Sunday, February 15, 2015

On Mardi Gras

Holy Crap man....  Mardi Gras...

Let me just say that I am a huge fan of Mardi Gras.  Whoever came up with this idea... is a damned genius.  Why have one holiday dedicated to debauchery?   Why not 40 days of it?   After all... there are 40 days of Lent right? 

When we moved down here I was utterly ignorant about Mardi Gras.  I mean sure... I knew about the debauchery in New Orleans...but the actual holiday season concept was something I knew nothing about.  So... we set out to learn.

We went to parades...  and last night...  we went to our first Mardi Gras Ball.   Now a Mardi Gras Ball is a study in irony. You dress up like this...  and go get totally smashed and while singing Blister in the Sun at the Karaoke booth... or dancing while the band rocks Stevie Ray Vaughn and Alabama tunes.

How much fun did we have?

Well I started an IV for my wife this morning... so that should tell you something.

All in all it was the most authentic southern celebration I have ever participated in.  Both rigidly structured (white tie and tails or your ass ain't getting in the door) and totally uninhibited partying (cops were there... but that didn't stop one dude from literally climbing under his wife's dress right in the middle of the dance floor.  and really no one much noticed or cared.) ...  it was bizarrely awesome.

Plus... the whole night I felt like I should be carrying a stainless Walther PPK.

What do you think guys?  micro 1911s for formal events?  or PPKs?

Who says men know nothing about fashion?

Anyway...  if you don't have Mardi Gras where you live...  you're missing out.  Badly.  New Orleans claims Mardi Gras as its own... but in reality the first Mardi Gras was in Mobile Alabama... not New Orleans.  So piss on them coon asses.  Bama had it first.


Xoph said...

1911 for the black jacket, PPK for white.

Jeez- ask a hard one

Nate said...

Excellent. Firearms for formal attire seems like it could be a contentious topic...

Vulture said...

Your wife's gorgeous. You over-achieved.

Nate said...

hehehe... Indeed sir.

Res Ipsa said...


But if you had a ivory handled commander with a lot of fancy scrolling in a deep dark blue, I think it would get the nod.

Nate said...

Good call Res. Scrolled up Wheel gun would be a good formal wear option too.

Raggededge said...

For your wife, she definitely needs a derringer in a thigh holster.

Susan said...

Nate, you and Dr. Who outdid yourselves in your attire. That gown of your good lady wife is stunning.

If you two intend on participating in more events like this one, clothing is very rigidly controlled.

As for weaponry, I think Res's suggestions are on the mark. Going formal? You should have a formal, but very deadly weapon. Pearl anything is never out of style Nate.

Tampa has their own celebratory style. Their theme every year is Pirates. My friend who lives there used to volunteer for crew duty on one of the floats every year.

Nate said...

it is very rigid Susan... the tux rental places here all keep track of the events.. the dates... and the dress code for each so they can avoid issues.

Susan said...

I remember watching the old b&w movie Jezebel, set in New Orleans. Their debutantes had to wear white to the Olympus ball or they were ruined. When I say ruined, I mean no decent man of their social status would have a thing to do with them, much less marry them.

Does this mean that once you are on the books of a tux rental place that they can now keep track of your requirements and all you have to do is just call and let them know you need a tux?

You really did look fantastic Nate. There is something about a guy who puts on a tux that makes something in most intelligent women respond favorably.

Anonymous said...

Pfft - get back to me when you've been to Venice for Carnavale - you know, the original Mardi Gras.;-)

Dr. Who looks awesome, that dress is fabulous.

Point of fact- Mardi Gras does not translate to Fat Tuesday from the French, it translates to Shrove Tuesday. Fat Tuesday would be Gros Mardi. I wonder if it's more Creole than proper French or just a mistake everyone makes?


Nate said...

again... it was not started by Creoles. It was started by French Catholics in Mobile AL.

And every online translator I can find says Mardi is "Of Tuesday" or "on Tuesday" and "Gras" is fat.

Nate said...

As for Carnivale... Please... I am unimpressed with the behavior of the savages that were so recently eating each other.

Nate said...

ok... no you're right... fat tuesday translates to Gros Mardi.

Now I have a research project.

I'll get back with you.

Nate said...

ok... so far one old timer says everyone knows its wrong and no one cares. He said they all thought Gros Mardi sounded dumb so they switched it Mardi Gras.

That's just one old man's tale. We'll see what else comes up.

cheddarman said...


You look great with Mrs. Nate.

I would have expected you to wear formal attire more along the lines of a Southern Cavalry Officer dress uniform, complete with functioning period pistol, the Mrs dressed as a Southern bell with period attire. And we have gotta see you with the hat and Ostrich feather in the hat.

I saw blister in the sun performed live by the Violent Femmes at the Newport music hall near OSU back in early 1990's. Damn, i am gettin' old!

Nate said...

Ok... its not a mistake... the name Mardi Gras comes from the last day of the celebration of Carnivale... and it was brought here by frenchmen... and New Orleans claims they call it Mardi Gras there as well.

So if its not a mistake it must be an inside joke or some weird function of french grammar that makes sense only to them.

Nate said...

Ok... research done.

This is purely a function of French Grammar. French puts the Noun before the Adjective.

A blue car is not a blue car in french. Its a Car Blue.

Thus.. it is Fat Tuesday in English... but Tuesday Fat in French.

Anonymous said...

Um yeah, not always. Like Italian and Spanish the placing the adjective depends on the noun in question. There are also the masculine and feminine aspects to be taken into consideration - gros/grosse for example. Depending on the dictionary, you will see gras as specific type of "fat". Gros/grosse are usually used in terms of big, not fat, except when it's not ;) There are other words for fat as well, but in the terms Americans usually think of "Fat Tuesday" gros would be more appropriate than gras. At any rate - as someone learning French from native French speakers it was interesting to me. - That being said - I thought you might enjoy this little tidbit I found

"Mardi Gras originated In Mobile , Alabama In 1723, the capital of Louisiana was moved to New Orleans, founded in 1718. The first Mardi Gras parade held in New Orleans is recorded to have taken place in 1837. "


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I fully understand why it's called Mardi Gras - the Italian Carnavale celebrations have martedi grasso - which marks the last day of Carnavale as well as giovedi grasso (Fat Thursday) - giovedi grasso is usually the start of the long weekend of celebrations in most villages - parades, food, music, parties and whatnot.


Nate said...

Well its "fat" not because its big...but because it was the last day of Carnival and they slaughtered the calf or something that day right?

Regardless... Mobile as it is today was founded by French catholics who I will wager.. knew how to speak French.

Susan said...

I suspect that even though gros might be more correct than gras, for PR purposes, gras sounds better to the non French speaking folks.

Gras is close to the word for that delectable French food foi gras, (Pate'). Which in and of itself is really fat.

Gros sounds bad and not at all like something one would like to participate in. Too close to the word "gross".

Sort of like the word Nova. Chevy couldn't sell their vehicles of this name in Mexico because Nova translates into "no go" and who wants to buy a car that means "no go"?

While I think our versions of Mardi Gras are great, I believe SB is correct in saying that on a larger scale, Venice would be quite spectacular to witness.

I saw a travel documentary on Brazil a couple of years ago. Your analogy is spot on. It looked in some cases, very savage.

Porky said...

Looks like the theme was Beauty and the Beast? :)

cheddarman said...

Did the band play any "molly Hatchet?"

Gotta do some covers of Bounty hunter and Flirtin' with disaster, imo

Toothy said...

You two make a handsome couple. Glad you had a good time.

WaterBoy said...

I think Rod Stewart said it best.

And now, something for the drummers.