Monday, August 12, 2013

New Honourary Title

Today... I was annointed with a new title by my eldest son.

Fear me.

For I am Nate!

Nate the Beerbarian!


WaterBoy said...

Too cool.

Susan said...

This post reminds me how much I have been entertained by your stories about your kids and how long its been since you posted any of them.

Does this herald a new avatar for you?

Leatherwing said...

Hey Nate, off topic question. If someone was relocating to the Nashville area but wanted a place with some space, where would you recommend?

Have family in Hendersonville - Goodlettsville area, butI would like to be a bit farther out. Just looking at the map, Cheatham County looks interesting. Would probably need to be in commuting distance of Nashville. Any thoughts?

Nate said...

Cheatham county is nice. It would put your family about an hour away or more. So consider that. Also...

The Undertaker lives there.

What I can really help with is this: DO NOT GO SOUTH OF NASHVILLE.

Murfreesboro and all the areas around it are total hell.

West... or east. And if east... you have to go further than you would west.

Leatherwing said...

Thanks, I want to stay West if I can. Wife's family is in TN (Goodelettsville) mine is in TX. Whole point of possible move is to be closer to both than we are in BFE North Carolina.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Nate said...

Nashville is a great place to live mate. Like I said... just avoid Murfreesboro and smyrna. Total shitholes. Traffic is insane there... and so are the cops.

Josh said...

What I can really help with is this: DO NOT GO SOUTH OF NASHVILLE.

You really mean STAY AWAY FROM I-24.

Williamson county is awesome.

Leatherwing said...

At least they make good trucks in Smyrna, right?