Friday, July 11, 2014

ATF: No I'm Not Dead

hey kids...   any of you still stopping by after all this time.  Sorry.   Lots going on.  I mean... lots.  I may be the only guy on the planet busier than Vox right now.  Its nuts.  And no.. I can't really talk to you about it.  So sorry.  Deal with it.

A: umm.. God what is this swill?  UGH...  Sam Adams... I hate Sam Adams.  Yankee bastard... UGH.

T:  None tonight...  Havocs and Ghurkas tomorrow though.

F:  Mauser 24/47.   7.92 X 57mm Mauser.  Old school.  Custom stock...  the works. rocks... And no... I don't care about your Enfield.  Enfields are gay.  We know they are gay because gay limeys used them.  So shut up about your gay limey rifle.  I also don't care about your Mosin Nagant... or the box you live in under the bridge.


Daniel said...

And no.. I can't really talk to you about it.


Russ said...

Mauser. Ernst Junger would be proud.

Flannel Avenger said...

RSS feeds are wonderful things.

Russ said...

101 or Maker's. Which is better?

Susan said...

Who would dare to buy swill and put it in Nate's beverage cooler?
The chutzpah is too much to be believed.

patrick kelly said...

I traded my much abused, barely safe to shoot Enfield (hot loads, often causing head separation of twice loaded brass) for circus tickets or something at one of the lame gun-turn-ins-for-da-children things........oh, and I kept the bolt and magazine and any other potentially useful or valuable part....they just got the stock, receiver, and were worth twice what I paid for it in the first place.......when the female cop asked me what it was I replied "Lee Enfield" and watched her write down "Leon Field"... I chuckled.....true story...

Allabaster said...

Huh, cannot believe I missed this the first time around. Are you sure it wasn't a Springfield? I know the two can be hard to tell apart.

Monkey63 said...

Mauser? Give me a Lee Enfield any day. At the battle of Mons in August 1914:
"The XII Brandenburg Grenadiers attacking the 1st Battalion of the Royal West Kent Regiment lost 25 officers and over 500 men. The 75th Bremen Regiment lost 5 officers and 376 men in just one attack, such was the ferocity of the BEF's gunfire and their well dug defensive positions."

Unknown said...

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