Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Thing We Ended Segregation!

Props to MJB.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ma'am.... That's not how that goes...
History vs. Science

Given that History and Science are both bodies of knowledge... and both are systems for verifying knowledge... it seems a bit odd that I would choose to juxtapose them so. After all... we're supposed to pit Theism and Science against each other aren't we?

This matchup seems far more logical to me... as the two are in many ways mirror images of each other. Science is the study of what is real. History is the study of what has happened. Again... the matchup doesn't seem natural. After all... what's happened is obviously real... isn't it?

See there-in we have the rub.

The processes of historical investigation are tried and true. They are just as self-correcting as science.

But what can science say about history?

Not a lot really. We can't really experiment to determine if Cesar crossed the Rubicon. In fact... science is really pretty useless for determining anything that may have happened. See science hamstrung by its "repeatability" requirement. Which is odd for something designed to study nature... since nature isn't necessarily prone to performing on demand.

History says... This Happened!

Science says... This couldn't have happened because I don't understand it and can't make it happen again.

History says... Science is irrelevant.

The trouble here is scientists. They have reached the point where they no longer acknowledge that there are things they don't understand. Rather than simply saying, "we don't understand" they claim that the offending phenomena is simply impossible.

History says that Jesus Christ was Crucified and Resurrected. Science doesn't understand it... so it hisses from a safe distance.

3000 years ago we were wise enough to realize that we didn't know everything... Today... we have shiny trinkets and machines that go "PING!" but we're fools. We're stupid enough to believe that if we don't understand something... it must not be possible.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Greatest Movie Premise of All Time

So... I'm slouching around the web lastnight... and I come upon a few blurbs on a movie... Now understand... I've not seen said movie. I've only read a few things about it... but given the premise I cannot imagine how this movie could be anything but unspeakably awesome.

The movie... also saddled with a horrible name... is Cloverfield.

Now I understand that the name Cloverfield is clever and somehow relevent to the movie... but look... movies are about marketing. What this movie should've been named is... GIANT SEA MONSTER DESTROYS NEW YORK.(GSMDNY)

Now look... who wants to go see a movie named Cloverfield? But lets face it... Every red blooded American would love to see GSMDNY.

And let me tell ya... when I say Giant Sea Monster... I mean G I A N T. Let me give you some scale here... On the level of big monsters... Godzilla is the top dog. Godzilla was said to have weighed in at 25,000 tons. Nice right?

Well... this Giant Sea Monster weighs in at 500,000 tons.

No go look at a hotwheels car. That's probably what... 1/16th scale? Godzilla is like 1/25th scale to this thing.

Ahhh... but does it destroy New York? Because usually these guys have some chump save NYC in the end.

Not this time. The beast has killed virtually everyone in NYC just 10 hours after the attack begins.... and the movie ends with the US military bombing the whole city to ruin to try to insure the great beast is slain.

Now look... I don't care how much liberal propoganda there is in the flick... millions of dead yankees will SURELY make up for it!

Again... I've not seen this film... if any of you have.. I'd love to hear about it. It sounds like porn to me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Great Seal of the Confederacy

Please note the identity of the rider. If you have a hard time making it out... its George Washington. Remember, when the CSA was formed they adopted the same format for their new flag as the original US flag. Why? Because they believed themselves to have more claim to it than the yankees that remained. When one considers that the Declaration of Independence was written and signed by southrons... that the constitution was written and signed by southrons... and that the war for independence was fought and won by southrons... its hard to argue with them. They considered their new country a simple extension of the original. Its like they were seceding... but taking the culture with them. They argued that what remained had been so defiled that it no longer resembled the original united States at all.
Again... considering the results... their claims are not easy to dispute. Deo Vindice my friends.
God Will Vindicate
Today's Importance

Friends... today we honour a man of such character.. that his contemporaries called him God's Right Hand. He fought and died for Freedom. In all the days of American history it cannot be said that a greater leader can be found.

In the end though... he's not remember so much for the marches he lead or the battles he won... because he always deflected the credit anyway... no... he's remembered most for the way he inspired individual people who were honoured to meet him. Its the way he treated people. Its the way he lived his life.

Today.... January 21st... is the birthday of Thomas Jackson.


Deo Vindice

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gregg... Is That Yours?

Possibilities friends... Possibilities.
The fella what did this rode it on the big roads at upwards of 60mph. He reports a solid ride.... no flopping around at all.
I confess I prefer the leather scabbard look.. and I always assumed it would be mounted vertically along the front fork like the old harley military bikes... but clearly this is an option.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Calling All Handloaders

Let's hear your favorite .223 handload recipes. I'm specificly looking for ideas for 3... one 50-55 grain standard load... one 40 grain fastball (remember this is going in an AR so not to fast!)... and one 75-80 grain long range/high wind hitter.

Of course my primary meal will be Lake City XM855... but still... I can't help but wonder at what possibilities are before me. Lets here 'em.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lucedio Abbey: The Most Evil Place in the World

My friends... this is a night for Ghost Stories... and what better tale... than that of the only battle for territory that Satan may have actually won.

The story starts in northern Italy... not that far from you I imagine Spacebunny. In 1123 the Abbey was constructed and housed about 50 monks for a few hundered years. Everything went well... until sometime around 1684.

Its said, and written, that young girls in the area began seeing Satan in their dreams... and he began telling them to go to the Abbey. In fact... many did. The girls are said to have currupted the monks there until the Abbey was no long a place of God... but a temple of torture, child rape, and open defiant Satan worship. Men of God... Men who had dedicated their lives to Him... were lost.

For 100 years this went on... The Church excercised the Abbey... the battle raged... but in the end... The Church... believe it or not.. is the one that gave up. They imprisoned a great evil in the chambers beneath the building known as the People's Church... and they selected many Abbotts to be buried there. They were all buried in a seated position... in a circle... as if watching something... and through natural causes... all have been mummified.

On Septermber 10th 1784, Pope Pio VI finally decided the Abbey was lost forever... and excommunicated the entire structure.

It is said that Satan walks the whole earth... but maybe he has a fondness for northern Italy that causes him to linger.

Sleep well.

Ok boys... Varmint Huntin' is the topic at hand. Whatcha huntin', where ya huntin', whatcha huntin' with?

Be advised that JAC and I are currently investigating a trip to take the lives of several hundered ground hogs. Our options are open of course but while I am pretty comfy with using my Colt National Match AR-15... JAC is having .243 fantasies. Ballisticly speaking I can't say that I blame him. Still, it seems a might irresponsible to go snatch up a shiney .243 when I already have this proven tac-driver right here... and plus... I love it when I explain that the scary black gun with the 30-round mags is in fact an excellent hunting weapon.

So... let's hear it boys. 22-250? 243? 220 swift? anyone out there using .308 sabots????

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BloggerBlaster Poll!

Ok... let's hear it... name your favorite John Wayne films... one from the black and white era... and one from the color era. The Shootist? The Searchers? True Grit? How about The Angel and the Badman? Hell town? Riders of Destiny?

What say you?

And yes... now that you ask.. me and the boys are in fact spending the day watching black and white John Wayne movies. Hey... they're rated G!

I'm only one movie in but I'm reminded of some great lines...

Cowboy: Ya gonna pull him through doc?
Doc: He's gonna pull himself through. If two bullets couldn't kill him, I reckon I can't either.

Lady: Ya just went out there to talk... what'd ya have to go and shoot him for?
John Wayne(after killing two charging mexicans): well ma'am... the conversation kinda went dry.

The technology is so much better... but today's movies suck in comparison.

Monday, January 14, 2008

So You Think Ashcroft Changed Things?

If so I strongly suggest you read this article.

Pay particular attention to the timeline of events... and note that apparently the government can now claim any weapon it wants is a machine gun, and can prosecute you. Seriously? Are we all now expected to go get class III FFL's just in case?

Look... all auto-loading weapons are naturally full-auto. It takes designed in extra mechanics to make them semi-auto. At some point... those mechanics fail. Every semi-auto weapon out there is really an automatic weapon waiting to happen. In fact... by this standard... your over-under could even be labeled a "machine gun".

Its not a good day to be on the gun rights side of the fence boys. It took Nixon to go to China... I'm now wondering if it took Dubya kill the Right to Bear arms.
With Republicans Like These...

"Given the unquestionable threat to public safety that unrestricted private firearm possession would entail, various categories of firearm-related regulation are permitted by the 2nd Amendment," - Brief to the Supreme Court, argued by US Solicitor General Paul D. Clement

Who needs gungrabbing Democrats?

Someone tell me where the Second Amendment qualifies the Right to Bear Arms with public safety.

It ain't in there. Public saftey is the number 1 reason ownership must be unrestricted.

A while back I wrote that Bush would be redeemed in the eyes of conservatives if his appointees came through on this 2A case. Now its clear that the man's character is so flawed he's failed in even this. If the justices come through... it will be in spite of him... not because of him.

Many of us were deeply concerned about this case when the Court opted to take it. Now we reason to be even more so.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

That's One Way to Go About It...

Thought of the Day

The CIA has handpicked various leaders and installed them in governments all over the world... from Panama to Iran to Iraq to Pakistan...

So why on earth would you think they'd be above in picking the leaders in America?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

NFL Playoff Games:

Seattle, Dallas, Jacksonville, Indianapolis

Book it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Joy of Dadhood

So an otherwise quiet morning was interupted by my wife's report the Eli had discovered a monster under the bed in the guest bedroom.

Now I don't know how y'all deal with your pest issues but we take our monster problems very seriously. Drwho took the boys off to seclusion while I suited up... boots... bastard sword... firearms... black cowboy hat. (please... everyone knows you need a black cowboy hat to fight monsters)

So... I head up stairs... slam the door... and being shoutin and hollering nonsense... it was a great battle indeed. Once the beast was slain.... I devoured it... then came downstairs, grabbed the spotbot, and proclaimed that no one was allowed to go back up until I gave the word.

So... while now its entirely likely that my kids really believe in monsters... they also know that if one ever comes around... daddy will kill it and eat it... and clean up its remains with spotbot.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Let's See...

At the start of the Iraq war... oil was around 30 bucks a barrel. Anyone remember what gas prices were? About $1.50 per gallon depending on where ya lived.

What about now? Oil is over 100 bucks per barrel... and gas is 3 bucks a gallon.

Can we PLEASE invade Iran? That way we can go ahead and get oil up to about 300 bucks per barrel and gas would got up to say...6 bucks a gallon. That would be awesome!

Hey but wait a second... these numbers look a little wierd. How come the price of gas only went up 100% while the price of oil went up more than 200%? Wow... these gas companies must really be hurtin' these days... skrimpin' by as best they can to keep their prices down. But... well no... that's not right... I mean they've been reporting record profits.

What's the deal?

Some of you know where this is going... but not all... and that's why we're going there today. Here's the deal folks... deep breath now... the price of oil is not related to the price of gasoline in the US... other than giving the gas companies and excuse to raise the price artificially.

How can this be possible?

Simple. Gas companies don't ever really pay for the oil they use. At the begining of each quarter they tell the US government how much oil they need to buy... and the government promptly prints up how ever much money they need... and they go buy their oil with it. At the end of the quarter... they give the money back to Aunt Samantha.

Wouldn't it be nice to run a business in such a fashion? Its a shame we can't all get that sweet of a deal. But here's the problem... the more the price goes up... the more they have to print... and the more they print.. the less each dollar is worth. That's the definition of inflation. This inflation is in addition to the other rampant inflation caused by magicly printing up money to cover the teetering housing market... which has been propping up the teetering... Everything Else market.

Seriously... we're rapidly approaching the day when the dollar isn't worth what it costs to print it.

Ah... but what's that got to do with oil?

Glad ya asked.

See... this whole thing works as long as oil is priced in dollars... because of the natural lag between the creation of new dollars and felt inflation. Ahhh.. but what happens if you price oil in Euros?

Well... remember back in the nineties when russia dumped a third of its paltinum reserves? What happened to the price of platinum? It instantly dropped through the floor. See that word? That word is "instant".

Instant means... no lag time. Instant means we couldn't just print up money to buy whatever we want. In short... instant is bad... really really bad.

And what is Iran doing?


They are pricing their oil in Euros... and trying to get the rest of OPEC to do the same. We can't let that happen. So we'll invade them.... kill them... and screw up the oil supply for the whole world even worse.. at the same time China is ramping up demand.

Bloody Brilliant.

But no... that's not really it... we're really invading them because they might get nukes... you know... just like we invaded Pakistan to keep them from getting nukes. Just like we invaded North Korea... and India.

But they're terrists!!!! And they hate us!!! They hate us for our large American penises!!! The US always has a noble cause to go along with its chosen war... of course... the cause and the war needant actually have anything to do with each other. They just need to sound good together.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stupid Government Factiod of the Day

The average foster family recieves 13,000 dollars per foster child per year in their care.

The standard per child income tax deduction is 2,000 dollars per year.


Well... in the aftermath of my previous post on the mommy board the Oprah Watchers asked me 3 questions... These are my answers. This post resulted in 5 replys all saying "I thought about debating Nate... but this isn't the right thread for it."

Bwak Bwak Bwak.

1) What's wrong with healthcare today and how would I fix it: First of all the problems with our healthcare system are extremely over stated. If you need treatment in the US.. you get it. Anyone that says otherwise is either knowingly lieing or ignorant. Remember that movie with denzel washington and his dieing kid? It was roughly as realistic as Star Wars.

There is a problem with our healthcare system. That problem is government. There is way to much government involvement. You wouldn't believe the regulations involved. Its insane. Doctors cannot speak to their spouses about their work for fear of the dreaded HIPPA violation. Seriously is this the CIA or something? Virtually ever problem facing our healthcare system today is the direct result of government involvement. For example... costs... costs are driven up by added bureaucracy mandated by the government. Drug costs are artificially inflated because of insane FDA requirements... the strictest such requirements in the world. Why are drugs cheaper in Canada? Because Canada's requirements are easier to meet. Medicare and Medicaid are by definition social medicine. They are the biggest payers in the game, so they control prices... and they also get to set the rules for everyone else... even those not on medicare and medicaid.

What would I do to fix the problem? I would get government out of the way. The government sticks its big butt into every transaction that takes place and it bogs down the system. Remember... HMO's were actually created by congress. Not good. I would UNcreate them. I would deregulate the medical industry at every level possible.

2) After I burn the schools (don't forget shipping those NEA folks to Cuba!) do I expect everyone to homeschool: No. But neither do I want to provide government sponsored day-care for your kids... call it school if you want but that's not what it is. Its daycare. I know its daycare because if it were a school then I could hold the teachers accountable for the results. I can't. Therefore its a daycare. So... you have kids... you have to work all day.. what do I expect you to do? Well.. you're a grown up. I expect you to take responsibility for your choices and your children and work it out without putting a gun to my head and forcing me to pay for your daycare.

I absolutely believe every parent is potentially a better teacher for their children than those in public school. How can I say this? Well... who potty trained your kids? Who taught your kids to walk? If you can teach them that stuff... then you can teach them to read... and if you can teach them to read... you can teach them anything. You know your kids better than anyone else. You know their individual needs better than some so-called professional that spends all day telling 25 other kids to shut up, and has to call the police every time a 7 year old climbs on a desk.
But... would i force you to homeschool? no. Never. You kid's education is totally up to you. I would simply create a much bigger demand for private schools by shutting down the government ones, and the market would then meet that demand. Private schools would spring up catering to all different needs and budgets. Why? Because there is money to be made. We spend billions and billions on education... more per student than any country in the world... and yet our kids still can't read as well as those in Iceland. Its pathetic. I'd give that money back to the public where it could be used to get real, effective education... as opposed to day care.

3) Hard times and Safety Nets in Nate's perfect world: I am morally opposed to all forms of forced charity. How much more could you give to charity... or church... if you weren't giving a third of your income to the government? How much more could you save? How much less would you need those so-called "safety nets"? Charity is the job of individuals and the Church. Its not the place for government. Davie Crockett used to say... "I don't see the word charity in the constitution anywhere."

The best example I can think of is social security.. arguably the biggest mistake we've ever made. Why can I say that? Because it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Prior to social security employers offered pensions, and folks saved for retirement. Once government got involved, employers stopped offering them.. and people stopped saving... because they thought the government was going to take care of them.

Then they turned 65 and realized they'd be trying to live on 1200 per month.

See? Its not a safety net. Its a trap. Its trapped millions into virtual poverty. Ya think all those old women working at walmart are doing so to fight off the boredom of retirement?
Look at SSI disability... how many people are trapped on 1200 dollars per month, unable to supplement their own income because doing so would jeopardize their government handout?
And to bring it back to the original point... the end does not justify the means. Stealing is stealing. Now.. if you want a safety net.. fine. You enroll in Social Security and you can enjoy the benefits. Just don't force me to do it. But the truth is that's not possible. You have to have me involved or the system doesn't work.

Why not just put a gun to my head and order me to give you 1200 bucks a month? Why make the government do it for you?

This is the best proof I can offer that government safety nets are a myth. If they were financially possible... you wouldn't have to force everyone to enroll. You don't see insurance companies forcing folks to enroll. Yet they are financially viable. Ya want unemployment insurance? Go buy some. Maybe if the government wasn't taking all that FICA money out of your check each month you could even afford to! Seriously... take a look at your pay stub. How much do they take out for FICA each month? OK... look at the year to date. Now add that to last years... and the year before and the year before. Add it up for your whole life... put it in a savings account earning 5% and what do you have? You have one helluva a safety net, and you don't need Aunt Samantha (you might call him Uncle Sam but I changed his name when he turned into such a sissy) giving you permission to us it.

Boy ain't this just convenient... I mean... of course this is totally legitimate... IRAN IS THE DEVIL!!! WE MUST INVADE NOW!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

We Stand Down as They Stand Up

Trouble is... if you're to fucking stupid to do jumping jacks then I suspect "standing up" just might be to much to ask.

Here's the problem I have with people like our buddy Bill. See Bill knows how incompetent our government is domestically. He knows they can fuck up a county fair... but in his mind... somehow... as soon as they leave our borders... these morons who asshole to asshole couldn't make a beer fart in a whirlwind... suddenly they become damned geniuses... capable of transforming prehistoric tribes of Aborigines into a bonafide Republic.


Pardon the salty language today... I'm fired up.
Stirring Up Trouble

I doubt you're aware of it but apparently there are message boards for pregnant mommies out there. My dear wife plays on one regularly... and the subject of politics came up... a woman asked DrWho what she thought about Universal Health Care.. Public Schools and such... In turn.. my wife asked ME to answer for her.


This is what I wrote:

Do we support Universal Healthcare: Not only no, but HELL NO. And when I say HELL NO please understand that it means if Candian or European style Universal Healthcare is implemented here, we will be gone in a matter of months. Let me be clear... the more the government is involved in Healthcare.. the worse Healthcare gets. All Universal Healthcare will do is drive providers away, limit your options, bankrupt the nation, and ultimately kill people. That's what happens when you can't get treatment. You die. The good news is... you died with an insurance card in your pocket. The bad news is, that insurance card doesn't do you any good if there aren't enough doctors left to accept it. Canada has learned this the hard way.

I'm going to go into a little more detail here... so bear with me. I know when I say "Supply and Demand" some of your eyes glaze over... but that is really what its about. Universal Healthcare takes something that is very valuable and in very short supply ( healthcare) and makes it appear to be free to the end user ( the patient). Well when something is free do you worry about using to much of it? Are you careful with it? Here in Tennessee, we implemented a program called TennCare which was basicly HillaryCare. No one outside of congress had insurance as good as TennCare recipients. What happened? Well ER visits were free... office visits were free... ect ect ect.. so everytime they had the sniffles they were in the ER. They were calling for ambulance rides for the sniffles. Abuse was rampant.. small town doctors left the state... major hospitals closed down... and the state had to kill the program because it was going bankrupt. Now imagine that on a national scale... and combine the fact that many doctors will simply leave the US before they'll work under those conditons. I suppose you can tell we're a little passionate about this issue. That's because we have a lot at stake. We don't want to move.

Ok... next question... Public Schools: Considering that we're homeschooling... our position is probably predictabe. We hate public schools. We hate the public school system. Its a dangerous and foolish system that is designed to do exactly what it does... which is produce good little consumers and worker bees. The public school system was not designed to educate. It was designed (by Rockerfeller) to condition. That's what it does. It conditions kids into little herd animals. The Nation may need little herd animals, but the People would be better served with strong minded educated individuals. Strong minded educated individuals are far more likely to come from home schools and private schools than public schools. Personally if I had my way every public school would be burned down and the grounds on which it was built would be sown with salt and left as a desolate reminder of the minds lost there... and while I was at it I would ship every member of the NEA to Cuba where they belong.

I'm sure by now you can imagine what my answers are going to be to just about any question you can think of. We don't see government as a solution to the problem. We believe government is the problem. We do not want "safety nets" because we see them for what they are; traps.
Now all this is not to say that we are anarchists. Anarchy is just Might Makes Right. We do favor some extremely limited government. It should protect the weak from the strong... but it is not Charity. It should protect our borders. Its one of the very few legitimate responsibilities.
In general we want to be left alone. I don't want the government telling me how to live my life, what I should, when I should sleep, how much water I should have in my toilet, or what safety precautions I must take while I travel. My wife is the same way.

Our whole political philosophy boils down to responsibility. A child asks who is going to take care of her. A grown up takes care of herself. We take full responsibility for our lives and the lives of our children. We don't expect nor ask for anyone's help. We certainly would never put a gun to your head and demand that you help us. And see... when you use the force of government to take money away from someone, and give it to someone else... that is what you're doing. You're stealing. Disagree? Consider... what happens if I don't pay my taxes? I go to jail. I am harmed. If I resist to much... I could be killed in the struggle. So what you're doing is taking money from me, by force. You're using just as much force as a masked gunman at a convenience store... you're just more polite about how you demand my money.

But in the end it all comes back to responsibiliy. Who is responsible for your life? What I would ask you is... are you a child? Do you need Mommy to save you from the Big Bad World?
Just remember before you answer what Mommy does when you say yes. Mommy comes to my house with a gun... puts it in my face and says give me your money or I will hurt you. Then Mommy takes that money and gives it to you.

In our view... That is what "social services" are. In our view... That is what "safety nets" are.

Yeah... something tells me that will be REALLY well recieved by the post-partum crowd!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

This is for Jamie

Somethin' tells me this song wasn't big in Austrailia back in the ealy 90s... But anyone that hangs out here just has to be aquainted with Copperhead Road.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Of course... this edition is for medicinal purposes only.

We pick up the story as our hero debates with his loving wife the use of super glue to seal small cuts. Ignoring both her objections and decade of advanced medical training... he's glued the cut.

So that's the debate. You have a cut that could probably use a couple stiches. Glue it? Or go to the ER? I maintain that the risk of infection through exposure to whatever toxins may or may not be in super glue is less than the risk of infection through exposure to the many and varied bugs in the ER.

At any rate... Its handled... and of course I'm now stuck with the swelling ache bit... so I've decided to self medicate a bit further... this time with bourbon.

Now... Judging by his insane comments of late... both here and at JAC's I can reasonably conclude that Bill's been on about 2 week bender... and God bless him for it. If he keeps it up another 50 weeks they'll make him an honourary Australian.

Speaking of Aussies... I wonder if Jamie's loaded yet...
Charting New Territories of Stupid

Bill wipes his ass... inspects the paper... and then decides to share his findings with us:

Bush does not have open trade agreements with dictators, he imposes embargoes. Bush encourages open trade with governments that respect human rights and have representative governments. These are both classic pro-freedom positions which Ron Paul opposes. Bush also has expressed a willingness to use force against nations that use force against American citizens around the world, particularly where those American citizens were acting in a capacity representing America as an entity. Ron Paul stridently disagrees with this position. Thus, Ron Paul would remove both positive and negative reinforcement against dictators - trade if they behave and force if they don't. This not only lends legitimacy to dictators, but it solidifies their power.


Bush is more pro-freedom than Paul, because Paul would remove embargos that hurt dictators in various places around the world... like say... Cuba.

We have a word for this... we call this "hypocracy". See Bill conveniently ignores the fact that Bush, and the US, not only support various dictators around the world... some of the worst regimes have actually been placed in power by it.

Iran anyone?

Saddam himself was put in power by the US!!! The same assinine meddling that Bush is attempting in Afganistan and Pakistan has consistantly resulted in anti-freedom dictatorships. The House of Saud is about as anti freedom as any ruling class in the world... and we prop them up!

So never mind that Bush is all for running around installing and supporting dictators all about the globe... his only criteria being that they kiss his ring.

Oh... but he won't let us buy cuban cigars... so clearly he's more pro-freedom than Paul.

Bill has embarassed himself. Boo him accordingly.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So Falls the Record

In 1980 Gold hit its all time high of 850 dollars per troy ounce.

Today it trounced that record.. hitting $860.00 in London trading. Who knows what might happen in the US. You know how we love a front runner.

Don't think for a second this is the end of the gold rally. Gold will peak in the 1300's.