Friday, March 25, 2016

ATF Show

I hope you've had a good...   umm...  Good Friday.  Its tough to remember all the time... but we need to remember that what happened today... is just as important as what happened on Sunday.

So the show?

Yeah we're doing the show.

You can expect a heavy show tonight... for what I assume you should know are obvious reasons.  If not... well buckle up... you're in for a wild ride. Six and I are always up for answering questions so anything you have.. give us a holler and we'll do what we can.

Call us at (646) 668-2515.

Enjoy it boys

A:  Woodfords Reserve Double Oak:   90 proof.  smooth like a baby's ass.  Drinks like water.  Holy crap this is good.

T: Arturo.  Because...   Arturo.

F:  Taurus Poly Protector 357.   Y'all seen this thing?  Man this is cool.   So light... so easy to carry...  now 357 can be a handful out of it.. but generally I shoot 38 special defense loads anyway.  357 is largely wasted with a snub nose anyway.  bullet it is out of the barrel before the powder is fully burned so much of it is wasted.  Still... love this little wheel gun.  People who won't carry anything will carry this.


WaterBoy said...

Good Friday last year was the day that Outlaw X passed away. The calendar date is different due to the idiosyncracies of the Gregorian calendar, but that doesn't change the association in my mind.

RIP, Greg(g).

WaterBoy said...

A: Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout. Their pairing recommendations doesn't mention cigars, but goes well with one anyway.
T: Gurkha Prize Fighter
F: Yes

Dude, I thought that's what you meant by "heavy", beyond the obvious reference. Sorry for the bummer reminder.

As always, missed the live show. Will listen to the replay tomorrow.

cheddarman said...

No doubt Outlaw-x is enjoying this easter a whole lot more than his last one. I look forward to meeting him face to face.

exfarmkid said...

Fabulous ATF - your opining that Trump will, in practice, be "W 2.0" definitely is food for thought.

And the caller bringing up "Cal-i-gool-ah" - priceless.

Have given up trying to get you live Friday nights - my DSL connection - normally 8 MHz - downloads your show barely above dial-up speed so it is futile. So get to listen after the fact, but it's all good. :)

What the heck is "ilk moot"?

Happy Easter to you and yours.

John Williams said...

Ilk Moot is an actual meeting of the Ilk, in real life. Nothing special happens, guns blow up, just normal stuff like that.

John Williams said...

Outlaw? Seems like it's been years he's been gone.

Susan said...

Oh man. I sure miss Outlaw X. He always had something interesting to say around the Easter or the other holidays.

John W. It might seem like that, only because he was having some issues dealing with his health, and because what energies he had he devoted to his own blog mostly. And trying to get himself right with God.