Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A very special package arrived...


From Alexander Arms.

More on this... tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reflex and Holo Sights 101

Ok...  we have all of these sight options now.  But do we know how to use them?  Judging by what I've been seeing and reading... no.  no we do not.

So lets fix that shall we?

These sights are not scopes folks.  And they aren't even red dot sights.  As odd is it seems... they are actually more akin in use to laser sights than they are to scopes.

If you've ever used one... you know that the retical dances around in the sight with disturbing regularity.  Depending on the position of your head... the retical may be may be anywhere in that box.   So where does the bullet go?

Well the bullet goes where ever the retical is.... regardless of where the retical is in the sight picture.  I know.... you're thinking "bullshit."  Its the truth.  I'll even tell ya how to test it.

Get a boresight laser...  you know the ones.. laser... goes in the chamber of your rifle.  The the rifle in a vise and put that laser on some stationary object... like a door knob or something.  Then sight your reflex sight on to that laser.   Now turn the laser off... and turn the reflex sight on.  with the weapon in the vise on in the same position... you should note that the retical is on the door knob.

Now look through the sight and move your head around.  You'll see the retical moves all over the place inside the sight... but it stays right on the door knob.

So... this is how you use a reflex sight.  Both eyes open... focus on your target.  Bring your weapon up to the shooting position... still focusing on your target with both eyes open.  A retical will appear in your vision.  When its over your target... pull the trigger.

Its that simple.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Public Service Announcement

You may have dropped the mag... but Mr Firearm may still have one in the chamber.

Don't be stupid.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Come and Take Them

While I am Springfield guy... I confess... I want one of these.  Real bad.

Friday, January 25, 2013

ATF: The Triumphant Return

Bloody Blue Hell it has been a long.. long time.  Its not that I gave up the tradition you see... I just stopped writing about it.  Regardless... its that time... and its that place.  So...  crack one open, light one up, and join the fun.

A: Amber Bock for now... later I'm going to get into the Kentucky Spirit.  JAC is handsome man of honor and integrity.  And I'm not just saying that because he bought me the bottle.

T:  Markers Mark infused cigar.  Hey.  Its not gay if its bourbon.  I smoked my first one from this batch (a gift from a future brother-in-law... yep.. WhiskeyGirl is just about off the market.) when we ran down to Destin to meet DJ and her new gentleman caller.  Honestly these are fantastic... but I still felt a little weird smoking a flavored cigar... even if it was Makers.

F:  So you saw the green laser on the MSAR in the Gun Porn post...  you know what normally sits there?  2Gen night vision.  For reelz yo.  I suppose I could put pictures up... but honestly this isn't my first Amber Bock... so ummm... no.  Y'all got any experience with this stuff?  Freakin' amazing.  If there is something more fun than night vision... I don't know what it is.  Maybe night vision with titties...

Well there it is boys...  enjoy.  Since this is the return I'll refresh the rules for ya... Your comments should start with this...

A: what you're drinking, what you wish you were drinking, or why you're not.
T: what you're smoking, chewing, or what you'd like to be
F: what you're carrying, fondling, and or lusting over.

Welcome back y'all.  Give'em hell.

Why You Need 30 Round Magazines

Well...  because you never know when some naked psycho is going to jump off your roof, run into your house, tear the 72-inch tv off the wall, rub your son's clothes on his face while he masturbates... and shit all over the floor.  ...    Seriously.  This isn't some... made up hyperbole for humor bit... this actually happened.

30 rounds sounds just about right.

We could go on and on about all the things wrong here.  Starting with the male yelling to his wife, "Get the gun!"   What?  Why aren't you wearing one already?  And why are you telling her to get the gun?  Why aren't you getting the gun?  and why is the gun somewhere hard to get in the first place?  On top of that... the poor woman actually does get the gun... then she misses three times.   For crying out loud.  how hard can it be to hit a dude laying on the floor jacking off?    And of course...  naked-roof-jumping-house-defecating-masturbation is probably a sign of societal decline.

And why wasn't there a 150 pound Dogo eating this psycho's face?

I'll say one thing... this certainly puts a whole knew spin on "shit happens".

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Should You Listen to Nate?

Well... this is why.

On December 7th... of 2005...  I wrote this... noting that in 2004 gold had dropped to 387... and I had told everyone to buy... not to sell.  Note the prediction at the bottom.

Now.. for those of you who're paying attention... Gold hit 514.00 today and is still climbing. I sincerely hope you listened back then. If you did you made over 100 bucks per ounce... and well.. that fricken rocks.

You would all do well to also note that Vox's predictions are neither this specific, nor this right.

I am very pleased with this... as everything seems to be going along as I predicted... as the feds raise rates... the price of gold goes up. The Crash Protection Team is busy at work... performing miracles and keeping the zombie walking.. but the Real Estate Market that they are using for crutches is having the rug pulled out from under it.

$500 bucks is a nice turn over... but my advice???

Buy more.

$1200 per ounce is coming.

Now...  Today gold is at 1668.00.  I seem to recall some folks calling me crazy for making that prediction back then.  So remember... when you start wondering if you should be listening to ol' Nate on economics...  Nate's got a pretty good track record.



Ok... after a few complaints... I have changed the commenting settings to be less restrictive.  If anonymous posts and spam get to be a problem though... we're going back.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Joke Wednesday

Unfortunately...  the bad joke... is the economy.

Folks...  economically speaking... the US Federal Government is already bankrupt... but it literally all comes to a head sometime in 2015.  I know some of you have heard me say this before.  When questioned... I've simply said, "that's when the money runs out" or, "its a math thing."   Well... for this first BJW... I thought I would actually explain the math.  That's about as bad as any joke gets ain't it?

So here goes...

See... the US currently spends about 200% of its income.  Meaning for every dollar that comes in... we spend $2.00.  Every day the ratio gets worse... as the spending continues to rise.  We continually borrow more money... so the servicing cost (think minimum payment on a credit card) rises.  Not to mention all of the enormous new spending bills that seem to pop up annually.   But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Lets start with income.

US income in trillions:

2010: 2.1 trillion
2011: 2.3 trillion
2012: 2.4 trillion

So total direct revenue from taxation and fees and such is going up slightly, but it should be noted its still down considerably compared to the highs of 2006 and 2007.  Not to mention that inflation has eaten away at the value of those dollar far more than meager growth...  but I digress.

Now... lets look at total debt...  only the current number matters... and its close enough to 16.5 trillion that we may as well go ahead and use it as a round number.  Now again... we're already spending a big chunk of our income on just making the minimum payment on this debt. 360 billion it turns out in fiscal 2012.

Here's what we do know...  the historical average debt yield is 5%.  So using that number... at 20 trillion... its going to cost the US Fedgov about 1.02 trillion dollars just to service the debt.  Are you paying attention?  We're talking 40% of all income... being used to make the minimum credit card payment.  That only leaves 60% of the income left to pay for.... everything.  Remember.. we're already spending about 200% of what we bring in.

Now... what is important about 40%?   Well 40% is the debt to income ratio where bankers buttholes start to pucker.  They start refusing to lend money right about there.

We call that a tipping point.  The money it takes to service the debt, takes up so much of the income, that the rate of borrowing must increase so fast, that the lenders are no longer willing to take the risk.

So... if 20 trillion is the tipping point...  and we're at 16.5 now...  at the current rate...  when do we hit 20 trillion in federal debt?

Barring any new enormous entitlement spending... or some epic foreign adventure.. we hit 20.5 trillion sometime in 2015.  Of course its almost certain that we will have both of those... so we'll probably hit it before 2015... but I have wiggle room because debt yield may not be all the way up to 5% by then.  So if it stays a little lower then the total debt can be a little higher... and thus we have a little longer.

So there you have it.

Some time in 2015... we can't afford to keep the lights on.

Sweet dreams.

Road Trip

Hey y'all we are loading up for a road trip.  I will stand by my commitment though.  I will be blogging today... just probably not till after we get back.

In the mean time...

Taurus Poly Protector Wheel guns.  Heresy?  or Awesome?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Future Past

The plain truth is folks... the stock on a rifle is a damned waste of space.  It adds precious length to the weapon that could otherwise be used on a longer barrel.  And so... it is the sole failing of John Browning Moses that he did not see this... and therefore failed to invent the weapon configuration that is only just now beginning to dominate the military world.... the bullpup.

But lets backup.  The bullpup design goes way back to 1918 to Lt. Col. Armand-Frédéric Faucon.  Honestly... other than the fact that he invented a rifle with the action in the stock...  we know basically nothing about this man. We do know that another froggy type... Henri Delacre patented a bullpup type submachine gun in 1936.  Wikipedia mistakenly calls this a pistol.

Not really a pistol.  That's a submachine gun.  Unfortunately we don't know any more about Henri than we do about the Colonel...  which is infuriating.   Thankfully..  we do know something about the next designers.

A Polish firearm designer fled to England during WWII and went to work for the Enfield at the Royal Small Arms Factory.  After the Sturmgewehr 44 had made such an impact on the battlefield... the assault rifle race was on... and that polish designer...  having assumed the name Sefan Janson would be leading the charge for the UK.  The result as was the EM-2... the next bullpup.  It fired a .280 round and was accurate out to about 800 yards.

Now.. you've probably never seen this weapon before... because it never got adopted.  See at the time NATO was going through its standardization.  The US had introduced a .308 and was pushing hard for it.  The brits felt the .308 was to powerful for controlled fully automatic operation... and obviously favored their .280 design.  FN-Hestal had also come with a .280... but in a different design.  The .308 won out in the end...though in the long run it turns out the limp wristed brits were right... because the .223 we use now is a step down considerably from even the .280.

And from here you know the rest...  The FAMAs... the Steyr AUG...  all the way to the present object of lust and praise... the Kel-Tec RFB.

But here's what you may not know.  Today... worldwide... more military rifles are being ordered in the bullpup configuration than in the standard configuration.  China... Canada... Australia... the UK... all use bullpups.   A bullpup with 16 inch barrel handles like a sub machine gun...  it literally saves 20% on the length of the weapon... and in close quarters and urban combat... that length means everything.

The moral to the story?   This is the future boys.  If you don't have a bullpup... you're living in the past.

Monday, January 21, 2013

And Then He Returned...

So its been a long long time.  Upon much thought... and no small amount of torment from former readers and friends... I have decided to once again revive the old blog.  I cannot promise you I will be blogging multiple times a day... but I will commit to once a day.  ATF and BJW will of course be returning as well.

As always... the content is almost certainly going to center on  guns, booze, tobacco, economics, and  perhaps the coming zombie apocalypse.  Sports... Boobs and General Mayhem will also appear randomly as well.   So light 'em if ya got 'em kids.  Maybe sip a little Makers and sit back and enjoy the ride.

I can't promise you're going to like everything... but I promise it shouldn't be boring.