship shooting what? Oh yeah... a Springfield 1911. That's standard division ya know. No word on where the girls Kimber finished...

Speakin' of Kimber... did you see they totally ripped off Springfield's Operator? They call it the Desert Warrior or some other gay nonsense... Fags. Pay attention to the rail. Compare it to the Operators which came out 2 years ago.

Same shit... Different day.
Nate's Next Rifle

Girls... I give you the AR-10T Ultra. That's right.. an AR-10... chambered in .300 Short Remington Ultra Magnum. Long distance hurt kids. For those of you keepin' score, that's a 20 inch drop at 400 yards.. bringin' with it over 2100 pounds of energy. That's what happens when you throw a 190 grain boat tail out there. You drop whatever you hit. Period. At 500 yards that bullet is still rollin' at over 2000 feet per second.

Thats from a short action round.

Sure... it's a specialty weapon... Ammo is to hard to come by to make it a practical full-time duty weapon... but some things are just to cool to pass up.
Consider This

It takes six men to carry a fella to his grave... but it only took one woman to put him there.
Spy Games

Don't tell me you were shocked by this for one second. What I do know is the basics of our system are designed to prevent such a thing from happening. But by "basics" I don't mean any bureaucratic vetting process.

By basics I mean term limit.

Ya see... when the politicians come and go, but the bureaucrats stay... the politicians become nothing more than the interchangable parts we see today. This is how you end up with such rampant inbreeding between administrations, even those who profess drasticly different political ideals.

In our system, such bureaucrats should be turned over completely every 4 to 8 years depending. That, in and of itself, would limit the possible damage, and therefore value of any such espionage.

Instead, what's developed is the Whatsit. The unseen mass of unelected bureacrats that run the country. Its there job to maintain the status quo. They are the ones who brief all the new politicians. They are the ones who make sure any elected Washington outsiders become Washington insiders.

One would love to pile on here and take a swing at Homeland Security... after all... they've pretty well screwed the pooch since birth. But that would be dishonest. This started back with AlGore, prior to the introduction of the giant stupid that is the Department of Homeland Security.

This is a little off topic I suppose but while I'm at it.. I will take my shot...

Imagine a house... inside the house there are security guards with names like FBI, CIA, and ATF... then there is also this nerdy accountant dude who sits upstairs at a desk named FEMA who sends out checks for broken furniture...

The CIA guard is supposed to watch the outside of the house.... all the others are supposed to watch the inside of the house...

Then one day the house gets egged... from the inside.... The CIA new the criminal had the intent. But they didn't talk to the FBI about it. The blind one-legged red-headed step-child that is supposed to watch the doors was up in the owners room for his weekly ass kicking... so he didn't know to be looking for anyone with eggs... not that he could've stopped it anyway... and to make a long story a little longer, everyone ended up with egg on their face.

So then the owner of the house comes along... Postulates. Pontificates. Ponders... and then locks all of his guards in a closet to improve comunication. On the door of the closet he writes "Department of Homeland Security."

There. That's gonna fix it fer shore.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Maybe I Drink to Much

In the mail today.. I find the boys at Makers Mark have sent me a DVD collection... sort of highlighting their process... Basicly it follows a few barrels of bourbon all the way through the first 3 years...

I'm just wondering... Do regular people get this stuff in the mail? Do you folks have Jack Daniels sending you propoganda? Hell... a couple weeks back I got a personal email from Dave Pickerell... MM's master distiller...

How does that happen?

Don't get me wrong... I ain't complainin'... I just think its a little bizarre. Whoever signed me up for all this... or told MM about me... I sure appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fair Warning

Clearly looting was more common in some areas than others.

Monday, October 03, 2005

California Wildfires...

So I guess this means Dubya hates rich white people too?
Fundraising 101

Show boobies... for money... F'ing Brilliant!

I cannot think of a better way to raise money for breast cancer. Ladies! Send in those pics... boys... send in your checks... And Spacebunny... You send in a pic, I'll guaran-dayum-tee the boys around will be donatin'.

You too Kristy!

Crystal Lake! Blondage! You're up!
Of Nails and Coffins

So... with the Roberts confirmation safely over... ladies and gentlemen... I give you... Nepotism.

Sure... she's never been a judge before... and she's a die-hard liberal... sure she gave money to get Al Gore elected... and sure... she really thinks Loyd Bentson is a swell guy...

But... but... she's his friend! He knows her heart... so its ok.

It's ok that she's a left wing socialist nutcase. Its ok that she is the anti-thesis of everything the Republican base expected. Its ok.

It's ok because our team appointed her.

Ain't that right Bill?

I believe some time ago you were asked just how far the Republican Party had to sink before you'd pull your head from the sand... So... now that Your Boy has appoint one moderate liberal, and now a psycho Nancy Pelosi style liberal to SCOTUS... How's that sit with ya buddy?

Sting does it?

Well... we're back... and round one is over. I'd be lyin' if I were to say that we weren't a little disappointed.

Crossville was awesome. The town anyway. We found that we could afford to live like kings there. We really loved the place. It was small... it was country... and there was a memorial to the county's Confederate Dead on the courthouse lawn.

Sadly the job wasn't at all what we were lookin' for. The money was fine, but it would be slave labor. They have anesthesiologists doin' work that RN's should be doing. There are only two doc's total, so when the other md is on vacation you are totally over the barrell.

I think our decision got made when the dude that was interviewing DrWho took us out to dinner... at one point he said... "There are no sick days here... if you have the flu, you suck it up and come to work."



That's not to say that Crossville is officially off the list... but its certainly dropped down the list considerably.