Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brutal Honesty

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cretaceous Internal Combustion

So... I'm mind my own business... fumbling around the web when I discover a completely reasonable justification for throwing paleontologists and climatologists in a cage for a no-rules death match.

Bear with me here...

In this article we learn about this gloriously vast snake fossil. Which really has nothing to do with my point... except that there is this one fabulous nugget slipped in. That's how it works really... if you pay attention... the inter disciplinary contradictions just jump right out at you.

Buried in the article we find this:

"Why are today's snakes smaller? The report concludes that temperatures at the equator were higher (86-93.2 Fahrenheit) than today (82.4 Fahrenheit) and facilitated the large body sizes of air-breathing animals whose body temperatures are dependent on ambient environmental temperatures. "

Now we are reliably told that a 1 degree increase in the global temperature would utterly destroy the world as we know it.

And yet... it was 11 degrees warmer... 5 times the doom.... just 65 million years ago... when life as we know it supposedly developed... or so the fairytale goes. But how can this be says I? How can it have been so hot? It couldn't possibly have been that hot... I mean unless we're positing that early mammals made use of the internal combustion engine.

Which we're not.


Are we?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Back before it mattered that much....

Do indeed note the headline... and the don't forget to note the date at the top.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Proof of Inflation


You think it we're rolling down the deflationist path eh? Now remember... Gold hit its all time high yesterday... again. The deflationists of course claim this is because countries are scrambling to gold to get away from the dollar.


But if that's the case then explain these facts: it is more than 30 per cent below its highs in Australian dollar terms, 15 per cent lower in yen terms and 6 per cent lower in sterling terms. Now if deflation were actually happening... you'd see it at the grocery store. You don't. A 12 pack of cokes for example is 7 freakin' bucks! Almost double what it was just 2 years ago. I don't know if you've noticed... but the you can still by a coke for 99 cents at the convenience store on the corner... but its only 16 ounces... not 20. They shrunk the bottle. The 20 ounce is now a $1.50!

And yes... I understand that the MSM is putting out all manner of articles about low prices. Fact is they are poorly researched pipe dreams. Prices are going up. Not down. In fact the only thing that is seeing steady prices instead of spikes is Natural Gas... and that is directly related to a massive spike in supply.

In spite of all this imaginary money disappearing into thin air... we're seeing inflation. Not deflation.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009



Gold hit its all time high today... because you know... all of that deflation.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Never Dial 911

If this story doesn't convince you that the cops ain't on your side... nothing will. I know its long but trust me... you need to read it.

To sum it up... a family is at home when a dude crashes through their living room window and runs into their son's bedroom. Daddy grabs a gun and goes there and holds the dude while they call 911.

As a bunch of officers run up to the house Mommy grabs one and explains the situation... and then they hear gun shots.

One of the cops has just shot Daddy in the back... 6 times... while he still had 911 on the line!

The best news?

The 911 recording picked up everything the cops said as they discussed how they would cover up the shooting.

The facts of the case are amazing. What they did to the man they just shot while they were paniced and trying to figure out how to cover it up... its just bizarre.

Its just further evidence... NWA was right.


Holy Shit! They got away with it!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Worstest Written Communication Ever

Look... I realize this blog ain't a paradigm of proper spelling... but we have some standards. I can't say the same for the author of the trainwreck that follows. Remember... this is a real ad posted on the net.

"samic bass pearl white 4 string rose wood fret bord asking 160.00 also have electric acustic bass carlo rebbeli black 2 littil niks but not bad been fix 1500.00 ill send pick if your interested in eathere one.also have black speshal edition epephone nice one of my babys 350.00 .also have an older small boddy acustic guitar $75.00 nice .also have a 1980's firebird gibsun matalic red exselent shape 450.00 .also have 3 efex pedles ones DOD FX40B equalizer 8 band's on it 35.00 / 2nd one is DOD FX25 envelope filter 45.00/3rd one is arion sfl-1 not shere what it is its got rate/depth/manual/feedback also can go frum direct or sterio switch 20.00 & i have small B/C ritch amp nice new only been use to show it works & about 20 minuts of playing on it for my self.i have violin you would half to come look at it 300.00 mandelin 250.00 bouth frum grmany i beleav an electonic ametranome 25.00 an old 30's trumpet need work 45.00 slide trumbone 45.00 4 drum skins encor new 35.00 in box .also may trade for somthing im interested in. every thing i sell is to bild use an addition to the house & pay bills so the munny you spend is for good coz were in need of 3 bed rooms"

Seriously? bouth frum grmany I beleav? What f'ing language is that? And what the hell is a "gibsun matalic red exselent shape"? The most shocking thing was the fact that he managed to spell "shape" correctly.