Thursday, October 13, 2016


Ok... so its been a long time.. but spread the word if you can.

The Dread Ilk are gathering at my home next friday... the 21st through the 23rd.   If you would like to come and can... look me up on Gab or Twitter.  I will provide the relevant details.

Ilkmoot 2016

Keep Calm

And Roll Tide.

Friday, August 12, 2016

ATF Show

Hey Y'all.

Lets do this thing

Here's the link.

9 central.  As always.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Plausible Realibility

A big pet peeve of mine... is this idea.. that if something makes sense to you... then it is therefore true.  Its something I call Plausible Realibility.  Its when one thinks that since they can explain something in a way that sounds good and makes since.. it becomes reality.  What's more frustrating... is this sounds like it would be something that dumb people would do... but in reality dumb people are used to having things explained to them... so assuming they know how something works intuitively isn't even a remote possibility.

No... this is a failing of smart people... and it drives me crazy.

Now one places where Plausible Realibility really shows up is in gun culture.  But it is slightly different there.  In gun culture... even the dumb people do it.  but most have no idea they are doing it.  They think they are being tactical or trying to make themselves sound informed.

For example...

There are some good arguments for why you shouldn't use a slide stop as a slide release.  In fight or flight mode there are physiological changes that take place that reduce your manual dexterity.  So you can make the argument that it is more effective to practice the grip and rip.. where rack the slide yourself.   Fine.  We can debate that.  But there is another part where they go completely off the rails and say things like "the slide release can cause wear and jams because the spring isn't fully compressed."

Now see... this is just stupid.

I've done this thousands of times.  I've never had a missfeed like this.  But that doesn't matter.  someone thought it up... and it sounded good... so its true.

Here's another one...  The M9 is unreliable in a dirty environment because it has an open slide.  See sand or dirt could get in that big opening and gum up the works.  So the gun is unreliable.

Never mind that the US military has been using the thing mostly in deserts and jungles for going on 40 years.  it has its shortcomings.  Reliability isn't one of them.

See the fact that you can dream up a mechanism by which a given firearm may fail... does not mean that firearm will actually fail that way.  In fact... this is one thing that science is actually good at.  We can test it.

So the next time you hear some expert tell you he doesn't like this gun or that gun because theoetically blah blah blah...  just ask him if that firearm actually has failed that way.. or does it only fail that way in his head.  Theory is nice.  Reality is better.

before I typed this... I loaded and reloaded 3 different pistols 20 times each. They were a  Steyr M40a1,  a Beretta 92fs, and a HK USP 40 compact.

I used the slide release method every time.

60 out of 60 times the round fed into the chamber just fine.

Science bitches.  That's how it works.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hot Sauce

I have a confession.  I am deeply obsessed with hot sauces.   And I could easily fall into an epic What Hot Sauce is the Best flame war that would likely end with some Tobasco Sauce fan swinging from tall tree on a short rope.  By and large I prefer Crystal Hot Sauce.  Because Amazing.

I've been trying to think of some food that would not be improved by hot sauce... and... I got nothing.  Cup cakes maybe...  I dunno.

Also...  if you ever run across some Khan's Island Sauce... TRY IT.   So much flavor.  hot as crap... but such great flavor.  Its habenero based and it is sweet and spicey and complicated... and also... really hot.

So there ya go... Hot Sauce People... this is your post. 

Friday, August 05, 2016

ATF Show


Its been a while.

Y'all wanna do an ATF Show?   I sure as hell do.

9 central.

Lets fire this mutha up!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump: Lightworker

I find I'm having this discussion, this weird little debate, more and more, with colleagues, with readers, with liberals and moderates and miserable, deeply depressed Republicans and spiritually amped persons of all shapes and stripes and I'm having it in particular with those who seem confused, angry, unsure, thoroughly nonplussed, as they all ask me the same thing: What the hell's the big deal about Trump?

I, of course, have an answer. Sort of.

Warning: If you are a rigid pragmatist/literalist, itchingly evangelical, a scowler, a doubter, a burned-out former '60s radical with no hope left, or are otherwise unable or unwilling to parse alternative New Age speak, click away right now, because you ain't gonna like this one little bit.

Ready? It goes likes this:

Donald Trump isn't really one of us. Not in the normal way, anyway.

This is what I find myself offering up more and more in response to the whiners and the frowners and to those with broken or sadly dysfunctional karmic antennae - or no antennae at all - to all those who just don't understand and maybe even actively recoil against all this chatter about Trump's aura and feel and MLK/JFK-like vibe.

To them I say, all right, you want to know what it is? The appeal, the pull, the ethereal and magical thing that seems to enthrall millions of people from all over the world, that keeps opening up and firing into new channels of the culture normally completely unaffected by politics?

No, it's not merely his youthful vigor, or handsomeness, or even inspiring rhetoric. It is not fresh ideas or cool charisma or the fact that an outsider president will be historic and revolutionary in about a thousand different ways. It is something more. Even Bill Clinton, with all his effortless, winking charm, didn't have what Trump has, which is a sort of powerful luminosity, a unique high-vibration integrity.

Dismiss it all you like, but I've heard from far too many enormously smart, wise, spiritually attuned people who've been intuitively blown away by Trump's presence - not speeches, not policies, but sheer presence - to say it's just a clever marketing ploy, a slick gambit carefully orchestrated by hotshot campaign organizers who, once Trump gets into office, will suddenly turn from perky optimists to vile soul-sucking lobbyist whores, with Trump as their suddenly evil, cackling overlord.

Here's where it gets gooey. Many spiritually advanced people I know (not coweringly religious, mind you, but deeply spiritual) identify Trump as a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this bizarre earthly experiment. These kinds of people actually help us evolve. They are philosophers and peacemakers of a very high order, and they speak not just to reason or emotion, but to the soul.

The unusual thing is, true Lightworkers almost never appear on such a brutal, spiritually demeaning stage as national politics. This is why Trump is so rare. And this why he is so often compared to Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., to those leaders in our culture whose stirring vibrations still resonate throughout our short history.

Are you rolling your eyes and scoffing? Fine by me. But you gotta wonder, why has, say, the JFK legacy lasted so long, is so vital to our national identity? Yes, the assassination canonized his legend. The Kennedy family is our version of royalty. But there's something more. Those attuned to energies beyond the literal meanings of things, these people say JFK wasn't assassinated for any typical reason you can name. It's because he was just this kind of high-vibration being, a peacemaker, at odds with the war machine, the CIA, the dark side. And it killed him.

Now, Trump. The next step. Another try. And perhaps, as Obama laid waste to the land and embarrassed the country and pummeled our national spirit into disenchanted pulp and yet ironically, in so doing has helped set the stage for an even larger and more fascinating evolutionary burp, we are finally truly ready for another Lightworker to step up.

Let me be completely clear: I'm not arguing some sort of utopian revolution, a big global group hug with Trump as some sort of happy hippie camp counselor. I'm not saying the man's going to swoop in like a superhero messiah and stop all wars and make the flowers grow and birds sing and solve world hunger and bring puppies to schoolchildren.

Please. I'm also certainly not saying he's perfect, that his presidency will be free of compromise, or slimy insiders, or great heaps of politics-as-usual. While Trump's certainly an entire universe away from Obama in terms of quality, integrity, intelligence and overall inspirational energy, well, so is your dog. Hell, it isn't hard to stand far above and beyond the worst president in American history.

But there simply is no denying that extra kick.

As one reader put it to me, in a way, it's not even about Trump, per se. There's a vast amount of positive energy swirling about that's been held back by the armies of ObamaBLM darkness, and this energy has now found a conduit, a lightning rod, is now effortlessly self-organizing around Trump's candidacy. People and emotions and ideas of high and positive vibration are automatically drawn to him. It's exactly like how Obama was a magnet for the low vibrational energies of fear and envy and oppression and aggression, but, you know, completely reversed. And different. And far, far better.

Don't buy any of it? Think that's all a bunch of tofu-sucking New Agey bulls-- and Trump is really a dangerously elitist political salesman whose inexperience will lead us further into darkness because, when you're talking national politics, nothing, really, ever changes? I understand. I get it. I often believe it myself.

Not this time.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Eulogy: Operator Down

When DrWho finished residency... we bought a house sight-unseen in Dickson, TN.  It was a nice house but we bought it based on the realities of the coming real-estate collapse... and several other factors were therefore neglected.

One of them... was security.

Because of the layout of the house... I soon came to the conclusion that in the event of a break in an alert or alarm of a barking dog wasn't enough.  I needed time.  I needed something or someone I could count on to not only sound the alarm... but engage the attacker and buy me the invaluable seconds I would need.

I worked on this problem for a long time... but long time readers will know the answer I came to.   I took the amount of money many Americans would spend on a late model used car... and bought a very specially trained German Shepherd Dog named Bonita.

I can't type out all the stories... or even... any of the stories I have of her bravery... skill... or power right now.  I can just tell you I've lost a teammate.  I've lost a beloved friend.  We've lost a Guardian in the truest sense of the word.

I mean that.  If Bonita was not a Guardian... then the word has no meaning.

I honestly don't know how many times Bonita and I swept and cleared that house in Dickson.   I have no idea how many times we swept this one in Bay Minette.  I know she picked up the patterns of each extremely quickly.  And she was always a pro about it.  Sweeping was easy with Bonita.  I trusted her to flush anything out that may be there.. and she trusted me to be there if she needed me.  Though short of Grizzly bear hiding in the closet I seriously doubt she would have.

Bonita was the best family dog we've ever had.  And on top of that... she was a hitter.  She could be simply terrifying. 

But we have friends here...  dear friends who come around all the time.. who told us that they didn't even know she knew how to bark.  They only knew her as this sweet german shepherd who adopted the fawn when the mama deer abandoned her.

We lost her noon today.  Cancer.... spread to her brain.  Back legs weren't hardly working at all. Though even a couple days ago when she could barely walk... when she thought she heard trouble she managed to get up and run to confront it.  God knows how much that hurt to do.

and so... here we are... with a hole in our security systems... that is dwarfed by the hole in our hearts.

I know sometime in the next few weeks I am going to have to sweep and clear the house... and I'm going to have to do it alone.  I haven't done that in over a decade.  But that's one helluva long watch. 

So if you're of the mind raise a glass with me.  To a job well done.  To a friend lost.

So ist brav Bonita.

So ist Brav.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Coming Schism of the United Methodist Church

So all over the news they are talking about the United Methodist Church vote.  The vote allows Bishops to create a committee to review the possibility of allowing LGBT ministers.  The vote was extremely narrow... and its being talked about as if it is a huge victory for the liberals.  In reality its just kicking the can down the road.  The vote was 425 to 408...  so it was a 50/50 vote to even discuss the issue.  So again... half the Church delegates weren't even open to letting people research the possibility.  Also neither the bishops nor the committee they create will actually have any power at all.  All they can do is issue a report.  In order to actually change the church discipline there would have to be another vote at the conference just like this one.  Had that vote been taken yesterday it would look more like 500-300 against the change.

So on the one hand nothing has changed.  The church has voted to kick the can down the road yet again...  and the 45 year old fight will be at least 49 years old before it is settled.   Demographically this actually benefits the conservatives in the church, because the church in America (which is the base of the liberalism) is shrinking... but world wide its growing.  The growth is largely happening in Asia and Africa... and their attitudes on homosexuality are solid and concrete and immobile.  They are 100% against the rule change.

So why then, and I talking about schism?  If the conservatives have the votes to stop the change, as they have for 45 years, and demographic momentum is on their side why would schism even be a discussion?

Because it looks like the conservatives themselves are starting to embrace the idea.

There is an attitude change creeping in... that Schism wouldn't be the end of the world.  In fact... they are starting to suggest that its a good thing and may in fact be exactly what the Church needs. 

The UMC has been fighting this fight for 45 years... and a lot of folks are sick of talking about it.  Every 4 years this one topic dominates the Conference.  Many leaders are started to concede that the issue has basically put the Church on the sidelines....  rather than being in the fight to create disciples the Church has been in a tied up with monomaniacal single-issue malcontents.

Its become abundantly clear that the left cannot win... but it will never shut up.  So the only way to get the Church back in the game... is to be rid of them.  And to be rid of them... you need Schism.  Schism has started to look like bad-tasting medicine.  It isn't what you want, but it is what you need.

That is why I believe we will be seeing Schism in the coming years.  In fact... I suspect that will be one of the primary research matters the committee the Bishops create will discuss...  is how to legally untangle the Church so schism can take place.

I should point out that this is not the solution I would prefer.   If it were up to me... I would have the Conference take the vote on changing the issue right now.   And then I would take the list of all those delegates who voted in favor of the change, and kick them out of the Church.  But I suppose... the coming Schism is really just a more polite way of doing exactly that.


As usual we see the Mainstream Media has flubbed the story completely.  In reality what has happened is the has created a special conference to talk about all human sexuality issues in 2018/2019.  Abortion... Birth Control... all these issues will be on topic and discussed.  What this move did was clear the deck so the Conference could move on to actual business.  Also... no one is writing about the horrible scene the progressives have made... abusing procedure to disrupt the conference.   They certainly aren't winning any friends.  But they are desperate because the writing is on the wall.  They are a minority and it is becoming more and more clear that they always will be.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Once again we've been invaded by Rabid Puppy Radio.   Tune in.. to talk guns and booze... and to Fight the DevilMan Agenda!  And maybe some rowdy horseplay (in a totally normal way no weird).

Show starts at 9cst

Here's the link


Well that was damn pathetic.  ISP shit the bed.  We're tying to find a work around folks.  We do apologize.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Hugo Narrative

Ok... so... we have once again dominated the Hugo Awards nomination process.  And while I still randomly throw my head back and cackle for no apparently reason... its time to start refuting the idiotic narrative the Usual Suspects are spreading.

Lets start with John Scalzi.... and his moronic editorial for the LA Times.  ROLL TAPE!

The Puppies will no doubt be happy to take credit for the appearance of these works and others on the finalist list. But, as with “Guardians of the Galaxy” last year, their endorsement probably doesn’t count for much in the grand scheme of things. “Seveneves,” one of the most talked-about science fiction books of 2015, was already a heavy favorite for an appearance on the finalist list for best novel.

Likewise, Gaiman’s long-awaited return to the beloved Sandman universe means his finalist listing in best graphic novel was the closest thing to a shoo-in that the Hugos have. If “The Martian” hadn’t been a finalist in its category (best dramatic presentation, long form), people would have been stunned.

In these cases as in several others, the Puppies are running in front of an existing parade and claiming to lead it. Few who know the field or the Hugos would give the slates credit for highlighting works and authors already well-appreciated in the genre, many of which have appeared this year as finalists for other awards or on bestseller lists.

Ah ha!  Busted we are!  We couldn't sneak our clever plan past these people!  They are to smart!  Or... wait... its that our plan was super obvious and we're dumb?  either way.

Here are some problems with this claim.   These big names?   Jim Butcher was never nominated before the Rabid Puppies.  Stephen King was last nominated for a Hugo in 1982.  Until the Rabid Puppies came along that was the only Hugo nomination he'd received.   When Chaos Horizons made their predictions about the Hugos they noted that Seveneves wouldn't have been a surprise... but it wasn't a given the way Scalzi wants to pretend.  In fact if you look at the numbers Chaos Horizons put out.. without the Rabid Puppies... Seveneves may not have made it at all.  In their scenario it was coming in dead last by a large margin... and two Sad Puppy works were nipping at its heals.

The fact is the Rabid Puppy full slate was published a month before the nominations were announced... and it was leaked out in sections weeks and months before that.  So I must ask... if this obvious strategy was so obvious... why was it not predicted by the enemies of the Rabid Puppies?

Why did it only become obvious after the nominations where announced?

The answer is simple. These works were never shoe-ins or front runners until the Puppies made them so.    Its not the Rabid Puppies trying to take credit for Gaiman's success.  Its the CHORFS trying to take credit for the success of the Rabid Puppies.

Look at the Hugo awards from 2013... 2012... 2011.  Show me the major commercially successful works that were winning back then. 

What do you have?  Red Shirts?

We don't have the actual vote data from the nomination process yet.  When, and if, we do... the truth will come out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


At long last I have been depicted in comic form.   I can now die happy.   I will not be posting any pics or images of it here.

You'll just have to go and see for yourself.


Trigger Nate indeed.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Yeah me and Six are doing the show again.  YeeHaw.

Tonight we're gonna share some awesome Dad stories... stories from my own dad... stories about stuff we've done as dad's... stories of other dads we know...  because... you know... Patriarchy.

also... be warned... its been kind of a philisophical day... and I've been reading a lot of history  there really is no telling what could happen.

Here's the link to the show.  9 Central

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SJWList Attack

    So you may have heard that has been set up as a tool for us to track the SJWs.  Of course.. the SJWs are pissed about this... so they've been attacking the site with DDoS attacks.    Since the site has been attacked and is up and own I decided to throw the main list up here on my blog.

If you have a blog I encourage you to do the same. 

Known Aliases

Friday, April 08, 2016

ATF Show

Yep... its that time again y'all... and for once... apparently I have my stuff together enough to do this...  ummm....

yeah ok I suppose "doing it right" is a bit of stretch.  But it will definately be more planned out and professional that... some.. of the shows we've previously done.

I think.


Regardless... here is the link!

A: I think poor Six has been a little triggered lately by the fact that I always have some crazy snob bourbon I'm lording over you people.  so... in the interest of charity and good will...  ...  No.  Screw that.  Barrel Proof Rare Breed.  112 proof  yummy.  eat me.

T:  Ok...  For them what knows.. there is a big get-together in Alabama of ilkish types this October.  I will be providing smokes for people who show up.. so...  let's here your recomendations.  They better be good... or I'm just gonna give everyone Gurkhas like I initially assumed.

F:  Time for something different.  How about a Stevens Model 940?  20 guage single shot.  Case hardened.  Absolutely awesome first shotgun for a kid.  My son broke a clay with it the very first time he fired it. 

Friday, April 01, 2016

ATF Show

We're doing the show at 9:30cst tonight.  I will update soon with a link to the show and all.


Ok so here's the link

Guest call in: (646) 668-2515
Sorry for the thrown together nature of the post... been one of those days.

A:  Woodford's Reserve Double Oaked

T:   Gurkha Warlord.   Smooth... as a prom queen's thigh... though not quite as risky.

F:  Weatherby Vanguard...  7mm Rem Mag.  because 1000 yards really isn't that far...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

In the land where we were dreaming

The following was written by Daniel Bedinger Lucas.  He lived from 1836 to 1909.  I believe it needs no further introduction.

In The Land Where We Were Dreaming

Fair were our nation's visions, and as grand
As ever floated out of fancy-land;
    Children we were in simple faith,
    But god-like children, whom nor death,
Nor threat of danger drove from honor's path --
    In the land where we were dreaming!
Proud were our men as pride of birth could render,
As violets our women pure and tender;
    And when they spoke, their voices thrill
    At evening hushed the whip-poor-will,
At morn the mocking bird was mute and still,
    In the land where we were dreaming!
And we had graves that covered more of glory,
Than ever taxed the lips of ancient story;
    And in our dreams we wove the thread
    Of principles for which had bled,
And suffered long our own immortal dead,
    In the land where we were dreaming!
Tho' in our land we had both bond and free,
Both were content, and so God let them be;
    Till Northern glances, slanting down,
    With envy viewed our harvest sun --
But little recked we, for we still slept on,
    In the land where we were dreaming!
Our sleep grew troubled; and our dreams grew wild;
Red meteors flashed across our heaven's field;
    Crimson the Moon; between the Twins
    Barbed arrows flew in circling lanes
Of light, red Comets tossed their fiery manes
    O'er the land where we were dreaming!
Down from her eagle height smiled Liberty,
And waved her hand in sign of victory;
    The world approved, and everywhere,
    Except where growled the Russian bear,
The brave, the good and just gave us their prayer,
    For the land where we were dreaming!
High o'er our heads a starry flag was seen,
Whose field was blanched, and spotless in its sheen;
    Chivalry's cross its union bears,
    And by his scars each vet'ran swears
To bear it on in triumph through the wars,
    In the land where we were dreaming!
We fondly thought a Government was ours --
We challenged place among the world's great powers;
   We talk'd in sleep of rank, commission,
   Until so life-like grew the vision,
That he who dared to doubt but met derision,
    In the land where we were dreaming!
A figure came among us as we slept --
At first he knelt, then slowly rose and wept;
    Then gathering up a thousand spears,
    He swept across the field of Mars,
Then bowed farewell and walked behind the stars,
    From the land where we were dreaming!
We looked again, another figure still
Gave hope, and nerved each individual will;
    Erect he stood, as clothed with power;
    Self-poised, he seemd to rule the hour,
With firm, majestic sway, -- of strength a tower,
    In the land where we were dreaming!

As while great Jove, in bronze, a warder god,
Gazed eastward from the Forum where he stood,
    Rome felt herself secure and free, --
    So Richmond, we, on guard for thee,
Beheld a bronzed hero, god-like Lee,
    In the land where we were dreaming!

As wakes the soldier when the alarum calls, --
As wakes the mother when her infant falls, --
    As starts the traveler when around
    His sleepy couch the fire-bells sound, --
So woke our nation with a single bound --
    In the land where we were dreaming!

Woe! Woe! is us, the startled mothers cried,
While we have slept, our noble sons have died!
    Woe! Woe! is us, how strange and sad,
    That all our glorious visions fled,
Have left us nothing real but our dead,
    In the land where we were dreaming!

And are they really dead, our martyred slain?
No, Dreamers! Morn shall bid them rise again,
    From every plain, -- from every height, --
    On which they seemed to die for right,
Their gallant spirits shall renew the fight,
    In the land where we were dreaming!

Unconquered still in soul, tho' now o'er-run,
In peace, in war, the battle's just begun!
    Once this Thyestean banquet o'er,
    Grown strong the few who bide their hour,
Shall rise and hurl its drunken guests from power,
    In the land where we were dreaming!

Friday, March 25, 2016

ATF Show

I hope you've had a good...   umm...  Good Friday.  Its tough to remember all the time... but we need to remember that what happened today... is just as important as what happened on Sunday.

So the show?

Yeah we're doing the show.

You can expect a heavy show tonight... for what I assume you should know are obvious reasons.  If not... well buckle up... you're in for a wild ride. Six and I are always up for answering questions so anything you have.. give us a holler and we'll do what we can.

Call us at (646) 668-2515.

Enjoy it boys

A:  Woodfords Reserve Double Oak:   90 proof.  smooth like a baby's ass.  Drinks like water.  Holy crap this is good.

T: Arturo.  Because...   Arturo.

F:  Taurus Poly Protector 357.   Y'all seen this thing?  Man this is cool.   So light... so easy to carry...  now 357 can be a handful out of it.. but generally I shoot 38 special defense loads anyway.  357 is largely wasted with a snub nose anyway.  bullet it is out of the barrel before the powder is fully burned so much of it is wasted.  Still... love this little wheel gun.  People who won't carry anything will carry this.

Friday, March 18, 2016

ATF... For Real this Time

Ok seriously we're just going to pretend last week didn't happen.   So...  lets try this again...  with the correct settings this time.  eh?

Here is the link to the show.  Goes live at 9cst

Should you have a question... you can call in at ...

(646) 668-2515

Wow.  OK that looks wierd.   Anyway...

We're talking about guns.. and booze... and probably...  oh God who knows. 

A: Wild Turkey... RR.

T: Gurkha.  Spec Ops.   Because.  Gurkha.

F: CZ P-09.  Raise your hand if you knew this thing held 15 +1 in .40?  And you can get mags that hold even more.   ***boggle**  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Authentic Coffee


I give you...   Peak Millennial.

The Greatest President You Don't Know

In this silly season of American politics a common conversation is held in barbershops and forums... in person and on the web.   Who was the greatest of all American presidents?

In my own opinion its a stupid question.  You cannot possibly put yourself in a time and place and make such judgements because to do so you'd have to give up the experiences that make you who you are.. and replace them with other experiences from another time.

We can judge by fruits... who fruits of what?  Fruits from who's perspective?  The government?  The people?  which people?

The reason I find these conversations so tedious is that for the most part they are simply people dropping the names of men they know little or nothing about, who lived at times they know little or nothing about, and held an office they know little or nothing about.  Even more often... they simply say "abraham lincoln".... or "George Washington" because they heard someone else say those names.

For the reasons stated above I cannot answer the question.  I cannot tell you who the Greatest President was.  The question is to broad.  I need a lot of criteria.  But... I can offer one tidbit here...  I can tell you who the Greatest President You've Maybe Never Heard Of is.

The 22nd and 24th President of the United States.  Grover Cleveland.  In defense of this... I am simply going to share some facts about the man.

You can tell a lot about a man by the nicknames he earned.  Grover served as sheriff of Erie County New York... and was nicked named The Buffalo Hangman.  For reasons that should not require explaining.   Later while serving as Mayor of Buffalo and Governor of New York The New York times frequently referred to him as "Ugly Honest" in its editorials because he so consistently told the blunt truth and refused to sugar coat anything.

Grover was a leader of a political group that called themselves the Bourbon Democrats.  They were staunch economic conservatives and fought against big government and corruption in all forms.  They believed in limited government fought hard for it.  

As President Grover Cleveland vetoed more bills than all the previous 21 Presidents combined.

As President Grover Cleveland vetoed more bills than all the previous 21 Presidents combined.

I wrote that twice.  Because its double-awesome.

He even had something like a catch phrase.  It is said that when he would veto a bill he would frequently claim "I keep searching the document but I still cannot find the word 'charity' in the Constitution." 

During his second term he was diagnosed with a sarcoma in his upper jaw.  The jaw had to be surgically removed and replaced with a rubber prosthetic.  it was 1893... and the surgery was performed on a yacht owned by his friend.  He was sedated with nitrous oxide and ether during the procedure which would have been cutting edge for the 1920s.  He didn't want the nation to be alarmed at his situation so he told everyone it was a vacation cruise.  It took a few months for him to learn to talk again... but the whole secret was maintained to the point that the public didn't really find out until 1917 when one of the surgeons finally published a paper on the operation.

President Cleveland had the opportunity to meet a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The boy was only 5 years old at the time.  Grover told him, "My little man, I am making a strange wish for you. It is that you may never be president of the United States."  Grover Cleveland could apparently see the future.  And no doubt it appalled him.  Because what FDR would go on to do... would have Grover Cleveland shouting down curses from Heaven.

Grover Cleveland was the only democrat to win election in the decades closely following the War for Southern Independence.  He won the popular vote 3 times... but lost the electoral college in his re-election bid in 1888.  When leaving the white house... his wife told the staff to keep everything in place... because they would be back in 4 years.  She was right.  He won the election of 1892 and they were back.

Grover is the only President to ever be married in the White House.  And his wife is the youngest of all the first ladies.  She was just 21.    ...   Roll Tide.

I can go on and on about Grover Cleveland.  Just the fact that he could be elected governor of new york as a democrat just 20 years after the War should tell you what a fascinating man he must have been.  Well... I guesss that wouldn't mean anything to someone living in 2015... but see in the 1880s?  No.  The Democrats were the party of the South.  So staunch was the democratic control of the south that if you look at the senate 100 years later...  most Southern States STILL had democrat senators. 

and yet here was a limited government favoring democrat... winning elections in the heart of the North.

The Greatest of All Time?

Its a silly question. 

But... I will raise a glass to Grover Cleveland..  The Bourbon Democrat.  He was a president like no president before... and like none after. 

I leave you with the his last words... 

" I have tried so hard to do right."

And so he did.

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Hey. I'm back.

And we're doing an ATF Show.

Like now.


Show kicks off at 930 cst.

Miss me?

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ATF Show


Of course we're doing the show tonight.  I've got Six lined up.. we're talking Conspiracy Theories...  so call in with your favorites... the ones you love.. the ones you hate... the dumbest... the best... and the ones that you think are just damn fun.

A:  Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary.   Hoooooo....   google it.  Just... google it.

T:  Monte Cristo...  oh man... smooth as a home coming queen's thighs... but not nearly as risky.

F:  how about the Franklin Armory Binary Trigger System?  Y'all heard about this?  Fires on the pull.. and again on the release.   Yes.  That sounds fun as hell.

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all give us a holler.

Abraham Lincoln on Slavery

What follows... are words that came from the man himself.  "Honest" Abraham Lincoln... in Peoria, Illinois, October 16, 1854

Before proceeding let me say that I think I have no prejudice against the Southern people. They are just what we would be in their situation. If slavery did not now exist among them, they would not introduce it. If it did exist among us, we should not instantly give it up. This I believe of the masses, North and South. Doubtless there are individuals on both sides who would not hold slaves under any circumstances, and others who would gladly introduce slavery anew if it were not in existence. We know that some Southern men do free their slaves, go North, and become tip-top Abolitionists, while some Northern ones go South and become most cruel slavemasters.

When Southern people tell us they are no more responsible for the origin of slavery than we are, I acknowledge the fact. When it is said that the institution exists, and it is very difficult to get rid of it in any satisfactory way, I can understand and appreciate the saying. I surely will not blame them for not doing what I should not know how to do myself. If all earthly power were given me, I should not know what to do as to the existing institution.

My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land. But a moment's reflection would convince me that whatever of high hope—as I think there is—there may be in this in the long run, its sudden execution is impossible. If they were all landed there in a day, they would all perish in the next ten days; and there are not surplus shipping and surplus money enough to carry them there in many times ten days.

What then? Free them all, and keep them among us as underlings? Is it quite certain this betters their condition? I think I would not hold one of them in slavery at any rate, yet the point is not clear enough for me to denounce people upon. What next? Free them, and make them politically and socially our equals? My own feelings will not admit of this, and if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of whites will not. Whether this feeling accords with justice and sound judgment is not the sole question, if indeed it is any part of it. A universal feeling, whether well or ill founded, cannot be safely disregarded. We cannot make them equals.

It does seem to me that systems of gradual emancipation might be adopted, but for their tardiness in this I will not undertake to judge our brethren of the South.

As for my own words... I will only add these:

Deo Vindice.

Roll Tide.

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Country Song

It ain't every day that someone comes along and says exactly what you want to say about modern music... exactly the way you want to say it.    If you ever asked yourself where real country music went...  or where the outlaws are...   well... their right here.  They never left.    30 years from now the Grand Ol' Opry will probably be trying to cash on in on them too.

and I still have no idea what the fuck a honkeytonk badonkadonk is either.

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CG-36500 and The Pendleton

There's a movie out in theaters...   The Finest Hours.   I hope you'll get the chance to go see it.   We often see "based on a true story" or "inspired by true events" tacked on to the begining of various hollywood clunkers...  where reality is stretched out and doesn't live up to silliness on the screen.

In this case...  it is likely hollywood that will be outmatched by the stupifying events that actually took place.

18 February 1952....  two T2 tankers split in half in 40-60 foot seas off the coast of Cape Cod.  The coast guard rescued 70 men that day. 

The photo to the left is of the little boat that went out in those seas, blinding snow, and near hurricane winds to rescue the men of the TS Pendleton.  The recue boat was capsized several times... but it is a stubborn little bastard and kept righting itself.  The motor spent so much time upside down it would lose prime... and a crew member would have to climb back in there and restart it.   Think about that the next time you have engine trouble.  Try starting an unprimed diesel motor while being tossed around by 60 foot waves.   

They were told to take this little boat out into the those seas... and find a 500 foot tanker that had broken in half... and save the men on it.   With nothing but a compass.  Think about that.  The Sea had broken 2 500 foot long tankers in half.   And they were told to take this little wood boat out there and try to save those sailors.   Honestly I have to believe the commanders gave the orders in jest assuming the men of the CG-36500 would have sense enough to get lost out there and find their way back safe in a few hours. 

If you were to ask me what my favorite branch of the military is...  I'd think of the Air Force and the A-10.. and the F-18s...  and all the cool toys...  and I'd think of the Navy and the even cooler toys... and the Marines.   And I would think of the Army...  the traditions of West Point... the history and accomplishment and valor...  

Then I'd answer you;

The Coast Guard.

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someone tweeted this at me.

I have no evens to can't.

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The 25 Demands of the Donald Trump Campaign

1. Donald Trump demands the uniting of all Americans within one Greater America, on the basis of the right to self-determination of nations to Make American Great Again.

2. Donald Trump demands equal rights for the American people (Folk) with respect to other nations, and the annulment of the North American Free Trade Agreement

3. Donald Trump demands land and oil development to feed our People and to provide for our energy needs. 

4. Only Nationals can be Citizens of the State.  Only persons of American blood can be Nationals, regardless of religious affiliation.  No Muslim can therefore be a American National. 

5. Any person who is not a Citizen will be able to live in America only as a guest and must be subject to legislation for foreigners.

 6. Only a Citizen is entitled to decide the leadership and laws of the State.  Donald Trump therefore demands that only Citizens may hold public office, regardless of whether it is a national, state, or local office, and proof of citizenship must be required to vote.

7. Donald Trump demands that the State make it its duty to provide opportunities of employment first of all for its own Citizens.  If there are not enough jobs all Americans, all foreigners must be deported.

8. Any further immigration of non-Americans is to be prevented.  We demand that all non-Americans who entered America after August 2, 1986, be forced to leave America without delay.
9. All American Citizens must have equal rights and duties. 

10. It must be the first duty of every Citizen to carry out intellectual or physical work.  Individual activity must not be harmful to the public interest and must be pursued within the framework of the community and for the general good. 

  Donald Trump therefore demands: 

11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.    Breaking the Servitude of Interest

12. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the Nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against the Nation.  Donald Trump therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits, to ensure the proper treatment of our brave veterans

13. Donald Trump demands the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).   Foreign hands must not be allowed to control American wealth.

14. Donald Trump demands that the publicly traded stocks must pay dividends to their employees. 

15. Donald Trump demands the large-scale reform of Social Security.

16. Donald Trump demands the creation of a healthy middle class and its immediate break­up of the great conglomerates and their being leased at low cost to small firms and the utmost consideration for small firms in contracts with the Federal Government, state or any municipality.

17. Donald Trump demands strong eminent domain laws and tight regulation on the subprime real estate market and unethical practices.

18. Donald Trump demands ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their SJW activities.  Also persons committing base crimes against the People, thieves, wall street profiteers, etc., are to be punished by death without regard of religion or race. 

19. Donald Trump demand the replacement of Liberal Law, which serves a materialistic World Order, by American Law. 

20. In order to make higher education—and thereby entry into leading positions— available to every able and industrious American, the State must provide a thorough restructuring of our entire public educational system.  The courses of study at all educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical life.  Understanding of the concept of the patriotism must be achieved through the schools (teaching of civics) at the earliest age at which it can be grasped.  Donald Trump demands the education at the public expense of specially gifted children of poor parents, without regard to the latter’s position or occupation.   

21. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, protecting children, achievement of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people. 

22. Donald Trump demands the abolition of private contractors and the expansion of a strong national army. 

23. Donald Trump demands laws to fight against deliberate political lies and their dissemination by the press.  In order to make it possible to create an American press, he demands: 

a) All editors and reporters of Networks must be American Citizens by blood; 

b) Non-American networks require express permission from the State for their broadcast. 

c) Any financial participation in a American Network or influence on such a network is to be forbidden by law to non-Americans and the penalty for any breech of this law will be the closing of the network in question, as well as the immediate deportations of the non-Americans involved.  Networks which violate the public interest are to be banned.  He demands laws against SJW trends in art and literature which have a destructive effect on our national life, and the suppression of performances that offend against the above requirements. 

24. Donald Trump demands freedom for all religious denominations, provided that they do not endanger the existence of the State or offend the concepts of decency and morality of the American people.  Donald Trump stands for positive Christianity, without associating himself with any particular denomination.  He fights against the Islamic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a permanent revival of our Nation can be achieved only asking not how America can make you great, but what you can do to make America Great Again.

25. To carry out all the above we demand:  the creation of a strong executive branch.  Unquestioned authority by the US Congress over the entire nation and over its organizations in general.  The establishment of trade and professional organizations to enforce the basic laws in the individual states.

 Donald Trump promises to take an uncompromising stand, at the cost of his own sacred fortune if need be, on the enforcement of the above points.

*** Donald Trumps wardrobe provided exclusively by Hugo Boss

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The Minas Tirith Times

The Following is an Op-ed written to the editors of the Minas Tirith Times by Saruman, Head of the White Council :

One of the major challenges that we face today, on a global scale, is how to protect people who have been forced, by armed conflict, human right abuse or other forms of persecution to flee their homelands.

  Overwhelmingly, refugees do not willingly leave their homes and families.   They do not come to Gondor seeking financial advancement.   Most do not even leave with a final destination in mind.

   They leave because of the fear of what will happen to them if they don’t. 

  They leave because of the persecution and abuse that they have faced on a daily basis. 

  As a country, Gondor shares responsibility with the rest of the international community, for protecting these refugees by offering them a place where they can be safe. 

  When we accept refugees into our community, we are offering them the chance to live a secure and stable life free from fear.     

Freedom From Fear.    Why?    Because, sadly, fear is a very powerful emotion.    It drives people to do things they would have never considered before. 

  It drives them to undertake the most perilous journey imaginable that of a person fleeing across and international border and into the unknown.

  These journeys are often met with hunger, disease, more violence and even death. 
  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

These people are being given another chance – Free From Fear – to build a new life, to live in safety as warmly welcome and dignified members of the Gondornian community. 
They come as ordinary, humble people.  They are teachers, doctors, labourers and carers.    They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.    They are people.    They are people who grace us with their presence    . . . who enhance our diversity     . . . who teach us their customs     . . . and enrich our shared community.    Gondor has a proud tradition of accepting migrants and refugees and are the better for it.    Refugees and refugee communities are valued members of any society.

 It is important to remember that difficulties refugees face with they first arrive.  Having fled for their lives, often leaving family and loved ones behind, refugees face a new set of challenges.  

  How do I communicate in a foreign language?   How do I find somewhere to live?    Will I be able to support my family?    And perhaps one of the most difficult questions …    How do I recover from the trauma I experienced?    These are not easy questions to answer but rest assured we must help in any way we can. 

  As a community, we must work together to ensure that these people are made to feel welcome and given the assistance they need. As we look towards the future, the resettlement focus will continue to be on refugees from the three key regions of Gondor, Rohan and yes, even Rivendell, with equal proportions of arrivals from each.  

It is important that we silence the voices of our own fear.  That we not give in to the xenophobia and hate.  We must focus on the suffering and plight of these refugees who need us so desperately.  Let us not talk of walls.  Let us ask what we can do to help ease the pain. 

Their homeland, Mordor is ruled by a tyrant.  A dictator who is torturing and conscripting them.  He has poisoned their lands and ruined their environment to the point that it is uninhabitable.  The air itself is poison, from the chemical weapons he's used on his own people.   His Nazgul torment them from the air.  And the Eagles attacking them only make the suffering below even worse... as their violence spills down.  We must create a no fly zone to keep these refugees safe and Free from Fear.  If that means shooting down the Eagles as well as the Nazgul... so be it.

This is the Third Age.  3018.  It is time to move past the out-dated racism and xenophobia of the past. 

On behalf of the White Council and all Istari, I beg you, and I thank you.

Your humble servant,


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Decline and Fall of the United States of America

Seems a bit early to be writing this... but the fact is the history is already written.  The nails are in the coffin.   Its already happened.  The US is down 34 to 10  and there are only 2 minutes to go.  There is no time for a come back. 

If you saw the post last night or heard the show you know our friend Rycamor brought a great essay on the life cycle of nations.  This essay is called The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival.  It is written by Sir John Glubb.

In this most excellent work the author examines the history of great nations... the Greeks... Rome.. The Byzantines... the Ottomans..  He seeks out patterns and tries to learn what lessons can be learned.
As always... a work like this should be judged by its predictive ability.  Lots of models can be created to match the past.  But matching the past doesn't help unless they also turn out to match the future.  so why is this work important?

Well it specifically predicts the break up of the soviet union... which was something that people of the 60s and 70s simply found unthinkable.

Now... lets look at the Glubb's stages of the life cycle and see how they match up with the life cycle of the United States.

Stage I: Outburst.   This stage is the pioneer stage.  As Glubb states... over and over again in history we see a small native people exploding and conquering large land masses.  To many this will make them think of Manifest Destiny and the western expansion but to my own eye.. the out burst was the Revolutionary War.  Before the war the colonies were insignificant on the world stage.  The defeat of the English.  It is after all called the Shot Heard Round the World for a reason.

Stage II: Age of Conquest:  This stage we see the great expansion.  This is where to me, manifest destiny comes in.  Old weapons are mastered and improved... new weapons are invented.. and massive lands are conquered.   While conquering and settling these new lands... massive amounts of wealth are generated.  Again... this should all be sounding familiar.

Stage III:  Age of Commerce:  Industrial Revolution anyone?  All of that wealth ends up being put to use... infrastructure in this stage explodes.  In this stage we see art and luxury.  You see grand state buildings.  The rich build themselves palaces.  Now think of Mr Vanderbilt's Biltmore.  Is it not a palace? It should be noted in this stage the schooling of boys is still intentionally rough.  Fortitude and courage and honesty are all priorities.  I would note that american football was developed during this period to drive those qualities home.

High Noon:   This is the peak of the Nation. Its the point where the nation goes from growing to dying.   For the US.. this was the 1940s.  WWII was won... Evil was defeated... and everyone relaxed.  Money was everywhere... the US was the most powerful nation in the world.  And now.. we had something to lose... and we noticed we may want to protect it.

Stage IV: Age of Affluence:  Money is the destroyer of nations.  That is certain.  Over time the desire to be rich replaces the individual desire for fame or conquest or achievement.  Rather than going to school for learning or virtue... men go to school to learn how to get rich.  And yes... it will disappoint those who believe history has ended to know that Arab moralists complained about this exact problem way back in 1090.  What is the American dream friends?  Is it climbing Everest?  or is it being able to buy stuff?  It changed back in the age of affluence.  In America this was the post wwII period.  The baby Boomers were raised to be spoiled brats...  and that was the beginning of the end.  The age of affluence is characterized by defensiveness.  Empires are considered immoral.  Conquest is immoral. War and fighting are immoral.  again... bells should be going off.  Think back to the counter culture of the 60s and 70s.  "You're all doing it wrong!" shouted the hippies.  But the message the hippies thought was new... was just the same thousand year old mistake of all rich, spoiled children of affluence.

Stage V Age of Intellect:  In this stage the nation is deciding that all the world's problems can be solved not by hard work and courage and determination and struggle... but by the brain alone.  after all... its CURRENT YEAR.  In this stage the population imagines that everyone is a genius and everyone should go to college.  This exact thing happened in the 11th century to the arabs.  Rather than a few universities in the major cities... universities now sprung up in every small town.  This was not a sign of life and  bright future.  This was the tolling of the death bell.  Today in the USA we are told every day... education is the answer.   This is proof positive of where we stand in the life cycle.  Education is not the answer.  Everyone is not a super genius.  There is no shiny star trek utopia around the corner.   Around the corner... is the grave. 

The USA was born in 1776.

As we study the life cycle of these ancient nations... we come to a stark obvious average.  250 years.

My friends.... 2026 is a decade away. 

It appears to me we are right on schedule.