Friday, April 08, 2016

ATF Show

Yep... its that time again y'all... and for once... apparently I have my stuff together enough to do this...  ummm....

yeah ok I suppose "doing it right" is a bit of stretch.  But it will definately be more planned out and professional that... some.. of the shows we've previously done.

I think.


Regardless... here is the link!

A: I think poor Six has been a little triggered lately by the fact that I always have some crazy snob bourbon I'm lording over you people.  so... in the interest of charity and good will...  ...  No.  Screw that.  Barrel Proof Rare Breed.  112 proof  yummy.  eat me.

T:  Ok...  For them what knows.. there is a big get-together in Alabama of ilkish types this October.  I will be providing smokes for people who show up.. so...  let's here your recomendations.  They better be good... or I'm just gonna give everyone Gurkhas like I initially assumed.

F:  Time for something different.  How about a Stevens Model 940?  20 guage single shot.  Case hardened.  Absolutely awesome first shotgun for a kid.  My son broke a clay with it the very first time he fired it. 


cheddarman said...

Nate, modesty does not become you when it is about alcohol tobacco and firearms.

c0pperheaded said...


Rare to medium rare. All else is burnt. If you beef is warm, is it readh to eat. The only exception is to cut the fat off and cook until soft. Salt, pepper, garlic powder or garlic salt. If you use A1 you are a) gay b) the recipient if a shitty steak. The thumb test is infallible. If anyone travels near SW Indiana, let me know. I will grilll you a steak, drink some bourbon (or rum) and you can sleep on my couch.

Matthew: get a Weber kettle and some lump charcoal. Burns hot, but it's easy to cook with.

c0pperheaded said...

Serial killers:

If this topic is going to bd covered in a future ATF Show, I will call in. Fascinating subject, especially considering how normal most serial killers seem.

cheddarman said...

1) Copperhead, i will have to hang out with you some time. I travel to Ohio from Iowa every now and then. I am trying to get back to Ohio, that is where friends and family are located.

2) If the moon landing was faked, would have the Russians (i mean the former USSR) have been in a position to "out" the USA on that? It seems like it would be hard to keep it a secret all this time and would have been a huge propaganda coup for the USSR.

3) I like medium well done steaks. I like the reaction flavors that form during the extended heating period. I also like a little burn on the fat. I could explain it from a flavor chemistry standpoint, but it would be pointless. I think Nate was speaking "Ex Cathedra" about steak and cooking temperatures. I am going straight to hell on this one. Pray for my soul, Miss Susan.

4) Interesting point about prions, mad cow disease, humans and holes in the brain. If you ever read the AFFCO (american association of feed control officials) manual, you would probably not buy meat products raised by conventional means. Farmers are allowed to use a number of animal by products in animal feed. The prions Nate talked about can get recycled into cattle if they are fed bovine feed by-products. Nothing is wasted from the slaughterhouse. As an example, blood is collected and spray dried. It is added to a number of different animal feeds (pig, chicken, beef) as a source of "high quality" protein.

HoosierHillbilly said...

Well hell. If the Hoosiers are banding together, that sounds like a good time. Give a few more months though. Shoot some fresh venison steaks come fall and see who can cook 'em the best.

WaterBoy said...

Re: Reflector on the moon.

It's called a retroreflector and is based on known physics principles that cause the light to be reflected back in the same direction from which it originated. This allows the laser ranging experiments to work no matter where on Earth they are based.

The existence of multiple reflectors (three Apollo missions plus a couple Russion missions) on the moon proves that a vehicle reached the moon and the devices were placed thereon in a precise position and orientation, but that could have been done remotely (as the Russian ones were), rather than by a man.

RE: Gravitational pull of uranium in a desktop environment.

You wouldn't be able to measure it on your desktop unless you had a sizable amount of it, if for no other reason than the friction of the object against the desk would be greater than the pull of the uranium. Such an experiment would theoretically only produce results in a weightless, airless environment.

And why uranium? The fact that it's quite dense only means you'd need a smaller amount of it in comparison to other elements. Given Newton's formula for gravitational attraction, an equal mass of any other material should work just the same.

WaterBoy said...

Shoot, I forgot protocol:

A: Old Chub Scotch Ale
T: Excalibur Limited Edition
F: Yes

Hezekiah Garrett said...

My first gun was a Stevens 16ga. Takes me back...

About this ILKfest, I'm game, if I'm invited. I'm stuck in Sodom on the Hooch for the foreseeable future, but frequent trips back to God's Country help keep me, well, if not sane, at least stable.

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