Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Fat Bastard of Fantasy..

Apparently George R. R. Martin is bloviating on 2016 Hugos... He jabbers a lot... so I will save you the time of having to actually read it.  Let me sum up:


Susan said...

Michael Myers did so well creating this role. One of those where you love and are repulsed at the same time.

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "Now... I know this is taking a while... but I am a busy guy these days... so you'll just have to wait. Because we pick up next at Larry's place... and then its off to the shooting range. But all of that...

Is in Part III.

Is there ever going to be a Part III? I wanna see if the Finn outshot the Americans....

Nate said...

He didn't. He even bruised his shoulder with an AR-15.

WaterBoy said...

Bah! How are they expected to hold off the Russians if they all have bruised shoulders?!?

Res Ipsa said...

This was funny.

I'm with WB, finish writing the post.

Bill said...

He even bruised his shoulder with an AR-15.

How on God's green earth do you bruise your shoulder with an AR-15? My daughter shot one when she was nine.


David said...

"He even bruised his shoulder with an AR-15."

I can understand a shotgun maybe, but an AR? Did he fire it backwards or something?

patrick kelly said...

For some unknown reason my shoulder slightly bruises from just shouldering a rifle. It doesn't hurt, it's not uncomfortable. Been to the Dr., I'm not anemic. Goes away quick.

Maybe it's a Mixican thing, dunno. Doesn't keep me from shooting. Obviously requires much more range time and observation.

Bill said...

Not to be all racist and all, but I've known a few Messicans that have zero trouble shooting a rifle, no bruising after a few hundred rounds of 7.62. You may have an actual medical problem, I'd ask around.

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