Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Evils of Travel

I am persuaded that human travel and communication are amongst the greatest of evils this world has ever known... I mean right up there with farming and antibiotics...

Just as antibiotics tragically lead to less human death... and therefore greater human population... and farming fed the world... but creates a life of backbreaking work in the place of the hunter gatherer's life of relative leisure... communication and travel seem good on the surface... but their cost is terrible indeed.

And what is the cost?

The world has become one big homogeneous bore.

Look at the architecture around the world. 1000 years ago... it varied widely. You knew where you were based on the shapes of human structures. Greece looked nothing like China which looked nothing like England.

The templars started all this with their loathsome pilgrimages and international banking. Middle eastern architecture started showing up in Europe... and the world has been diluting itself ever since.

Go to the big cities of China... ya know what you'll find? McDonalds.

Paris? McDonalds.

Oh sure.... here and there you can find one or two items that distinguish one society from the next... but in general... you find the same crap everywhere you go.

America is the worst. Our interstate system... which by the way should be considered the 51st state... has reduced travel to an illusion. State after state... nothing changes... same exits... same truck stops... same fat slob selling cheetos at the BP station.

Its one big bloody bore... and most of you are to stupid to be pissed off about it.

But but but!!!! Its diversification!!!

Horse shit.

Its not diversification. When everything that's different is being watered down to some sludge of sess-like sameness... its not diversification... its the exact opposite of diversification.

Look around the world... Tell me what you see... Oh sure... out in the rural areas you find that individual cultures still exist... its only the cities that are devoid of soul or personality. But where the cities go... the country folk will one day follow... perhaps.

Perhaps not.

Communication and Travel advancements have sped up life itself. The thoughtful among us will agree that these advancements have not been universally positive. That shouldn't be to hard to grasp though... since the universally positive doesn't come along very often.

But I'm a Philistine then right? I'd rather live in a world with exotic lands and strange cultures... I'd rather live in a world where mystery still exists.. and I'd rather spend my days lazing in the sun... chewing on some freshly killed beast.. and enjoying the occasional berry picked by the girls.

Consider what life was actually like for the Cherokee before modern man showed up... and then consider your cubical...

You call this progress?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pop Culture Prophets and Media Messiahs

The archetype is so universal its almost trite. You've all seen homeless guy with the sign... proclaiming doom and the destruction of the world. Its the image foremost in the mind of all militant atheists... and perhaps ever more so in the minds of the post-modern american populace.

I ask you... how does this archetype differ from Al Gore? Or Sheryl Crow?

Each shouts to the masses that they must change their behavior to avoid the world's immenant destruction.

Neither has anything but faith to back up their assertion.

We're told that Modern Man receives no sermons. This is lie. Modern Man is preached at continually... and extremely effectively. It just doesn't come from a pulpit. Instead it comes from the Media Messiahs... mostly self-appointed.

You have problems? Bill O'Reilly can solve them.... and if he can''ve always got CNN.

The message is extremely different... but its still preaching. Diversity... Feminism... Leftist politics... so-called conservative politics.... From Rush Limbaugh to Jim Rhome... we call it media... but preaching is what it is.

Your worldview doesn't just decide what music you like and what tv shows make you laugh. The music and television also affect your world view. Take Will and Grace for example. The message was clear and widely recieved: homosexuality is normal. Homosexuals behave the exact same as hetrosexuals. There is no difference. The message was hidden amonst comedy... to make it palitable even to those who'd normally despise it. It worked. I saw it work. Religous people who were deeply offended by homosexuality would watch that show and not realize how it was affecting their view.

You may think that effect was good... you may think it was evil... the point is... there was an effect. One that the vast majority is totally oblivious to.

Advertising campaigns show us the solutions to all our problems... Just do it! Havin' a bad day? Go on a spending spree with that Visa! They focus not on the product... but on the image people have of those who use the product. Nike makes you cool. Apple makes you Cool.

Where do you get your ethics?

Do they come from the pulpit? or do they come from elsewhere? Do you have opinions because they are you own... the result of research and thoughtful introspection? Or do you have opinions because a Media Messiah put them there?

Is diversity good? How do you know?

Are all people the same? How do you know?

I'm talking about process here. What are you exposed to and how does it affect you? I don't know... and I don't need to know... but you do need to know. Because this stuff works. It has a powerful influence over you.

One is wise to understand what he is exposed to.

The world is ending! Change your wicked ways before its to late!!! Fossil Fuels are Sin! Repent and buy a Sacred Hybrid! Second Hand Smoke is the Devil!!! Buckle Your Seat Belt of face Holy Judgement! Get out and vote! Its the most important election of our lifetime!!!

Just remember... the man may not have wild eyes, long greasy hair, and a billboard sign.... but he's still preaching... and he's still just as insane.
Raise Up The Man Flag

Few things stir up the hearts of men like mountains and wilderness. Combine them with smokes, beer, and motorcycles and you got yourself a damned fine time.

Royal Blue is a Wildlife Managment Area just south of Jellico Tennessee. Its got trails for offroad vehicles literally all through it... its like a circulatory system... except instead of moving blood around... it moves atvs... and dirtbikes... some faster than others.

There were literally hundreds of atvs there... but very few bikes. I think we saw 1 other adult on a dirtbike there... and maybe a handful of kids. LIke always... JAC and I are the rockstars whereever we go.

We were continually running into folks at the campground who'd say things like, "You on them dirtbikes? I seen y'all today... " Invariably these statements were followed by glowing praise of our riding abilities... which of course spoke more to the ignorance of the complimentor than to our actual gifts. Fact is I am liable to drop my bike 2 or 3 times on a given downhill... and JAC would to if he didn't ride slower than the average tricycle.

Oh... don't get me wrong... its like anything else... after you ride a little you start to relax... then you start riding a lot better. It goes that way until you get tired... or stop longer than just a few minutes. When we were relaxed though... I confess there was some ridin' done. Ol' Nate caught some air... and it wasn't all on accident either!

The fun thing about the KLX is the way it just doesn't give a damn. Rocky hill climb steeper than you could walk up? No problem. Just twist your wrist and hold on. Rocky trails with ruts and grooves and humps big enough to high center the average SUV? BAH... The KLX literally skips right over it all. There were trails that atvs would be crawling across... that I took at 30+ mph.

Then again... there was also a perfectly simple downhill that any girl on an ATV would ride down without a second thought... and I dropped my bike 3 times on it... and ended up walking most of the way.

The good Lord keeps a man humble I suppose...

Anyway.... a fine time was had by all... I would post pictures... but I left the camera at home... it would've been destroyed anyway. Hopefully JAC has some ride reports up... if not I'll tell some individual stories about the ride later.

Now... about that Man Flag...

I owe y'all an apology. Over the last week I've been thinking about the incidents that inspired the man flag post.

Fact is... If I were to discuss the matter at all... it could not be rationally called anything but gossip. I'll not lower the bloggerblaster to gossip. Sorry ladies. If you have to have a scapegoat for the lowering of the Man Flag last week... blame me. I'm the dumbass that almost turned this blog into The Inquirer.

Again.. I apologize.

Never fear though.. the Man Flag flies high again... and while it flew at half-mast for a time.. it's never fallen. So... to any of you of felt a tinge of worry that the man flag incident involved you... rest easy... though I'd advise you to consider your actions carefully in the future.

You should keep it in the fore or your minds men... before you do.. or don't do anything... ask yourself... "Am I bringing shame to the Man Flag?"

Or... as a long time commentor once said... "WWND"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bloggerblaster For Sale

Take this with a boulder of salt... but the following was reported on this website:


Earnings Report for bloggerblaster.blogspot.comThe following report outlines traffic levels received by the submitted URL, overviews sources of potential income, and proposes a resale value of the site based on these factors.

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Considering the 966,000+ the Bloggerblaster could be earning... I think its only fair and reasonable to start the bidding at... lets say... 20 million?

I'll throw in my services as blogger for the meager salary of $100,000 per month.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Gone Motorcycle Camping

I'm sorry. Nate is currently away from the blog. He's off with JAC and some boys riding the goat trails and powerlines around Royal Blue in east Tennessee.

Leave your name and web address and comments... and Nate will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Saint Augustine the Blasphemous

Blasphemy: –verb (used with object)
1. to speak impiously or irreverently of (God or sacred things).
2. to speak evil of; slander; abuse.

I choose the word blasphemous not without consideration. I wanted desperately to use heretic instead... as indeed it is his teaching... and not his tone that have done such damage. But when one investigates the definitions, its clear that heresy is considered that which contradicts accepted church dogma.

Augustine doesn't contradict church dogma. He authored most of it.

Certainly at the time some should've called him a heretic. The Church would've been far better off if they had... if City of God had never been read at all. But it was... and the arguements made there-in... were tragicly persuasive.

But enough with the pre-amble... I've made an outregous claim... that perhaps the most influencial church thinker of all time was a blasphemer. Its time I explain myself is it not?

Augustine writes in The City of God: "To God... All wills... are subject, since they have no power except what He has bestowed upon them. Therefore the cause of things which makes, but is not made, is God."

Augustine argues that all the cruelties of the world.. even the premature or cruel deaths of young children, should be accepted as if they came from the loving hand of a father.

Let me be clear on this... if my father's loving hand cut off my son's penis... or raped and killed my little girl... I wouldn't accept it. I would kill him. No offense dad.

The cruelties and evil in this world, according to Augustine, are God's fault. The evil done by men, works toward God's plan.

We are to believe... that somehow.. the vile acts of extreme cruelty of this world... somehow add to the beauty of reality... if we could just see the whole picture.

What sort of a God is Augustine talking about? Its not a loving God. Its not the God of the New Testament. Its not the God of the Old Testament.

Augustine is calling God a rapist... a pederast... a serial child murder. Augustine is conflating our God with Modoch.

Augustine looks the parents of Channan Christian and Christopher Newsome in the eye, and says, "Be at peace. God did this to your children for a reason. Its for the greater good."

How can anyone expect that those parents wouldn't totally reject a God that is responsible for the rape and murder of their innocent children? How many souls are lost because of Augustine's blasphemy?

How much needless hate and anger is out there in this world.. projected at a God needlessly?

Augustine was wrong. He is discustingly wrong. His position is vile... and it deserves no respect at all. A decent christian would've slapped him for writing such filth.

God is not to blame for the evil in this world. God granted us free will. We chose sin. Sin seperated us from God, and gave this world to Satan. God has a plan to save this world... but until that plan is fulfilled... Satan runs the show here. Not God.

It was Satan... not God that Raped and Murdered Charran Christian. It was Satan... not God that mutilated and killed Christopher Newsome.

God is in a continual, and real battle with Evil.

Yes... God can make good come from the Evil of men... that does not mean that God willed the evil in the first place. God may fertilize the ground with ashes from a home... feeding a needy hard working farmer. That doesn't mean God burned down the house and roasted the child inside alive just to get the ashes.

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil is blasphemy. Blaming the evil acts of men on God... is blasphemy.

A pox on you Saint Augustine. You have damned so many... so many... needlessly.

Friends... if you own a copy of The City of God... I sincerely advise you to do yourself a favor and burn it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Liberal = Commie

"A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie." — VLADIMIR ILYICH LENIN
The New and Improved...

Notorious Piece of Shit.

Yeah.. you're reading that right. Ruger has decided to produce... a "Target Mini-14". Which is like trying to market dual purpose swimming pool / septic tank.

Reading Ruger's page gives you the impression that even they no this is complete BS... but they figure they'll foist it on their idiot customers anyway.

What claims do they make for the accuracy of this weapon?

None. And who can blame them?

This is what they say, "the Target Mini can be tuned to shoot one-inch groups at a hundred yards." Of course... they don't say how... nor do they say how much it will cost to tune this piece of shit to shoot. They claim that one can tune it using the harmonic do-hicky. Best I can figure its similar to the B.O.S.S. that Winchester used to use. But the winchesters were "tuning" already accurate firearms... not magicly transforming poor quality plumbing and garbage actions into a useful weapon.

This junk rifle costs a grand! Contrast this with Savage... which claims its 300 dollar walmart package guns will shoot 3 shots in one inch out of the box.

So big news everyone! You can now buy a junk rifle from Ruger for 1000 bucks... and you then spend more time and money tuning it to actually make it shoot... of course... the trouble is...

Where do you find a plumber to tune the thing? God knows no self-respecting gunsmith would defile his work bench with it... and I don't buy their harmonic BS for a second.
Center Mass

When you go to the range... what do you consider center mass? Do you have a specific defined area? Or are you just thinking... somewhere in the torso there?

My thinking on this is a little different than most. That makes sense because in general most never think about this at all. Center mass just means center mass.

Actually... the human center of gravity is about 2 inches below the naval. I doubt many of you are aiming there.

When I practice... I think of a triangle from the nipples... up to a point at the base of the neck/ top of the sternum. You want to drop somone for certain? You have 2 choices... hit that triangle... or make a head shot.

Don't get me wrong... I'm sure gut shots and sucking chest wounds hurt... but I'll bet having your heart blown through your spine hurts like a bitch to.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Range Report

Today was a good day. I spent the majority of it at the range. I ran through lots of weapons... keep myself familiar and just working them out. Funny thing though...

So the fella shooting next to me has a very nice custom Springfield 1911.

Very nice.

This gun had been worked over big time. Someone loved it.

So imagine this... I'm in one lane shooting my wife's former carry gun... a PT-140. This is a very small framed pistol. It was built for reliability and concealment. Its not for competition.

In the other lane... this dude is shooting a custom 1911... from my beloved Springfield Armory Custom Shop no less.

We were both shooting similar targets.... you know the ones.. those black things that turn green where you hit. The Taurus is doing better than expected. Every shot is 8 ring or better.. almost all were in the 9 ring. I will use the words... extremely satisfied.

My neighbor however... boldly announced that he had emptied 3 mags and had yet to hit paper. Understand... we were shooting from 25 yards. Lots of people can't hit shit at 25 yards. The average cop can't hit shit at 25 feet.

So I hear...

"Hey buddy... I really need to know if this is me or my gun... do you mind firing a few rounds?"

Who me?

Understand... this is like the guy with the hottest wife you've ever seen asking you to bang her brains out right in front of him. Like you're doin' him a favor... Its a little weird.

"Sure.. no problem!"

So... I fondle her softly. She's tight. The slide to frame fit has been worked... ooooo.... she's tight. Night Sights.. extended grip safety... ambi safety... huge mag release... ported barrell... 8 ports! I thought, "Damn... You were built for speed baby."

Still... She wasn't shooting right for her owner... so speed wasn't called for. We needed to know where the bullets were going.

I took my time.

5 shots... I didn't even consider speed. Accuracy was my whole intention. Weaver stance... dominant foot back just a touch... I know I know... you girls shoot Isosolese... Fags. Breathe... barely touch the trigger... increase the pressure a tiny tiny ***BANG***.

She jumped... she fell back into my loving hand and there was the hole... dead nuts in my site picture...


Same thing... only now... there were 1 and a half holes.

3 more shots...

I lowered the weapon to survey the damage.

There were 5 shots in the 10 ring. Each hole was touching at least 1 other hole. The 10 ring was pretty much just gone.

I locked the slide back and handed her back to her owner who was looking at me.... just a blank stare.

"That is one helluva a weapon hoss."


I went back over and started loadin' up the Steyr... He walked over and started talkin' to the only other guy at the range today.

Never said another word to me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007




Effective Immediately:

The Man Flag will be lowered to half mast for no less than one week. The actions, or better stated, the inactions, of one man have shamed us all.

After the week of shame has past, we will discuss the situation further.

End Message.

Listen carefully... Advertizements showing the bare butts of infants are NOT inappropriate. They are not perverted. They are not obscene. They are not dirty in any shape or form. They are not exploitative.

There will be no discussion on this matter.

You are free to disagree... but doing so will not result in debate... it will result in mockery, insults, and humiliation.

That is all.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Well... here we are... Its friday.... you know what to do... may as well get on with it. Wait... hold on... I need some tunes real quick... Robert Earl Keen.... yeah... that'll do. Now where was I?

Oh yeah....

A: Shit... I've got nothing... I mean nothing in my hand right now. Un-frackin' Acceptable. Hold Please... ... ... there we go. Blue Moon.. Summer Ale they call it. I call it tastey. Mildly sweet finish... far less so than say... NewCastle.... more subtle. Good good stuff. Damned refreshing.

T: I ain't smoked tonight... though clearly I need to. I am obviously on a big time CAO kick lately. Oh... I remember what I was gonna say about this... Ahem... If you smoke Acid Cigars... you're a fag. Yup... that was it.

F: Lets talk concealment boys. This week I got in my pair of NRA 5.11 Tactical Jeans. First let me say, if you're gonna get some, get one size larger in the waist than you normally wear. 32's fit perfect on me... but these are a little snug. Also, if you're like me and you require a relaxed fit (Tennis legs) these are gonna fit you tighter than you'd like. In fact... they're liable to cause unwanted attention from your ol' lady. Ya been warned. Now... the low down... First of all they have inside pockets in the front for concealed carry. They are in between your hips and your belt buckle below the waist line. If you think you're gonna carry a full-sized service pistol here think again. I carried a millenium in .40 for an hour and that was all I could stand. On the other hand... if you have a PPK or something slim like it... you could be all set. Also, if you're like Bill and sport a stubby in your drawers... these pants are right up your alley. My snub .357 fits just right. No print at all. I'll allow that it does take some getting used to.

On the other front... I don't know about y'all but I can't stand to have anything in my pants pockets but change. That means I'm all the time looking for places to put things like my cell phone. A couple years ago I aquired a denim vest and found myself wearing it more and more. This week I bit the bullet and upgraded to a Coronado Leather Company CCW Vest.

All I can say is wow. This is the nicest leather I've ever seen. For CCW you have two inside pockets that are completely hidden, one on each side of the front vest split. Mid-sized pistols work very well in these. Carry a pistol in one, and mags in another, and you'll find the vest hangs perfectly. Its like wearing a very comfortable shoulder rig, but the concealment is total. I mean total. No print. No hint. Now... the down side is... I don't know if I can pull it off in 100 degree weather. But I'll probably try anyway. Its that nice.

So.... what's your story?
Amazon Searches

Its funny what sort of results search engines come up with. I recently searched for children's book named, "This, and Last Season's Excursions".

The number 2 result on the list was:

Tending Inner Gardens: The Healing Art of Feminist Psychotherapy (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies) (Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies) by Lesley Irene Shore

Now... I had a hearty laugh at that.. and I'm guessing a few of you will know why.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hot for Teacher?

You can deny it until you're blue in the face. You can stand up and scream that it couldn't happen in your school... but it won't change the fact. It can... and at this rate it probably is happening right now.

If you're sending your kid off to school every day... then you have to admit to yourself that you're taking a chance that something like this is going to happen to them.

How many teachers have been busted in the last 12 months for screwing around with their students?

How many more have to get caught before you realize you're putting your kids at risk?

Ok... seriously... Don't the colleges of Education around here have "Don't tag your students" lectures anymore? I clearly remember those from my college experiences. Maybe we need some additional education... I mean... this happening a lot... Maybe we should have a state-wide In-Service Day... Seriously! "Folks... I know this may come as a shock to you... but really... you shouldn't be fucking your students. Ladies.. that means you can't dyke out with them either."

At this rate we're going to have to rework all of our little saftey sayings... I can hear them now... "If a teacher touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable... stop, drop, and roll."

No really... it sounds absurd... but this latest chick was tagging her student at home, on school trips... and AT SCHOOL.


"Hey Sally... why don't you come eat me during lunch? OOOPS!! I mean eat lunch with me! Tee Hee!"

Its out-of-freakin'-hand people.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tennessee Kicks Ass

Even our Weeping Vagina of a Governor knows not to screw with our firearms. Today he signed legislation that prevents any government agency from regulating firearms in any way shape or form during a crisis.

Eat that Hippy!
Poodle Shooter No More?

Big news from Hornady and Bushmaster boys...

If you have an AR-15, you can now change the upper, and magazine follower, and shoot the new Hornandy 450.

I am seriously investigating this. A big thumper from my AR???


Monday, May 14, 2007

Firearm Basics

I got an email today asking for a primer on firearms for those who read here elsewhere, but who are largely ignorant of the lore and language.

As always... Ax and you shall recieve.

It should be noted first that there are a several different types of firearms... there are classes... sub-classes... and sub-classes of sub-classes. If you think the orders and phylums of biology are extensive... you ain't seen nothin'.

But before we get into that... we should talk about how modern firearms work... and when it comes to ignition... they are all very similar. Basicly... you pull a trigger... which releases tension on a spring... which causes a hammer to strike a firing pin... that pin strikes the pimer... which is the small cap on the bottom of a round of ammunition... that primer explodes... setting off the powder inside the shell... and that explosion shoots the bullet down the barrell and out of the gun. That is an extremely simplified version.

So... chances are what you think of as a bullet.. isn't a bullet at all. Its a round of ammunition, that we call a cartridge. Each cartridge is made up of a shell, a primer, powder, and a bullet.

Weapon Types:

Rifle: This is a long-gun. It is usually fired from the shoulder. Generally speaking a rifle is a weapon that is to long to be fired with 1 hand.

Shotgun: Just like a rifle, except its designed to fire several pellets at once, instead of just 1 bullet. There are of course exceptions to this.

Pistol: This is a firearm that you shoot can shoot with one hand.

Actions: The action is mechanism that loads and reloads the weapon.

Action Types:

Fully Automatic (full auto, auto): This is actually the natural state of repeating weapons. You have to add steps and mechanics to make them semi-auto. These are the weapons that fire continuously when the trigger is held down.

Semi-Automatic: When you pull the trigger on a semi-auto weapon, it fires, exjects the spent cartrige, loads another round, but doesn't fire again until you release the trigger and pull it again.

Lever-action: These rifles fire when you pull the trigger, then you work a lever to make them eject the shell and reload. Think cowboy gun.

Pump: Similar to a lever-action... except you use a pump instead of a lever. Common in shotguns.

Bolt-action: This is a rifle action.... you work the bolt to load the weapon.

Revolver: cowboy pistol. You know what I mean.

Glossary of Terms (boys, if I leave something out jump in here):

9mm: When you hear someone say 9mm... or just 9 they are talking about a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm. Its called 9mm because the diameter of the bullet is 9mm. Its a notoriously ineffective round. Its small bullet fired at a high speed. It tends to do very little damage and has practicly no stopping power.

.40: This is the bare-minimum cartridge when it comes to personal protection. The bullet is .40 inches in diameter and its propelled by more powder than the 9mm. Its a bigger bullet moving slower but has a great deal more stopping power.

.45: This is the classic self-defense round. Generally its refering to the .45ACP cartridge which was used in the 1911... which was standard military issue in world war II.

1911: The Pennacle of all engineering. Sam Browning designed it in... fittingly.. 1911. Its still manufactured and sold today in pretty much the same form. Think about that. Imaging a car designed 100 years ago... that was so well conceivcd that a century later, there was nothing better on the market. Dozens of companies still manufacture the 1911.

Single-Action: This means pulling the trigger only does one thing. It fires the weapon. You have to cock these weapons by pulling the hammer back yourself. These triggers are very light and easy to pull.

Double-Action- Pulling the trigger on these weapons does both. It cockes the hammer back, and fires the weapon all at once. These triggers tend to be very heavy and hard to pull.

SA-DA: These weapons can be fired double-action... or you can cock them yourself and leave the safety on... in a state refered to as cocked-and-locked.

Cocked and Locked: Bullet in the Chamber. Hammer is Cocked. Saftey is on. 1911's are carried in this state.

DAO: These semi-auto pistols are technically double action.. but their triggers can be very short and light, almost like a single-action. Glocks are a good example.

Glock: Manufacturer of plastic firearms... mostly plastic... and mostly 9mm... They are the favoured semi-automatic pistol of women and men that don't actually shoot. All Glocks are DAO. Men that carry Glocks are pussies.

Springfield Armory: The manufacturer of the finest 1911s in the world. The men who own Springfield 1911s have huge penises and testicles like bowling balls. Studies have shown that owning a Springfield Armory 1911 drasticly improves your sex life, ability to shoot, and even makes you taller. Women don't own Springfield Armory 1911s... as the resulting increase in testosterone causes all manner of unwanted side-effects.

Kimber: This is an French manufacturer of 1911 that markets exclusively to homosexuals. You can regularly find Kimber adds in The Advocate. Kimber owners are known to wear man-thongs... spritz their hair... and they even use loofas in the shower. Studies have linked Kimber 1911's with male hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

Para Ordanance: see Kimber.

Damn... That's enough for now... Take up some slack boys.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dog Questions:

I just wrote up a lengthy and detailed post about our dog... but it occured to me... this isn't info I need to put out.

She's a big european-bred German Shepard. She's 3 years old... and she's about 90 pounds. On her training... I will only say... that it is... extensive. All obedience is off-leash. She's walked off-leash. She knows all sorts of detailed advanced commands... and has situational training to help her decision making.

She does use German commands... I could switch her to english... but honestly I think the german commands are cool. There's something entertaining about a german sheppard that responds to german commands.

Anyway... she'll be here in a couple months. I expect it will be a little rough for a couple days when she first gets here. Its a long flight from Budapest... she'll be tired... and I'm sure she'll be a little homesick and confused. She'll warm up fast though.

We're very... very excited.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Short and sweetboys...

A: Modelo Especial

T: CAO. Duh.

F: Steyr .40


The Roadhammers

How about you?
Must Have Dog

I'm going nuts. I can't sleep at night. I'm continually checking the deadbolts. 10 years of protecting my home with a devoted partner has left me spoiled. I find myself laying awake at night wondering what I'd do if I heard glass break.

Of course I knew what I'd do... and I was confident it would be ok... that's not what worried me.

The reason I can't sleep is has nothing to do with the fear of glass breaking. Its all about the fear of not hearing it break... of missing it. The layout of my house is ok... but it requires quick response. I can get to defensible positions and make one helluva stand to protect the kids... but we have to be fast.

This is where the big dog comes in. He's the first responder. He's the one who makes sure we know something is going bad, before it goes bad... so we have those extra seconds to get to the firearms and collect ourselves.

He doesn't just alert us though... he confronts the problem... and will die before he allows an intruder into the house.

Ya can't get that with a security system folks... no matter how much you pay for it.

I honestly don't see how someone can seriously evaluate their security, and not employ a living guardian of some sort... and no... cats don't count.

The first time the News runs a story about a cat pulling his owner out of a burning building.. then I'll reconsider my stance on felines. Until then... they are filed somewhere between flies and mesquitos.

As for us... we've decided to get a German Sheppard. We've found our dog. Unfortunately... we can't have her for about 2 months. Until then... I'm in for several sleepless nights.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stupid Vegans

So... remember a few years back when the idiot vegans starved their kid to death by feeding him nothing but apple juice and soy??

They got sentenced today.

The wise people of Georgia threw their dumb asses in jail for life... which... considering they're vegans shouldn't be that long really.

The idiots pleaded with the judge... claiming that they had no idea their 3-pound son was sick until just moments before he died... because you know... its normal for 6 week old babies to weigh 3 pounds. I'm sure he was just the picture of health.... oh.... and they never took him to a doctor... and they birthed him at home.

Of course... I have no idea how the NOW gang is going to react to all this... since lets face it... this was just a late term abortion. It was just slower and marginally more cruel.

So... you're a vegan? a vegetarian? Then you're an idiot. Take a look at your eyes dipshit. They're in the front of your head. Why? Because just like everything else with its eyes in front... You're a fucking predator.

Vegetarian is not more healthy. Its proven in study after study to be less healthy... and vegans are the least healthy of all.

Anyway... raise a glass and gnaw on a half cooked rib-eye tonight y'all. Stupid has officially been declared a capital offense!
Untold History

One of the favorite caricatures of the Main Stream Media and urban society in general is the redneck militia member. You all know him. He's stupid, ignorant, racist, and he rarely bathes. He's a nutcase with no friends and he's probably a closet homosexual.

Today... we're going to have a little history lesson... and it starts back in the 90's... in a place called Waco.

See... Bill Clinton was the most polarizing president this country had seen since Lincoln. His clear and obvious vision threw aside the preferred liberal modis operandi; incrementalism. Clinton's wife pushed for socialized medicine. The pair were big government true believers with a history of violence and corruption. The Right Wing viewed them as a serious threat... a fear that Waco validated. But the first salvo's weren't fired at that little commune.

The first shots were fired in the form of The Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons ban. When one looks at these two laws objectively... one should conclude that confiscation is the next logical step. After all... when you outlaw the sale of certain weapons... doesn't it make sense that you're going to go around and confiscate the ones already here? Of course it does. But a funny thing happened... in the months that the ban was working through congress... more AK-47s made were sold in the US than had been sold in the previous 20-years combined... well over 20 million.

Clinton fired a shot over the bow of the American gun owner... and he got a shot right back... a big one.

The State Department was impressed... and rightly so. Those guns were purchased for a reason... and it didn't take a genius to figure out what it was.

Clinton then increasingly militarized federal enforcement agencies... particularly the ATF and FBI. The ATF was useful to him since The Right Wing was largely populated with gun folks... and the ATF regulated guns. At Waco... the militarization of the FBI and ATF showed their hand. They stated clearly... "We will kill you. We will burn you and your wives and your children alive, and we will get away with it."

This was escalation. This would become a game of chicken that Clinton knew the Gun Nuts would cower from. At his core Clinton sees himself as a man's man. He'd put these punks in their place.

The response is not at all what he expected.

All around America militias started forming up. Not just in Montana like you've been lead to believe.... Kentucky... Ohio.... Indiana... New Mexico... New York... PA.... practically every state in the Union eventually had at least one. The media jumped on this movement with both feet... but we know something now that we didn't know then... These folks paid no attention to the Main Stream Media... no more than we do now.

At its peak the state department estimated 300,000 militia members nation wide.

Once again the State Department was impressed. We know they were impressed, because federal officers began reaching out to the militias. The ATF and FBI in particular were very friendly with the bigger militias in New Mexico and Montana. They were continually interviewing and meeting with the leaders... asking things like, "If another Waco happened... in another state... you'd really pack up and go there?"

The best answer I heard to that question came from a militia leader in New Mexico. He said, "Hell no. Why would we? We've got plenty of you sum-bitches around here."

The message varied state to state... but in the end it was received loud and clear. The militia movement viewed Waco as an act of war upon the American People by their government, and if it happened again... there would be a wide response... not a localized flash point response. It wouldn't be one incident. It would be a serious of incidents.

Again... the State Department was impressed.

The game of chicken was on... and it wasn't the Militias that backed down. There was not another Waco. The feds declined to call the militia bluff.

Friends... Hillary Rodham is going to be our next President. She's not the pragmatist that her husband was. She's a true believer... a pure Big Government Acolyte... baptized in the waters of Holy Socialism. The ends will always justify the means to her.

In short... if it was up to her... there would've been another Waco. The escalation would've continued.

Well... in a couple years... it is going to be her call. You can bet the first time... there will be no response from the militias. Most are depleted... soft.

Its time for a wake up call. Not two years from now when more families are burned to death.... now. Get your ass out there and gear up.

The Right Wing fought a 6-year cold war with Bill... and won.

Its going to take more than a cold war to beat down Hillary.
NateMail: What Firearm?

From David:

I want to buy one but don't really have any idea on what to get. It would be for our house basically. We just recently moved from a small rural community to a pretty big city and I thought it might be a pretty good idea to have one. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm not even really sure which questions to ask at this point.

Our favorite reaccuring topic!

Its my opinion that for home defense... a pump shotgun is hard to beat. I recommend a Mossberg 500.

Now... if for some reason you've decided against a shotgun... then a great second choice would be a weapon you can eventually use for concealed carry. A .357 revolver... which you can use with .38 special rounds when you're at the range (way less kick) may be just the ticket. I recommend the Taurus Titanium.

If ya decide otherwise though... you can't go wrong with .40 caliber semi. No 9mms. Nothing smaller than .40. We can list favorite weapons all day... and well... we'd probably enjoy it as much as anything.

Get at it boys.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why Are Those Subscriptions Down Again?

For those who haven't noticed, Nashville's local rag "The Tennessean" has put up a searchable database of all concealed carry permit holders. Please explain to me why this is news.

Why is it anyone's business who has a ccw and who doesn't? This is purely a witchhunt on the part of a liberal anti-self-defense newspaper.

This is roughly as newsworthy as printing everyone's mortgage information... which by the way also happens to be public domain.

Fucking Commies.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Oh this is nice.

The MADD Cop of the Year gets arrested for DUI. I know there are organizations more loathsome than MADD... but not many... NAMBLA comes to mind... and perhaps NOW... but its a pretty short list. This sort of humilation is a special treat indeed!
End The Damned Drug War

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing people who call themselves conservatives talk tough on drugs. I cannot think of anything that's done more damage to liberty in America than the War on Drugs.

The Katheryn Johnston Case.. you remember... the 92-year-old grandmother that was shot to death by the Atlanta Narc Squad may get a little justice it turns out.

Check out just a few of the things the federal investigation into her death has turned up:

- The narcotics officers planted drugs to arrest a suspected drug dealer, who in turn pointed them toward Johnston's residence.

- The narcotics officers lied on their search warrant application, saying that a confidential informant had bought drugs at that address when that did not happen.

- The narcotics officers lied on their search warrant application, saying the house was occupied by a large man who employed surveillance cameras.

- The narcotics officers planted marijuana in Johnston's basement after they shot her in order to bolster their case and impugn her reputation.

- The narcotics officers asked another confidential informant to lie for them after the fact and say he had bought drugs at Johnston's residence.

The sad thing is... the apologists will bury their heads even deeper in the sand. They'll talk about how out of control Atlanta is... and they'll ignore the fact that the same thing happens in every town in every county in the US.

This war is turning cops into criminals... and its turning every day law-abiding citizens into cop-haters. It has to stop. The consequences of legalization are far better than the consequences of continuing this war.

And... on the comedy front...

The Atlanta Narc squad fired 39 times at the 92 year old woman... she was hit just 5 times... and several officers suffered friendly-fire injuries.

Remember... this was an elite squad.. supposedly with expert tactical training.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Derby Picks

No time to blog people... I've got my trigger issue dealt with and I'm finally makin' progress. On to the picks...

One of these horses is gonna win:

Cowtown Cat 20-1: I would make this bet in a heartbeat. The word around the big farms in Lexington is... this is horse. Take a look and the dosage and you'll see why. Its like the Queen says... its all about the breeding.

No Biz Like Shobiz 8-1: He's way cheaper than he should be because all the morons watching ESPN have been betting Street Sense. All he did was beat Street Sense in their last race.

Any Given Saturday 12-1: I don't think he'll win but the price is right.

Tiago 15-1: This is Giocamo's brother. He wan Santa Anita.. all be in on a DQ. Hey.. its the derby... you just never know.

Luiquidity, Circular Quay, Hard Spun, and Great Hunter all have a shot.... though I wouldn't bet Hunter... a winner hasn't left from gate 20 in over 100 years.

Sorry I didn't write more... to busy... I'll do better in the future. Y'all sip a julep!


DrWho says Great Hunter is the horse. She's goin' by looks of course... can't fault her for that. He's big and bad. Hey... that sounds like why she married me! No... seriously....

As for my Official Derby Pick: I'd bet on all the horses I listed... my heart says Great Hunter... my head says No Biz like Shobiz... flip a coin. No... screw it... Liquidity for the win!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Well... we've covered firearms I suppose... I'm not in the mood to machine a trigger tonight... so instead I decided to curl up with some Pinot Grigio and some nachos.

This has me thinking.... so to speak.

How many serious wine drinkers do we have around here? JAC loves a good box of wine.. but fleas all things wine snob... SB clearly qualifies... Res? Well lets talk wine a little...

I've covered my most notable pet peeve... the idea that screw on caps = cheap wine... but there is another... inexpensive wine = bad wine. A titan in the manufacturing industry was questioned about the price of his company's newest product... he responded... "This is what an intelligent company should be able to charge for this product. 'you get what you pay for' is out-dated thinking."

Out-dated thinking.

While I sit sipping this 5 dollar per bottle wine... I find myself more sympathetic to his point. The nose is pure melon... the taste is citrus... maybe some apple and melon in there. Its less dry than most Grigios... and slightly tart... just enough to let the taste linger a bit.

I've had several 20 and 30 dollar bottles that aren't this enjoyable. Which brings me to my pet-peeve... high price = good wine.

Its simplistic thinking... and its circular as hell. If you pay 100 bucks for a bottle of wine... it must be damned good wine... and if you don't like it... you're just ignorant. Something is wrong with you if you don't like it.... not the wine. It grates on me.

I've had some very expensive wines that would've made excellent vinegar... and tonight I'm drinking a grocery store hero that's very very good.

So... do you want a wine that tastes good? Or do you want to impress your friends with a label?

Beringer Pinot Grigio. Its well below the wine snob... but perfect for folks who actually like wine... and at 5 bucks a bottle... its tough to complain. Its a perfect everyday wine. Its perfect for those guests who absolutely refuse anything but white wine. Honestly... I can't think of a reason not to have some on hand at all times. In fact... I do.

And what of the tobacco front?

I fear I have grave news... I thought I'd found a good tobacco shop here in town... only to find the cigars I purchased were dried out beyond all hope. Of course... I smoked the CAO's anyway. Tragedy friends...


I hope all is well with you and yours.
Project 1911 Update:


The trigger fit is off. So far everthing else has been pretty good... but it appears there is no way around some metal work here. The trigger simply will not go into the slide. I shouldn't be shaving off much... but it does irritate. I have my doubts that this will be my only fit issue.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Project 1911: Update

Its been a while since I gave an update on my 1911 build. Since last I wrote on this I've changed my plans a great deal.

I decided to build the first weapon with as little cash as possible. What I learned was, I can build a 1911 for 369.00 bucks. It has a high quality frame... with fine checkering... but the rest is pure mil spec.

My parts have finally all arrived... so cleaning an initial assembly will take place tonight. I'll provide pics later and I'll shoot it for the first time tomarrow. You can expect some shooting impressions some time in the afternoon. I've been very impressed with the parts so far. The majority came in a mil spec parts kit on Ebay.

more later.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What Now?

Without question... emotionally speaking its to early to think about this... but the matter is about much more than just emotion.

We don't keep big dogs around just because we love them. Its true... we do love them dearly.. but dogs love work and work our dogs. A protection dog is an integral piece to the security plan I've instituted for my family.

I suppose one of the big mistakes folks make is the failure to truely characterize their protection tools. Firearms are great... but they are only one aspect of the plan. Dogs are great... but again... they are not a complete solution. Eveything works together.

We need a big dog for guard duty... for suspicion alert... for deterence... and if necessary... to be a man stopper.

Caster's death was by no means a suprise. We've been researching and planning for some time now... and here's a little of what we've learned:

First... the levels of protection dogs:

Alarm Dogs: These dogs bark and alert you of potential danger... but will do nothing to help you beyond that. Most dogs fit here.

Threat Dogs: They will bark and snarl and put on a wicked show... but they will not stop a determined attacker. They may bite and do everything they can to protect you... but they have no formal training in fighting. Naturally protective dogs like Cas fit in here. You'd be amazed at how often this type will successfully defend his home and family. But again... he won't stop a determined attack. For that you need an...

Attack Dog: This dog has been trained to take down men. He knows how to bite, where to bite, and how to hold on. Gun fire... weapons... and aggression will not scare this dog one bit. He will come and come and come until he's either dead, disabled, or called off by his handler. These dogs are not what you think. They are not mindless killers. They are often excellent with children and great family dogs. Most are off-leash trained and extremly socialized. The trouble with them? If you don't have a minimum of 7,500 bucks... forget it.

But what's for us?

I'm thinking we're going with a well-bred pup... and then around 6 months we're gonna send him off to bootcamp.