Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Further Evidence that Macs Suck

So it turns out that I only have one friend that actually owns and uses a Macintosh laptop. And believe it or not... she's a programmer. You'd think she'd know better. Regardless... this otherwise beautiful, brilliant, and otherwise extremely tech-savy girl does in fact use the abomination in question.

Imagine my joy when the other day she lamented her laptop issues. Trouble with the mac? Couldn't be. After all... Macs "just work". Right? We hear that all the time.

Well not only does her Mac not "just work" its not even her Mac. Her Mac failed to "just work" so badly that it had to be taken to the Apple Store to be repaired... and what she was complaining about wasn't even her Mac at all... but the loner the Apple store had provided. Apparently, it randomly would shut down... way to often. Infuriatingly often.

So I looked her up to play some WoW the other night... and she informed me that she had no laptop at all... and that she was going to buy a "Gaming Laptop".

Gaming Laptop... AKA... Not a Mac.

Now lets consider how this trial could've gone differently... She probably spent over 2k on that Mac laptop. So for that same amount... she could've bought 1 comparable windows laptop... and 2 slightly older back up laptops that would still perform in case the nicer one went down.

I buy what I call a disposable laptop every year. I find something for 4 or 5 hundred bucks... and use it until it dies. If it lasts a year... I figure I've gotten my money's worth. If it lasts longer... bonus. So far.. I have accumulated 3 laptops this way... and none of them will die. I almost threw one of them away... because the keyboard was destroyed by Eli... and I didn't want the hassle of taking it to a shop and paying a repair bill.

Then I remembered... oh yeah... its not a Mac.

So I bought a keyboard off ebay for 3 bucks... and used the other 2 laptops until it arrived. When it did arrive... it took all of 30 minutes to install.

Because... after all...

It wasn't a Mac.

Just a little more anecdotal evidence.