Tuesday, January 26, 2016


someone tweeted this at me.

I have no evens to can't.


Clint said...

Do you need safe space?

Bill said...

Nate, are you OK? You haven't posted in a while, I just want to make sure this wasn't you:


WaterBoy said...

That amazing photo deserves its own song to accompany it: Tom Brady's Lament

cheddarman said...

Speaking of triggered, Nate, I wish i was smart enough and clever enough to hack your web site and put in a link to "gay patriot," in the blogs of interest.



Nate said...

Cheds... son I've got two words for ya:


cheddarman said...

I know...but the thought of it is funny, you have to admit...i value my life as it is, so it would never happen

Susan said...

Holy cow Nate. I just realized that is a photo of, dare I actually type the name?, Lincoln on that money. Amusing little poster, but kinda rude to send you THAT man's photo.

So, how long will it take for you to fumigate your computer?