Friday, May 29, 2015

Yet Another.. ATF SHOW!!!!

A:  Bourbon.  Lots.   46 to be specific.

T:  makers mark cigars...  yes... I'm in a rut... but it feels more like a groove.

F: Mauser M 24/47   Because.  It pisses off the poms.

Here's the link to the show!

And the number to call in as always:

(646) 668-2515

Y'all give us a holler

Friday, May 22, 2015



yes.. yes we're doing the show tonight.  We'll have Six and David the Good and God knows who calling in.  Dread Ilk Radio y'all!  Enjoy!

here's the link


and as always...  the guest call in is:

(646) 668-2515

A:  Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve
T: CAO.. something... I have no idea.  Its good... shut up.
F: My own Spikes Tactical AR custom rig.   I would show pics but it would be X rated.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Almost that time boys.   here's the link for the show:


And what are we having tonight?

A:  Makers Mark 46

T:  Gurkha Spec Ops

F: The 1911 I build myself.

What can I say?   Its a night for the classics.

One more time here is the call in number:  (646) 668-2515

The Return of the ATF Show


We're back.  

That's right kids.  The ATF Show makes its return at 9 central tonight.  This was all pretty last minute.  No time to hype it or anything.  I doubt we'll even have Six... or Seven... or even Viidad with us.  Its like just gonna be drunken bloviation from my own self...  but you can rest assured... Make Me A Sandwich will definitely get played at least once.

So...  if ya have nothing better to do...  give it a listen.

And if ya have a question about... guns.. or booze... or business... or economics... or women... or.. well anything at all...  or even if you just want to call me an asshole... you can.  At this number:

(646) 668-2515

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Defense of IMR 3031

Ya know...  seems like everything has a fancy new version out of itself these days.  Cars... trucks... phones.. computers...  everything.  Every year there is some new hot shit feature or totally new concept that everyone goes gee gaw over.   And hell... I gee gaw right with them.  But I can't help but think that even in 2015... there is a place for a proven versatile classic.

Nobody talks much about IMR 3031 anymore.  Its not the new hottness in the reloading world... and really never was.  See its a long grain stick powder so it doesn't meter all that well (so they say) and it burns fast.  And its not the cheapest powder either.

Well I don't have a problem with measuring it accurately... but then I'm careful about this stuff.  And fast burning is fine with me... given that I'm partial to carbines anyway... and I really don't care about the money.

What I love about it is...I can sit there at the shooting bench...  with my IMR 3031 and my lee handloaders... and I can reload both 223 and 308... with same powder... and use the same casings for each group I shoot!  Sure there are better 223 powders... and there are better 308 powders... and there are better 30-06 powders and there are better 45-70 powders.

But I don't think there is another powder out there that performs well at every single one of those.

So that's my case for IMR 3031.  I say there should be a pound or two on every reloader's shelf.  Because it may not be the best at anything.. but its damn good at almost everything.  I mean maybe you're out of you new hotshit fancy 30-06 heavy bullet powder.  You can go buy more and wait... or you can grab the 3031 and get to work.  Maybe you couldn't find your fancy hot shit .223 powder.  Same thing.  Wait....  or....  just grab that same 3031.


Little known fact...

3031 tastes great on french fries.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rabid Puppies Update

It has come to our attention that folks in the comments over at are quite upset with our success.  Apparently their feelings are just so hurt... and of course... they will not tolerate our intolerance.

I thought I should probably post a response... just in the interest of clarity.  With accusations like racism and sexism and homophobia and all going around... I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand the Rabid Puppy position.

So...  In that spirit....  here is the Rabid Puppy response to the butthurt crying commenters at File770 who are just so upset.. and hurt.. and mad at us:

Friday, May 01, 2015

Grab and Go Rifle

Ok... you get a call from your buddy.  Its a last second deer hunt and he wants you to go.  You don't have time to fuss over gear to much.  What do you grab to go?

For me... there's really no question.  I'd grab the Savage 99.  It's never let me down.   I grab it almost without thinking no matter what we're hunting.

What's yours?