Friday, February 20, 2015

Doing Lent Right

I have these friends...  absolutely awesome couple...  with two awesome kids.  Just good... fun... kind people all around.   And.. they are prototypical southrons...  very churchy southrons... but not in a judgemental way.  These aren't gossips or busy bodies.

But they are...  reserved. 

So I was talking to them the other day about Mardi Gras and Lent and all...  and I learned something amazing.

For Lent they have given up their marital inhibitions.


Turns out hanging out with us for Mardi Gras reminded them that they it was ok to let loose and have fun sometimes.  They decided they had gotten old and gotten in a rut and it was time to get out of it.

I defy you to name a better vice to give up for Lent.


Nate said...

I myself have given up soft drinks... of all forms...

which ultimately just means I drink more beer.

woe is me.

Raggededge said...

I'm baptist, we practice giving up everything fun all year long.

Res Ipsa said...


That's funny. True but funny.

Susan said...

Nate, since you and your brother are the resident motorcycle experts, who makes a three wheeled machine? Someone in my neighborhood just bought one. It is two wheeled in the front, with one in the back. It is silver/pewter with black dash and cushions.

Looks like a fairly new model, year-wise. I admit, I have never seen you guys talk about this variety, and I had to really look at it to make sure what I was seeing.

Could not get close enough to see the manufacturer. It looks like a nice machine, but I would rather hear your opinion.

Ben said...

Susan- Could be two options-if its a side by side bucket seat like a car, it's a Polaris Slingshot. If the seat and bars are like a motorcycle-can am spyder.

Being as I broke my leg last week I'll make the easy choice and give up walking for lent.

Susan said...

Ben, I have seen sidecar style cycles. This looked like a conventional motorcycle set up of seats/handlebars but the front had two wheels, almost like a quad.

In fact that is exactly what it looks like. Like somebody took a quad front half and stuck a regular cycle back half to it and made a really cool looking machine.

cheddarman said...

"I defy you to name a better vice to give up for Lent."

How about giving up "being a Yankee" for lent?

Nate said...

Susan that was definitely a Can Am Spyder. They're cool. Like.. a motorcycle without being a motorcycle. They don't lean... which is weird. But they do handle very very well.

Susan said...

Thank you gentlemen. I just looked that up. Such a strange looking creature for a machine.

While they look cool, they also look like a motorcycle with training wheels for guys who can't handle a real one properly.

I hope that couple realize how much fun they are having and don't stop once Lent ends. That would be a real shame.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!


Nate said...

Susan.. I wouldn't be so harsh on the can am guys. They are dealing with 90% of the problems normal motorcycle riders deal with and are having 90% of the fun. Its different in the way a side car is different. They don't lean either.