Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monster Magnet - Spacelord

New Years.

Hit it.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Its a cheap shot.  But that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Friday, December 27, 2013

ATF: The Year in Review

Light up kids.  We're gonna take you back and hit the highlights... but mostly the low lights... of 2013... and we'll tell you about all the suck you have to look forward to in 2014.

drink up.  You're gonna need it.

I also have a very special surprise for you tonight.  You're gonna like this.

A: Shiner Premium... and probably a lot of bourbon.

T: Still on those HAVOC's .  mmmmmm  Yummy.

F: Gonna go with the Savage 99 in 308.  For obvious reasons.  Why they aren't still making these... I will never know.  Can I get one in 458 win mag?  416 rigby?  Africa calls.  Also... a buddy called and asked what I thought about a Browning X Bolt in 280 remington.  I've never shot an x-bolt but I very much appreciated the performance and economy of the A-Bolt.    And as far as I'm concerned... the fact that the 280 Remington never took over the US hunting market is just proof that MPAI.

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all come.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How Do I know Which One is Yours?

Its the one that says Bad Mother Fucker on it.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I take a moment to give thanks for each and every one of you.... my commentors and readers.  Though I still marvel that you bother to come by... I am never the less honoured and humbled.

It is my sincerest wish that you are spending Christmas with those you love... and those who love you.

And I am thankful for the Greatest of all gifts.

God Bless.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Spokojnoj Nochi General

We lost Mikhail Kalashnikov today.  He passed at the age of 94.   I don't need to sing the praises of the AK-47 or the AK-74. You know who he was.  You know what he did.

The conflict between Russians and Americans has never made much sense to me to be honest... and I sincerely hope that John Moses Brown and General Kalashnikov get to share a beverage on the streets of gold.

So friends..  put the bourbon aside for one night.  And tonight...  raise a glass of vodka... to one of the finest firearms designers to ever walk this earth.  I'll leave you with some quotes from the General himself...

"I created a weapon to defend the motherland's borders. It's not my fault that it was sometimes used where it shouldn't have been. This is the fault of politicians"

"I wanted to invent an engine that could run for ever. I could have developed a new train, had I stayed in the railway. It would have looked like the AK-47 though."

"Life can make you do many things, even kiss a man with a runny nose."

"I shot with it a lot. I still do now. That is why I am hard of hearing."

Das Vidanya Mikhail.

Friday, December 20, 2013

ATF: Cultur War. Shots Fired.

Look...  be advised.  If you're sick of hearing about a certain group of bearded men and a certain interview and a certain shit storm that resulted...  this probably ain't the show for you.

This is war kids.   This is Black Flag Christianity.

And no.  I don't have a problem saying that while drinking and smoking and wearing a firearm.

If you think that is ironic... then you need a better education.

Now... speaking of that...

A:  Wild MF'n  Turkey.   Because 101.

T:  I am not smokin' at present...but I plan on lightin' up a Romeo y Julietta Havoc when we're done.  Because some God Fearin' Christian sent them to me.  Amen.

F: Why can't I get an AR chambered in 7mm-08?  Why hasn't this happened?  If it did happen wouldn't AR-10 mags work with it?  I want one dammit.  Someone make this happen.  Or I will.  Boy that'd be a helluva kickstarter campaign wouldn't it?

Anyway... if you can't tell I am kinda fired up tonight...  here's the damned link.

The Show.

Black Flag Christianity

***The following was written March 30, 2009 and posted as a note on Facebook. I suspect its contents will ring a little louder now than it did then.***

We write this day for one reason and one reason alone. We write to declare once and for all that the message of the Gospel must not be lost. We accept no compromise. We accept nothing less than the Truth.

Christianity is not an inclusive religion.

Christianity is not a unifying religion.

Christianity is divisive.. subversive.. and dangerous.

Christianity pits brother against brother.. and Father against Son.

Christianity is not a religion of Peace... at least not until the Victory.

We will no longer tolerate the pathetic trade off.. we will not sacrifice the Truth for mere peace within the church. We will not compromise. Black is black. White is white. This is the end.

Paul did not barter the Truth for peace.

Jesus did not barter the Truth for peace.

Neither shall we.

It is time for Christians to shake off their cowardice and insecurity. It is time for Christians to speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

The time is now.

Hoist the colors.

File:Flag of Cornwall.svg

This is our flag.  If you are on our side I encourage you to post this flag on your blog.  Use it as your profile picture on facebook or twitter.  Its time to get off the fence.  Its time to pick a side in this culture war.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

President Amabo and the Great Refridgeration Act of 2037

And so it came to pass that the many President Amabo and his party friends decided that there was a terrible problem with decentralized refrigeration.  Some families had to much... and others to little.  It would be much more efficient if there was one centralized refrigeration system.

And thus... the Affordable Refrigeration Act was passed into law.

President Amabo hired his good friend Ned, who just happened to run massive refrigerator company, to set up the system.  The system cost billions and took years to develop.

Now... It turns out that President Amabo didn't actually know much about refrigerator... and neither did his party friends.  To them it was like magic.  You open the door of the fridge and its cold in there.  How does it work?  Well you plug it in and turn it on.  It works.  That is the whole limit of their understanding.

What they did understand... was perception.  They were very keen to see that the very important project was perceived as successful.  So they poured over all the progress reports... and frequently called Ned to insist on changes to this or that based on perception.  This made Ned's job very difficult... because Ned wasn't building a Perception.  He was building a refrigerator.

3 months before the whole system was supposed to go online...  President Amabo was looking over the latest report and noticed that the system used something called a compressor.  Now Amabo had no idea what a compressor was... but he was certain if The People heard one was involved it would be bad.  The People would probably think they were going to squish all the food together.  And that's no good.

So Amabo called up Ned... and explained... This refrigerator cannot use a compressor.  Take out the compressor.

And now...

You know everything you need to know about Healthcare.gov... and why it doesn't work.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First of Many

I got the call about 11am...  my buddy Greg was already at the hunting camp.  Crap.  What rifle do I take?  What ammo do I take?  I had a bunch of crap to do...  I wasn't prepared for this.  I'd promised my son we'd start our Epic Hamburger Tour today...  so that had to come first.  And of course... it did.

When I got home DrWho was giving me that.. "you better go hunting" look... the Savage 99 was sitting there...  looking...  as reliable as ever.  Well... I figured I'd throw some 150 grain soft points through it.  If it was shooting... I'd go.

Sure enough... 3 shots made 1 hole at 100 yards.   Its an inch high.  God I love that rifle.

Its Bama so its not like I hade to gear up to much. I knew it would hit the mid thirties by the time I was out of the woods so I just grabbed a decent coat and threw on my boots.  The rest of the necessaries went in the bag.  DrWho met me at the door with some cokes, some jerky, and some habenero barbeque nuts.  She's a good wife.

The plan was to be in the woods and set up by 3.   There were two big food plots we wanted to sit on... and another buddy Webb had a climber and wanted to sit on a funnel between them.  My plot was the furthest so I drove the cart and dropped Webb off at a spot where he could walk the rest of the way in... and I drove on to my shooting house.

Its a sweet setup.  I drove into the woods quite a ways... then came to a fork.  To the left takes you to the food plot itself.  To the right takes you around a thick wooded area to a walking path that leads to the back of the shooting house that looks out over the food plot.  I parked the cart by the path.. silenced my phone.. loaded 2 rounds of 150 grain winchester soft points into the rotary magazine of the 99... and started walking.  I may have made it just a bit after 3... but not much.

This is what I was looking at.

It was 3pm... 64 degrees...  and really not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

So now is a good time to say that hunting in 2013 is very different than hunting was in 1993.  This was abundantly clear to me around 30 minutes later when I get a text from Greg over on the other food plot.  "Hey man.  Doe just walked out in the back of my plot.  They are moving early "

Ever the patient sort... I texted him back, "SHOOT HER!"

But..  he didn't.

For about the next 30 minutes I was really on my game.  I glassed... nothing.  After a while I relaxed.  It was probably gonna be a long day.  No reason to push.  I settled down in the seat... put on my electronic ears and played bejewelled on the blackberry for a while.  About 4 I got another text from Greg.  "keep your eyes open.  They'll start moving soon."

The shadows kept getting longer... reaching out across the food plot.  It was tarting to really cool off now. the temp's dropped almost 15 degrees.  I put the coat on.  At 4:30 another text comes in.  "They'll be easing into the food plot now.  watch the back left and the far right!"   yeah right.

This is the 4th time I've sat out here in the afternoon on this camp and apart from the deer Jeb shot... I ain't seen squat. I texted Greg back at 4:45 "Y'all are full of shit.  Ain't no damned deer on this camp." I was so frustrated I decided to get out of the box and take a piss.  God knows how much ruckus I made.  I didn't even try to be quiet.  I was irritated.

I got back in the house... settled back down and checked the lux meter on my phone.  Its still 90 lux out there.  Plenty of light to shoot.  But the sun was definitely going down.  I didn't have a lot of time.  Defeat was sinking in I checked the meter again and it had dropped to the 40s.  I don't keep a rockstar scope on the 99... its just a little simmons 3-9X32.   I texted Greg....  "I don't know how much longer I can shoot with this scope.  Its getting dark."

Greg's sitting over there with a 50mm Zeiss scope on his weatherby 7mm-08.  He replied, "I can shoot till about 6:30."

"Yeah... you can also go to jail."

I was a little bitter.

I looked up from my phone... and there were two big doe standing in the back corner of the plot.  About 200 yards.  I could see them clearly with the naked eye... but with the scope?  Magnification was set at 6.  Was it enough?

I rested the rifle on the window of the shooting house.  The big doe picked up the movement and looked my way but she didn't move.  She was giving me a perfect broadside.  I put the cross-hairs just above and behind her shoulder.

I took the rifle down.  I texted greg.

"Big doe."

"Shoot her!"

Once more I put the rifle up.  She was still there looking at me.  The retical found the kill zone just like before.

Maybe just a hair higher.

I put my finger on the trigger.  I relaxed.  I tried to touch my nose with my trigger finger.

.223s go "crack".   .308s go "boom".

The 99 doesn't so much kick as push.  Its less like a snap and more like a shove.  I saw the deer drop though the scope.

I held the scope on the deer... but it was clear a follow up was not needed.  She was down.  Her back legs kicked once.  It was as clean a kill as you can hope for.  Custom says you wait 30 minutes before you leave the stand but it was pointless.  The 150 grain soft point had thrown her down like she'd been hit by a truck.

After approximately 90 seconds I went out to check her.  She was beautiful.  She'd been broadsiding me when I shot her.  Now she was on her side facing the back of the food plot.  There was a huge blood puddle under her... but no obvious entrance wound at all.  I felt around in her fur until I found it... right were I expected.  Just a touch high.

Greg and Webb helped get her back to the camp and we cleaned her right there in the purpose built cleaning shed.

Webb is a master... and Greg impressed me to.  Its the first time I've ever seen a Dewalt Reciprocating saw employed in butchery.  Never the less it was effective... and very tidy.

I don't know when I'm gonna get back out there.  I do have a big hunt planned in January.

Maybe I'll look into one of those fancy Zeiss rigs.   Or at least a Redfield...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

China Lands on the Moon

Well... it appears we may finally get an answer once and for all.  China has landed on the moon and as I am typing... pictures are being beamed back to earth from their lander.

At some point...  we will get to see pictures of all those Apollo relics.  Right?

And if we do then i concede... that is massive evidence to support the claim that men actually walked on the moon.

But what if we don't?

What will you concede?

Friday, December 13, 2013

ATF Returns

Hey kids.

Sorry.  Been busy as all hell.

Show starts in a few minutes...  9 central.

here's the link

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wisdom from the Redneck Sage

no... that's not a moniker I self apply.  I'm talking about Outlaw X.

A couple days ago our buddy Vox put up a glorious eulogy to a friend he lost.  In the comments...  Outlaw X said something that I think pretty damned profound and ...  and maybe even timely for someone.

Everyone needs to hear this.  Some of us need to hear it now.

This gives me a chance to say something I have been wanting to say to people on this blog. From your early 40's to your mid 50"s expect the hammer to fall in your sight. I don't mean death but it could be anything. It is a purging of the soul and recorded in the mind and probably your last chance to change for your own good. I have watched it all through my life and have noticed this to be a seemly an imperative of God or fate. It always happens. There are many names for it, some call it a mid-life crises, it could be a health, financial, marriage or family issue. It is as if you make it there it becomes an inevitable fact of life..

I suggest people recognize this and understand why it happens and move on with the wisdom of what has happened rather than why it happened. When you loose friends, family members or any loss that really disturbs you remember there is a reason and just be patient, sober and think. And it will become clear to you in Gods own time. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evidence of Superior Civilization

I am often asked if things really are that different in the South...  as if it is just some giant group delusion or something.

To answer the question I've decided to simply post a picture.  And you can answer yourself.  Is this the kind of thing you see displayed on the wall menu of sandwich shops in your part of the country?

An yes this is real.  I took it myself at A Taste of Philly in Pensacola.  Do take the time to read the firearms sign completely.

Friday, November 22, 2013

ATF: Yes? Of course!

Ok enough of this off and on nonsense.  Its time to get this show back on the road.  So to speak.

I've got 3 different kinds of Shiner tonight... Shiner Bock...  Shiner Premium... and Shiner Cheer.  The last being their special christmas beer.  Which is odd... because it tastes like peaches.  I don't know what peaches have to do with christmas... but what ever.

So today we learned some big news...  apparently at some point in the last few years our buddy Vox switched from Glock to Steyr.  Now I know what you're thinking but there's no reason to jumped to conclusions...  just because I've used  Steyr forever and sung praises for years doesn't mean Vox was influenced.  I mean in his part of the world Steyr is Glock's biggest competitor.  That's hard for american's to imagine because the weapons never caught on here... but honestly that says more about Americans than Steyr.

Anyway its happy news to know that Vox has been un-Glockified.  Now if we can just get Six to see the light...

A:  Shiner.  Lots of Shiner.  Obviously

T:  Makers Mark cigar.  Things are aged in honest to God bourbon barrels.  Fantastic.

F:  Pair of Steyr M40-A1s.   I know I know...  real gun people know that you can't shoot 2 pistols at the same time.  Its all Hollywood fiction.   Well...  I can.  and do.  Work at something long enough... and your mind figures it out.  That said in a defensive situation it wouldn't be my choice.  We carry two because its faster to draw a new on than reload.

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all come.  9 central.

Friday, November 15, 2013

ATF: No.

Sorry kids...  been in the woods all day... gonna be in the woods all day tomorrow.  I'm on a mission to help my boy get his first deer... and that probably means getting up at 0 Dark 30.  Its not that I don't love y'all.   Its just...   priorities dammit.

I will say this...  Jeb and I were both pissed about being rained out... so getting to blow that armadillo to hell and gone was seriously cathartic.

A:  New Castle Cabbie Black Ale.    Holy Shit.   Find some.

T:  Not until a damned deer dies.

F:  HR Handi-Rifle in .223.  Single shot.  Trigger is crisp but its to heavy.  Jeb's still the devil with it.  I'm taking my crossbow with me.  I won't shoot until Jeb get's his... but after that... well....

Rituals and Rights of Passage

Its a big day.   Today is the start of Alabama's youth hunting weekend... and my oldest son's first deer hunt.  We've got a fantastic spot.  Big food plot with so much deer sign it makes you wonder if we aren't feeding the deer population of half the county.  On wednesday we came to scout and when we drove up in the afternoon there were 7 deer and 14 turkeys in the plot.

I know there is debate over the viability of the .223 as a deer round... but I find those that disapprove have generally never used one for such... and the only stories they've heard came from their grand-dad in the 70s.

Bullets technology has changed.  Winchester Ballistic silvertips for example...  55 grains... 3200 fps.  An inch after impact they've expanded to half and inch in diameter.  So basicly you're blowing a .50 caliber hole through the heart and lungs.  The fact is... inside 150 yards.. a well placed .223 will drop a deer just fine.  And that's what Jeb will be shooting today.  Now... odds are we're gonna be on the does today... and the deer down here in lower Alabama aren't like the deer up in TN or KY...  they are little like West Virginia deer.  I mean the biggest deer down here that the old timers even know about being shot was 290 pounds.  Contrast this with Michigan deer that are known to be upwards of 400.  Plus we'll be shooting around 70 to 100 yards.


If Jeb gets one there are all kinds of rituals out there.  Prayer obviously...  and in the old days ya tasted the animal's blood.  Down here its tradition to use the blood like war paint on the shooter's face.

Ok kids...  let's hear your First Kill stories.


rained out.  It poured on us all day long... and of course...  20 minutes after we head back to camp it stops raining...  and the deer all come out.   I hate deer.   Man do I hate deer.   The wasn't totally lost...  Jeb did kill the hell out of an armadillo just for spite.  Good shot.  Blew it to hell and gone.

 Back at it tomorrow.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Unintentional Comedy

From the Chicago Fed report on Crypto Currencies... we find this gem of a quote...

"Although some of the enthusiasm for bitcoin is driven by a distrust of state-issued currency, it is hard to imagine a world where the main currency is based on an extremely complex code understood by only a few and controlled by even fewer, without accountability, arbitration, or recourse."


***looks around***


Friday, November 08, 2013

ATF: Nukes and Pussy Riot!

Well... damned if it ain't that time again.  In theory we're gonna have six back tonight... Thanks be to God Himself.  Man am I sick of pulling this cart by own self.

A:  Bourbon.  Dammit.   Lots of it.

T:  Romeo

F: Many.  Many.  Many.

Das Link

Friday, November 01, 2013


Shut up... I'm in hurry.  we're running late.  Deal with it.

here's the link.

A:  Makers 46

T: Ghurka Spec Ops.  

F: Weatherby 257 weatherby magnum.  Because.  BOOM.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey guys... I'm shot tonight.  We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I'll be honestly.. I'm up to my ass in caulk and granite dust.  Just to much going on to do the show right now.

I'll make it up to ya.

For now...

A: Basil Hayden

T: Plain ol' Backwoods.  Say what ya want... they get the job done in a pinch.

F: Handi-Rifle in .223.  Freakin' sweet.

Magnetized baby clings to 140mph motorcycle

Where was this in 2003?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Robert Earl Keen, Wireless In Heaven

This is what genius looks like.

Friday, October 18, 2013

ATF: And... We're Back.

Actually we're not back.  Only I'm back.   Six has bailed on me... he's off doing some hippy shit... hiking or something gay like that.  I dunno.

So I'm flying solo.

God help us.  Could be an abreviated show...  or... I could just end up ranting about yankees and scotch.  No promises.

A:  Bookers Dammit.  Because.

T: Arturo Fuente.  Also.  Because.

F: Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf.

Das Link

Friday, October 11, 2013

No show

Just call me George jones.  We are on vacation up in the mountains and we just don't have the connection.  Sorry guys. Catch ya next week.

A: shiner black lager

T: backwoods smokes

F: lots. And lots.

Friday, October 04, 2013

ATF : Running Late

Shit the bed...  just getting home... 20 minutes to show time.  damn.

Nuthin' fancy tonight.

A: Bookers
T: Kentucky Twist
F: Ruger 10/22, Savage 99, and a couple 1911s...  for now

Link for the show!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Pedobear Care

Yes.  Universal Healthcare will now be delivered in a creepy looking van with "Free Candy" painted on it.

Hank III - Not Everybody Likes Us

Ladies and Gentlemen...  The official ATF theme song.

Jimmy Buffett-A Pirate Looks At Forty


Friday, September 27, 2013

ATF: ... again? Already?

God this was the fastest week of my life.  I can't believe its ATF time again.

Well... F'it.

I've been show prepping since about 4pm... so it should be a good one.

A: Russel's Reserve.

T: R&J something or other...

F: Ruger Amphibian.   Look it up.  I dare you.  No not you Underwater Operative.  You already know.

Here's the link to the show.

Friday, September 20, 2013

ATF: Breakin' Clays, Smokin' Cigars, and sippin' fine bourbon

Title says it all don't it?   see it was my wife's birthday this week and being the fine husband that I am... I got her a Beretta Silver Pigeon S.  That's a fancy over under shotgun for them what don't know.

It looks like this.

I'll pause a moment.

So we spent the even with our closest friends.  I honestly cannot possibly complain.

A:  Octoberfest and later.. Russel's Reserve.

T:  Arturo Fuente.  Don't break clays without one.

F:  Obviously the beretta mentioned above... and also a sweet little CZ 920.  Autoloader in 20 guage.  Just a pleasure to shoot.  Not like the Silver Pigeon... which is more like.. shooting your fantasy.

here's the link for the show kids.  Y'all come!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Porter Wagoner - Cold, Hard Facts Of Life

Stick with it to the end boys.  If you have never heard this... trust ol' Nate.  Pay attention to the story.

Friday, September 13, 2013

ATF: Putin... Syria... and Doughnuts

Well its that time again...  you can expect some syria talk.... and I'm sure we'll be mocking Obama... and pretty much everyone else too...


A:  Guinness Extra Stout.  Because.  Guinness.  Extra Stout.

T:  Saving my smokes until after Bama smokes Texas A&M.

F: CZ something or other.   Shhhh....  its a secret.

Here's the link.  Y'all enjoy.

Also...  please take a look at these two morons.   Honestly... if you shoot this bad... you suck.  You suck so bad you should in fact give your firearms to someone who doesn't suck.  I hate possums... but the idiocy in this video makes me want to kill these two pieces of shit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Modern Trailer

This.  This is why we loves the Internets.

Help Kickstart World War III!




Seriously?  Karl freakin' Denniger?  No.  The truth be told I can't take anything that idiot says seriously at all.  He's the biggest Chicken Little on the net and that's saying something.  I have no respect for Karl at all.  The man will make incredibly specific predictions...  "The whole banking system is going to crash on wednesday!" and he'll write 2000 words to explain exactly why this will happen...  then wednesday comes...  and the predicted crash never happens... and Karl then acts like the predictions he made just never happened.  No explaination for why the big crash didn't happen.  He just never bothers to address it.  He just blogs about something else and everyone lets him by with it.

Well I don't.

Karl...  I agree with you on the NSA and on a lot of other things.  But you're still an idiot.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria, Russia, and a Championship Belt

I know this blog hasn't been the most serious place to find news analysis in the last few years.  That's because I believe when you have nothing to say you should stubbornly refuse to say it.

I've got something to say today though...

Do you know what just happened in Syria?

Russia just took the Super Power Championship Belt from the United States.   That's what happened.   Let me explain.

The Syrian civil war has raged for years and has cost over 100,000 lives.  I would argue that its not actually a civil war at all.  I would argue that its actually World War III... but that is the subject for another post.  Over the last year or so the United States has been ramping up its war machine.  Some factions within the US have been pressuring the US to invade Syria.  Some external pressure has come seeking the same thing.

All of this culminates with the supposed chemical attacks by the rebels... I mean Assad Regime... and now the US has the excuse its been looking for.  Team America: World Police to the rescue!  Obama and America are going to ride in and save the day!  They are going to rid the world of those evil chemical weapons!  Fire up the Carrier fleet boys!  Its time to chew gum or kick ass... and we're all out of gum!

Everything was going exactly as planned until Putin shoved a whole pack of Big League Chew into Obama's face and told him to go to his room while the grown ups talked.

Then a funny thing happened.   Obama did what he was told.  America is backing down.

Russia accomplished this in two ways.  First they called for calm...  Then they sent their most advanced anti-ship missile systems to Syria.  Note...  not anti-aircraft.   Anti-ship.   That's a big difference.  They aren't talking about shooting down some planes.  They're talking about doing real damage to the US's ability to project power.  Walk softly... carry a big stick.  This should look familiar.  Its the kind of thing America used to do.

After sending those missiles to Syria Russia then rounded up the G20 and effectively made sure they were all in its pocket.  Russia called for more information.  It asserted that the matter had to go before the UN Security Council and that the US threats were unacceptable.

See the US likes to use the UN for cover when it wants to invade a given country... but the US also likes to ignore the UN when the UN doesn't want to play along.   Russia has asserted that the US has no authority to play that game anymore.  Russia is calling the US bluff... and the US so far... appears to be folding.

Remember this people.

September of 2013 was the end of the United State's World Super Power Championship Reign.

Russia took the belt.

Russia is the calm cool adult in the room.  Russia is calling the shots and the world is listening.  For decades the context of every world crisis was "How will the United States respond to this?"  Russia has changed that now.

It is now a very different world.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Russian Commercials

So umm... this is...   awesome.

Also... awesome... for a totally different reason.

ATF! We.... hope?

Ok so theoretically we have a show that goes live at 9pm central.  Of course the last few times we've tried it have been a total trainwreck for around the first ten minutes because of either Blogtalk... or skype... or both.

So tune in anyway because... I mean honestly you just never know what could happen.  I could be there... or not.  Or Six could be there all alone or hell... everything could go fine.

its the proverbial box of chocolates...  except it may suck.  Ya never know.

Anyway screw it... its friday.. World War III is about to kick into high gear... the student loan bubble is starting to burst... and wal-mart employees want 25 bucks an hour.

And you wonder why we drink?

A:  46.  And Bookers.  But not mixed together.  Separate.

T:  I am slacking here.  I am not smoking... and really... I need to be dammit.

F: Shotguns kids!  We're talking shotguns and deer rifles.  What was your first deer rifle?  or what did you take your first deer with?  Do you shoot trap or clays?  Pheasants?  Double gun or Semi auto?  Me?  Beretta 626.

Here's the link... for what its worth.

Y'all come.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pictures... 1000 words...

Photo: Communist Party USA convention - 1939, Chicago - http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/was-the-20th-century-the-bloodiest-yes-thanks-to-communism/

National Communist Party Convention, Chicago 1939

That face sure looks familiar doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ghost, Soap, and Spartan 117

Ok kids... Who are your favorite video game characters of all time?  I'll kick things off with a few of mine and some appropriate quotes of there's or about them.

1. Master Chief Spartan 117, Halo.   "Wake me... when you need me."

2. Cortana, Halo:  "I'll miss you."

3. Ghost, Modern Warfare: "NO!"

4. Soap, Modern Warfare: "Stay Frosty"

5. Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell  ***after watching a man commit sepuku*** "I think someone is taking himself a little to seriously."

Ok... you're turn.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

PSA: Springfield Armory Recall

Springfield has a recall up onsome 9mm and .45acp XD-S pistols.  XD and XD-M pistols are not effected.

Basically they are worried about accidental discharges.  There is a lot of info here.

Check your serial numbers and let me know if you have one and you're effected.

Friday, August 30, 2013

ATF: Rifles and Syria

Why do we drink?

We drink because candidates run for election saying things like "Only Congress can declare war!"  then win... and turn around and start bombing people without going through congress first.


And bourbon tastes good.   Also Football.

A: Bookers.  SEC opener.  No brainer.

T:  backwoods smokes believe it or not.

F: Steyr Model M... double set triggers.  30-06.   How much do you hate me?

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all call in dammit.  Huntin' stories...  favorite rifles... gun trivia...  or just why you think bombing syria is a really dumb thing to do.

Conspiracy: As Sure as Kilimanjaro Rises Like Olympus Above the Serengeti

I am a Blackberry guy.  This is known.  Unlike Android Guys or iphone People...  We Blackberry guys tend to follow things a little more closely.  And I want to take a moment to show a very interesting coincidence.

Before that though... a sit rep.

Right now most of you know the Blackberry is having trouble.  They've had year after year of bad news followed by bad news.  Outdated products... terrible reviews... terrible press... stocks have plummeted and every quarter it seems its always more bad news.

US sales went into the toilet... and have only moderately recovered with the new BB10 phones.  In fact the latest is... that the Q10 isn't selling at all and yet again... we have news stories out saying Blackberry is doomed.  Now this is odd... because the BB10 phones like the Z10 are actually out-selling Samsung's Galaxy phones and iphones in europe, particularly France and Germany.  BB10 has also had really strong showings in Africa and in the UK and obviously Canada.

The outlier is the US.


Well... I have this theory....  

So have you ever heard of Prism?  You know the thing that Snowden guy was all in a huff about that those crazy libertarians post angry rants about on Facebook?   Well it turns out that PRISM was created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008.  Take a moment and read up a little on that.

See that date?   The act was signed on 07-10-2008.  Remember that.

Now... lets get back to Blackberry... or if we go back to 2008... RIM.   RIM had a really good 2007.  The company was growing... products were being released and selling well.  They even had a big 3-1 stock split.  I need to point this out because you probably don't remember that RIM was ever anything but a failure.  They've been getting beat up in the press and on the stock market for so long... I'm pretty sure most of you think its just always been that way.  It hasn't.  In fact... there was a radical change.

Let's go back to Prism so I can tie all this together.  You all know what PRISM does.  It gives the NSA access to online activity.  Well it turns out pretty much everyone went along with the whole PRISM scheme...   except RIM.

RIM said no.  Blackberry security would not be sacrificed for PRISM.

On May 30th, 2008...  RIM's stock was trading at $139 per share.

Remember that date from earlier?

By September 30th... RIM's stock was at $68 per share.  By November 30th of 2008 it was down to $42 per share.

And when did the stock crash start?  07/10/2008.

What I am suggesting is straight up retaliatory market manipulation by the US government.  I believe RIMM refused to play by the US Government's rules... and the US Government effectively declared war on RIMM.   For a long time I've wondered about the disconnect between the product in my hand and perception of the product among the general public.  When I was using my Torch 2 had found that people would be shocked to learn that it could surf the web at all.  Recently the CEO of yahoo even said that Blackberry's weren't even smartphones.

And why, if those perceptions are accurate, are these useless non-smart phones selling so much better over-seas than they do here in America?


Why indeed.

One must conclude that either one of the most innovative and respected tech giants in the world turned totally incompetent and everyone realized it at the same time...

or...  Something else happened.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nate Pyle's Load of Crap


There is the Christian Nice Guy named Nate Pyle.   I had never heard of him until he wrote this glorious piece of bullshit and it started getting shared all over social media.

I encourage you to read the whole thing.  Seriously.  Now if you can stomach it... read the comments.

Pay particular attention to the women suggesting that he gave his advice to late... and he should have taught his son to NEVER look at women ever.  No matter what.

So the next time you hear a woman say there are no good men in church... think of Nate Pyle.  Eunuchs like him are to blame.

This notion that noticing how a woman looks or how she is dressed is somehow reducing her to less than human is pure feminist bovine ejectus.  Its is feminist of bovine ejectus of the highest order.  But it is useful at least.

Remember... Feminism is the Politics of Ugly Women.

Thus... it makes perfect sense that they should strive to make sure no one notices that...  well... they are ugly.

I would recommend having the exact conversation that Nate Pyle suggests...   that is assuming you want to make sure your son never actually gets a date.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Whiskers

This is pure awesome.  I defy you to disagree.

Friday, August 23, 2013

ATF: Football Preview

Guest Hosting tonight:  Josh

So we're without Six tonight so I thought I'd have our buddy Josh help me out while we covered our first annual ATF Football Preview.  We'll be covering both NCAA and NFL football.   Call in and talk smack and make your predictions about your team... my team... or rant about that team that sucks... like Ohio State...    Expect us cover everything from Heisman talk to uniforms to Coaches on the hotseat... as well as make our predictions for there.

Here's a hint...

Bama wins.

A:  Shiner Bock Czech Style Pilsner.   Czech it out!  Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit later.

T: Makers Mark cigars.   Holy crap are these good.  No artificial flavoring either.  All the dude does is age them in bourbon barrels.

F: Steyr M40a1 and a Taurus PT-101.   yes.  both.

Here's the link.  Y'all Come!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blogtalk Frustrations

Technical problems with Blogtalk Radio are becoming more and more common.  I apologize for the show last night.  Somehow BTR dropped my skype call... so that's the dead space at the begining of the show.  As if that's not bad enough... apparently after I killed the show.. the mic stayed hot and basically recorded another like hour... even though I ended the episode.

I'm not going to kill the show or anything.  Its just frustrating and a little embarrassing.  I mean I embrace the whole "unprofessional radio guys" thing.  It gives the show that "ya never know what might happen" kind of vibe.  But this was to much for my taste.

So sorry man.  I'll be finding someone at BTR to chew out so we can get back to laughing at our own jokes, eating on air, and generally being offensive.

Friday, August 16, 2013

ATF Show: With Special Guest...


That's right kids.  JamieR his own bad self.  Expect a lively gun debate as Jamie is a traditional Aussie and there for has no testicals what-so-ever.  Expect him to make brilliant arguments like... "Well crime only happens to you if you're involved in drugs and stuff."

A: Guiness Black, Shiner Bock, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, and Russels Reserve.   Yeah... its a tough life.

T:  I haven't smoked today dammit.  I have to do better.

F: The 1911 I made with my own hands.

Here's the link!  Y'all stop by.  Hope ya enjoy it.

Also listen up.  If you want to skype into the show all you have to do is create a listener account.  Go here and create the account then sign in and go to the show page.   When the show goes live a skype icon will appear on the page and if you click it you will be able to skype into the guest que.

Because we're awesome like that.

Another One Bites the Dust

And so we see yet another blogger whores themselves out at the first chance of left media attention.  Ladies and Gentlemen... Hooking up Smart has been reduced to Jezebel.

Oh I mean it was never a great beacon of light anyway.  So, its not like its a great loss.  But the process does provide a teaching moment... an example if you will.  We see it in conservatives as they head off to washington and immediately transform into liberals.  We see it in media personalities...  I mean does anyone else remember when Ariana Huffington was actually a conservative?

And now we see it here... with what was once basically an anti-feminist blog...  and is now...  well...  just embarrassing itself.

So be it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Its Different When Liberals Do It!


Turns out Rodeo clowns have been using presidential dummies for decades.  But see... its not disrespectful when the democrats do it.  Its only "EVIL!!!!"  when it happens to democrats.

This is the problem with conservatives.  See conservatives actually do respect the office.  Democrats don't.  So when the democrats scream, "RESPECT THE OFFICE!!" conservatives go along with it.  But when its time for the Dems to return the favor... it never happens.  And the conservatives just smile and take it... because responding would be "beneathe the office".

And so...  the democrats win.




Monday, August 12, 2013

The Arrest of Robert E. Lee's Daughter

This is an article from the Cleveland Gazette,  June 21, 1902.

So remember...  Rosa Parks is a hero for sitting in the white section of the bus.  But no one knows that Mary Curtis Lee was arrested for sitting in the back of the train.

New Honourary Title

Today... I was annointed with a new title by my eldest son.

Fear me.

For I am Nate!

Nate the Beerbarian!

Friday, August 09, 2013

ATF: An Ode to Motorrad

Well obviously we're back... Hope you've enjoyed the pics from the trip.  Needless to say it was a big time.  We stuffed ourselves obviously... We ended up hitting Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Kentucky

The word Epic gets thrown around a lot these days... but in this case I don't think its hyperbole.

A: Bookers.  Celebrations call for the best

T: Spec Ops

F: Winchester 94AE in .44 mag

Here's the link to the show.

And..... We're Back

I thought I would post a few pics to get you fired up for the show tonight.  Obviously the whole show will pretty much be one long ride report.  Man do I have stories....

Saturday, August 03, 2013

99,999 to go

1 Harley down.

So we're rolling down I 29 blowing past more cruiser fags than should ever be on the road... When we notice in our mirrors there are 4 harleys in formation bearing down on us.  This was... Amusing.

They were really pushing so we let them go on by and pulled in right behind.  We immediately noticed that they started checking their 6 to see if they could slow down.  They really didn't want to be riding that fast.  We pushed a little harder.

Suddenly the front rider peels out to the center line and starts looking down at his bike.


White smoke pours out of his tail pipe and oil spills out all over the road.

He blew his motor right in front of us.

Sad day for the Sons of Silence.  Pretty fun day for us though.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rapid Transit Authority

Time to put the RT on the big road and let her roll.  JAC and I are headed out this morning.  I'll be meeting him later in Tupelo probably.  From there... its either west through Texas and then north through Colorado to Wyoming to the Badlands.. or east through the North Georgia mountains and south to Keys.

I don't know where we're going.

I don't know when we'll be back.

The ATF show is off for at least this week.  Watch the blog though as I will try to put up audio blogs from the road when I can.

Y'all have a good time in your cubicles.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snake on the floor

6:00 am... and I am dealing with a snake in my kitchen?   Seriously?  I don't even know how the little bastard got there or what kind of a snake it is.

I hate snakes.  You have no idea how much I hate snakes.

I can tell you though.  I hate them so much... I am going to take this poor little bastard and put him in the coop with my chickens.  They will shred him and eat him alive... on evil peck a time.

You have no idea how brutally evil chickens are until you hear the screams of a frog while they dismember it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

ATF: Celebrating Dads Dammit

For a couple reasons this week we're talking about dads... being a dad... and why dads are freaking awesome.

We're also talking about booze.  And guns.

Here's the link.

we go live at 9pm central.  Call in at 347.308.8598

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nate Mail: Bourbon Match Making

Jill asks:

It's kind of a strange question, though. I need a bourbon match for a book character. You know, a kind of personality match: aggressive male, brilliant entrepreneur, completely stingy with money, doesn't drink much, but needs a good bourbon for when, say, his hippy Marxist parents visit. He's not adventurous; his entire goal in life is to make money and be in control. Could you recommend something for my character?

A guy with this kind of money and power... you would expect Pappy Van Winkle.  But he won't touch it.  Its 3 times as expensive and not as good.  In short... its what you drink to impress them what don't know any better.

Your man has a bottle of Bookers.  He loves it because its barrel strength... its uncut and therefore slightly unpredictable.  Its always good but its never exactly the same.  This little bit of chaos is all he can tolerate in his conquered controlled world... because it reminds him that some things are still more art than science.. and taming and them and controlling them may reduce them to mere mediocrity.

He never cuts it with water.  He has cold whiskey stones that he puts in the glass and sips it straight.

He never drinks to get hammered.  He remembers that one time he heard an old distiller named Booker Noe once said, "There comes a time in a man's life when he isn't looking to get hammered.  He just wants something that will change his attitude a little.  He just wants to take a little sip and think, "aww hell...  it don't matter."

You can tell a lot about a man by his bourbon.

Do yourself a favor and go to a liquor store and look at a bottle of Bookers real well.  Notice the box it comes in.  Its very distinctive and the details about it will make a very interesting few words.  Bookers is hot by the way... usually 128 to 132 proof or so... and is usually very sweet and complex.  Its fantastic.  Peppery, smokey, caramel, and vanilla will find their way into a taster's mind.


I'll have to go have some.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Infectious Grooves-Fame

Six is a David Bowie fan apparently.

This is the only David Bowie I'll ever give a damn about.

Infectious Grooves - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)

Bow down.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can't vs Won't

The esteemed Vox Day writes...

"And ask yourself this question.  If the Fed/USG can simply "print" credit money between them and "stimulate" the economy through massive urban bailouts, why are they not doing so already?  This solution would appear to kill three birds with one stone:

1. Preventing the insolvent cities from defaulting
2. Making up for insufficient private and public spending
3. Reducing unemployment via subsized local government employment.

So, why would neither Ben Bernanke nor Barack Obama be pursuing, or even proposing, such an economic program?  What is it that prevents them from "fixing" these three problems in this manner?"

Would that make the Fed money?  That is after all the primary objective of the corporation in question.  Given that the Fed has said that it is projecting to start losing money as early as 2014... I tend to think that the Fed believes that this kind of ramp up would not make it money... and would in fact cost it profit.

The problem with this whole post is its insinuation that the Fed isn't doing something, so it is therefore in capable of doing it.

This is obviously not the case... I say that... because well...

This exists.

We already established in the debate that delivery systems are not nearly as important as Vox makes them out to be.  George McGovern's guaranteed minimum income may have been rejected by the public so long ago... but are you so sure it would be so soundly rejected today?

I'm not.

They can get the money into the system.  Spending really isn't that hard... and when you make up the rules to the system... you get to change them as you see fit.

So they absolutely can do it.  The question becomes why don't they?

Well... the most obvious answer is they don't really believe it would do the things Vox is suggesting they think it should do.  Or... they think that there are costs to doing it that outweigh those benefits.  Also... they may fully intend on doing all of this... and they just haven't finished letting those who need bailing out twist in the wind yet.

They could be using this as a teachable moment.  They could also be letting things crash deliberately so they can buy up real property cheap later.  For example if I thought gold was going to sky rocket...it behooves me to get everyone else to think its going to crash... and then to perhaps even cause a crash if I am able.... so I can buy up massive amounts of gold for nearly nothing before the price jumps start.

This happens people.  We have real historical examples of it; British treasuries after Waterloo for example.

The best answer though... is the Fed probably just doesn't think its nearly as bad as we do.  They think things are getting better... and these are just the pains of switching back from a stimulus based economy to a real one.

The Fed isn't omniscient.  I already demonstrated that they have no idea how much money is even out there.  About many many things... they are totally clueless.  They are blinded by equations that they have always assumed were correct... but which are in fact... totally useless.

Evil?  Incompetence?

Why not both?

Friday, July 19, 2013

ATF: Russel's Reserve... CAO... and Stupid Atheist Tricks

You don't want to miss the show tonight y'all...  we have a nice surprise.  We'll cover some more self defense... more guns... and who knows what else.

Here is the link.

The guest call in number is 347.308.8598

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Greek Soup

My family is greek.  By that I mean my grandfather came over on the boat with his parents when he was a boy in the early 1900s.  One of the traditions they brought with them... is Greek Soup.  I suppose the real name is something like Chicken Soup Avgolemono or something... but we just call it Greek Soup.

This recipe is how my grandmother made it.  And thus... I conclude that it is the correct way.

In a large stockpot.. about a third full of water and a good pinch of sale... bring 6 chicken legs to a boil.  If you prefer white meat... that's fine.  Preferably though you'd leave the skin on.  personally I think the best option is to just chuck a whole damned chicken in the pot.

Turn down the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes pull the chicken and whatever veggies you added out of the stock.  Keep veggies and meat separate.  Salt and pepper the chicken and set aside.

Add 2 cups of long grain rice to the stock.  cook over medium heat until groovy.

Now whip 6 eggs until firm.  Now pour the eggs into the rice and broth slowly while stirring... so it will cook without getting all gooey.

Add lemon juice to taste.  Generally folks add at least the juice from one lemon.  As much as a cup to a cup and a half.

The chicken is either served with the soup on the side or in the soup... up to you.  I prefer to shred it and serve it in the soup.

And yes... I'm making some right now.

Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News

Friday, July 12, 2013

ATF: Rattle Snake Ridge

Well we're back home.  Thank God.  Don't get me wrong... I love being on the road... but the mobile command center is missing many features and comforts that we have here at the ranch.  Yes. I'm calling it a ranch.  I'm in the process of fencing it for cattle.  That makes it a ranch dammit.

Shut up.

I'm gonna be honest for a bit here...  when it comes to this whole economic doom thing...  I'm not nearly as fired up as I once was.  I'm not waffling.  I believe now more than ever that its going to happen in 2015... I just.. don't really care.  I recognize that I should care.  I just don't.  Tonight I don't anyway.

I hope some of you bastards call in tonight... because honestly I have no idea what I am going to rant about if you don't.

Anyway... here is the link...  the call in number is  

(347) 308-8598


Holy crap is Russel's Reserve good.


WTF man?  I have no idea what just happened but I can promise you I am seriously pissed about it.  Now I have to drink even more.  Dammit.  I don't know who is at fault... but I am almost certainly going to find out and chew some butts.

Seriously... sorry guys.

***UPDATE III*** Retry at 9:30.  Six!  Call back in.  Otherwise I'll do it solo.  Y'all call in if ya wanna talk.  Show starts in 1.

Call in you bastards.

Well... all's well that end's well I reckon.  We got it done finally.  Hope y'all like it.

Friday, July 05, 2013

ATF live remote

Happy dependence day y'all. We are broadcasting live from the mobile command center somewhere in the woods near chapel hill Tennessee. Anyone that can say why chapel hill is historically significant wins the internets tonight.

Here is the link for the show. http://tobtr.com/s/4947241

Call in at 347.308.8598

Friday, June 28, 2013

ATF: Atheist Jewish Gay Troll Edition

Man I love that video so much.  So much potential in just a few minutes of video.

All you goyim are racists!!!!

Well here we are... its that time again.

A: Yengling Bock... Kentucky Spirit... and Bookers.  Because...  why not?

T: La Gloria Cubana  Serie N   You have to see this thing.  Full flavored doesn't even come close to describing it.  Get one.  Now.

F: MSAR STG-556 with Gen II night vision...  Taurus PT-101... M&P-15...  and maybe a Winchester Defender... just because.  And its not a firearm but there is a coldsteel trench hawk here nearby too.

Almost that time.

Y'all stop by.  Here's the link.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Autistic Militant Atheist Verbally Abuses a civil Christian

Internet Atheist Troll spotted in the wild.  This is the greatest thing ever.

You can still see the freakshow here..

Grammatical Rebellion

"I can't be bothered to read any of this until you learn to use apostrophes correctly, like you should have done in grade school" - Rollory

I do so love it when people taste their own feet.  Let us discuss the apostrophe shall we?  It's about time Rollory got an education on it's use.

Did you catch that?  **GASP**  I just used it's for a contraction... then I used the same it's for a possessive!  Why I am a moron!  I should've learned in grade school that its is possessive!  I mean Nate's been to elementary school so somewhere in Nate's books it must have taught it.  Right?

I mean the word "it" is totally different though.  It's special.

Listen up people... it's time for a history lesson, and a grammar lesson, all rolled into one.   It turns out that your beloved rule about the apostrophe and the word "it" is in fact a load of bovine excrement.  In fact the rule was the exact opposite until the 19th century.  Originally the word "tis" was used where today we use "it is", and "it's" was used only as the possessive.  As "tis" fell out of use in the late 18th century things had to change.  It turns out though... that all through the 19th century "it's" was used for both.  Which, by the way, is far more consistent and logical than the stupid rule forced on us today.  After all... that's how we treat every other word in the language.

Folks... in every other case an apostrophe is used for both contractions... and to denote the possessive.  It is up to the reader to denote the meaning from the context.  Nate's running late... or Nate's running shoes.  It's all up to you the reader.

If you can lay out a case as to what about "it" makes it so special that it needs it's own rule today when it got along for centuries just fine, I should like to hear it.

It's or It's people.  There is no its.

Stand and fight with me!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Great Debate: Hangman's Body Count

****Disclaimer: Before reading this... I strongly recommend you go back and read some other debate posts.  Its been months since our last post, and even if you did read it, you probably don't remember what I said.  Starting here today... much of this will likely make little sense, and it will certainly lack impact if you are not already familiar with the rest of the theory and case behind it. I am currently working on formatting an e-book of the whole debate.  We will make it available for download as soon as we can.***

So at long last we understand how hyper-inflation works.  It is caused by hyper-velocity.  Meaning folks are spending their money as soon as they get it.  I'm not going to go much into the differences in Weimar and today... because honestly the differences are actually smaller than Vox indicates.  See we have the worlds leading reserve currency.   Companies and governments have enormous amounts of cash on hand ready to dump.  As I showed previously... the Fed has no idea how much cash is actually out there in the international market.  We know that there is roughly 2 trillion in corporate cash reserves in the domestic market... but we're told its actually as much as 5 or 6 trillion in the international market.. and that's on the low end.  Kids... that isn't even counting what the governments around the world are hording.  Remember one of the benefits of being the foremost reserve currency is that oil is priced in dollars...  so to buy oil you first have to buy dollars. That's important  Its a big deal.  So there is a lot of demand for dollars out there.  And a lot of dollars horded up.

 And thus we see that the engine is certainly sufficient to put the train in motion.  In fact there is probably enough cash out there to blow it to hell and gone.  No.. its not like Wiemar.  Its different.  Its very different.  But history doesn't repeat.  It rhymes.

A common, but often ignored, phenomenon is that even during hyper-inflation the central bankers think that there isn't enough money to go around.  Why?  Because I have explained it is velocity driving the problem.  Not an increased supply in money.  Remember that central bankers are all worshipers of John Maynard Keynes.  Damn his eyes.  So they see complex economic situations as simplistic equations that can be manipulated with god-like precision.  They have equations that they really believe accurately can describe something as complex as an economy.  To much X?  Add a little Y.  To much V?  take away some Q.  I know this sounds insane... because well... it is... insane.  Keynesianism is far more idiotic than you probably think it is.

In their Exchange Equation... velocity, the money supply, GDP, and Price are all stuffed in together in some insane ratio.   It is so incredibly wrong... that  as velocity ramps up and starts the Hyper Inflation... through their keynesian glasses it appears that there is a money shortage, because price is going up faster than the supply is increasing.  They respond to this by doing what they always do.  Trying to increase supply.   Which is like putting out a forest fire with gasoline.

As people dump their money prices are driven up.   These prices actually go up at a rate that is significantly greater than the rate that new money is introduced into the system.  For example... according to that same Keynesian Exchange Equation... if we double the amount of money in the system, even at standard normal velocity we would expect to see prices increase by about 3X.  If Velocity is already spiking... you will see prices sky rocketing while the money supply is, in comparison, barely moving.

 I need to point out the hyper-inflation hasn't happened yet.  Hyper-inflation isn't a forest fire.  It doesn't start small and ramp up over time.  Its more like a mega-tsunami.  Think about that.  In a mega-tsunami you see the giant flood of water... and all the damage that is done.  What you don't see is the massive rock slide 4000 miles away that caused it.  One looks at the mountain and says, "That could fall into the ocean and cause a Tsunami!"  or... one never bothers to look at the mountain... because Tsunamis are oceanic phenomenon, and mountains are not oceans.  If one only looks at monetary phenomena... then one will miss the critical cause.

How then can I predict it?  Because I look at mountains.

Remember the fiat nature of money?  We have to gauge the perception of the government from the point of view of those holding the money.  As long as there is faith in that government, people will continue to have faith in the money of that government.   I am looking at the mountain.  I see the cracks.  It hasn't slipped yet.. but it clearly is going to.  Its only a matter of time.  Soon a large chunk will fall into the ocean and cause that mega tsunami.

But what will it look like when it does?

My prediction is simple.  As the United States continues to pile on debt it becomes more and more obvious to everyone that the debt can never be paid, and in fact, it will not even be serviced.  Some time in 2015 the US will reach a debt to income ratio where such a large percentage of its income is being used to service the debt lenders simply will refuse to expose themselves further.  At that point even the pretense of borrowing money will be gone.   The only choice the US will have is outright counterfeiting via the Fed.  This will result in devaluing the currency to such a degree that the major holders of dollars will dump them.  This sets off the chain reaction of hyper-velocity.

Those paying no attention will first realize that prices are higher at wal-mart and they will complain.  Then the next day they will realize that prices are even higher.  This will cause a bit of a panic and people will rush to buy what they need while they can still afford it.  This will drive prices even higher and will start to create shortages.  As the shortage and velocity work together to drive prices even  higher people will totally lose faith in the purchasing power of their dollars and will simply spend them as fast as they can to get anything they can get for them.

The government will not recognize this.  The Fed will see it... but will not understand it.  As explained earlier they will see this as an actual shortage of money.   Being idiot neo-keynsians they will probably even see it as a sign that the economy has finally woken up and call it good news.   It will look to them like they finally have a chance to go from a stimulus driven economy back to a normal credit model.  They will respond by doing exactly the wrong thing... dumping more money into the system.  Injecting it into the system won't be a problem at this point because the dollar will be so devalued and the prices will be so high people will in fact be borrowing money again.  The Economist Steve Keen will be proven right, for even as the deposits disappear through hyper-velocity, new credit money will pour into the system.  This is key.  The flood gates that had been closed to the Fed... will suddenly be thrown open.  People will borrow again.  Vox pointed to Weimar... and so shall I.  Even as they rejected their currency... the people borrowed and borrowed.  And why wouldn't they?

This will continue until the system is totally destroyed an a new system is created to replace it.

But what will it look like while its going on?  What will it mean to you?

You need to prepare for shortages.  You need to prepare to be able to do without.  Hyper-inflation is not a time of plenty.  Look at what's going on in the ammo market right now.  All of the important markets will look like that.  You aren't going to starve to death.  But you likely will be changing your diet.  Its entirely likely that at some point imports will simply stop.  If they don't stop completely the prices of such things will be astronomical.  Look around you.  See anything that's imported?  Yeah.  Its going to be a problem.  Almost everything is imported.  So almost everything is going to be almost impossible to get.  Look if you need a generator or a car or a tractor or tools or anything like that... you need to get it now.  Electronics?  Get them now.

You need to stock up on the things you need the most.  I can't tell you what those things are.  That's up to you.  If you have little ones, buy diapers.  Lots of diapers.  Make sure you have means to make your own baby food.  For the love of all that is holy, start a garden.   Stock up on canned goods and water.   You need skills.  You need to know how to can...  how to preserve food... how to produce food.  You need to learn how to fix things and mend clothes.  You need friends.  You need a small community that can aid and support its members.  And I recommend a healthy dose of prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer.

This is not the end of the world.  Remember that.  There have been worse times before.  There will be worse times in the future.  Rome fell but there stands Italy.  The families alive there today can trace their roots back through the centuries to the days of Nero.  They survived.  So will we.  It will be in a different form.  But we will survive.  We will not forget how to make electricity.  We will not lose our technology.  This is not the zombie apocalypse.

Suck it up.  In the next few years we will find ourselves facing a wall of fire.  We have no choice in the matter.  We will meet it as men.  We will stare it down.  We will walk right through it. But we will not be walking alone.  We never walk alone.

And if I am wrong?   If I am wrong it is death by Ice... and I will concede to Vox in 2016.  If it is to be ice you need to prepare for largely the same things.. and do the same things you would to prepare for hyper-inflation.   In deflationary collapse you will deal with shortages just like you would during hyper-inflation.  You need to be prepared for that either way.  You need skills and a means to produce things that are not going to be easy to get.  In short... just look at the Great Depression... then imagine its a lot worse.

Either way we will emerge.  We will be burned and battered.  And in our old age, we will complain bitterly about all of our wounds and scars, and our children's children will roll their eyes, before they hear the same  tired story... yet again.  The world does not end this way people.  There have been worse times.  Its just hard to see from our limited perspective.

At this time I would like to thank Vox publicly for the time and work he put into this debate.   He did a fantastic job, and was an honorable opponent.   The success of this exercise was never going to be judged by the score card, but instead by the education it could provide, and the questions it may inspire.

Thank you for reading.   And may God have mercy on us.

Now for the love of God...  Do something.

Friday, June 21, 2013

ATF: Knives, and Guns, and Booze, and Boobs!

oh my!

Ok I really don't know how we're gonna work boobs into a radio show...  maybe topless sandwich delivery?  What could be better?

I can't fill out any ATF info yet...  but I'm certain bourbon and perhaps tequila will be involved.  I can give a sit rep... Wal-Mart now consistently has AR-15s... one Colt usually around 1500...and one cheaper brand in the 800 buck range. Still no .223 or 9mm...  ammo is still tough to find but the black guns are starting to catch up with demand.  They also are keeping a Beretta Storm Carbine... which is freaking cool.

That's a start.

Local gun shops have plenty of black rifles as well.  Prices are coming back down.

Roll Tide y'all.

Here's the link for the show.

Also... Sorry about the crappy sound quality last week.  Since I'm back to the Land of the Thicket Clearers... I'll be using the Blue Mic again and the sound will be way better.

From the Land of the Thicket Clearers

This is one of the most gloriously amusing things I've seen in a long time.


The Atlas of True Names.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ammo Test: Brass vs Steel

hey kids if you listened to the show and heard me mention the ammo test... here's the link to it.  Truth be told if you're a brass guy... this is going to reinforce your opinion... and if you're a steel guy... this will probably reinforce your opinion to.  Still... its freakin' awesome that somebody did this test... and did it this well.


Here is the link.