Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Carry Weapon

It will shock those who know me to know end, but I've purchased a new carry weapon. Before you get to excited let me state that I am in no way retiring my beloved Taurus PT-101. Quite the opposite. I'm tricking her out with a new barrel and recoil compensator.

I purchased my new girl at a gun show in Nashville this weekend and today was actually my first chance to work her out. She did not disappoint.

The target to the left was shot from 25-yards while standing in approximately 20 seconds, with Winchester 165-grain $17 per 100 Walmart ammo.

Please note the 11 holes. By my scoring that's a 2 1/8th inch group... if I were writing for Guns and Ammo it would be a 1 1/16th inch group.

Now see... this is why JAC and I often wonder allowed if most of the bloggers around actually know how to shoot. Because if you don't get results like this, then I am assuming you don't. This wasn't what I would say is excellent. I would say its good. The PT-101 would likely have topped it if I were shooting it single action. A 1911 would've cut the group in half.

Consider what it would've been if I'd been on a bench taking my time.

This is not bragging people. I really don't think I'm that good. I consider myself effective. I've never shot in a competition so I have no idea how I stack up. What I do know is I've never been to a range and seen anyone shoot like me or JAC. The only fella who's ever shot with us and kept up is an old timer who shot for as an alternate on the US Pistol team back when.

Anyway... I put 120 rounds through the new weapon and found these results to be perfectly typical. This was the last group I shot. There were no malfunctions of any sort.

Oh? What's that? What did I buy?

There is no out-of-the-box compact service pistol that will out-shoot the Steyr. No Glock. No Taurus. No Walther. No Springfield. No Khar. No CZ. Nothing. There are rumors around the net of malfunctions, but I find them dubious. If I encounter any problems, I will certainly discuss them here.

For now I am pleased with my purchase and after today, I trust it enough to carry it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Only Good Cat is a...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Post ATF Report

While it is regretful that I miss the standard ATF post last night I assure you it was not without good cause. Friday morning at 6:40am I loaded up the Audi and rolled out for Bardstown, KY. JAC and I had been workin' out plans to meet Underwater Operative there and I was lookin' forward to the trip.

I dropped the top and passed the time with an Arturo Fuente.. sang along with Hank and Tent Tomlinson, and ok... even The Offspring... it was a good road trip to be sure.

JAC and UO were already at Talbotts Tavern when I got there... I'll be damned if they didn't start drinkin' without me. No account sum-bitches.

I should describe Talbotts for ya... Honestly... its like Mecca for bourbon lovers. It was established in I believe... 1779... and its been open every day but Christmas ever since, apart from one 2 week closure for renovations back in the 80s. Its a massive stone building... with dark wide-plank hardwood floors. Its quiet.. cool... dim... Its.... Perfect.

The three of us drank, ate, told lies, and flirted with the waitresses for a couple hours. It was pretty sad really... the girls were hittin' on UO real bad. He's takin' though... He remained strong. Pure as the driven snow... I declare it so.

JAC however is a scoundrel and a rapscallion.

Conveniently located right next to Talbotts is the Jailer's Inn... a bed and breakfast that used to be the oldest operational jail in Kentucky. They still have the stocks out front.

From there it was off to Makers Mark down in Loretto Kentucky for the tour. Expectations were pretty high for the tour, as everyone says its the best one around... but we were pretty disappointed. They only show the dipping line and the warehouse. The whole tour lasts about 20-minutes, unless you have a bunch of stupid yankees asking stupid questions to try to impress everyone. Naturally we did.

God I hate Buckeyes.

After Makers we found ourselves free... with time to kill... so we did what God Fearin' rednecks do under those circumstances... we went back to the bar and got loaded. We tried every good bourbon they had... which was a lot. We tried everything from Henry McKenna 10-year (bleh) to Four Roses Single Barrel (bleh), to Silver Eagle (BEWARE! You WILL GET DRUNK), to Rare Breed and Bookers. Knob Creek and Russels Reserve is a given.

We finished the day off with a big ol' ribeye cooked right, and sobered up with some damned fine sweet tea.

I presented UO with an autographed bottle of Makers from my very own barrel, to commemorate the event. He'll probably pass it down to his grand-kids... who'll wonder just what the hell a bloggerblaster is... oh well... hell of a thought though right?

All in all we had us a fine time y'all. If ever you need a vacation.. I highly recommend Bourbon Country. Stay at the Jailer's Inn... that way you can stagger back to your room, a scant few paces from the Bourbon Bar at Talbotts... home of the world's finest bartender... site of the greatest lies ever told... Keeper of the finest whiskey on God's Earth.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quoth The Roman

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (42B.C)

The 2007 Z-1000.

Hurt so good.

Shiner Bock.

Good Beer.

That is all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A System of Limited Courts

Wild Turkey inspired... I ponder... ponder with me.

Imagine if you will... peanut oil... 400 degree peanut oil... its not boiling.. because it doesn't boil until you put something in it... so perhaps... the lawyers and judges might not know what we have in mind until they're dropped in. They'll hiss and scream like feminist lobsters... smells like progress.

I'm sick of the legal system we have in this country... its time we got back to justice. Stoning and Lynching says I. Mobs are considerably more expiditious than our court system.. more accurate... and far more sober as well. Folks know how mobs work. They're predictable.

For example... take that famous case of a football player killing a pretty blonde girl in his drive way.

Everyone knew he did it. In any decent country, the people would've mobbed up and hung the bastard that very night. Problem solved.

Compare our courts... slow police chases... thousands of hours of something masqurading as analysis from blobs of tofu masqurading as experts... and that was before the court case even started. Worse yet... we were all forced to watch. Ok... not forced.. but nearly. All that... and they got it wrong.

You favour this?

Of course mob justice gets some wrong. So does our system. So really we're aguing over details... details that no one actually knows.

And what is a court anyway? Its a mob. Its just a slow mob. Its the state that charges. Its the jury that convicts. And who is the Jury? Right. A mob. A lazy mob... but a mob to be sure.

Ahh.. you say... but but but.... the courts bring order! Why, without the courts... bill kills fred.. fred's family kills bill... bill's family kills some of freds family... ect ect ect. Yes I say. So what? For the most part families can, and will, work out their problems on their own. All families have a sorry, no good, lay about, worthless, shiftless sum-bitch in them somewhere... and when he does something stupid, odds are they'll let him suffer the consequences.

Feuds will still happen... but so what? Feuds are fun! A damned site more interesting than Greta Van Dyke fresh off of her 57th plastic surgery, regurgitating something she thinks she heard some blob of bean curd say once.

Nope... its settled... Me and ol' Bill see eye-to-eye on this one. First we have to kill the lawyers. I've got 4 hundered elements and a 12,000 watt natural gas generator... gimmie a day or two to fill up the pool with peanut oil and we'll be in business.

Y'all Come!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Man in His Shop

No Captions Necessary.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm freaked out... Help me freak out.

See that right there? That's why you drink fine bourbon. A little sip... and suddenly... you don't give a damn.

Now where were we? Vice Cabinets! That's what I was gonna blog on tonight... Lets talk about 'em. Now, I don't know that anyone else has ever even heard the term vice cabinet before... probly because I made it up. Reckon that means a definition is in order:

Vice Cabinet: Cabinet in which one stores objects relating to his vices.

Ladies... you don't get a vice cabinet. Your night stand has a drawer.

So what goes in it? Booze and Tobacco mostly... at least that's what's in mine. All of pipes... my humidor... my wine tools... my smoking tools. Everything. I also store my booze, a couple decantures... glasses... its like a one stop shop of all good things. I am seriously considering placing a really nice Bible in it as well. But what you put in it is up to you. Your vices may not be mine. Remember though... this is an object of discretion... I seriously doubt you really want to display your sex toys and porn. That's not to say they can't go in your VC. But you should at least put them in a locked box in your VC.

So what do vice cabinetts look like?

Vice cabinetts are specific type of china cabinett. They have plenty of shelf space... preferably with doors and lights to display your fine whiskey... and they need an open spot to actually pour the booze, or to sit the humidor when you get it down to make your selections. The perfect vice cabinet is like a server with a hutch on it, leaving nearly the whole top of the server available for workspace, and still providing enclosed storage above.

That's function... now lets talk style... Its my opinion... and since I invented the classification my opinion is pretty f'ing important... that vice cabinets should be masculine as all hell. They should be big solid pieces of wood furniture that no one in his right mind would ever move. Ornate is fine... curves are fine... carving... all those things bespeak craftmenship.. which is honoured in the class of manly arts. Boys... this is your one piece of furniture. This... and ok... the gun safe... basicly this all you get. Damn the torpedos. It needs to be something you like, that you picked out. If your wife bows up about it, bow up right back. Its not her vice cabinet. Its yours. You don't tell her what kind of jewelry box to buy. Tell her to mind her own damned buisness.

That said... it really shouldn't be a problem at all. Its been my experience that women greatly support the vice cabinet. It organizes things that would otherwise lend to chaos... and its location is totally up in the air. If I may suggest though... wherever the boys congregrate is the best location. If you have a library that you like to hang out in after dinner while the ladies chit chat... It should be there. If you retire to the family room to watch the game... that's fine to. The point is to make your vices accessible... yet classy.

Now I am ashamed to admit that I have been without a vice cabinet since we moved. The little lady stole her grandmother's china cabinet back from me... which was the original vice cabinet... and now I have been without for months.

But fear not! Tomarrow is the day. My new... amazingly awesome... 6-foot wide... 6-foot tall solid cherry vice cabinet arrives tomarrow morning! And lo... all shlall be right with the world.

Yes.. once its organized and up and running... I will post pics.

One request before we get on with it...

Has anyone shot a 24/7 or Walther P99? Anyone? Anyone?

Whatcha drinking?

Are you sure you're not a Titans fan?


It seems the gallery is some what critical... Maybe this..

is what you had in mind? Nah... I think when MM says he favours brunetts... he really means something else;

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Heep Bad Juju

Look... do yourself a favor... make sure you give your bugout bag a real good once over boys. I'm not saying I know for a fact that something is going down soon... but there on the back of my neck is standin' up a bit if ya take my meaning.

August 22nd... its got a lot of significance. First of all, the Imams over in Iran have been dropping hints about that date. Plus... if you look at the muslim calender, you see that August 22nd is actually the night that they traditionally commemorate Mohammad's night flight. This would definately be an appropiate day to throw down. Perhaps the most so.

Add to that the general feeling in our population that something is about to go down...

and now don't go getting all pissy with me about that site either... I've been around the net long enough to know that is most likely BS. I'm just using it as an example of people's worry.

EP's all over this. Hist post actually lit a fire under my ass too. Check him out if you'd like more.

Again... I'm not making a prediction here. I'm just saying... its always a good time to double check your preparedness... and now just might be a little bit better than good.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


- What's black, white, black, white, and green?

Two skunks fighting over a pickle.

- What did the tailor say when he pricked himself?


- Why are crocodiles brown and flat?

Because if they were yellow and round, they'd be lemons.

- Why don't blind people like to skydive?

It scares the heck out of the dogs.

- Why are horses poor dancers?

They have two left feet.

- A medieval kingdom was situated on an island in the sea. A bridge connected the island to the mainland. The problem was, anyone who tried to cross the bridge would be attacked by giant mystical yellow fingers and dragged to the bottom of the sea. The king had sent his bravest knights to overcome the fingers and cross to the other side, but they all failed.
One day, a young page wanted to make an attempt of his own. Neither the king nor his remaining knights believed he could do it, but before they could argue, the page was already half way across the bridge -- and, quite surprisingly, the yellow fingers did not rise out of the water to grab him.

The moral of the story?

Let your pages do the walking through the yellow fingers.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Terrorist Cells, Self Ignighting Bombs, And New York City

8 terrorists made up the cell... each armed with 10 self ignighting fire bombs. Over a year of planning... 80 locations... specificly picked along broadway and the Hudson River... Theatres... Museams... Hotels... Shipping Warehouses... all picked with one goal in mind;

To Burn New York City to the ground.

The bombs were to go off nearly simultenously... all 80 within minutes of each other... the shock, terror, and confusion would devastate the city's ability to respond. It was nearly perfect.

An islamic plot? Al Queda? Planned by Osama himself?

November 25th...

of 1864.

Confederate soldiers from the 10th Kentucky Partisans carried out the attack... which was actually foiled by the chemist that made it all possible in the first place. Turns out the chemist chickened out, and weakened the formula in the greek fire... most of the bombs barely burned at all. While dozens of buildings burned... no one was killed.

But before you lament the failure... consider this... one of the hotels that was bombed that night was the La Farge House. It just so happened that there... on that fatefull night, the three Wilkes brothers were on stage at the same time. You know the Wilkes brothers...Edwin Thomas Booth... Janius Brutus Booth Jr... and the youngest...

John Wilkes Booth.

You see... had the fire bombing of New York been successful, John Wilkes Booth never would've survived to assassinate The Tyrant Lincoln... Just six months later.

And you'll never hear that on Paul Harvey... but it certainly is... The Rest of the Story.
I Give You...

The Battle Flag of the 4th Kentucky Infantry... Part of the Orphan Brigade. I believe this speaks for itself.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Le Belle Rebelle

Its been some time since I posted on the War for Southron Independence, and I think its time I rectified. Most of my posts seem broad... nay... sweeping where this subject is concerned... so for once, let us focus on but one or two individuals.

In the study of the war women are almost completely ignored beyond their roles as mothers, daughters, and wives. This is not to disparage those roles... but to point out the bravery and sacrifice of one or two who did something else.

Bell Boyd was born in Martinsburg Virginia... which is now called west Virginia. Though beautiful, she was always a tomboy... rough and ready. I believe 'spitfire' was a descriptor apt.

Her strange journey started in such a way that it must. During the time of struggle and strife in Martinsburg... Yankee forces were everywhere... and they were acting like Yankee Forces are known to act. They were pillaging... dominating... and mostly drunk. It was one such drunk soldier who unwittingly helped create one of the greatest spies in Confederate History... and all he got for his trouble was dead.

See... he was drunk... like yankee soldier most always were... and he was looking for a southron woman to rape... like yankee soldiers most always were. Being drunk through he chose the wrong house. Modern history books say that the young soldier insulted Bell Boyd's mother. The old timers in Martinsburg tell it differently. Bell found the soldier attempting to rape her mother. Bell did what any good daughter would do.

She shot the bastard.

From that day forth Bell knew she hated yankees more than anything else... and she vowed to do everything she could to see them defeated. Turns out everything she could, was quite a bit.

Bell began spying for the Confederacy, and did so quite successfully throughout the war. Stonewall Jackson himself credited as a great asset. She was arrested six times... but usually freed quickly because she was a woman. This turns out to be the main weapon in use by her detractors... yankee sympathizers all.. who argue that since the Union let her go, she must not have been important. One can never over-estimate the stupidity of yankee sympathizers.

There is to little space here to recount all of Belle's tales. She once rode 15 miles through union patrolled territory to deliver a message to Stonewall. She once ran through the front lines of a battle, and arrived to deliver her message with two bullet holes in her dress.

She was known as much for her beauty as her bravery... and that must've made her one fine looking young lady.

The other lady spy I shall mention is Rose O'neal Greenhow. She was a well established socialite in Washington when the war started... and you should read that to mean she had a lot to lose. Yet, instinctively she knew what was right, and set about gathering intelligence for the confederacy. Beauregard himself credited her with the victory at antietam... and of course, the usual suspects cast aspersions. A victorious general uses x information to make y decision which wins battle z, then writes that the person who provided x information to him was responsible for his victory. To any reasonable human this is proof enough.

Yankees aren't reasonable.

People often ask me why I am so one sided in my view of the War. Its simple really. What you are presented daily... on TV... in text... at school... its one sided. It is so far Union Biased that one taking anything less than a blind union psychofant stance, is seen as a confederate apologist.

Think about how differently we would know these two women, if they had been Union spies. There would be movies about them... Jessica Alba would be playing Bell. But they weren't Union... so not only are they forgotten... but they are even totally discredited.

On the other hand... you all watched Mathew Broderick make a hero out of one of the most vile, evil, and immoral individuals the war produced on either side. But it doesn't matter right? Hollywood showed him as a open minded, generous, kind hearted, benevolent, and brave hero... leading heroic blacks into battle. That's the definition of truth isn't it? Something that 100,000 million people have seen on film?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Belated ATF

Jeez... ya leave for a few days and look what happes...

You will forgive me my absence of course... I've been all over Tennessee and North Carolinia in search of furnishings for our home. In between I've also managed to find time for some serious firearms shopping.

I've now had the opertunity to compare Para, Kimber, and Springfield back to back to back... and here are a few thoughts. I started by only comparing weapons of similar price... and I was just going by what the store was asking. There was a Kimber Desert Warrior (1,350), a Springfield Stainless TRP (1,249), and a Para PXT (1,549). They had a Smith and Wesson but I don't check commie weapons.

First and foremost... lets talk about the obvious differences... The Kimber was by far the ugliest weapon. The para and the TRP were both bueatiful. The fit and finish of the Springfield was head and shoulders above the Kimber as well... and slightly better than the much more expensive Para.

Dry firing... lets be honest for a moment... These are three really sweet weapons. That's no lie. The TRP has the lightest pull.. Not an ounce over 3 pounds... probably more like 2.5. The para and the Kimber were both in the 4.5 range. There was an almost impersevable amount of slack in the trigger of the Kimber... none in either the Para or the Springfield.

Someday I may buy all three to do a legit test... but then again... Guntest magazine already did... and like always... the Springfield wins. So why bother?

I also played with several DAO weapons... I concluded that I have no idea what I would choose between a Springfield XD, a Taurus 24/7, or a Walther P99QA. I have no clue. I love all three... all three are marvels of engineering, design, and execution. Probly should just get one of each. I will say this... at 399 in .40... the Taurus is probably the best value.... but the Walther has much cool factor in its favor... and the springfield is the perfect median. Don't ask me... I have no idea which to buy.

I'll post more on booze and tobacco later... y'all be good... and leave Gregg alone... He's just trying to save you from your temptress wives.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Christian Wives

It is with dismay that I watch so many of my do-gooder friends ( I have two sets of friends... do-gooders, and hellians. Never the two shall meet) struggle in their marriages because their ideas of sex and their wive's ideas are so drastically different.


Listen up...

Go here. Look at those.

If that makes you uncomfortable... if you didn't just say, "COOL!" then you have a problem. The fact is if men liked virgins so much coitus wouldn't be a legal and religious requirement to create marriage. Dig?

Sex is good... it is right... and its something that you should embrace. No pun intended. Somewhere in you is a bad girl. You're married. Its time she came out. Sex is supposed to be fun. Throw down dammit.

And you young single men out there. Please... drop that stupid "I don't want a girl would would like that" crap. If you think you want to wake up with a cold-fish every morning for the rest of your life you're insane. Grow up. Be a man, and be honest about what you want. If you're to stupid to know what you want.... Join the Marines.

Let not this post reflect at all on my wife, or may opinions of her. She treats me like a rock star. This was inspireed by comment and contraversy elsewhere.

To the Left Liberal Mind the strife in the Middle East is easily sorted out. The Israelis have a home... they have a nation of their own... a place for Jews to live among Jews... governed by Jews. The astute Left Liberal is smug.. confident in his own worldly knowledge. He points out that it is the very same motivation the Palestinians have. They long for a home.. a place to be Palestinian among Palestinians.

He says things like this... then stands back and smiles... awaiting Pavlovian praise from the other certified ignorants with whom he keeps company.

I say we stuff them all into the barrel of a cement mixer with 50,000 thumbtacks... and maybe some salt. The left liberals... not the Palestinians...

The left liberal has no historical education and he has a diploma to prove it. He thinks the strife in the kitty litter box we call the middle-east began when the Jews moved in. Obviously he concludes that if the Jews were removed, the remaining folk would get along famously... sitting around in great sand washed circles singing Kum Ba Ya... with little more to fight about than who's turn it was with the camel.

The whole of history not-withstanding... this view could have some merit. Sadly... we don't omit history. We look to it, and we see centuries... nay... millennia of war and strife... torment and torture. But... just for fun... just to demonstrate the stupidity of the left liberal mind... let's play a game.

Lets pretend their right... and it really is just two peoples fighting over the same land... the land they each call home. Is this extraordinary? Hasn't this happened on just about every piece of land man has ever walked on? Are Red Indians running amok with tomahawks... scalping white men at the 7-11? Are the Aborigines of Australia throwing spears at the drunken Aussies?

Time and time again civilizations clash over land. What happens?

They fight it out until one side wins. That is the only way to peace... through absolute victory. And what is absolute victory? I many cases its wholesale destruction... slaughter so complete that there can be no doubt. That is what it will take to settle this thing, and so even accepting the left liberal explanation of events... their own frame of the conflict still paints the same picture they hope to confront. War is the answer. There will be no peace.

What they miss even more than this though... is there pathetic assumption that the end of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will bring peace to the region.

For centuries the savages battled among themselves... they ally themselves begrudgingly. Only against an ancient and hated common enemy, more powerful than any one of them separately. If that common enemy was removed... the region would degenerate back to the savage vs. savage bloodletting that has plagued it for time eternal.

The answer to this problem... is to ignore it. Let Israel handle the matter. There will never be peace in that region until the savages there are brought to heal and bred out of existence, just like the savages that once roamed North America.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Periodically throughout my life I read the Bible. By that, I mean, perhaps 3 times, I have read The Book cover to cover. I've come to that place again I suppose, and this time I decided to try it by means of commentary... That of Matthew Henry to be specific. I find it fascinating as a historical and theological resource. I also find it embarrassing.

Theologically speaking, my search goes backwards... not forwards. The new teachings of today are mostly disregarded with little examination. Invariably they are like Frankenstein's monster... unrelated parts thrown together with just enough skill to produce something destructive.

The man who wrote these commentaries was born in 1680. These thoughts are not young... and they are sound. One can tell, by way the way they expose further genius in the Book itself. When reading, one has a little more clarity in the divine inspiration, because honestly, men as a group are not artful enough to weave such a work. Modern theological writings do not impress me the same way. Modern theologians do not know the Bible the way Matthew Henry did.

And since now the prelude is longer than the subject itself... perhaps its time to get on with it. Also... make no mistake... what follows is my own thinking... I claim no inspiration what-so-ever. Decide what you will.

There is a great deal to learn from the events of the Garden. Henry's commentary covers matters precisely. He points out conclusively that while Eve sinned, hers was not the Original Sin that damned Mankind to death. Her curses were listed specifically.

Modern Christians blame Eve, but God was harsher on Adam. Why?

There are those who teach that the instructions about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil were not given to Eve by God Himself, but by Adam... and that Adam didn't explain the matter correctly.

See... Adam was told not to eat the fruit of that tree, but that he could eat all other fruits and herbs. But when Eve is discussing the matter with the Serpent (and its a good time to point out that the serpent probably didn't look like a snake... because God hadn't cursed it to crawl upon its belly yet) she thinks she's not supposed to touch the fruit or even look at it.

It was this confusion that gave Satan his opening.

He questioned Eve's teaching... and notice also, that he did this when Eve was separated from Adam. His questioning caused insecurity in her. Such that she looked at the tree. Now remember... previously Eve thought looking at the Tree was as bad as touching it which was as bad as eating the fruit. But when she looked, she saw that it looked like the other trees in the Garden. It was beautiful. Nothing bad happened. So she took the next step... lead by Satan of course... and touched and smelled the fruit... and again... nothing happened. Why then should she expect that something bad would happen when she ate the fruit?

And so the house crumbles for lack of teaching.

Do you think this doesn't go on today?

The Church is so hung up on avoiding sin, it actually ends up creating sin. Through confusion, the power of the commands are lost. Minor transgressions... and things that aren't transgressions at all, are called sin, in an attempt to avoid sin... yet it only serves to muddy the waters, and create a path by which people are lead astray.

I am taught that I shouldn't drink alcoholic beverage... .

Yet when I study and learn that the drinking of alcohol is not sin at all... then do I not begin to question everything I am taught?

I am unimpressed with the teaching of the modern Church. It appears to me she makes the same mistake as Adam.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


OK... so I officially have a logbook... and it has a grand total of .5 hours in it. But the point is... I have a log book dammit.

I thought I was going up in a 175, but instead we took the Piper Warrior. Its a low wing four seater, and I liked it quite a bit. The whole ordeal took a little over 2 hours... about 1.25 hours of which was actually in the aircraft.

I was walked through the pre-flight check and the start up checklist... then I was familiarized with the 6 main guages.... I won't go into all the boring details tonight... tonight I'll just tell ya... I had a freakin' ball.

The instructor taxi'd around... called the tower... and off we went. Trim to take-off position... throttle up... 60mph... pull back on the wheel.... up we go. I thought the instructor took us off... but he later told me I did it. We climbed to 4k... then trimmed for level flight. I executed a few turns... a few climbing turns.. a few decending turns... Then practiced turning to a heading. The instructor would call it... I'd go there... and ya know? On that old plane... you really gots to stomp those pedals. Dayum.

Anyway... Ya know what's up there y'all? Freedom. Freedom is up there. No cops. No speedlimits. No stoplights. You take off... you go where you want, when you want.

Is it expensive? Yes. Yes it is. The warrior eats about 9 gph... making a flight to the gulf coast cost about 320 bucks round trip. Not significantly different than taking the Titan, but not cheap.

It's not about money though... its about accomplishing a lifelong goal... doing something I've been dreaming of since I was 2-years-old.

And besides... it's a lot easier to bug out when you have an airstrip in your back yard. Dig?
We Apologize

Man its quiet around here. Ah well... I can't help not posting. I have crap to do. For example... at 3:00pm CST I'll be flying a Cessena 175. That should be fun. I've never actually flown before. If I have a good time, I'm gonna get my private pilots license. That should be fun... especially for a feller with a runway in his backyard.

I've just got to many projects... to many irons in the proverbial fire. Ah well... we do what we can.

Pity me.