Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey guys... I'm shot tonight.  We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I'll be honestly.. I'm up to my ass in caulk and granite dust.  Just to much going on to do the show right now.

I'll make it up to ya.

For now...

A: Basil Hayden

T: Plain ol' Backwoods.  Say what ya want... they get the job done in a pinch.

F: Handi-Rifle in .223.  Freakin' sweet.


Anonymous said...


A: 4 Roses Single Barrel

T: My Father - First one I've tried. Good burn and flavor, but damn strong...

F: Colt Gold Cup Series 80 modified

Hope your kitchen goes well.

Hey cheddarman!


Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Maker's
T: Undercrown Toro
F: SAR K2 .45ACP. All forged steel CZ clone.

Russ said...

May I make a suggestion on how to make it up to your loyal listeners?

Send us cigars.

Susan said...

I hope every thing goes well with your remodel. The kitchen, especially with small kids in the house, is probably the hardest room to get done. After all, folks need to eat sometime.

Do you still have your very nice RV? That would make an excellent temp kitchen while this is going on.

Best of luck, and my best wishes especially to the fountain of patience that both you and Dr. Who will need to draw from on this job.

Susan said...

Almost forgot, post pics of your remodel for us to admire Nate. Granite counters are great.

cheddarman said...


I am working on a recoil canceling device for AR-15/Ar-10 type rifles.

Gonna show it to toothy when i get my prototype built.

Working with a buddy on getting the prototype, he has a machine shop.

Maybe the three of us will be at shot show 2015, sellin' this thing...and Outlaw -x can come along and tell stories

if Susan is hot enough, she can be our product model.



Res Ipsa said...

A: Beer

T: Onyx

F: 30-06

I spent the last 6 hours looking for elk in the black hills. Unfortunately no elk, and today was my only free day to hunt, so the season is over.

Outlaw X said...


Got three good stories for you, all about hunting, two funny and and one an important lesson I taught my cousin one day about hunting and how serious business it is. After I got through with him he learned a good lesson that all new hunters need to know. If I feel well I'll call Nate's ATF show.

Daniel said...

"I'm up to my ass in caulk and granite dust."

Don't tell Josh. He'll say something off-color about it.

Nate said...

Damn Res... sorry man.

Cheds... You realize AR-15s have about the same recoil as a 22lr right?

cheddarman said...

Cheds... You realize AR-15s have about the same recoil as a 22lr right? - Nate

Nate, i am thinking of women and the over 45 crowd as a target market, and owners of Ar-10 and 308 and heavier caliber weapons, plus people who want a faster follow up shot and dont spend boatloads of money and time refining their marksmanship by shooting 223, plus suburban armchair warrior-tacticool types.

If these were pink and mated to an ar-15, they would sell like hotcakes.

meeting with an engineer and fabricator later this week

sincerely cheddarman

Vidad said...

I just got back from the third world... sounds like you had fun without me.

Incidentally, the only computer I could use to read my e-mail was running Windows 8. What a f@#$ing sh1567y operating system.

thimscool said...

Luke, Nate, et al:

Whatayathink about the SR-762 (in particular), and AR-10's vs. M1A's in general?