Friday, June 12, 2015


Yep... we're rolling again at 9 central.   gonna be a wild one... I can feel it.

here's the link

See ya there

A: Dos Equis
F: Steyr M40a1  

classics tonight.


Raggededge said...

A: Margarita, been at the Redneck Riviera with the family all week, time to sober up and get my shit together for the ride home tomorrow.

T: Rocky Patel Royale Toro

F: Steyr M9, not the A1 either. Picked one up at our local shop, moving sale, $350 with 5 mags. Couldn't pass it up.

Not-So-Merry zen0 said...

Portugese Fundador Brandy with homemade wine.

1/2 a Cohiba, that I inherited from a dead man. ( I smoked the other half on some time ago bcz if I smoke the whole thing I will die.)

Not allowed in Canada. I just have my gun, which I will keep ready at all times during the show.

(This is my rifle, this is my gun.....)

Res Ipsa said...

I'm with Ian on the scotch. Got a glass of Famous Grosse in front of me as I type.

Viidad said...

A: Woodford Reserve

T: Romeo y Julieta. Cuban.

F: S&W .357 wheelgun

Nate said...

what the hell? it just kicked us all off

Viidad said...

I know. I still had some incredibly profound things that Woodford Reserve wanted me to say.

Res Ipsa said...

Good show Nate.

Tonight was the first time I got to listen live.

I never thought I'd hear a man ask about properly accessorizing his footwear to match his kilt, or hear the drunken Scotchman sung under the influence of bourbon.

Thanks for the laughs.

Nate said...

hahaha...I hope we broke ya in proper!

John Williams said...

Raggededge, I just read some reviews on it. I'd like to try it, I think I'd like its sights.

Nate said...

the sights on the steyr pistols are absolutely amazing.

cheddarman said...

Missed it, had to work early Saturday

A: pabst blue ribbon with a slice of orange for non-hipster irony
T: mail pouch chewing tobacco
F: I want to make a spud cannon that looks like a 8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37/41, the dreaded German "88" ...its the German in me...wonder what would be the best powder for that?

Res Ipsa said...

what would be the best powder for that?

I'd check out compressed air. Post a pic when you get it done. That sounds like an awesome project.

Nate said...

yep. compressed air is definitely the go-to accelerator for that application.

Viidad said...

Thank you, jmyron. I truly hope we didn't cause any offense with our careless privilege.

Susan said...

I was just reading comments at VD's and Rabbi B said you called him a Red Sea Pedestrian. That is probably the funniest insult I think I have ever read from you. Bane's "mooooo" is still top of the list. That one used to make Morgan of the Lake SO mad. Good times those were.

Cheddarman, vile faceless minion 0187 said...


What do you think of Inter ordinance ak-47's?

If you are gonna buy an AK, would you buy one with a milled reciever?


Raggededge said...


Panama City Beach.

Res Ipsa said...

So whats the word on tomorrow night's show? It looks like I get one more Friday night off this summer.

Toothy said...

Another Opus X at the ready, Res?

Res Ipsa said...

I've got one more left. There's a nice Davidoff next to it too. Hard call.

I like the Opus X. It's a good smoke. I don't know that its a great smoke but I wanted to try it. Normally I have expensive tastes but I can't see spending the money on it. Sometimes you just need to try a good cigar.

Nate said...

no way we have a show tonight... VBS week man... I am freaking wiped out. I will be in bed and asleep by 8pm.