Sunday, November 30, 2014

92F goes Kaboom

Well that sucked.

Let me tell ya...  that is not how you want to start your day.  This particular 92fs could've been sold as NIB in a heartbeat.  Now its wrecked. 

Looks like catastrophic case failure from a possible double powder charge.

All things considered I should be happy I still have my hand.   In case you can't tell the case is actually impaled on the firing pin.  I had to pry it off.  There is a big gash in the side of the case visible in the picture to the left.

And imagine my surprise when I dropped the mag and saw this:

Anyway...  No one got hurt.  The 92f is pretty wrecked though.  Basically my hand stung like hell and I felt like someone shot me in the face with 410 bird shot from about 50 feet.

Wear your shooting glasses kids.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Upon This Strange Thanksgiving

Here on Rattlesnake Ridge there is much to be thankful for.  Even if the circumstances that surround the celebration of that thanks are unusual.

A traditional Thanksgiving just wasn't in the cards this year.  But sometimes its good to strip away all the traditions and focus on what is so very important...  counting your very real blessings that actually have nothing to do with food... or money... or comfort.

Oh we have those things and we are Thankful for them... but there is much more to be thankful for than these. We are thankful to Him... for eternity.

Just as the Grinch couldn't stop Christmas...  neither can Thanksgiving be stopped. 

Take away the turkey and dressing and pecan pie... God forbid.. take away the hashbrown casserole and the glazed ham...  take away the football...  even take away the family and friends...  and still we give thanks.

We give thanks.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guns, Politics and the Great Asylum

So... Smith and Wesson has partnered with General Dynamics for the new military pistol contract trials. 

That doesn't make much sense on the surface.  I mean what does GenDyn know about handguns?  This is a political marriage kids.  Gen Dyn has an army of lobbyists and tentacles that reach deep into the bowels of the Great Five Walled Asylum.

Heads up kids.  The Trials haven't started yet... and S&W is now officially the front runner.

Friday, November 21, 2014