Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guns, Politics and the Great Asylum

So... Smith and Wesson has partnered with General Dynamics for the new military pistol contract trials. 

That doesn't make much sense on the surface.  I mean what does GenDyn know about handguns?  This is a political marriage kids.  Gen Dyn has an army of lobbyists and tentacles that reach deep into the bowels of the Great Five Walled Asylum.

Heads up kids.  The Trials haven't started yet... and S&W is now officially the front runner.


Gecko said...

I didn't realize they already decided on 9mm. I was kind of hoping for .40. And Ruger, but only because I want to see more stuff for the SR series like Sub2k compatibility or whatever.

WaterBoy said...

I wouldn't put too much into this partnership, as it happens all the time in defense procurement. I think you're right about the lobbyists, but that's only part of the story since every other player in this game is going to have them, also.

Look for GD to take over some of the production if this team wins.

WaterBoy said...

Gecko: "I didn't realize they already decided on 9mm."

They haven't, AFAIK. The specs leave that question open. In fact, the SIG P320 MHS system allows for multiple calibers from 9mm to .45ACP.

WaterBoy said...

In fact, here are some of the products GD already produces. Though they do tend to the heavier side, they also include .50 caliber sniper rifles and machine guns on the "lighter" side.

It wouldn't take much to retool some assembly lines to produce whatever they might need to make.

Nate said...

the caliber has definitely not been settled. and if S&W does submit a 9... it will be a mistake.

Susan said...

I am thinking that if this is actually making sense to me, there must be something wrong with it somewhere. Nobody deliberately does something anymore that actually makes sense from the outset.

I don't know if you are going to have a post for it later Nate, but I am hoping that you and Dr. Who and your little tribe have a blessed and very joyous Thanksgiving.

With daughters now able to actively add to the family hilarity, life should be very interesting this holiday season for you and yours.

Russ said...

How do you like the m&p pistol? They feel great on the hand but all of their competitor's triggers are better in my opinion.