Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Name is Nate...

and I may be developing a problem....

As you can see I have been playing with the 92F quite a bit.  Once it came back from the factory I put a couple boxes of ammo through it... and something struck me.

This thing is damn fun to shoot.  I mean damn fun.  9mm feels like 22lr coming out of a single six.  I mean there is no recoil at all.   How do people complain about this thing? 

Sure.. the double action pull is a mile long.. and its a heavy pull.  But so what?  Cock the damned thing.  How is cocking the hammer on this different than sweeping the safety down on a 1911?

For the life of me I can't think of a bad thing to say about this weapon other than its a 9mm...   but ya know what?   9mm is cheap!  and unlike 22lr... I can actually find 9mm.  So instead of plinking with 22lr... I'm plinking with 9mm.  Because why not?

Now does this mean when TSHTF I'm gonna grab this Beretta?  Oh hell no.  My opinions on the viability of 9mm haven't changed at all.  I'll grab the Steyr... or one of my 1911s... or one of the 357s...  or maybe even my old Taurus PT101.  But if its a sunny day and I just want to ring some steel or punch some holes in paper?  You can bet the Beretta is gonna be coming along for the ride.

Because its damned fun. 

And that is one of the best reasons I can think of.


Stilicho said...

I feel the same way about my CZ 9mm.

Raggededge said...

I made the change to 9mm myself for plinking. Same exact reason, you still can't find .22lr and 9mm is plentiful and has come down to around .19 per round.

In addition, I now carry a Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm as my EDC weapon. After doing the research, shot placement has way more to do with whether the bad guy goes down. Since, handgun rounds in general are poor man stoppers regardless of caliber, I want to shoot the round that I am most accurate with. For me, that is the 9mm.

Stilicho said...

Let's see a picture of you shooting that eye-talian pistol, wearing your Ohio State hat and a pink Glock T-shirt.

cheddarman said...

1) Nice looking pistol. Is the lower steel with a brown polymer coat, or polymer?
2) I found a local machine shop to help me build my buffer. Still need to find an additional shop. I meet with them on Monday to go over drawings and give them a down payment. The guy I was originally working with bailed due to his mis-interpretation of ATF rules. I am dividing the device into 2 halves, having each half made by separate companies, so no one can figure out what it does. I hope that this thing works, I would really love to have a gun manufacturing company to call my own, or partly own.
3) Bout’ the OSU-Bama bet, I think Nate ordered a custom hat that cleverly fulfills the terms of the bet while maintaining a claim to SEC/Bamma over all superiority. Nothin’ wrong with that, I figure we got lucky.

Res Ipsa said...


Nate is shoot'n a 9
A bottle of Cutty Sark
and the end of the world
can't be far behind.

Nate said...

also... shocking as it is to imagine... ohio state hats are not really easy to find down here.

Nate said...


The frame of the beretta is wrapped in a poly cover called 'recover' that replaces the grips and adds an accessory rail.

I haven't had a chance to really shoot it with a light on it so I can't testify to the rail's function... but it looks cool.

trk said...

What are your thoughts on .357 sig for EDC?

Raggededge said...

and I don't believe you're better with a 9 and that a 45 for a second. You're just a covetous jew and 9mm is cheap.

That's my theory.

I'm not better with a 45 in a polymer pistol. I am better with a 1911.

As to being a covetous jew...well, I guess it's a step up from being a mongoloid and a retard?

also... this whole "handguns don't stop" conveniently ignore the 357 mag.

Anyone that says the 357mag doesn't end conflicts is a god damn liar or a fool.

Yeah, I probably didn't phrase that properly. Obviously, a 454 Casull will stop a man dead in his tracks. As will a .357 mag. However, 9mm, .40S&W and .45acp are not in that league.

Stilicho said...

Anyone own a .357 Sig? Thoughts?

Raggededge said...


Isn't the 357 sig just a hot 9mm? Whenever I looked at ammo, I was surprised at how much harder it was to get. Also more expensive.

Wouldn't mind shooting one though.

Nate said...

I also note that those who claim pistols aren't man stoppers studiously ignore the 10mm.

Because 220 grains at 1250 fps will put you down.




Stg58 / Animal Mother said...

One of the reasons for my hate of the 92F is at the pistol range you had to use the double action pull. You weren't allowed to cock the hammer back.

Stg58 / Animal Mother said...

My model 29 just feels like a damn shock wave when it goes off. Man stopper. Pistols will kill you. Yes, even a 9mm.

How can anyone disagree? Yes, if a 9mm bullet hits you in the head or a vital organ you're probably going to die.

Nate said...

well.. 22lr kills lots of people. the trouble is it kills them hours or days later.

killing isn't the goal. stopping is the goal.

you could kill someone with a 9mm and they could still beat you to death while you are waiting on them to die.

That isn't a problem with a 10mm or in my opinion a 40 or 45.

certainly not with a 357 magnum.

Now sure... a head shot ends the matter. But any real center mass shot with 40 or up is going to end the matter as well.

Res Ipsa said...

killing isn't the goal. stopping is the goal.


If the fight stops because you have a gun, mission accomplished.

If the fight stops because you shot and wounded a bad guy, mission accomplished.

If the fight stops because the bad guy died, all's well and good.

The wise thing to do is be prepared with a gun you shoot accurately that has enough stopping power to incapacitate the bad guy, on the first shot.

There is a reason no one worries about the stopping power of the 357 mag, 41 mag, 44mag or 45LC. Even if the bad guy is in a vest, he's going to feel the hit.

Nate said...

Preach Res.

vest or no.... those boys will ruin your day.

Nate said...


You ever carry a big bore wheel gun as Bear repellent?

Stg58 / Animal Mother said...

If I'm ever in bear country my 29 will be with me.

Res Ipsa said...

Yes. I've used a 44 mag for better than 20 years. If I had the extra cash, what I really want is a 457 Alaskan bush gun. If I still had some $$$ left over from that, I'd get myself a custom rig from Bob over at Freedom Arms. Nothing too fancy. I like the octagon barrel 475.

Breeder said...

If only there was some convenient way to mail order goods that are hard to find locally...

Res Ipsa said...

I think Breeder is calling somebody out.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an account by Ayoob in American Handgunner some years ago where a .357 mag to the heart didn't work. IIRC female cop chick on her way home from work bumped into a bad guy who shot her through the heart with a .357 (158gr JSP I think) and she killed him with her 9mm service pistol. She survived due to a lot of luck and skilled surgeons.