Tuesday, June 02, 2015



I have no idea what I just watched.   And I cannot decide if its unspeakably awesome... or the most terrible thing I have ever seen.


August said...

He needs to put the punch line in.
Poison Ivy.
Throwing up.

c0pperheaded said...

"See, I got like 1500 calories so far!"

I think my sons coulda made this video. Well, my 1 year old coulda made the mushroom video last week.

Nate said...

C'mon... its worth watching just for the plant names... Articulated Creeper?

c0pperheaded said...

I subscribed. I'm looking forward to the guide to venomous snakes video.

Bill said...

Good Lord. That's a "How to Die" video. Do not freaking eat plants!

Plants, since they cannot run away from predators, are the Kings of chemical warfare. There's something like four edible plants that the regular layman can easily and positively identify (cattails, clover, dandelion, stinging nettles (cooked!)). And then add acorns and pine nuts, and that's about all you should eat in the woods unless you really put in some time to study this stuff. And to get your typical 2,000 calorie requirement from wild plants is really, really tough. Do you know how many hours per day a cows and horses eat? And they're designed to live on plants!

But. Just about any critter can be eaten. Nearly all bugs are safe, fish are safe to eat (cooked, to kill the tiny critters in the water), and obviously anything with fur is, as they say, fair game.


Bill said...

Notice that that was Episode 1.
No doubt he'll do Episode 2 when he recovers.

Future episodes to consider;
Venomous snakes - totally.
How to cross a flooded stream (need a Go-Pro for that one).
Which vines to use as ropes for rappelling.
Improvised perimeter defense.
Wilderness Medicine.

Sean said...

This is how I treat the potato chip aisle in the KMart.

cheddarman said...

This is the survival video for ADD kids who go off their meds

Viidad said...

"Plants, since they cannot run away from predators, are the Kings of chemical warfare"

Yes, definitely. Utterly foolish.

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