Friday, June 19, 2015

ATF Show Tonight?

Listen up.  I've got three words for ya....


We've been busting our asses for VBS for about 2 weeks straight...  today was the last day... and dude I am shot.  We got it all done... it was the best one we've ever done.  So...  sorry man.  We'll pick it back up next week... or do it tomorrow night maybe?  I dunno. I just know I am way to shot to do it today.


Never the less:

A: Dos Equis Amber.  I consider this a well earned victory lap.

T: Gurkha Warlord.  Thanks Res.


I thought I would include a little story from VBS...   because well... lets face it... many of you are thinking... "my GOD what would a VBS with NATE look like?"


Great Stories from VBS:

 Little girl sees the multitool on my belt and says "why do you have that?" I said, "its a tool. its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." She smiled and said, "My daddy says that same thing about his pistol. He takes it with us EVERYWHERE!" so I patted her on the head and said, "That's because he's a good man. And he loves you very much."   Roll Tide.

I was team lead of the Red Team... which of course was called The Big Red One all week.  I taught them this little thing...  I would yell "RED TEAM ROCKS!" and they would all yell "JUMP BACK! KISS MYSELF!" and take jump backwards and kiss their bicep.   Seeing 5 and 6 year olds do this...  there are no words to the glory of such a thing. 

Today was the last day and the kids really didn't want it to end so they asked if I could sign their shirts... and I did... but then they wanted to sign my shirt too... and I let them all.  I didn't get to read any of the "signatures" until I got home today.. but man...  One little girl... Joshlyn... she's a doll... in fact she's the girl from the first story up there.  She wrote "Jump back! Kiss Myself!" on my shirt... but my favorite...  was a little boy that wrote "you our osum"

Can't make that up.  None of it.


Res Ipsa said...

I'm bummed.

You're welcome on the Warlord. It's my favorite of the Gurkha line. I'd say that the Man of War Ruination is a touch stronger and slightly better flavor, but that Warlord is one big smoke.

After I get my mowing done:

A: Famous Grosse but I might go grab some Guinness to chase it with. According to last weeks show they come form the same island. Somebody went to public school.

T: I'm going with the Davidoff

F: Sig

Res Ipsa said...


If you're smoking it, your doing it wrong.

Giraffe said...

A: Pending. We'll see what mood strikes when I get to the store.
T: Nope
F: For some reason, I am drawn to a 1911 like a moth to a flame. It just doesn't seem practical, nor modern. But I want one. I'll make do with something else till then I get one. Looking at these:

Nate said...

Giraffe... you want one... because deep in yours soul... you are a man.

Fret not.

its the trigger...and the fact that there is some skill invovled in using it well and properly.


Nate said...

hey check the blog guys.. I added some stories to the original post.

LL said...

Wow, they were right, ellipses....

Matthew said...

A: Treaty Oak Rum

T: Probably nuthin

F: My big mouth.

Russ said...

A: Buffalo Trace.
T: Rancho Rejecto Churchill

Susan said...

There is nothing better in life than getting to experience life by watching how kids react to it. From my experience in helping out at the VBS at my former church, kids really enjoy making good craft projects, not something that goes in the trash the moment they walk into the door at home.

One year we had a treasure island/Survivor theme. Crafts one day was making a necklace using beads and real sharks teeth. The boys especially just went on and on about how cool that the teeth were. The next year? Some of those kids were STILL wearing their necklaces from the previous year. The sharks teeth were very cool.

My A for Friday was Crown Royal Apple. Really good stuff. It is going to taste awesome in a dish using pork.

cheddarman said...

I finished the installation of the recoil buffer on my DPMS AR-10. Worked with a machinist who has 60 years experience, he started working at lathes, mills, etc with his father when he was 10 years old. I tried to pay him morefor the work than he would accept.

I still need to make some refinements, as the springs I planned to use are too stiff for the intended application. The range where I was planning to test it is also closed, as it is flooded out by all the rain we have been having lately in Ohio.

I should have the lighter weight springs in about a week, and will post the results of my test.

cheddarman said...


Your VBS officially counts as fulfillment of the bet. Wish I could have been there to see it.

Sean said...

Sounds awesome or should I say "our some"!

Kiwi the Geek said...

So apparently the ATF show has a song called "Make Me A Sandwich". I'm dying to hear it, but this decrepit old computer won't play the show. Do you have an mp3?

Susan said...


Given the choices of womenfolk Obama wants to put on the $10 bill within the next 22 months, what is your opinion of the selection? I know your distaste for anything with a Lincoln on it, so how is this going to affect your wallet contents?

How do the folks in your neck of the woods feel about the Battle Flag controversy going on in SC right now? I must admit I have mixed feelings about this one. Taking it down just seems like caving in, but to me, the whole attitude of the Flag, and what it represents, will never go away. I also read about what happened to the last governor politically when he tried to take down the flag. That was not pretty.

John Williams said...

If you're smoking it, your doing it wrong.
What if I'm making it smoke? Use more lube?

OH, and I bought a 1911 yesterday, says "Browning" on it. I'm smiling.

Res Ipsa said...

We need pictures, of the gun, not the other.

John Williams said...

OK, can do.

I'll e-mail Nate.

Toothy said...

Just FYI, CI has the Gurkha Special Ops package for $99 to day only.

Toothy said...

And no, I apparently don't know how to spell "today".

John Williams said...

Look where you are, no need to apologize for mispellings.