Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Young Alphas

One of the more amusing aspects of homeschooling is watching other parents complain about how easily their children cave to peer pressure. Wait... you mean you send your kids off to a prison for 8 to 10 hours a day specificly designed to segregate them by age and foster conformatiy and consumerism... and they aren't independant???

I'm shocked!

Jeb doesn't do well in classes. Mostly because he's liable to get bored and simply go off by himself and ignore them. This is well documented.

Eli though... he's just now getting to the age where fun stuff like that starts show up... like yesterday...

See we had the boys at one of those play areas that can be found in various malls. This one is bigger than average and there were lots of kids there. As usual... there was one little brat. That's a universal rule. There will always be a little brat there.. and his mother will always be yammering on a cell phone, totally oblivious to what he's doing... and then she'll have the nerve to get all pissed when a frustrated parent justifyably punches her in the face... I hate that.


So this brat... as soon as he sees Jeb... walks over and tells my son that he is not allowed to participate in their game. Jeb being Jeb looked at the boy like he was an idiot and went on to join the game. Irritated, the brat reiterated that Jeb was not allowed.

Confused... Jeb came back and asked his mother why the boy told him he couldn't play. Understand he wasn't complying. He just was legitimately curious. Heeding his mother's advice, he walked back over to the brat... got in his face... and explained that he was going to play, and that the brat was being very bad... very naughty... and that he should act better. Not satisfied with dressing down the boy... Jeb then went and dressed down his mother... who upon hearing about her child's poor behavior... laughed.

Again.. they get pissed when you punch them for this... I don't understand.

Anyway... Eli wasn't feelin' good.. but he was clearly paying attention to all this. He watched Jeb go back to lecturing the brat... who by the way was 5 years old and a good 6 inches shorter than Jeb. The Brat at this point decided to take a few swings. It was noted by almost everyone though that The Brat was being very careful to make sure that none of those swings connected.

This is where Jeb looks at The Brat like he's a bug... and Eli decides he's seen enough.

Eli hopped up and walked over to check this out. He didn't appear angry... just interested. Once he got over there though.. he immediately began punching and kicking the Brat... who tucked his tail and ran like a scalded dog from the wrathful 2 year old.

Thus ended the confrontation... excepting that for the rest of the time the Brat was there... Eli never left his side. He followed him around... watching him... as if to give him every possible opportunity to start another fight... and therefore forcing a constant state of submission in the Brat.

This was greatly amusing...

Few things are as entertaining as watching a natural born gamma male (the brat) instinctively react in fear to an alpha (jeb) and then be totally cowed by a younger, less patient alpha (eli).

I can't wait till Elkan gets to join in.

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