Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 VPFL Champion

It was a rough season.  It was tight all year with 7 teams fighting for 4 playoff spots.   Going into week 12 we were facing Jartstar's Chili Eaters and it looked he had them beat.  Monday night though they came roaring back and he ended up beating me 85 to 73.  In a league this tight... losses hurt a lot.  That loss dropped me all the way to 5th place... out of the playoffs entirely.

but I won out the rest of the way... and found myself facing WhiteBufalo's Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs.  They'd been in first or second the whole year.  It was a tough matchup but I scratched out a 54 to 50 win when Denver decided to go run heavy and Peyton Manning turned in a mere 10 points.

And that setup today's matchup with Jartstar and his dread Chili Eaters...  I believe the only team I had lost to twice in the regular season.

To make matters worse.. my RB2 matchup was horrible.  My normal RB2 Matthews was hurt... and his backup was... Chris Ivory... A New York Jet of all things.   So I went out to the waiver wire and grabbed a viking RB named Asiata... plugged him in... and low and behold... he scored 2TDs and got a 2 pt conversion.  I also picked up DeSean Jackson off waivers and he plugged in a served very nicely as a WR3 for me.

And now its almost done.   All of the Chili Eater starters are done.  And I still have two guys to play tonight... and I'm up around 30 points.

I didn't just beat my nemesis.  I totally destroyed him when it mattered most.


Now I have a cigar to smoke...  and a ring to design.

And to those who play this foolish game as well... I hope your season was as satisfying.

And oh look...  my bench outscored his starters.  


John Williams said...

Congratulations! I love and appreciate the game more than most could ever understand.

please excuse my maudlin state, but it's the Stoli and grapefruit juice that will soon help me sleep that has me feeling sentimental.

John Williams said...

and let us see the ring sketches. I'm probably not the only one curious.

Raggededge said...

I'm down by 6 and have Peyton left. He has Demaryius Thomas left...shit. So basically, I need Peyton to throw at Emmanuel Sanders and Wes Welker all night long tonight.

WaterBoy said...

Congratulations on your win! That's one more open slot for everybody else next year! *grin*

"And to those who play this foolish game as well... I hope your season was as satisfying."

Not quite. After being in the top slot following a 3-0 start, went 3-5 through the middle of the season and had to close out with another 3-0 run for a 9-5 record and 3rd place finish. Like Vox, I did wind up with the highest point total, though.

Playoffs were looking good as my RB core of LeVeon Bell, Justin Forsett, CJ Anderson, and Joique Bell were all ranked in the Top 10 for the first round. Which one of those to bench was the hardest decision.

First round, I came up against the dreaded Cranberry Bogs, managed by last year's champion (currently in the VPFL as the Boot Hill Bogs). I had just beaten them with my second-highest score of the year two weeks earlier. Alas, the Stafford-Megatron Connection failed me once again at this crucial juncture, and two of the three RBs failed to break 10 points. Still probably would have lost, as he ended up scoring his third-highest total of the year, but it would have made for a more satisfying loss -- if there is such a thing.

And as he's currently in roughly the same boat as you in the championship game (has the lead with P.Manning to go against D.Thomas to go), you'll inevitably see him back in your league again next year.

So the battle for third-place is still going on; I hold a slim lead going into tonight's game with Julius Thomas and CJ Anderson yet to play for me (and AJ Green and Connor Barth for him). A virtual trophy will probably be on the shelf, but no actual ring this year.

Other team is fighting for 7th right now, and losing. 'Nuff said about that disappointment.

WaterBoy said...

So, when do you start a Bloggerblaster Football League?

Nate said...

oh man...


If we can come up with the guys for it... absolutely we'll do it.

WaterBoy said...

Count me for one, if you don't mind losing to a Yankee.

BTW...Queen, embedded in a post?

Freaking QUEEN?!?

Never thought I'd see the day....

WaterBoy said...

Not that...just never figured you for a glam rock fan. I'd not have been surprised to see Judas Priest there instead, for instance.

It's Roger Taylor, isn't it?

Cheddarman said...


You still have not answered my wager of a McDonalds' Happy meal concerning Alabama vs OSU. Since you have a herd of young rebels to feed, I will make the wager five happy meals for you if OSU looses, one for me if they win.

What say you?



cheddarman said...

"And Merry Christmas, God bless us everyone!" Sayeth Cheddarman, from up here in Yankee land.

Just between us, I bet Nate has more followers from North of the Mason Dixon line that South of it.



Nate said...

Cheds... what is about to happen isn't a competition... its a public execution.

Remember that undefeated Notre Dame team that played Bama in the National Title game?

That's the beating your boys are about to endure.

You don't make bets with people who are about to be executed. You offer them last requests.