Friday, March 28, 2014

AFT: No.


Shut up.

Surprise birthday party for one of my boys... and UK vs Louisville.   Not happening.  No way.

A:  Oh hell yeah.  Lots.  For obvious reasons.

T: Victory smoke after the Cats win.

F:   Also lots.  SU-16c is what I'm really feelin' though...  put a new sightmark reflex sight on it.  Diggin' it.


Friday, March 21, 2014

ATF: Struggling...

man its been one of those weeks...   Six has been down with the stomach flu...  and I made the mistake of going to the beach on a day when it was 68 and sunny.

Let me tell you when you should not go to the beach.

Also...  I should also point out...  No one will be using my blog to perpetuate the notion of home births.  Not gonna happen.  Some hippy shit I tolerate... but I have to draw the line somewhere... because honestly I hate hippies.  I mean it.  I hate... I'm using the word hate here... hippies.

And this is a big issue sometimes right especially with the nature crowd... the organic crowd... because if you're not careful... you start sounding like the stupid dirt hippies that want to live in grass huts.  So see a line has to be drawn somewhere.... and I draw on the not hippy side of popping out kids at home with no pain meds like its 1840.   This shouldn't be a surprise.  Wife's an anesthesiologist that loves OB anesthesia.

but...  enough of all that nonsense....  apart from checking in and wishing Mrs Seven and Baby Seven a healthy second week together in this ol' world...

A: Negra Modelo.   Negra.  They haven't been sued for that name.  Yet.  I'm convinced there are people that are to scared to order this in public.

T: I am STILL on my Rocky Patel kick.  Its either a groove or a rut.  I'll tell ya next week.

F:  Benelli Cordoba 20 guage.  fast.  Holy cow is it fast.  above average recoil... more than say the CZ I have...  but very light... very very fast.  sweet sweet semi.

On to the Show:   LINK!

and yes... I will be filling you in on the cliff hanger from last week.   Man I hope BTR doesn't fall apart again...

Friday, March 14, 2014

ATF: On to Seven

Ok kids...  its that time again.  Its been a big week here at the ol' blog...  which is not getting up to 1900 visitors an hour... making it of and on one of the most visited blogs on the whole internets.  And on top of all that... Six is now Seven.

So light up... raise a glass...  the family is a little bigger today... and that's never bad news.

A: Fat Tire Amber Ale.  I'm undecided.  Its not bad.  I'm just undecided.

T: I am on a huge rocky patel kick.. and today is no different.  Rocky never disappoints. Tonight its a Rock Patel Rosado.  its not one of his rock star cigars but its solid... and it was sitting right there.  This one is a little sketchy... if you smoke it to fast it turns bitter.  If you take your time and smoke it like a civilized man...  it will reward ya.

F: Henry Mini-Bolt.   Birthday coming up.

Here's the link y'all

Here.... note the lyrics... and the name...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Check Your Privilege

OK kids... go here... and take this test.  If you call in to the ATF Show you will be expected to state your score and your title per the test results.

I scored 210...  My title is Shitlord.

See if you can beat it.

Also... I have no idea what Dragonkin is... so don't bother asking me.

Scalzi Types: How to not defend your boy

So... the minions showed up... and I suppose before John boy could call them off...  one managed to crap on the rug.   Figuratively speaking of course...

From the comments below:

Alman82 says: It was funny.  A joke.  You are half a tard.

Hey look.  He said I'm a retard!  HA HA!  That's so funny!  Unless of your kid has downs... then its not so funny is it?

 Obviously Scalzi needs to do a better job of educated his minions.  I mean doesn't he realize how hurtful it is to use words like tard and retard?

It should be pointed out that John Scalzi has not distanced himself from this revolting incident.  I for one am disgusted and I am insisting that John Scalzi make a donation to the End the R Word campaign at  Put your money where your mouth is John.  Time to check your privilege!

John Scalzi

And this is how you make certain sure your wife cheats on you.

I really can't think of a better way to describe emasculation that this.  And the moron does it publicly.


Oh look... it appears Scalzi was a little upset about the post.  He's rallied his twitter troops to remind him how awesome he is.

Scalzi!  You're good enough!  You're smart enough!  And Dog Gone it, people like you!  really!  They do!

Additionally... any of you scalzi types that would like to discuss Scalzi in the comments are welcome to.  We don't really ban people around here for daring to disagree with us.  In fact we kind of expect lots of people to disagree with us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I would like to offer the sincerest of congratulations to my co-host Six...  who in fact is no longer Six... and who now must be referred to... as Seven.

God is great indeed.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday, March 09, 2014

My Sightmark Fetish...

Ever tried a cheaper version of a well known product and fallen in love with it?  The first time this happened to me it was a Taurus PT101.   Its a beretta 96 clone... and it was $200 bucks cheaper than the beretta... plus I liked the decocker on the Taurus better.

Thousands and thousands of rounds later... the "cheap" Taurus has proven to be far superior to the beretta it cloned.

The next time it was a savage rifle.  Over the last 10 years the bang for the buck Savage has given is really unparalelled in firearms manufacturing.  Mossberg has gotten the message and is moving in that direction as well... but Savage is the company that really has forced the issue.  Right now today... out of the box.. you can get a Savage that will shoot with a 4000 dollar Dakota rifle all day long.   Now that hurts a lot of feelings... but having shot several Dakotas... I don't mind telling the truth.  Cooper Rifles are a different story of course.  And in saying this I do not mean to dismiss the quality of fine companies like Winchester, Ruger, CZ, Steyr, or Weatherby.  They all make fine weapons.  They just charge a lot more than Savage.

and by now you know where this is going I suppose.

Holy crap have I developed a Sightmark fetish.

I have 2 ultrashot QDs... Both have the digital switch which I find invaluable.  On top of that I have a bunch of experience with their night vision equipment.  needless to say if you have some night time hog hunting to do... their Gen 1 rifle scopes serve you very well and will not break the bank.  No... you're not going to take 200 yard shots with them... unless its a clear night with a full moon.

Back to the ultrashot though...  I can't get over this thing.  I really can't.  its fast... its takes a beating... I'm seriously impressed.

Now I know of you guys hate battery operated sights... so if you get a chance check out their Wolfhound model.  It has an illuminated reticle but it also has traditional crosshairs... so you're covered if TSHTF and you can't find a battery.

Anyway I am loving this kit and if you're in the market I suggest giving it a look.  There are always sellers at gunshows with sightmark stuff to look over.  Lemme know what ya think.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Back in the Saddle: ATF Show Returns!

Ok kids... its almost show time.   Yes... Six is back... I'm back... we're finally gonna fire this thing back up.  Sorry about being so slack lately... lots going on.

Tonight we're covering mostly current events...  Ukraine... Bitcoin...  and I'm putting in an orchard as we speak so you can you can epect some of that talk as well.

A: Amber Bock now..  Basil Hayden's later.

T: Rockey Patel baby.

F: A whole pile of Ruger 10/22s

Show link!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Millennials... The New Baby Boomers

For decades now I've been content in the knowledge that the most worthless generation to ever foul the earth with its presence...  The Baby Boomers... was dying out soon.

Then...  along came the Millennials.

Having observed these pathetic creatures in the wild... I almost concluded that we'd be better off reanimating the boomer corpses and putting them back in kindergarten and just recycling them on through all over again.  Then I realized... that wouldn't do any good really.  We'd just end up in the same place.

Because the Boomer and the Millennials share the same affliction.

The Boomers viewed themselves as the smartest most specialest people the planet has ever seen.  They know for a fact they are smarter and better than any generation that as ever come before.  The Boomers came along and we got the 60s.  They screamed "you're doing it wrong!" to the generations that had come before and built the institutions that had stood for hundreds of years.  20 year olds are smart like that ya know?  They can do better.

For the Millennials... its really the same.  They are super special.  Things are so obvious to them that no else noticed at all before they came along.  For the Millennials... its all about feelings.  They wage war against two specific evils; MINDHURT and FEELBAD.   And it stems from exactly the same root as the Baby Boomer affliction.  Just like the Boomers...  the Millennials know for a fact they are the smartest people to ever live.

A disturbing commonality between the two generations... is an authority complex.  Both generations enthusiastically tell everyone else how to live their lives.  They are generations of control freaks.  And its fitting that when the Boomers first started gaining real power in the late 80s...  they dreampt up Political Correctness.

And of course... the Millennials come along and take it to the extreme.  The 20-Somethings can't be bothered to find a job... but they have the time and ambition to build organizations to ban words.

In its late teens and twenties... Generation X was fueling the dotcom boom and creating millionaires and billionaires.

The Millenials are sitting in their parents basement... in pajamas... drinking hot chocolate... and fighting the ultimate winner take all war...  against FEELBAD.

One can only imagine what kind of horrors these tyrants will dream up when they begin to take the reigns of real power.

World War III is a big concern right now...  but maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing in the long run.  If enough of these psychotic little navel gazing bastards get killed off... we may actually have a chance to live our lives in peace 30 years from now.