Sunday, January 29, 2012

Proving the Theory.

A while back Howard Stern had a show where he hooked some pornstar up to a spanking machine and it beat the crap out of her on air. I don't see how this turns anyone on... but I can assure you it was amusing... in a trainwreck sort of way. Anyway... the thing was called the Robospanker. I was convinced that civilization had not sunk to these depths so I actually followed a link to see if it was in fact a real device for sale... and... it is. No seriously. It is.

Now... nothing beats trainwreck internet... so when I saw there was actually a review section... I knew I had struck gold... but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be this good.

Thank you.. Paul from Nashville... for this glorious review of the Robospanker... and for proving what we all already knew...

By Paul, from Nashville
I just got my new robospanker & bench, today. It wonderful. I have not been
spanked like this in a very long time. I had two of the best paddlings I've in
years. I was very close to tears on my second spanking. I also got the
bench, w. mine 7 cant wait to rty it out. It should be just like going over-
the-knee.:: My try-out spankings were bare bottomed & all the rest shall be,
as well. My intent to to work my tolerance up to maximum, on both speed
& intensity. I want to get on my bench, hit the ON button, & let the tears
flow.::THANK YOU once again for the robospanker. It is the MOST
wonderful thing I have EVER to my Harley.

Just in case you think I am jerking your chain... here is the link to the testimonials. check for yourself.

Please remember this post the next time you see some fag on a Harley dressed up like a pirate trying to act like a badass. Its probably just Paul... hoping if he pisses you off you'll take him over your knee and give him what he so desperately desires.

Friday, January 20, 2012

ATF Returns

A: Dos Equis Bueano Noche
T: Cavandish and a scrimshaw. beat that.
F: custom 1911 I built with my own hands. Ok my brothers helped to.

How about some tunes to?

Hell yeah. Feelin' better now? I sure as hell am. So lets talk about the manly arts and Christmas gifts. I mean when you can combine taxidermy and Christmas things have to be goin' your way right? Which brings me to my brother's christmas gifts. They got honest to God authenti-genuine Bull Organ walkin' sticks. Yep. Re-read that if you to. Walkin' sticks made out of preserved bull dicks. Hell yeah!

Both asserted that these were among the finest gifts they have ever been given.

How about it boys? What ya drinkin? What ya smokin? What ya fondlin'? What ya listen to? What's the most badass christmas prize you've been given?