Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Love of Liberty

Why is it that today in America those who truly love liberty seem so hard to find?  Even those who claim to love liberty cling to their beloved chains... they only reject the new ones.  They may reject welfare... but don't you dare mention a cut to their beloved social security!

And when we look around the world why do we see a human race that loves submission and slavery so much?  Where, dear progressive, is the progress?  Humans do not value liberty.  It is not the natural state of man to seek liberty.  In fact he rejects liberty at every turn.  He will enslave himself in the name of comfort and security as soon as he can, as often as he can.

Listen friends... because this is important.  I don't say that lightly.  Most of this blog is trivial.  But today I have something to say.

The Love of Liberty is a Spiritual Gift from God through His son Jesus Christ.

I am going to repeat that.

The Love of Liberty is a Spiritual Gift from God through His son Jesus Christ.

We are inspired by the Holy Spirit to fight for liberty.  The same God that liberated the Hebrews from slavery is our God.  The God that liberates us from our own sin...  and our own death!  And as you look around your nation... and your world...  do you suppose its a coincidence that a society that has increasingly rejected Jesus increasingly rejects liberty?

Do you suppose that it is a coincidence that the parts of the United States with the most churches and the most faithful church goers also enjoy the most liberty?

But Nate!  What about all those people who love liberty but are atheists and agnostics?  What about them?  Forgive me but as I look through history... when I see a struggle for liberty that rejects Jesus Christ...  well... I always think of the French Revolution.  They claim to be fighting for liberty... but really they just want blood and bondage... and that is how they end.  Blood and Bondage.

Remember the Black Robed Regiment.  The link between the struggle for liberty and the Christian Church is part of american history that must never be forgotten.  The only force for liberty on this planet is Christianity.

And this is why today we see Americans accepting bondage.  No... not just accepting it...  but choosing it.  Its not that the Spiritual Gifts have been taken away.  The tools are still in the tool box.  Unfortunately... far to many Americans have lost the toolbox in a garage full of junk.

They probably don't even know its lost.

There is a storm coming.

Do you know where your toolbox is?

Because there is a storm coming.  Its real.  And it will be here soon.

It may be a good time to check your toolbox.


rycamor said...

Possibly the most intelligent libertarian I know became one precisely because of what he read in the New Testament. It talks more about liberty than it even talks about love. Figure that.

There is a good reason why Christianity is under persecution in every authoritarian regime.

Stilicho said...

Most people want to be free. Unfortunately, very few of them want anyone else to be free and, given a choice, they choose slavery for themselves as well in order to prevent others from being free.

As for those who do not want to be free, they prefer to be told what to do and controlled, finding a false sense of security therein. They especially do not want anyone else to be free because it makes them feel even more insecure than their own freedom would.

rycamor said...

No, Stilicho. I don't think most people give up their freedoms just to prevent others from being free. Sure, there are some that vindictive, but most give it up because of

- sense of security
- avoidance of responsibility
- national or ethnic greatness
- complacence (sure, let those in power do what they want as long as I have my job, house, and widescreen TV)
- pure flat-out laziness (guilty!)
- ignorance (really, most people don't even have a clue what is possible)

Susan said...

When society rejects Jesus and Christianity, they are also rejecting morality right along with it. We see that in the abortion fight and the gay marriage battle. Just think, we aren't even in the days of Noah part of it yet either. Sure are getting close though.

The French Revolution may have been about liberty for about 5 minutes. The real reason for the FR was greed and envy of the people who had stuff on the part of the peasants. And personal power over others for the organizers. It has been that way since the Pharisees filled in the vacuum after the last of the judges. They had been in power for at least 40 years by the time the ministry of Jesus came along. He totally rocked their boats and they hated him for it because the people loved him over them.

Difster said...

From Romans 8: Stand fast therefore and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

That's a multifaceted statement. It's not just about the slavery of sin, but about the bondage other people will put you in.

rycamor said...

Bondage is for craven man with no sense of eternity, and no sense of measure from a Creator's guiding hand.

John Williams said...

I'm on a smartphone and can't search your blog (I tried) successfully. What was the name of the excessive taxes the North had levied, and threatened to levy, on the South that led to the war?

Nate said...

Was called the "American System". It was a heavy tariff system on exports... and since the South exported all kinds of raw material.. and the North didn't export a damned thing... it ended up just being on a tax on the south.

Susan said...

Nate, do you realize that according to the book of Revelation, even after the 1000 year rule by Jesus, there will STILL be atheists? Even with proof in front of their eyes, they still refuse to believe.

I was shocked to read that passage. To me, that just proves atheism is nothing more than an extreme form of stiff-necked rebellion to God's will. When they start with the "Prove God exists" routine, I just turn it around now and tell them to prove to the class that He doesn't. Shuts them up every time.

cheddarman said...


count me as being in your amen corner.



Porky said...

Dang, Drunky. When you're sober you can be downright eloquent. :)

Nicely put.

cheddarman said...





Gecko said...

Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland begins with these two quotes:

"Human nature is universally imbued with a desire for liberty, and a hatred for servitude." - Caesar, Gallic Wars

"Only a few prefer liberty - the majority seek nothing more than fair masters." - Sallust, Histories

Caesar sounds like the average modern "conservative." Sallust sounds like the rare few who actually get it. Amen, Nate.

And Susan, your Revelation comment reminds me of C. S. Lewis's dwarves in The Last Battle. I think he nailed that one.

Porky said...

Thanks Cheddar.

cheddarman said...

It is all about Alphaness and is why...I was at a "sustainability" conference today, and sat across the table from a former state legislator from deep in Yankee land as in the north eastern U.S., where the real yankees live, not just folks like me and toothy that happen to be born north of the mason-dixon line...

we started talking during one of the breaks, I told her i was not into politics, being a libertarian minded man. She said she was not into politics, just passing important laws...

Old girl was about half a micron to the right of being a flaming communist, IMO. While she would have found Nate's political beliefs repellent, no doubt she would have been attracted to his Alpha-ness like a moth to a flame.

Anonymous said...

contrasting liberty with the roman empire:

[the rapid growth of the Christian church] was most effectually favored and assisted by [...t]he union and discipline of the Christian republic, which gradually formed an independent and increasing state in the heart of the Roman empire. source: gibbon

Christian republic? what?

think 'perfect law of liberty