Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well Its about Damned Time

"The two-seater Transition can use its front-wheel drive on roads at ordinary highway speeds, with wings folded, at a respectable 30 miles per gallon. Once it has arrived at a suitable take-off spot - an airport, or adequately sized piece of flat private land - it can fold down the wings, engage its rear-facing propellor, and take off. The folding wings are electrically powered."

Well this is freakin' awesome. We'll be the Jetsons in no time.

I'll be needing mine in black please.

Man Jewelry

Before you even ask... the answer is no.

No. No. No.

We don't wear jewelry. For our purpose jewelry is defined as anything you wear purely for looks that serves no other function. So for example... cuff links are not banned by this rule because cuff links, like belts, are required by some attire to function. Tie tacks can similarly be allowed. Watches are obviously allowed, as they serve a function.

Another notable exception are historically accepted cultural items. For catholics... a St Something-or-other (The Patron Saint of Slow Recall... he's not very famous) medallion or a rosary. These items should be worn with care though... as its a very thin line. The religious necklaces I mentioned for example shouldn't be seen. If we see it to much... we assume you're not wearing for any religious or cultural significance... you're wearing it to make yourself feel pretty.

There are two other exceptions worth noting... gifts symbolic of some enormous life altering event... this is wear wedding rings come in... and jewelry won or awarded for some actual achievement, or to denote membership. So...Super Bowl Rings are completely acceptable. You won your Fantasy Football league? good enough. Your lodge grants you a certain level and you are to wear a ring to denote that level.... fine. You're a marine and you want a ring that says "marine" in gold.... I would rather see ya get a tattoo but I don't think the jury would convict.

Now this is an important post. I wrote it because the bastard jewelry makers have gotten tricky on us. See... Men don't give a damn about flashy gold jewelry. Historically... except for the dandies among us... its not been particularly bothersome to ignore jewelry.

I am seeing things slacken up though. I see guys with black titanium rings with carbon fiber inlays. Its black... therefore its masculine... and look! Carbon Fiber! Oh its true... Carbon Fiber draws in sport bike guys like bugs to a zapper. But look up here at the rules. Do you see any exception made for jewelry that is made with masculine materials? No. I don't care if its tungsten. I don't care if its got titanium cables on it... or black diamonds that were formed in a super nova. Yes.... that's all cool. And when you do something... achieve something... then someone can buy it for you... and then you can wear it.

Otherwise you're just wearing it to look pretty... so it may as well be carbon fiber panty hose. Or italian shoes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Insulting Fathers Day

Now let me preface this by saying... it is in no way a reflection on my own Fathers Day.... nor how my family treated me. I was honoured quite a bit today and am appreciative of it. And while I am at it...

Happy Fathers Day pop.

That said...

I am thoroughly sick of the way dads are attacked on Fathers Day.... especially at Church. Not surprisingly... the female dominated Church is fairly hostile to fathers. At no time is this more obvious than on fathers day.

Lets start by looking at Mothers Day. Now... Sermons on both days have formulas that are almost always followed... but in each case... are slightly different. On mothers day... women will be celebrated and praised to the point of near worship. Mary will be mentioned over and over again. Then... in the sermon... the minister will take some particular positive attribute of mothers... and use it as a lesson... and hold it up as something for everyone to aspire to.

Then Fathers Day comes along. its a whole different story. It often starts with a mens breakfast... where an old man will stand up and read a list of fatherly attributes... and its assumed of course that you don't meet them... then you are chastised for not meeting them... and challenged to meet them in the future.

Then the service rolls around... and everyone will lament the failures in society and blame them on who? Right. Dads. And then the formulaic sermon... of course there will be no mention of Joseph... no... instead the minister takes a negative attribute of males... this morning at my church it was pride... and complains about how it affects the family of fathers... and uses it as a negative example to show people something to avoid. At my church the preacher threw in the added bonus of complaining that his dad didn't tell him he loved him... and prayed to God that he would never end up like that. What a great way to honor your father... to lead a congregation in prayer that you should never suffer from his faults.

I've been to Baptist churches... Catholic churches... Church of Christ churches... and holy roller churches... and all of them follow these same formulas on fathers day and mothers day... but that's ok.. I'm certain there are exceptions. I just wish I could be at one some time.

But if you're a minister... and you're reading this... here's some advice for Father's Day next year. Just say, "Thanks Dad."... and shut the hell up.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ya know... as one that generally don't like people... I can reliably be counted on to avoid crowds and groups in general.... on account of the fact that they are made up of people. Still... I have been been taken aback by the hospitality of the folks in this little town.

Its hard to beat a night at a cookout with good folks... and well... if you ever get a chance to drink beer with the mayor of a small southern town... I highly recommend it.

Its not to say that I didn't love Dickson County... we did... and still do. But these folks have gone so far out of their way to make us feel like a valued part of the community... even before we'd gotten our furniture arranged.

Anyway.... My wife had to stifle her shock as I was seen drinking beer from a can. But at least it was Yuenglings lager. Not bad.

So that's got the A taken care of.... how about the T? Any suggestions? Anyone smokin' an onyx out there? Arturo maybe? if so I'm jealous as hell. Oh wait... look here... its a Romeo y Julietta... Yeah I'm slumming it.

F? Anyone handled the new taurus polymer wheel guns? What say you? Blasphemy? Or a great idea for lightweight heavy punch concealment?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Debt is Not Money

There is a lot of hand-wringing right now about something called "debt deflation". See... some folks... like our beloved Vox Day... think that debt deflation is a legitimate deflationary force that will render any inflationary force ineffective.

I want to explain why they're wrong.

Remember first what we're discussing here... its the size of the money supply... its a measurable... theoreticly anyway. Unfortunately in order to measure something you have to agree on what you're measuring. We don't.

Consensus is that debt is indeed part of the money supply. Consensus, typically, is wrong.

Debt is not part of the money supply and cannot be counted as such. Lets examine it.

Lets say you lend me 1000 dollars... and I go buy something with it. You handed me 1000 dollars in cash... or you wrote a check... or the money was transfered... whatever. In some way 1000 dollars was transfered to me. That money... has just been accounted for in the money supply. Even if you're a bank and you have the privilege of pulling money from thin air. Once it hits my accounts it is accounted for in what we call M2. The real money supply. Now... you have also added 1000 dollars in your accounts receivables... a debt. So that's a total of 2000 dollars. But wait... only 1000 exists. The debt doesn't exist. Its just future money that I pay you... that will be accounted for in the accounts of future M2. If you count the 1000 debt in the money supply... you've counted the same money twice. That's just bogus.

So... this is why debt deflation... is not a real deflationary force. See... sure... numbers are getting smaller.. but it doesn't matter... because they weren't real anyway. its like complaining that the supply of monopoly money is shrinking. its an oddity sure... but it doesn't matter.

on the other hand... governments handing out trillions of real dollars going into real accounts... that is in fact inflationary. Very inflationary. No amount of disappearing monopoly money will ever mitigate its effect.

Debt deflation is only scary to the bankers who are realizing that their accounts receivables are not nearly as reliable as they had assumed.

You can't spend debt. You can borrow money... you can sell debt... but think about what whores sell every day. Is that money to?

I think I am gonna write up an accounts receivable for 2 trillion dollars.... I will just pull it outta my butt. Then I'll wad it up and throw it away... cause no one is gonna pay it. Vox and the deflationistas will no doubt catch the vapors over the devastating effects to the money supply. Its ridiculous I know... just as ridiculous as counting debt in the money supply.

Now... clever Josh asks... "wait... you deposit 100 dollars.. and the bank turns it into 950 dollars of loans.. and the money supply is not increased?"

Says I...

Of course its increased.. but each of those loans had a payout. Someone received the new money at which point it was accounted for in the M2. So the m2 increased by 950 dollars. But it did not increase by 1900 dollars. You can count the money in the accounts. You cannot count the debt created. So in the future.. when the dead beats refuse to pay the loans back... you can't claim its deflationary. It isn't deflation. The 950 dollars is out there...in various accounts... just not the banks.
The Thrill is Gone

Ok... when MSNBC is ripping Obama... ya know the mulatto messiah has lost it. Fox didn't slam the speech nearly this bad. But I suppose its the same old story. The democrats eat their own. So guess what's for dinner?

Imagine... it was just two years ago that Chrissy Matthews was giggling about a chill running up his leg when the messiah spoke.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Return of the Blogger Blaster... ATF style

What a day... what a week. Holy crap people.

So its been two weeks since I had reliable internet access... I was 10 days without phone or tv. it was like 1930 or something... Considering the economy... a lot like 1930. Regardless... its all handled now. So lets get this atf thing rolling.

A: Landshark for starters... Bookers later tonight. There's really not a lot more to say than that is there?

T: If I'm bein' honest I ain't picked out my cigar yet. I'll have to throw an update on here a little later.

F: As always... Steyr M40... SU-16... Winchester Defender. Now be advised... I'm in serious ninja mode tonight. Tonight... I was breaking down boxes with a smith and wesson tactical knife. Somewhere around box number 278... I noticed a big nasty yellow jacket walking around. Little bastard was givin' me the evil eye... walking around on the one of the boxes. I flicked the knife. THWAK!!!!

Cut the little bastard's head off.

His decapitated body was stuck to the blade... and still moving around pretty good. I brought it into the kitchen and showed it off for the boys who are now convinced their dad is somekind of samurai warrior.

As it should be.

Anyway... time to find that cigar boys... Y'all have a good one.