Thursday, September 29, 2005

And So It Begins

Well... here we are... We've been running around like fools packing up this and that for our first interview trip. We're headin' down to Crossville, TN today... prolly leavin' around noon or so. If you're unfamiliar with Tennessee, Crossville is in pretty much the mid-point between Nashville and Knoxville. It's a nice little town of about 12,000 or so up on the plateau.

We love the plateau y'all... It's rough country... Carst topography... great caves.. lots of water. Excellent huntin', and the land's cheap. Fall Creek Falls ain't far... and, best of all, I would live on the same road that JAC does... albeit a couple hundred miles south of him.

Goose and I went to college just 30 minutes west of Crossville in Cookeville. Oh.. sorry... Goose is another name for DrWho. DrWho is just her blog name... her nicknames are Goose and Who. No one actually calls her DrWho to my knowledge. To our friends she's Who.

Anyway, Crossville is, so far, the best shot we have at landin' in TN. The interview thing should be a little odd... since Who will be out there cavortin' with the folks in the Anesthesia Group, while some real-estate agent is cartin' me around to look at houses and such.

Wonder what that real estate agent is gonna say when I start asking about load bearing capabilities and other structural engineering issues... I can hear the conversation now...

"So.. do you know of any underground bunkers for sale around here?"

"ummm... We have this lovely colonial in a great little neighborhood... it has almost an acre of land with it!"

"Yeah... I'm looking for something more along the lines of an abandoned nuclear missle silo."

"Well... We do have this nice little ranch... it has a very open floorplan."

"Does it have windows?"

"Oh yes sir! Windows all over the place!"

"I don't like windows. I don't want any windows anywhere."

"Well... how about a Saltbox?"

"Does it have murder holes?"

"Murder holes?"

"How about blast doors? Does it have a blast door?"

"Blast door?"

"At least tell me it has a deep well, self contained power generation, and access to a navigable water way that leads all the way to international waters."

"Oh look at the time..."

Hehehehe.. this should be fun. Anyway... I'm gonna be out until Saturday most likely. So don't expect much outta the ol' Bloggerblaster till the 1st. I'll be checkin' in out as much as I can. Y'all be cool.

By the way... Did I mention JAC recently turned 40???



Can you believe that shit?

I sent him a sympathy card and a sample of Viagra.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Drove My Chevy to the Levy...

But the The Man blew the levy up to kill black people.

Interesting... Black people kill black people in huge numbers all the time... without the need to employ massive flooding or other old testiment type methods... But when white folks want to kill black people, they have to resort to this sort of thing.

There is anger seething in the cities friends. I've walked through those projects in Memphis and Nashville. Some would call it scary. I really didn't consider it scary so much... but I certainly took severe precautions when I went there. Lets face it.. a white man banging on a black man's door in the projects... that's a little like askin' for trouble. Funny though... Its no different than walking around any other predator. You carry yourself like a victim, you'll be one.

The anger there can't be denied though... and with idiots like Farukan throwing gas on the fire, it's only a matter of time till she blows.

I look at all the conflicts boiling in America today and marvel that she stands at all. White vs. Black. Black vs. Mexican. Conservative vs. Liberal. Rural vs. Urban. Atheist vs. Christian. Muslim vs. Everyone. Democrat vs. Republican...

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I got a buddy in knoxville... every gun show that rolls around (4 per year) he buys an AK-47, 1000 rounds of ammo, sticks them in a 50 gallon drum, and buries it in his back yard. He's been doin' this for over a decade, though he admits he's missed some shows.

I'd say that's one way to do it.

You're low on funds? Save up. You don't need much. A good rifle, a good sidearm, and a good knife. That's what ya need. That will keep the bad man away, and probably provide a means to get the other stuff.

But if ya already have that stuff, or you're in the savin' mode... what to do in the mean time?

Plan. Think. Mentally prepare. Prepare your family. Make sure they understand what do to... If. If... If anything.

It doesn't do you any good to think about this stuff if your family isn't on board. Does DrWho think I'm a looney? No. It's like a hobby to her. She likes it. But it's not new to her. Its something that was done incrimentally. Its not like she came home from work one day to a paranoid husband.

Her husband became more and more paranoid over time... so it was easier to deal with... in fact... she decided to go ahead and get a little paranoid to.

You need "Bail Out" signals for your family. Things that can alert them, and trigger plans instantly, with no additional communication. Now.. that's tough... and it takes a lot of trust. It can save your lives though.

Read. Think. Prepare your family.

You can also find like minded friends... network with them... plan together. But not to much...

Monday, September 26, 2005


I am sitting here watching talking heads discuss the benefits of giving the Depart of Defense the reigns on natural disasters. They are specificly saying that Posse Comatatis (which they described as a law passed to protect the Confederate States) should be scrapped, so when something bad happens the US Army can have various powers. They listed the power to stop traffic... to arrest people... and to sieze property.

People are buying this. People are swallowing it whole heartedly without ever thinking of the tremendous evil this will lead to.

Kids... this law is going to pass. Cat 5 hurricanes blow around in the atlantic pretty often. About once every 3 to 5 years on average.

It's all over boys. Done.

For decades now we've been screaming that the Democrats were killing the country. But in the end, it was a Republican that started it, and a Republican that finished it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Whatsit Pokes Out Its Head

I did a double take during a news broadcast this morning.

There I was... Talkin' with Jeb... givin' Eli a bottle... Fox News was on, but it was just background noise. I wasn't paying attention.

Then I heard it...

I don't know what made me start paying attention... maybe its the fact that the more I see Dubya, the more he looks like Darth Vader himself.

Anyway... Lord Vader was having a Huricane briefing... with his military advisors... and if that's not creepy enough... right in the middle of it... in a moment of blunt honesty... he asks this question:

"Exactly how bad does a disaster have to be, before the Department of Defense takes becomes the lead agency?"

I shit you not. I put the baby down... went and got the .40 and strapped it to hip right then and there.

You think that's not a big deal? You think that question doesn't mean anything?

He's asking what has to happen for him to declare martial law people. Believe me when I tell you... The Whatsit is looking for information. The Whatsit wants rid of the seperation of powers once and for all.

So... Just what do I have to do to enslave the whole damned population?

Go Time Approaches my friends. The writing is on the wall. You that still believe the Republicans give a rats ass about you or your individual rights better wake up. The Democrats may kill with paralyzed in-action in a bad situation. Republicans will actively kill you. They will evict you, disarm you, stick you on a bus and ship you God knows where.

All for your own good.

Tell me Billy Boy... How ya explain that away? How do you reconcile the question Bush asked with your limited government beliefs?

Katrina's most important victim will be Posse Comatatis.

I stongly suggest you begin networking my friends. Who do you know that thinks like you? Who is prepared, and who will be dead weight? How's your BoB? Do you know your escape routes? Did you plan on the Feds blockading the backroads? Contingency plans?

Time to brainstorm people.

Time to prepare... because before to long... It will be time to go.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

NFL Picks: Week 3

Carolina at Miami: Carolina
Atlanta at Buffalo: Buffalo
Cincinnati at Chicago: Cincinnati
Cleveland at Indianapolis: Indy
Tennessee at St. Louis: CHANGE - New Pick St Louis
Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets: Jacksonville
Tampa Bay at Green Bay: Tampa Bay
Oakland at Philadelphia: Philadelphia
New Orleans at Minnesota: New Orleans
Arizona at Seattle: Seattle
Dallas at San Francisco: Dallas
New England at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh
N.Y. Giants at San Diego: San Diego
Kansas City at Denver: Kansas City

Last Weeks Record: 7-9. Stupid Cowboys.

Changed Pick: Albert Haynesworth is out for the game. Titans can't win without him.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Drink Up!

Gawd Amighty! We've been dealin' with these heavy... cantancerous type subjects to much... Where's the booze talk dammit?

I for one am sittin' here nursin' a Rollin' Rock. I know I know... The beer snobs out there are gonna turn up their collective noses. Piss on 'em. It's plain old pale beer. I like plain ol' pale beer. I like it just fine. No reason to pay all that extra money for that Sam Adams crap that I can't stand to drink.

That Sam Adams beer.... I notice its got all these different flavors... Flavors... in beer? Who in the blue hell wants flavored beer? Beer is a flavor dammit. Damn Boston yankees can shove that honey flavored mess straight up their summer brewed asses.

Corona. That's a beer dammit. Dos Equis. That's another one. Them mexicans.... two things they can do... Cut grass, and make beer. The music ain't bad either...

On the other fronts... another reader is buyin' a Springfield. This one is an XD... I want ya to know that every time someone buys a Springfield I put another notch on my belt. I take satisfaction in knowing that quality firearms are being distributed, and I'm aiding the process.

And how bout it? God has decided to do us the favor of washing what little filth that remains of New Orleans away... If that's not a smokin' occasion... what is?

How about that anyway? Everyone frettin' that New Orlean's would be hit again. That's about stupid. Everything on that coast is shit-canned. Who cares if it gets hit again?

What's the matter? You don't like your garbage flooded? No one is in New Orleans. Everything is already ruined there. Why wouldn't would want it to get the worst of the storm? What? You'd rather have another city totally trashed?

Good thinkin'!

Anyway... It's a good night to light up last cuban label up here... Done runned out... Ah well.. I'm gonna be paroled soon anyhow. May as well.

Whatcha Drinkin? Whatcha Smokin? Whatcha Carryin?
Fire, Containment, and Jet Fuel

I am not a moderate. I'm not mainstream. The name I wear proudly is Radical Extremist. It seems fairly obvious as to why. To me, its simply a matter of causation. If the nation had been moderately altered, then I would be a moderate. Because moderate action would suffice to fix the problem.

Such is not the case. Radical change has taken place. Extreme leftward motion has occured, and therefore, extreme rightward motion is required to return her to her original place.

The reality of our world dictates, that unfortunately, we cannot vote our government into shrinking. Leviathan is like a fire. It can start small, and be gradually fed into a huge demonic beast... but once it's a beast, its very very difficult to simply stop feeding it and let it go away.

Ever tried to deprive a forest fire of oxygen? Good luck with that.

When a fire reaches a certain point, you have options... actively fight it, or let it burn until it kills itself... Option two requires some type of containment.

Containment should sound familiar. Conservatives knew that Communism, like fire, required new fuel to continue to burn. So they attempted to limit the new fuel (new territory), and allow the communism to simply burn itself up. It worked.

What is missed today, is that as America passed the point of socialism (1930s) it ceased to produce enough to sustain itself. It now requires more and more external fuel. Rather than consuming new territory, so far, America has simply opted for debt.

Our choices are clear. We can simply attempt to contain the fire, and allow it to destroy itself. This appears to be the strategery the Republicans give lip service to. Of course, it is just lip service, as when they get into power they throw gas on the fire like the crazed pyromaniacs they are. The strategy of the democrats is to simply deny that fire is a destructive force. After all, if the entire world burned to rubble, then the entire world is equal, and equality is the most noble goal there is.

Right about now, the fire is nearing Dresden intensity. Dubya's tax cut was the rough equivelent of squirting it with a watergun. The Prescription Drug Benefit, and No Child Left Behind were the equivelent of dropping 20,000 gallons of jetfuel on it. So much for containment.

Fire must be put out violently. Either by deluge, or suffocation. You can flood her out, or you can stamp her out. Either way, you have to get in there and get it done. You can't stand on the edge and spit at it.

Governments are shrunk only when they are forced too. Men with guns make the rules. When the government has the guns, it makes the rules. If it wants more power, it takes it. This will go one until guns are leveled at the Government, and it is forced to either crawl back to its hole, or fight.

Unfortunately, they almost always fight.

Rome burned itself out... and now, nothing remains at all.

I prefer the quick and violent confrontation, to the slow burn. At least that way, there's usually something left to rebuild.

One way or another the United States is dieing.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cultural Ignorance

The Far Left and the Far Right are similar. Doesn't that just sound so intelectual? Why I get a thoughtful buzz just typing it. I suppose it somehow links to the do-gooder notion that moderation is always best... see if that's the case, than it must be best to be somewhere in the middle politically.

This is of course... nonsense.

Bill stepped in it royally by quoting some moron over at the "Center For Cultural Learning" which is no doubt some post-modern attempt at an Ex-Republican Reform School. Over there we find these gems:

On 9/11: In short, both Far Left and Far Right were in essential agreement that the United States deserved such comeuppance and judgment; they simply disagreed over the transgressions that warranted such tragedy.

On The Founding Fathers: They formed a government unlike any in the history of the world, and they conducted an amazing political experiment that has been dramatically — one might wish to say, miraculously — successful.

On Christian America: And Christians here have not surrendered their allegiance to Jesus Christ when they maintain patriotism toward the United States.

Now... I am as far right as they come. You didn't see me saying the US got what it deserved on 9/11. Granted... I didn't shed a lot of tears... but come on... It's New York. When Montgomery gets bombed... then I'll be pissed. I've got no more in common with those yankee pricks than I do with the Arabs. My attitude is best described as wary indifference. I'm more worried about what the critters in DC will do to me because of 9/11 than I am about some drooling idiot who'd rather be off sodomizing a dromadari.

Saying that the far left and far right are the same requires that one ignore the stated goals of each. To simply state that each are anti-establish roughly tells 10% of the story.

The Far Left is... actually... the moderate left... is dedicated to the ideals of centralized power and big federal power.

The Far Right is dedicated to the ideals espoused in our Constitution... those of decentralized power, states rights, individual rights, and self-reliance.

While each are anti-establishment, one is demonstratably against the founder's vision, and one is quite obviously for it.

So what is patriotism? Is it loyalty to a flag? Or is it loyalty to ideals? The Founding Fathers were patriots. Not because they were loyal to any country. After all.. when they were fighting, this country didn't even exist yet. They were patriots because they were loyal to the ideals of freedom, independence, and self-reliance. That's the foundation of american patriotism.

Claiming the experiment was a success, while the core principles have been publicly shat on, isn't patriotic. It's assinine. Claiming that it isn't un-Christian, to blindly support a government that observable reality proves to be contradictory to Christian tradion, isn't patriotic. It's assinine.

And using the words of a few religious nutcases to paint the Far Right, so as to neatly fit your moderatation inspired ignoramous world-view, isn't clever.

It's Assinine.

And Mr Andrew Sandlin... Please... Pucker up and Kiss My Anti-Establishment Ass.

Christ was Anti-Establishment.
Comment Gold

Midgets should wear bells, like a cat, lest one of us twist an ankle.
- nick digger

That's going on the Bloggerblaster T-Shirt. Dammit.

Here's the article on that JetBlue flight. Please note that... for some reason... even though the plane was flying very very low passengers had a hard time getting their cell phones to work. Not at all like those folks say... flight 93.
Those Will Not See

Bill opines:
"This wouldn't have happened if the government hadn't de-regulated airlines. It was probably global warming that caused the tires to catch on fire, and it's Bush's fault for using all the good planes to search for the missing WMD's in his blood-for-oil war in Iraq!"

Cute. You can almost see Bill walkin' around with his "Lets Go Elephants" shirt... waving his pom-pom. Bill's a Republican Fan see. He cheers for the red team. My next door neighbor on the other hand, is a Democrat Fan. She cheers for the blue team.

One is understandibly more excited than the other of course... as the Red Team is on a helluva win streak. After the last election, the red fans were waving brooms. SWEEP!

And girls and boys... this is what politics in America is reduced too. It's not about ideology, or goals, or changing policy. It's about who's team is winning.

On the left, The PowerPuff Girls over at MoveOn.ORG are all in a tissy, because the elected dems won't talk like the liberals they are. While Dora and her friends over at Powerline have the opposite problem... Their elected officials talk like conservatives while the government grows like Kudzu.

So... We're not in a New Deal Redux eh? Wasn't No Child Left Behind one of the largest spending bill of all time? And wasn't it topped by the Prescription Drug benefit? In fact, the PBD was the single largest spending bill ever.

But Dubya's a conservative! I know this because he gave us a little tax cut!

Conservative my ass.

This country hasn't had an effective conservative President in damned near 100 years. Reagen wasn't a conservative. Or if he was, he was a totally ineffective conservative. Ok... he appointed Scalia. Great. He also cancelled out Scalia's vote with that wench O'Connor. Like I said...

The government grows and grows... and conservatives ignore the fact that their team is no different from the other team.

But how can it be the same??? They cheer for the Red team. Those stupid democrats cheer for the blue team.

See? They're not the same. One's red, and one's blue.

Hey... if ya can't steal a joke... what can ya steal?

Crusty old Air Force Senior Master Sergeant (SMS) Smith found himself at a gala event, hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young, idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant for conversation.

She said, "Excuse me, Sergeant, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?". "Negative, ma'am," Senior Master Sergeant Smith said, "Just serious by nature."

The young lady looked at his awards and decorations and said, "It looks like you have seen a lot of action."The SMS's short reply was, "Yes, ma'am, a lot of action."

The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation, said, "You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself."The SMS just stared at her in his serious manner.

Finally the young lady said, "You know, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?"

The SMS looked at her and replied, "1955."

She said, "Well, there you are. You really need to chill out and quit taking everything so seriously! I mean, no sex since 1955! Isn't that a little extreme?"

Senior Master Sergeant Smith, glancing at his watch, said in his matter-of-fact voice, "You think so? It's only 21:30 now."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Helluva Job Jet Blue

If you didn't see it tonight, Jet Blue Flight 292 had some landing gear problems. The front gear wouldn't raise, and the wheels themselves were locked perpendicular to the fuselage. They handled the situation as perfectly as it could be handled. The pilot knew there was a problem just seconds after take off. He did a flyby so the tower could get a look and see what was wrong. He then burned off fuel over the pacific, and landed it at LAX.

I think we all expected to see the gear snap off, but amazing it held. The tires burst into flames and burned away to nothing, but the gear just scraped on down the runway, and held just fine.

I wanna know how you perform when the shit hits the fan. Well... the shit hit the fan, and Jet Blue smoked it. Toss one back for 'em.
Jewish Lesbians and Other Glorious Stupids

The modern perception of religion among the "reform" types is so horribly twisted sometimes one can't help but laugh. Such was the case yesterday when I was surfin' around over at Vox's and encountered comments by one who proudly proclaimed herself a Jewish Lesbian, who apparently had been married by what she called a "reform rabbi".

Now those of you who've been around probably figure this is just an odd way to kick off bad joke wednesday... This has to be a shaggy dog.... right?


In this ignorant mind, Jews are more tolerant of homosexual activity than Christians. Jews. You know. The ones who live and die by the law. Homosexuals despise the old testament... and yet she goes out and chooses the religion the never got past it.

This relates well to the thinking often found in American Atheists. Its not at all that they don't like religion. It's that they don't like Christianity. Both believers and atheists are products of the Church. We like taking credit for the one, but don't like to be blamed for the other.

In the end, this person who was trying so hard to come across as rational, simply exposed herself to be anything but. She was desperate to prove that women were logical and clear thinking... but with every word and every paragraph she simply demonstrated the opposite.

This is what happens folks when women are let loose... When they lose male influence... You end up with Jewish Lesbians who are to inteligent to raise children.

Ask me again why I refuse to live in a city.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Birthday!

She's an MD... She's about to finish her residency... and she's got two little boys. I'd say.... She should be thirty shouldn't she?


As of today, she is.

Happy Birthday DrWho.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

NFL Picks: Week 2

W-Tennessee over Baltimore
L-New England over Carolina
L-Detroit over Chicago
W-Cincinatti over Minnesota
W-Pittsburg over Houston
W-Indianapolis over Jacksonville
W-Philly over San Fran
W-Tampa Bay over Buffalo
W-Seattle over Atlanta
L-San Diego over Denver
L-Green Bay over Cleveland
L-Miami over the Jets
L-Oakland over Kansas City
New Orleans over the Giants
Dallas over Washington

I'm ignoring last weeks picks. Because they sucked.
Fulmer Sucks

I hate him. I hate his moronic decision making... or should I say... total lack there of. I hate the fact that every one, at some time or another out coaches him... either in preparation or play calling.

The Tennessee D did exactly what I said it would do last night. Leak looked good in the first quarter, but soon the hits got the better of him. The boy was dazed through the rest of the game.

This is when any other coach would've been stepping on the throttle.

Time after time Florida came up with big plays... and time after time UT's D held them up. But in the end, it became painfully obvious that the D was gonna have to get that big turnover if UT wanted to win. They just didn't get it.

It's classic UT. Seemed like every time they gave the ball to Riggs he gained 9 yards. Then florida stops him a couple times, and that's it. UT stops running the ball. They start going with these bizarre flanker screens that just don't work in the SEC.

Days like today.... I just hate being a Tennessee fan.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Draining the Swamp

A little more than 12 hours from now the Volunteers will invade the Swamp. No doubt the Volunteer Navy's bi-annual blockade of Gainesville is already taking effect. Oh sure... the Florida Gay-Tors are saying all the right things so far. They are putting on the necessary show of bravado for the cameras. But in the end, the Vols have won 2 in a row in the Swamp, and 3 of the last 4. The Clausen family is undefeated in the Swamp. For the record, Casey's straight younger brother, Rick, will be starting at QB for the Vols.

Tonight isn't so much a contest though... it is an initiation.

Urban Meyer brings his fancy "Spread Option" offense to Gainseville as head coach. It's a flashy little concept that is based on the Shotgun, and mixes in everything from the shovel pass to the option... and allows the QB to go deep at almost any time.

For all its fireworks though, there is one glaring problem with this "Urban Warfare". See... while it's destroyed teams like BYU and Pitt... it's never actually been tried against a team that... you know... plays defense. And that's really the key there when it comes to judging an offense... not how good is it against Sister Mary's School for the Blind. How good is it against Alabama or Tennessee?

Chris Leak... the Gay-Tor quarterback may be thinking a loss tonight is his biggest fear. But after analyzing Urban's offense, I think after about a quarter or so, he's going to realize that losing a game isn't nearly as bad as losing his entire football career. See... Someone really should've explained to Coach Meyer that in the SEC... its actually a pretty good idea to at least try to protect your quarterback. As is? He has no tight-end.... no fullback.... In short... he's gona be naked back there.

Oh I know... I can hear you Gay-tor fans crying already... "The Ol' Ball Coach didn't throw to no damned tight-end!" It's not about throwing you sissy-marys. It's about protection. Its about blocking. Besides... do the names Erron Kinney and Ben Troupe mean anything to you?

Florida is going to be facing a Vols D that is most likely the best in the country. Its a defense that could shut down anyone on any given series last year, and oh yeah... all they did was return 10, count them 10, starters. They are gonna blitz from everywhere, and Meyer isn't gonna have anyone back there to save Leak from them.

On the other side... UT is gonna hand the ball to Riggs, and let the Bid Dog eat. Power Football. Bear Bryant used to say that you couldn't build a strong D if all you did was practice against a finess offense. In order to learn to take a punch to the face, you have to get punched in the face.

The Gay-Tor D has been chasing wideouts and playing footsy with Urban's pantywaist offense all summer. It don't take a genius to figure what the Bear would think of this matchup.

I hope ya like Rocky Top. If you tune into CBS around 8:00pm... you'll be hearing it alot.

Friday, September 16, 2005


So this morning... I'm going through a standard morning routine... Jeb's playin' in his playroom. Eli's still sleepin'... I'm surfin'... with the standard playlist rotating through in the background, while I sip some semi-fresh coffee.

Now.. ya have to understand that by 'playlist' I mean a collection of well over 2000 recordings. I simply get up and let it start where ever it left off... so I have no idea what's coming next.

Then it hits me...

A single... impossibly tightly tuned, kevlar snare... The standard cadence kick... An acented down beat rimshot that shouts "Pay attention boys, the shit is fixing to go down." Its followed by 3 8th-notes... then another accented downbeat... then three more 8th-notes... followed by a solo measure to intro the cadence.

That's how it starts... every time. My heartrate still jumps 50 beats per minute every time I hear it. It's amazing really... I'm sitting here at a computer... and sound alone... causes an instant physiological reaction. Pavlov would be proud.

For close to a decade I was that guy. I was the center snare in the badass drumline. My drumline. For those who've never experienced the power drums have on crowds... well... their skepticism is understandable... but there is a reason that army's have forever marched to drums.

We all have multiple talents... but we almost always have one that stands far and away above the others... and that was mine. Sky's blue. Water's wet. I can drum. Things other people had to work at... I didn't... I could just do it. Anything. Show me one time, and there it was. Sure, I had to build endurance chops... there's no way around that... but when it came to agility and dexterity... I simply had it. I could site read like a machine... I could memorize complex music in half the time the other guys in the line could.


Was I born with it? If I was... how did I know I was? JAC drummed... so one could argue that I just followed in his footsteps. OK.. I can see that... but lots of kids had older brothers in the line... and talent varied insanely from brother to brother. And if I knew because of JAC... then how did JAC know?

Progressives look at all this and see environment at work.

But this morning... when that lone snare kicked off the Blue Devils... my heart rate spiked to 120... I sat here.... sippin' the coffee... lettin' my mind replay all those days.... it's amazing how a decade of memories can flash through you in 4 seconds ya know? But then out of the corner of my eye... I realize Jeb is behind me. Staring at the speakers...

I put my hand on his chest... and his heart is racing. I'm not really sure I can explain the emotion that caused... Some may describe as pride... but I don't think it was that... it was some holy concoction of love, pride, anticipation, and joy.

I decided to experiment a little, so I switched to a different song... Jeb immediately shouted in protest, and even grabbed the mouse to change it back himself.

The boy was hooked at the first rimshot.

I know the feeling.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Failure of Compulsory Education

You can lead a horse to water, but ya can't make him drink.

See kids... you can't educate anyone, for education to occur, they must choose to be an active participant. It takes a whole lot less energy to ignore you than it takes you to talk. It takes more than mere presence.

I watch this business in New Orleans... which follows the same sort of business in Cincinatti... and Los Angles... and... and... and... and I conclude that we are simply failing. Or more accurately put.. we have failed. We have failed to impress upon the black and the poor our own value of education.

50 years ago folks in the south, who by the way had more experience with blacks than folks in any other region of the country, said that blacks would never integrate, and that de-segregating the schools would accomplish nothing. They were blown off. They were from the South right? They must be racists.

Except here we are. 50 years later. Still we have, in every large city in America, totally black schools that are utterly pathetic. They are less schools, and more day-time prisons. Places the black folks in the inner city send their kids during the day to make sure they aren't running the streets.

They have nothing to do with education.

These prisons do perform a funtion. They keep some kids out of trouble. They allow some kids to get into sports... and that gets them out of the jungle... They may even, on the rare occasion, not totally prevent a kid from learning on his own.

These things however, have nothing to do with actual education.

The only way to fix this is to end compulsory education. We have to get these kids out of the schools. These kids who have no interest in being there, must go. Build another place for them... put up monkey bars they can play on... feed them... give them toys and games... organize sports teams... whatever... just don't pretend its a school.

This post is as UnPC as you will ever read, but the fact is, the races don't want to integrate. They don't want anything to do with each other. Blacks don't choose to hang out with whites. Whites don't choose to hang out with blacks. Any trip to any club, or school in the country will demonstrate this to be observable reality.

We've spent trillions in the war on poverty to try to change it. And for those trillions... we've gotten nothing in return.

Oh sure.. there are some black folks in the suburbs... and there are highly educated black folks too. But those were around in the 50's too. So that's not progress. That's not a change.

Blacks in general do not want schools. They want day care for teenagers.

That's what they get.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Unintentional Comedy

Few things entertain me like seeing a bunch of bureaucrats or government blowhards... Senators in this case... utterly obliterated by a higher intelect. Since apparently all the slugs in DC were busy yeterday, they called a lawyer and asked him to sub, and he handled the job quite well.

It may suprise you to learn that I watched the whole confirmation hearing yesterday, but watch it I did, often howling with laughter.

These blowhard, self-important, puffed up senators... who fancy themselves as the brightest of the bright... the enlightened few... simply were shown to be the total morons they are, by one man.

The process was a simple one, and it was simply repeated. Senator Moron spends 7 minutes pontificating on losely related topics then asks a simple questions designed to give John Roberts a little rope. Roberts, who has no notes, and no one helping him, gladly takes the rope. Another simple question is asked, and its intended to give Judge Roberts a little more rope... Roberts again, gladly takes the rope, and begins tieing a noose with it. The Senator is confident and happy now... He has Roberts right where he wants him... The last question comes in... If this, then this, then "HA! I've Got You! Then This and This and This! Right?"

And then Roberts simply says, "No." and explains graphicly why the Senator and his staff are wrong. He logicly illistrates his points, and backs them up with caselaw off the top of his head. In short, he takes the noose that he made from the rope that they gave him to hang himself, and he leaves them dangling from a tall tree.

Its highly amusing. The senators, after he answers are almost always so flumoxed that they are seen scrambling back to their papers to find something to read that will save their butts... and they always end up saying something that has nothing to do with Roberts answer.

This is a fun game kids, but it's not a game for the wee tots. IQ's 130 and above please, otherwise you, like the senators being humilated, are not going to be able to follow whats going on. Genius is not required, but you better bring some concentration, listening skills, reasoning skills, and basic logical thinking with you. Otherwise you're just going to see noise.

What did I learn yesterday?

Roberts is hiding more from Conservatives than he is from liberals. He obviously has contempt for Roe. But its not because of the conclusion so much as the language and the lack of logic in the writing. If you listened close, he, on at least two occasions specificly mocked the "emanations and penumbras". Once by name.

The senators missed it both times.

I believe the man would overturn Roe... but he'd replace it with a more logical explaination of privacy rights, baseing them not on any inferred meaning, but on the solid ground of Common Law.

He strikes me as a man who's more offended by poorly written decisions than the deaths of millions of unborn.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Prayer for Papapete

Papa's a regular around here folks. He's another alpha-male stay-at-home-dad type... his wife's also a doctor. He sends word that she's in the hospital. Please say a prayer for his family. She's apparently had an injury to her heart.. by infection or something...

Keep 'em close y'all.

And Papa.. you take care of yours, and if you get a spare moment send an update.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Raghead attack on LA

I swear to God... the first thing that went through my mind when I read this headline was..

"That would be awesome."

Why on earth would I care if LA was wiped off the planet? I would shed no more tears than I shed for the Canaanites.
Bear Spray

So WhiskeyGirl got back lastnight. She went to visit a friend who lives in D.C. Now, setting aside our shock, discust, and dismay that anyone would choose to live in such a God-forsaken Hell-hole, we can at least be happy about the fact that it apparently provides us with entertaining stories of urban ignorance.

One of which, I'm fixing to pass on to you.

I should start out by explaining that WhiskeyGirl's friend is a liberal... a die-hard liberal... and a government employee... and a feminist... and apparently she's even read this blog.


I'm sure she loved it.

But I digress. WhiskeyGirl and her friend went out to eat with some her friend's other friends one night. In a bit of serendipity, one of the girls started talking about her friend who went backpacking in Montana. I know this was serendipidous because Whiskeygirl is gonna be backing in Montana a couple weeks from now.


The little boy in question... and I only say little boy because he is obviously ignorant as a post*... was quite uncomfortable roughing it. He wasn't comfortable shittin' in the woods... so he held it. Plus... he didn't realize that it would so cold at night... ahem... in Montana... so he had a hard time sleeping as well. So he's cold... he can't sleep... he's constipated... oh yeah... and he's terrified of bears. But that's ok... because he brought a whistle.


Yes. You read that right. He brought a whistle. Because you know... Bears are terrified of whistles. You can stop a charging bear in a heartbeat with one. WhiskeyGirl somehow kept from laughing... Apparently one night a bear actually came by the tent.... and of course... our little Nancyboy couldn't sleep... so he heard the bear... and of course... he was terrified...

So now I offer you this priceless image;

A cityboy... from DC... constipated, and sleep deprived. Cold and scared... shivering with a whistle in his mouth... thinking to himself... "If that bear gets any closer.. I'm gonna blow this whistle! I'll blow it! I will! Don't make me blow this whistle!"

WhiskeyGirl of course asked, "Didn't you have a gun?"

And... this is a question you just don't ask in Washington D.C. Everyone at the table suddenly got very uncomfortable. One little girl spoke up... "We don't believe in guns."

I like that. They don't believe in guns. So guns don't exist? Typical liberal attitude. I don't like X so I'm going to ignore it. This suprised WhiskeyGirl though... she tried to explain that there are wild animals in the world who eat people. Even liberals... but the girl refused to believe it. She had decided that bears only existed in Montana and "places like that". So as long as she stayed out of those places she'd never have to deal with bears. And as long as she stayed out of places with bears, she'd never have to worry about needing a gun. Did I mention she lived in D.C.? Que the laugh track.

When WhiskeyGirl, who mind you is infinitely more tactful than myself, attempted to point out that bears live in just about every state in the union... the girl simply laughed and blew her off, "Ha! There's no bears in Illinios."

And did I mention our little genius lived in Chicago before she moved to D.C.?

What do you say to that? Well.. I mean... if you're not a complete ass? I am a complete ass, so I would've pointed out that she's an idiot. I would've made fun of her until she slunk off to cry in the bathroom. In fact, I would've probably kept making fun of her until all of her friends were deeply offended and angry... and stormed off in a huff... and I'd probably still be making fun of her today. WhiskeyGirl however, would not. Sadly, I wasn't there...

WhiskeyGirl went on to ask about the fella that our little NancyBoy was camping with... Apparently he didn't have a Whistle. He had spray. Bear Spray. You spray this stuff in the bear's eyes, and it makes the bear go away. I swear to God I'm not making this up. Mace for bears. I mean seriously... who QC's these ideas? Did it occure to anyone that in order to spray something in the bear's eyes, you actually need to be close to it? These morons obviously don't realize that we already have non-leathal deterants for bears... we call them .357 magnums. WhiskeyGirl adds that tourists show up in Montana with bells around their ankles. Apparently they want to make it a little easier for the bears to eat them... so they make sure the bears know where they are.

And urban folks think rural folks are ignorant?

I mean... This whole episode has me thinking of those idiot kids in The Blair Witch Project... the ones who we all thought were impossibly stupid. Yet... here they are. People who honestly believe the whole United States is made up of cities.

I leave you with this blurb...

Our little genius... the girl who knows there are no bears in Illinios... she thought backpacking was stupid. She couldn't imagine why anyone would do such a thing. When the kid who actually went tried to explain about the amazing things he saw... she just said, "Its America. Any view that's worth anything that you can walk to, you can drive to."

*Of course most people think posts are dumb, but I contend that there is no way of knowing that, since no one has tried to teach a post anything. Posts could well be very intelligent if we just had an open mind and attemted to educate them. It takes months for a human to learn to read. Spend 4 or 5 months trying to teach a post to read, then we'll see who's dumb.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hail to the Victor

Notre Dame 17 - Meeeechigan 10

Nuff Said.

*** Feel Free to cry here.***
NFL Picks:

St. Louis Rams over San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers over New Orleans Saints
Cincinnati Bengals over Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans over Pittsburgh Steelers *
Denver Broncos over Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers over Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals over New York Giants
Houston Texans over Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs over New York Jets
Minnesota Vikings over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars over Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins over Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers over Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts over Baltimore Ravens
Philadelphia Eagles over Atlanta Falcons

*Every week there is at least one major upset in the NFL. Parity is such that this is simply a reality of the league. No one is being analytical at all about Tennessee, besides perhaps Peter King over at Sports Illustrated. Pittsburgh is in real trouble on offense this year. Big Ben never threw much last year, and his favorite target is now a Giant. Trust is huge with young quarterbacks... so while McNair doesn't have Mason, its not nearly as big a deal, because McNair is... Well... Ben's got a long way to go before he can be compared to McNair.

The Steelers aren't going to be able to run on Tennessee... Ben will have to win it with his arm. He certainly didn't appear to have that kind of ability in the AFC Championship game last year.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Holy crap man... We've been bustin' our butts around here. I've not had time to blog nearly enough... I'm sitting here with at least 20 posts stuck in my head... and no time to type 'em out. GAH!

See... about a week and a half ago it occured to DrWho and I... We were just sittin' on the front porch swing... drinkin' some sweet tea... when it hit us...

It's September. We leave in Feburary.

That's not very far away boys and girls... and the house is not in sellin' shape. Well.. it is now... but it wasn't then! For the last several days we've been bustin' our asses... hanging trim... fixing all the little things that need fixing... prettying up this and that here and there... new ceiling in the Kitchen.. new face on the custom built in bookshelves... New paneling in the basement... new door trim... fixing all the screens in the storm doors.... Lots of little stuff, with some big stuff thrown in for good measure.

It all paid off though... as we had a couple real estate agents come by to see the place and they gave us some very very good news... I mean... Its very realistic that we could pocket 50 grand on this deal. And thats with a lowball asking price for a quick sale! Subtract every dime we've spent on house payments... subtract every dime we've spent on maintenence and improvement, and we will still finish in the black. Unbelievable.

On top of all that work... yesterday we installed a new 40 gallon fishtank... which totally deserves it's own post... and the DrWho's new Beast... from which I now blog. I mentioned I was getting her a new laptop... but we scraped that idea and went for a Media Center desktop.

Did I mention it has 4 gigs of RAM?

I can play Half-life 2 and Doom 3 at the same time... and with this 19 inch flat panel monitor... They would look so pretty.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


So there was this preacher at this little church... and he was havin' a bit of a fallin' out with the music director. They had been dealing with the matter privately... but eventually it began spilling over into the services.

For example.. on one sunday the preacher preached on re-committing yourself to Christ. But afterwords, the music minister lead the congregation in singing... "I Shall Not Be Moved."

The next sunday the preach preached on tithing... but the congregation was lead to sing, "Jesus Paid it All".

The next sunday, the preacher preached on the wickedness of gossiping... he was furious when the music director lead "I Love to Tell the Story".

At last the preacher was getting frustrated, and he announced the next sunday that he was considering retirement... of course... the congregation sang.. "Why Not Tonight?"

Finally.. the next sunday.. the preacher said that Jesus lead him to the church, and now Jesus was calling him away.

"What a Friend We Have in Jesus" was sung as he left.
Total Crap

Wow. That was without question the worst coverage of a competetive event that its ever been my sorry misfortune to witness. It was less a sporting event, and more a documentary.

DCI finals is made up of the final performancs of the top 12 drum corps from the semi's. Each show is roughly 10 minutes long... ESPN showed maybe... maybe 2 minutes of each show. The rest of the time was spent with BS filler.

It was clear that they didn't think the corps themselves were entertaining enough, so... no doubt some female producer decided to focus on BS emotional stories. I'm fuming here.

The misjudgements were to numerous to mention... but here are some notable ones...

- They talked about the Blue Coats drumline at length... then didn't show the drum break at all... in fact, they really didn't show anything that would make you think the Blue Coats had anything but an average drumline.

- They would show replays of part of the 2 minutes of each show... like you need a highlight when you only watched 2 minutes in the first place.

- They then yapped all the way through the highlight... Ya know.. I can't tell if that quad lick was clean or not if your running your damned mouth over the top of it...

- Those stupid NAMM comercials.

- Those stupid "posed in the smoke" intro things.

- Way to much time spent focusing on the guard fags.

See... DCI earned this coverage. PBS has been broadcasting it for 20 years... and the numbers were good enough that ESPN noticed and decided it wanted a piece of the action. But they totally blew it. Kids all over the country recorded the PBS production because it showed the complete shows. They watch them over and over again, and use them for ideas in their own marching shows.

Anyone who recorded that crap last night got 10 minutes of drum corp and 2 hours of trash.

Anyway... The Cadets destroyed everyone, like we all knew they would. They won every caption and tied the highest DCI score ever. 99.150.

The announcers called the show "The Greatest Drum Corp Performance of All Time".

Sure... but it wasn't great enough to show more than 3 minutes of it. Assholes.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DCI Championship

Strangely enough, it is being televised on ESPN2 tonight at 10pm. I don't know if they are showing the whole Top12 or not... Probably not since it's only scheduled for 2 hours. Either way... should be a rockin' show. I can't wait to see how ESPN treats it.

All of you who still thing band is just for geeks... I strongly suggest you watch tonight, and pay particular attention to the drumlines.

Complete rundown will follow later tonight or in the mornin'. Later kids.
A Gift

We at the Bloggerblaster are nothing if not generous. So... Here we go...

4 cups vanilla ice cream
3 or 4 Tbs Makers Mark (or 5... or...)
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/3 cup pure maple syrup (I perfer SpringTree, but I wouldn't turn my nose up to Reese)
1/2 bag of crumbled toffee
Grahamcracker crust

Let the ice cream sit out and soften until you can mix it. Mix all ingredients together, then pour into crust. Freeze... Eat...

All praise the Bloggerblaster.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Do You Know What Day It Is?

Today... gladiators will run through the T for the first time.

Today... 112 thousand fans will gather to worship in the house the General built.

Today... Rocky Top will be sung.

Today... Rocky Top will be sung... again... and again.

Linebackers will seek and destroy. Defensive Ends will plant Quarterbacks... Running Backs will plaster corner backs like Peterbuilts smashing tricycles.

Today... The University of Tennessee Volunteers take the field for the first time.

Today is a religious holiday my friends... and I invite you to its most holy shrine.

Strap it up.

It's Game Day.

*** And yes.. I just spend 120 bucks so I could watch. ***

Friday, September 02, 2005

Open Letter to the Mayor of New Orleans

***Warning: Insanely Strong Language Below***

Dear Sir,

Fuck your whining. Fuck your pathetic uban take-care-of-me attitude. Fuck your city. Fuck the looters. Fuck rapists. Fuck the murders. Fuck the cops who're just as bad. Fuck the engineers that designed the levies. Fuck the politicians who sat on their hands and watched them break. Fuck builders who put neighborhoods in their shadows. Fuck the real estate agents who sold those houses. Fuck the morons that decided that living in a bowl next to one of the largest lakes in America was a good idea. Fuck your bitch governor and her crying fits. If either of you were worth a shit the worst of this could've been avoided.

Fuck the cesspool that was formerly known as New Orleans. And Fuck you.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I was never a boy scout... but I shoulda been.

I see what's goin' on in my beloved South and I am depressed. It really brings to light the differences in Urban and Rural. Plain truth is... those in the cities expect folks to do for them. Folks in the country expect to do for themselves.

yeah yeah... I know you can think of exceptions... You may even be one... There are slow kenyans out there too.. but that don't mean that the stereotype is wrong.

Another thing we've seen is how quickly a lack of leadership leads folks to turn into animals.

Today... I'm watchin' the news.. and I hear an account by a reporter... it goes something like this...

Cops stumble upon a car lot.
People are trying to break into the cars, to steal them.
Cops shoot it out with the people.
Cops then "commandeer" the cars for themselves.

So... when regular folks who need a way out of town are taking a car, its stealing. When cops need a car, it's "commandeering". Gotcha. And I'm real sure those cops just happened to stumble onto that lot too. They were probly just pissed becaue the folks were taking the nicer cars.

I don't give a rats butt what Bush says. There is a difference between taking food and water, and stealing a plasma tv dammit. The attitude of authority figures on this matter speaks volumns. You don't have the authority to save or protect yourself. That's their job.

As I've watched this all unfold... I've found myself totally without sympathy for the people down there. They're acting like animals. They're acting like its our job to save them. They are resentful, disrespectful, and down right pissed off that we aren't saving them fast enough. I've seen not one single moment of gratitude.

Piss on New Orleans.

No wait... looks like New Orleans already pissed on itself.

I will miss Preservation Hall though...

On a different front; Gas is gonna be expensive as hell boys. They are already limiting truckers to 50 gallons per stop in KY. I heard reports of stations being out of gas in TN... GA... OH... Not good boys.

Ain't it funny...

When anything else sells out really really fast... the conclusion is that the price was to low.

When gas stations raise their prices, but still sell out... we say it's "price gouging".

But that's a post for another time. For now.. I suggest you check the bug out bag... clean the guns... check your ammo... Gas up if you haven't already.

How well do you think the country would handle a terrorist strike right about now?