Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snake on the floor

6:00 am... and I am dealing with a snake in my kitchen?   Seriously?  I don't even know how the little bastard got there or what kind of a snake it is.

I hate snakes.  You have no idea how much I hate snakes.

I can tell you though.  I hate them so much... I am going to take this poor little bastard and put him in the coop with my chickens.  They will shred him and eat him alive... on evil peck a time.

You have no idea how brutally evil chickens are until you hear the screams of a frog while they dismember it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

ATF: Celebrating Dads Dammit

For a couple reasons this week we're talking about dads... being a dad... and why dads are freaking awesome.

We're also talking about booze.  And guns.

Here's the link.

we go live at 9pm central.  Call in at 347.308.8598

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nate Mail: Bourbon Match Making

Jill asks:

It's kind of a strange question, though. I need a bourbon match for a book character. You know, a kind of personality match: aggressive male, brilliant entrepreneur, completely stingy with money, doesn't drink much, but needs a good bourbon for when, say, his hippy Marxist parents visit. He's not adventurous; his entire goal in life is to make money and be in control. Could you recommend something for my character?

A guy with this kind of money and power... you would expect Pappy Van Winkle.  But he won't touch it.  Its 3 times as expensive and not as good.  In short... its what you drink to impress them what don't know any better.

Your man has a bottle of Bookers.  He loves it because its barrel strength... its uncut and therefore slightly unpredictable.  Its always good but its never exactly the same.  This little bit of chaos is all he can tolerate in his conquered controlled world... because it reminds him that some things are still more art than science.. and taming and them and controlling them may reduce them to mere mediocrity.

He never cuts it with water.  He has cold whiskey stones that he puts in the glass and sips it straight.

He never drinks to get hammered.  He remembers that one time he heard an old distiller named Booker Noe once said, "There comes a time in a man's life when he isn't looking to get hammered.  He just wants something that will change his attitude a little.  He just wants to take a little sip and think, "aww hell...  it don't matter."

You can tell a lot about a man by his bourbon.

Do yourself a favor and go to a liquor store and look at a bottle of Bookers real well.  Notice the box it comes in.  Its very distinctive and the details about it will make a very interesting few words.  Bookers is hot by the way... usually 128 to 132 proof or so... and is usually very sweet and complex.  Its fantastic.  Peppery, smokey, caramel, and vanilla will find their way into a taster's mind.


I'll have to go have some.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Infectious Grooves-Fame

Six is a David Bowie fan apparently.

This is the only David Bowie I'll ever give a damn about.

Infectious Grooves - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)

Bow down.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can't vs Won't

The esteemed Vox Day writes...

"And ask yourself this question.  If the Fed/USG can simply "print" credit money between them and "stimulate" the economy through massive urban bailouts, why are they not doing so already?  This solution would appear to kill three birds with one stone:

1. Preventing the insolvent cities from defaulting
2. Making up for insufficient private and public spending
3. Reducing unemployment via subsized local government employment.

So, why would neither Ben Bernanke nor Barack Obama be pursuing, or even proposing, such an economic program?  What is it that prevents them from "fixing" these three problems in this manner?"

Would that make the Fed money?  That is after all the primary objective of the corporation in question.  Given that the Fed has said that it is projecting to start losing money as early as 2014... I tend to think that the Fed believes that this kind of ramp up would not make it money... and would in fact cost it profit.

The problem with this whole post is its insinuation that the Fed isn't doing something, so it is therefore in capable of doing it.

This is obviously not the case... I say that... because well...

This exists.

We already established in the debate that delivery systems are not nearly as important as Vox makes them out to be.  George McGovern's guaranteed minimum income may have been rejected by the public so long ago... but are you so sure it would be so soundly rejected today?

I'm not.

They can get the money into the system.  Spending really isn't that hard... and when you make up the rules to the system... you get to change them as you see fit.

So they absolutely can do it.  The question becomes why don't they?

Well... the most obvious answer is they don't really believe it would do the things Vox is suggesting they think it should do.  Or... they think that there are costs to doing it that outweigh those benefits.  Also... they may fully intend on doing all of this... and they just haven't finished letting those who need bailing out twist in the wind yet.

They could be using this as a teachable moment.  They could also be letting things crash deliberately so they can buy up real property cheap later.  For example if I thought gold was going to sky behooves me to get everyone else to think its going to crash... and then to perhaps even cause a crash if I am able.... so I can buy up massive amounts of gold for nearly nothing before the price jumps start.

This happens people.  We have real historical examples of it; British treasuries after Waterloo for example.

The best answer though... is the Fed probably just doesn't think its nearly as bad as we do.  They think things are getting better... and these are just the pains of switching back from a stimulus based economy to a real one.

The Fed isn't omniscient.  I already demonstrated that they have no idea how much money is even out there.  About many many things... they are totally clueless.  They are blinded by equations that they have always assumed were correct... but which are in fact... totally useless.

Evil?  Incompetence?

Why not both?

Friday, July 19, 2013

ATF: Russel's Reserve... CAO... and Stupid Atheist Tricks

You don't want to miss the show tonight y'all...  we have a nice surprise.  We'll cover some more self defense... more guns... and who knows what else.

Here is the link.

The guest call in number is 347.308.8598

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Greek Soup

My family is greek.  By that I mean my grandfather came over on the boat with his parents when he was a boy in the early 1900s.  One of the traditions they brought with them... is Greek Soup.  I suppose the real name is something like Chicken Soup Avgolemono or something... but we just call it Greek Soup.

This recipe is how my grandmother made it.  And thus... I conclude that it is the correct way.

In a large stockpot.. about a third full of water and a good pinch of sale... bring 6 chicken legs to a boil.  If you prefer white meat... that's fine.  Preferably though you'd leave the skin on.  personally I think the best option is to just chuck a whole damned chicken in the pot.

Turn down the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes pull the chicken and whatever veggies you added out of the stock.  Keep veggies and meat separate.  Salt and pepper the chicken and set aside.

Add 2 cups of long grain rice to the stock.  cook over medium heat until groovy.

Now whip 6 eggs until firm.  Now pour the eggs into the rice and broth slowly while stirring... so it will cook without getting all gooey.

Add lemon juice to taste.  Generally folks add at least the juice from one lemon.  As much as a cup to a cup and a half.

The chicken is either served with the soup on the side or in the soup... up to you.  I prefer to shred it and serve it in the soup.

And yes... I'm making some right now.

Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News

Friday, July 12, 2013

ATF: Rattle Snake Ridge

Well we're back home.  Thank God.  Don't get me wrong... I love being on the road... but the mobile command center is missing many features and comforts that we have here at the ranch.  Yes. I'm calling it a ranch.  I'm in the process of fencing it for cattle.  That makes it a ranch dammit.

Shut up.

I'm gonna be honest for a bit here...  when it comes to this whole economic doom thing...  I'm not nearly as fired up as I once was.  I'm not waffling.  I believe now more than ever that its going to happen in 2015... I just.. don't really care.  I recognize that I should care.  I just don't.  Tonight I don't anyway.

I hope some of you bastards call in tonight... because honestly I have no idea what I am going to rant about if you don't.

Anyway... here is the link...  the call in number is  

(347) 308-8598


Holy crap is Russel's Reserve good.


WTF man?  I have no idea what just happened but I can promise you I am seriously pissed about it.  Now I have to drink even more.  Dammit.  I don't know who is at fault... but I am almost certainly going to find out and chew some butts.

Seriously... sorry guys.

***UPDATE III*** Retry at 9:30.  Six!  Call back in.  Otherwise I'll do it solo.  Y'all call in if ya wanna talk.  Show starts in 1.

Call in you bastards.

Well... all's well that end's well I reckon.  We got it done finally.  Hope y'all like it.

Friday, July 05, 2013

ATF live remote

Happy dependence day y'all. We are broadcasting live from the mobile command center somewhere in the woods near chapel hill Tennessee. Anyone that can say why chapel hill is historically significant wins the internets tonight.

Here is the link for the show.

Call in at 347.308.8598