Sunday, November 30, 2014

92F goes Kaboom

Well that sucked.

Let me tell ya...  that is not how you want to start your day.  This particular 92fs could've been sold as NIB in a heartbeat.  Now its wrecked. 

Looks like catastrophic case failure from a possible double powder charge.

All things considered I should be happy I still have my hand.   In case you can't tell the case is actually impaled on the firing pin.  I had to pry it off.  There is a big gash in the side of the case visible in the picture to the left.

And imagine my surprise when I dropped the mag and saw this:

Anyway...  No one got hurt.  The 92f is pretty wrecked though.  Basically my hand stung like hell and I felt like someone shot me in the face with 410 bird shot from about 50 feet.

Wear your shooting glasses kids.


farmer Tom said...

Not cool.

Nate said...

yeah. I was really thinking that same thing.

Ammo was Ultramax. 115 grain 9mm

jml1911a1 said...

Wow, that's not good. Glad you're OK.

Res Ipsa said...

I'm glad your OK too.

How far up the barrel did the bullet make it?

Ammo was Ultramax. 115 grain 9mm

Is this first run factory ammo or factory reloads? Have you let them know about this?

Toothy said...

DAMN Nate!

Glad you're ok.

Res, Ultramax is remanufactured ammo (at least all the Ultramax I've seen is).

Nate said...

Factory reloads Res. But I have shot thousands of rounds of Ultramax and never had a problem. Hell I don't think I've ever even had a misfire.

Nate said...

Also... the bullet actually fired. hit way high.

Res Ipsa said...

I think I've seen Ultramax and maybe I've even shot it. I just don't remember the brand. I've not bought pistol ammo, other than carry ammo in over ten years. I don't keep up with who is making what.

Toothy said...

Nate, did you delete my glock comment, or did blogger eat it?

Either is fine, but if you deleted it, I would like to know why so I don't make the same misstep again. (If the reason is blinding stupidity, I can make no promises of regarding a repeat...)

Yours in Defiance,


John Williams said...

Nate, glad you're OK.

I had this happen to a buddy. Turns out his pistol had a previous owner who modified the feed ramp, leaving a portion of the case unsupported.

A friend of his who'd helped him move, dropped his primers, then put them back in their boxes & didn't tell him. This led to mag primers in his .45 ACP. The result was a 'ball of fire', his mag being blown out, but no damage to the gun.

Again, glad you're ok.

Susan said...

Oh man, was God ever looking after you on this one! So glad you are okay Nate.