Friday, May 31, 2013


A:  Third Shift Amber Lager for now... we'll be moving on to 46 later though.  If ya get a chance to pick some up, this is a nice little beer.

T: Rocky Patel called.  He says... "My cigars are amazing."  He's biased.  He's also correct.

F: Taurus Tracker .357.  7-shots.  Down right useful.  Pick one up.

Here's your link for the show tonight.  Should be a rowdy one.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ATF Show: Heads up

So tomorrow night we're gonna be covering "The Manly Arts".  That's right.  Is it ok for a man to cry... if so when?  Smokin'... drinkin'.. Makin' men out of boys.  That's what its about y'all.  smokin'.. drinkin'... cleanin' guns... protecting what's yours.

Bring what ya got.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stereotypes True and False

So... you have all seen the studies that say the south is the most obese part of the nation right?

Turns out...  that stereotype is in fact false.

But hey I know how y'all love your generalizations... so you can rest well knowing that the same study proved one of our favorites.

Yankees lie.

Ugly Women Against Free Speech

I swear...  a good potassium water enema would cure most of world's problems if we could just hold the feminists down long enough to give it to them.

Feminist outrage... the favorite pass-time of bored ugly women everywhere... has finally decided that civilization isn't eating itself fast enough and so, to speed things up, is now ramping up its attack on freedom of speech.

Apparently one group of Bored Ugly Women in particular... has taken to screenshotting what they consider "hate speech" positioned next to targeted advertising on Facebook.  They then forward these screenshots to the company depicted in the advertisement and say, "Hey! Look!  You're being associated with hate!"

The shocking thing here is not that bored ugly women are yet again spending their time destroying liberty.  That sad tale is a historical theme we won't soon be shed of.  No... the shocking thing here... is that these corporations actually take these bored ugly women seriously.

The most amusing thing to me about this whole sordid affair though... is the logo of the Bored Ugly Women.


I mean... if I were going to design logos to mock Bored Ugly Women... it wouldn't look exactly like this.  But, it would be really close.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Another Friday... another episode of the ATF Show.  I have absolutely no idea what we're going to cover tonight...  right wing politics?  Bigfoot?  Does Six know that Stanley Kubrick was actually a mason?  Hog Hunting?  Flavor Chemistry?  Bourbon shortages?  And what is the point of a Henry Mare's Leg anyway?

Tune in.  9pm central.

Click Here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Epic. Just Epic.

Please... do yourself a favor and spend 3 minutes watching this video.  Just so you can understand just exactly what the human brain is capable of.

Friday, May 17, 2013

ATF Show:

Its that time again boys.  You can expect to hear some conspiracy rants tonight...  moon landing.. big foot...  who knows.  Obviously more guns... more booze.

Here is the link.

We go live 9:00pm CST

People I Hate.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ATF Show Sitrep

I finally got around to checking the show's numbers for this week.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that over 500 people had listened to the show since Friday night.  I am not sure what to make of that... but it sounds like a pretty good sized audience for a couple rednecks eating sandwiches and drinking to much.  Particularly since we've done precisely jack squat to promote it.

Anyway... I am still working on that Vox Day interview.  Scheduling isn't really easy when it comes to eurotrash...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reason to Hate Yankee #2,456

Apparently... this is actually happening.

"Some wealthy Manhattan moms have figured out a way to cut the long lines at Disney World — by hiring disabled people to pose as family members"

That's all you really need to know.  But I strongly suggest you read the whole revolting article.  The depths of evil are profound.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey... Lets make a bestiality joke about the south...

except... oh look...

It's chicago where we find men doing naughty things to peafowl.

And lets not forget... while the south is the but of many an incest joke...  it actually happens at the homes of ivy league professors.

Just sayin...

Just sayin...

ATF Recap

Holy God am I embarrassed that I missed the Zip Gun reference.  I blame our buddy Eric who had been talking to me about the little pistol called the Liberator. We'd discussed it and it was on my mind.


I hadn't even thought about improvised weapons per say... I mean... beyond making AK's out of shovels of course.

anyway..  mea culpa.  But I still blame Jose Cuervo.

Anyway the same link that worked for the show live works for the archive show or you can hear it on the player in the side bar.  Hope ya enjoy it.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Here's the link for the show tonight.

so tonight we're broadcasting live from Destin, FL.  Pirate Blogradio baby!  I've got 2 of Cigar Afficianado's top 3 cigars of 2012.  The number 1 cigar and the number 3.  Number 3 was a Romeo y Julietta.  I let you figure them out.

Showtime is 9 central.


Thursday, May 09, 2013


If I don't start sobering up I am never gonna be able to do the show tomorrow.  To drunk to atf..  That's pretty bad.  I hope Six is in better shape.

Monday, May 06, 2013

The Bloggerblaster Toast

Here's to war, and revolution, southern girls, and prostitution. Here's to bastiat, hayek, and mises... Arturo Fuente and our other vises.

Jolly Roger

Me and Jose Cuervo and Arturo Fuente are hanging out at the beach.  Expect light blogging.  Mostly just posts about how much I love the 8-5-8.. Or why it's terrible to only have 3 margaritas before noon.

Also... There could be lots of typos.  Anyway... There is a blender calling my name.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Derby

A sloppy track and a bunch of good horses that have never run on a sloppy track.  if you're looking for betting advice I've got nothing for ya.  This is honestly a deal where I have no idea.

Generally... in these situations I just say throw out the track factor... because you can't possibly predict it anyway.  So... I guess that means Orb.  When in doubt... go with the best horse in the field.


*** UPDATE***

Called it.  Turns out Orb's a mudder.  He had a great trip.  Seeing him kick coming out of the last turn was beautiful.  He doesn't have the devastating deep kick that Big Brown had...  and he looked like he was running out of gas at the end.  I don't see Orb winning the Triple Crown... but man would I love to see him prove me wrong.

The Morning After

Hey guys.  I hope ya got to catch the show last night, and if ya did I hope ya liked it.  Personally... I think Make Me A Sandwich pretty much makes the show a success...  forever.  I mean at these point we could just stop and say ok mission accomplished.  But... that's not our style I guess.

For the record I didn't get to introduce him but Rick who called in is non other than rycamor his own bad self.

Also I have some bad news.  I got an email from Outlaw X last night after the show.  He isn't up for doing the interview right now due to health issues.  He wouldn't want me to say any more than that.

So... needless to say I'm bummed.   I guess I'll have to on that interview with Vox...

Friday, May 03, 2013

ATF Show

Hey kids

Here is the show link for tonight.  The show is an hour earlier tonight.  It starts at 9 central and goes for a full hour.  I hope ya get a chance to tune in.  Give us a call if you get a chance.  We're obviously taking questions on everything from guns to booze to smokes to women to economics to investing to ... apparently gardening.

And probably sandwiches.

Special surprise on this show.

Guest call in number:  347.308.8598


About that time.  Hope y'all are all havin' a good evenin'.

A: Makers Mark 46

T: bourbon soaked twist.  You likely ain' man enough for this.

F: Steyr M40.. MSAR .223.


Ok.. so..  I think next week it will be 90 minutes...  because we just kept talking... and we were done right about 90 minutes... and the end wasn't nearly that abrupt and weird.

So we'll do better.


Make Me a Sandwich.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Great Stupid


Its easier for a 15 year old to buy the morning after pill than it is for a 40 year old to buy cold medicine.

'nuff said.