Friday, September 09, 2011

ATF: The 9/11 Anniversary Edition

Tonight I remember 9/11. I remember it for one reason and one reason alone. I remember it because it was a day that changed everything. The new normal. It effected each and every one of us. It changed how we see the world... it changed right and wrong. It changed work and home. I will never forget the reason I commemorate 9-11. I hold the day dear... like so many other days of great historical significance... because on September Eleventh...

Paul "Bear" Bryant was born.

What you were thinking I was talking about something else? Yeah... Right...

A: Makers Mark... and Jacob's Creek Merlot. I note a new screw top on it. I am well pleased.

T: I'm in a rut here boys. Same Ghurkas.

F: Taurus Tracker .357 mag. They say the seventh shot is for evil.