Friday, April 18, 2014

ATF: Shiner... and Ammo!

Hey kids.

Its that time again.

A:  Shiner Black... and Shiner fm 966 farm house ale.  They are both fantastic.  If you can get them where you are... consider yourself blessed... and get on it.

T:  I ain't smokin' tonight.   Something is clearly wrong.  I'll have to smoke double tomorrow.  pity.

F:  Ok...  I wanna talk ammo tonight.  What handgun ammo do you use?  For years I've carried federal hydra shoks....  glaser safety slugs...  black talons...   I've been through a lot.  Lately I've found myself loading up my .40 mags like this.  2 180 grain hornady TAP... and then a federal 180 grain FMJ.  The reasoning here... is you just don't know what your target is going to be wearing... or how big or how hyped he's going to be.  If I'm putting down a 400 pounder hyped up on coke... I'm using an FMJ.  savvy?  Yes... I know there are those who worry about where that FMJ goes if they miss.  I counter that with a simple tactic.

I don't miss.



Booch Paradise said...

That's honestly been my thought as well. Not thinking about 400 ponders so much as the possibility of dealing with body armor or obstacles (not that I would ever dream of using my gun for anything but self defense, I certainly wouldn't ever think that I may need to shoot through a door, or a car, or a helmet, etc). But that's why I love the tokarev round. Too bad it's getting so hard to find.

Outlaw X said...

and then a federal 180 grain FMJ. The reasoning here... is you just don't know what your target is going to be

I load for things with fur, hair(pigs) and feathers. You know me I am an XTP guy and will probably always be in pistols. Amax in rifles. not particular about shotgun, from No. 8 to slugs I shoot them all.

Outlaw X said...
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Nate said...

Outlaw... I won't argue a lick with ya on the XTPs.

Raggededge said...

A: I don't always drink wine, but when I do, I prefer Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon.

T: I like a good cigarette every now and then. Marlboro is hitting the spot tonight

F: Benelli Legacy 28ga. Briley Extra Full Choke. Because it's turkey season in Middle Tennessee. These wise animals deserve not to be blown away by some asshole with a 12ga. Oh, ammo, right...I used #5 shot, but really, if you are any good at calling turkey #8 would be enough.

Lulabelle said...

A: Lambrusco
T: My husband does not permit me to smoke.
F: That's why I'm read and learn.

patrick kelly said...

A: Murphy's Stout

T: I'm also slackin'

F: Savage LRP 260 Remingto.

After taking all thinks into consideration over my years of experience, reading, and listening to every blow hard or expert about handgun ammo and stopping power, I'm also back to using the hottest FMJ my sidearm can handle. YMMV

(I've never had to shoot anyone....yet....except for fits of anger about reports of real evil stupid assholes I read about in the news from time to time, my mindset is hope I never have to...)

Nate said...

If you'll accept some advice from one more blow hard expert... Colonel Cooper says a big slow bullet drops a man every time.

He loves the 45 long colt for that reason.

the FMJs I use are not +p. They are just a freight train of energy that will dump every inch pound right into you.

patrick kelly said...

I can't find any commercial +p FMJ, and I don't load em' that hot either, just philosiphizing about my intent...don't have a .45 carry piece right now....but same criteria applies for what I do have...all theoretical at this point anyway for me....

Res Ipsa said...

I like the TAP's for anything not a 45. I use fmj's, type doesn't matter in my 45. As long as the load clocks over 925fps it hits at point of aim.

I'm still at work and will be hitting the gym when I leave, not the sauce.

Giraffe said...

I pretty much use FMJ. If I were anticipating trouble I'd use xtp's, but I was anticipating trouble I'd have a shotgun.

patrick kelly said...

If I was anticipating trouble I'd be somewhere else......I'm lazy that way.....unless of course the trouble keeps me from doing so, then I hope to make the trouble wish it was somewhere else.....

Anonymous said...

A: Knob Creek
T: 601 La Bomba
F: Smith Airweight 38sp

I tend towards Hydroshok and Hornady. Also have some home-rolled XTP stuff for the 44 and 45.


Grand Island NEB said...

Hornady Critical Defense FTX

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "I don't miss. Ever."


Not even whilst astride a moving motorcycle?

Nate said...

Fair enough. I missed a lot then. I also missed a lot when I was learning to shoot with two pistols at the same time.

But in the present tense... no. I don't miss.

outside of bizarre experimentation... The concept of pointing a firearm at a man shaped target and not hitting it is one that I am largely unfamiliar with.

Barry said...

The concept of pointing a firearm at a man shaped target and not hitting it is one that I am largely unfamiliar with.

Gotta get you some of these DHS targets that are white women and children in their own yard/ trendy!!

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "But in the present tense... no. I don't miss."

Enjoy it while you got it. They say that as you age, eyesight is the first to go...but accuracy goes right along with it. I went from winning a shooting trophy at 16 to failing to achieve marksman during BT at 23. And it's only gotten worse after that.

Cheddarman said...

Nate, I want to design a new handgun bullet for you that uses matter-anti-matter. However, I think i will be working on the physics of it for quite some time. Perhaps the most highly esteemed Outlaw-X can help me out in that regard.

Unknown said...

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Das cheddarman said...


do you think the ar-15/ar-10 platform is good for heavier calibers, like the 338 lapua or 7 mm Remington short magnum cartridges?

What i mean to ask is "are there any inherent flaws in the design that would preclude the manufacture of an ar-15 type 338 lapua?



nordicthunder said...

not trying to step on toes or anything

this may get you you pointed in the right direction cheddarman

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

This close, cheds:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the links. I have never shot one of these, i wonder if the AR buffer system manages to tame the recoil.